My crush took my virginity – Part 2

Thanks to the overwhelming response to my story. Here’s the second part of the three-part series.

It was already 9:30 pm. We were tired and sweaty. I left bed to take a dupatta, fantasising about how my night would transpire. Raima pulled out an unfolded blanket and covered herself. I went to the washroom and disposed of the used condom. I turned the geyser on and started to take a shower.

I heard some noise coming from the bedroom, footsteps approaching. I kept the washroom door open, just in case. She was standing in front of me, a nice hourglass structure. The D-cups were mesmerising to watch.

Me- Would you like to join me in the shower?

She-You performed well. Was this your first time?

Me (thinking whether to tell her the truth)- Um…Ya…

She- You really did well with the delayed ejaculation. Did you practice? (she gave a naughty smile)

Me- I can’t tell you my secret (with a mischievous smile), or I will have to kill you. (quoting the famous dialogue)

She saw that I had my towel kept on a chair outside the washroom. She took it and wrapped herself in it. She was smelling the towel, and said, “It has your smell in it.”  I stopped the shower and went outside. I was wet from head to toe. I pulled her, holding her waist and planted a kiss on her lips.

She was reciprocating. She planted her tongue inside my mouth, and so did I. We were exploring each other in and out. The room was filled with the sound of smooching. After 5 minutes, she pushed me back. I didn’t know why. I grabbed her again.

She resisted and said, “Before proceeding further, shouldn’t we order dinner? I am damn hungry.” I was hungry, too, but I wanted something else on my platter. I took the towel from her and dried my hands. I ordered pizza for dinner.

She came from behind while I was on my phone and held my cock from behind. She gave me a handjob. I was about to turn around. She whispered in my ear to follow her. I kept my phone on the chair just outside the washroom. She had a firm grip on my tool. I followed her to the washroom.

She pushed me against the wall and sat on her knees. She already had her hair in a bun. Planted a kiss on the tip of my tool. She took her tongue out and hit her tongue with my already hard cock. She complimented me on my tool. She likes veins on cock, I have that.

I pinched her nipple. She gave a slight moan. She hadn’t had my cock inside her mouth yet. She was fondling my balls with one hand and stroking my cock and with the other. She was breathing heavily on my cock, which made me lose my mind. It was a crazy feeling.

I pulled her by her hair and asked, “Why this teasing? Why won’t you shove my cock in your pretty little mouth?” She took my cock inside her mouth immediately. I was controlling her to and fro movements. She took my cock completely in. Her tongue rolled all over the cock. She was drooling.

The scene of your crush drooling on your cock is something I never imagined. She gave a sudden jerk at my hand and said not to control her movements. I just kept my hands on both sides of my body. Due to closed quarters, the sound of cock sucking was echoing in the washroom.

She looked into my eyes. We were engaged in eye contact. She was using her tongue to good effect. Her right-hand palm was on my belly. I could feel the pressure of her fingernails. Her left hand was supported on my thigh. I suddenly turned the shower on.

She was startled. She switched from my cock to my balls. I was clean-shaved down there. She started to take one testicle and suck on it. It was uncontrollable for me. I was moaning a bit. She seemed to enjoy that. She was taking turns on my balls.

After about 5 minutes, she came back to my cock. All this time, she was stroking it with her hand, but now she again took it inside her mouth. She was a pro. By this time, it was more than 15 minutes of awesome blowjob. She was gagging on my cock.

I was about to explode. I held her head and pushed my cock further down her throat. I pulled my cock out and ejaculated at her milky white tits. She was not completely under the shower. So it stayed on her tits. I pulled her up and held her close to me under the shower. We shared a passionate kiss.

I got a hold of her ass, squeezed them tightly. She let out a slight moan. My cock was still rod solid, hard enough to pump her. My cock was touching her clit. I was biting her ear lobes. She was enjoying it. Her hands immediately went to her vagina. I got the signal.

I positioned my tip on her clit. She untied her hair and took out a packet of condoms. I whispered, “Nice trick.” She tore the packet with her teeth and unrolled it on my cock. She then put her face near my ear and whispered, “I would like to be fucked against the wall hanging on your hand.”

I rotated, holding her, and pressed her back against the wall. My mouth was placed on her nipples. They are big, pointed and pinkish in complexion. I sucked on them and pulled the nipple. I kept fingering her clit.

After a few moans, she asked, “Fuck me like a slut. Even if I say to stop, don’t stop, I need this cock inside, please.” I held her left leg up and held her with my left arm. Her eyes were full of lust. She placed the tip of my cock on her clit, and without any delay, I pushed it in.

A single strong push, she screamed her lungs out. Her nails were scratching my back. I kept it like that for a few moments while maintaining eye contact. She relaxed after a few seconds. I started to pump her slowly and steadily. Her eyes were closed. Her face seemed satisfied with the rhythm.

I was fucking her at a rhythm and mixing it with strong thrusts at intervals that were changing her expressions. I loved doing it. I pressed her against the wall with more pressure and pulled her with both hands. My hands were under her thighs, wrapped around my waist, her hands around my neck.

She was practically sitting on my cock. My cock didn’t stop thrusting. I knew I would hold on for a long time due to my early ejaculation. I slowed down. She urged me to keep fucking her. I was biting her mole on the neck. I wanted to leave a mark there. Mark of lust.

The scene was astonishing. The washroom filled with her moaning and my grunting sounds. The collision of genital flesh. The hot water was trickling over our bodies. It was steamy. A fucking session to remember. It was 8–10 minutes now. My hands were starting to feel numb.

She was panting, she seemed tired, and I kept ploughing her like a bull. She started dripping her juice. I felt the hot juice going down around my balls and flowing over my legs. She was scratching my back, my shoulder, she was done, she wanted me to stop, she couldn’t take anymore.

She pleaded with me to stop. She pulled my hair. I kept going. I was about to explode, and it would be a big one. I made her lie on the floor, her legs pressed against my chest. I was still pumping her. A sudden electric-like jolt ran across my legs. I was about to cum.

I could feel the balls shrinking. She was tapping the floor as a mark of defeat. I exploded and kept on cuming. It was one of the best experiences I ever had. I turned the shower off and went outside the washroom. I dried myself up with the towel. She was still lying in the washroom.

I took the towel to her and pulled her up. She was standing in front of me. I rubbed her dry and gave the towel to her to dry her hair. I went outside and lit a cigarette. I heard her footsteps approaching me. She had wrapped herself in the towel. We shared a cigarette. There were no words exchanged.

I heard my phone ringing. It was the food delivery. We might have fucked for half an hour, I guessed. I received the order. We used so much of our energy that we started to eat as soon as possible. She ate with her top on, and I just wore my shorts.

After that, I pulled out a piece of thin cotton clothing from the closet and kept it on the bed. She didn’t notice. She was still having her dinner. Now, we wanted to rest. She rested her hand on my left arm. She was randomly, carelessly moving her fingers on my chest.

My eyes couldn’t keep me awake for long. I fell asleep. After about an hour, I woke up. The room was not completely dark. Yellowish lighting set up. Maybe she lit up the candles again.  I felt something heavy on my waist. Raima was sitting on my waist, wearing her bra and panty.

I could hear jazz playing in the background. It could be our phones, I was guessing. I wanted to hold her waist, but I could not. My hands were tied to the steel frame of the bed. My mouth felt funny. She had shoved her wet panty in my mouth.

She- You know by now that I have a large appetite, don’t you?

This was the end of part two. I want to receive comments and feedback on my story. Ladies and gentlemen, keep cuming, stay horny, and stay healthy.

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