My Ex-BF is back with a bang – Part 1

Hi, I’m Reshma, 33, from Bengaluru. This story is about my ex-boyfriend (Rahul – he likes this name for some reason) and me. We ended up seeing each other after nine years, and how he made me fall for him again.

I’m married and have a kid – 7 years old. My husband, kid, and I were living abroad for six years. I was neither happy nor sad with my hubby. However, Rahul and I always stayed in touch. Wishing during birthdays, festive, and sometimes when one of us was bored.

I came back with my son to Bengaluru in 2019 due to my mom’s illness, then got stuck here due to the lockdown. I stayed home for a few months and then started with a job. I always loved hanging out, but none of my friends were ready to meet.

Months rolled by, and I was annoyed. That was when I spoke to Rahul and told him that we should catch up sometime. It all started there.

Finally, he took a day off, and this is how the conversation went –

Rahul: So, where do you want to go?

Me: Any place – peaceful and quiet. If you are free, maybe a long drive?

Rahul: I took the complete day off, so we can go wherever you say

Me: Then, let’s go!

Rahul: what do you think about a resort? You can take some time off and maybe even relax in a spa.

Me: Sure

We left for the Clarks Exotica Resort and Spa near the airport. It was a nice place with a beautiful spa. I went and relaxed in the spa for an hour, and then Rahul came and called me to lunch.

After a while, we were sitting by the pool, and suddenly he asked me.

Rahul: Do you actually miss me?

Me: Sometimes. Why are you asking me now?

Rahul: I can’t stop this feeling that you are not happy. Is there any truth to that statement?

Me: In which context?

Rahul: Really? In what context do you think? In your life

Me: There is no real answer to that. I’m staying with my parents and even taking care of them along with my son

Rahul: Where is your hubby?

Me: He went back just before COVID

Rahul: Why didn’t you tell me? Are you staying here?

Me: Why did you want to know? Ya, I’m staying here for a few more months.

Rahul: Because I still care for you

Actually, I felt happy, but I couldn’t express that upfront.

Me: I don’t know why we did not fight for each other back in the day. But your future wife is lucky to have a husband like you.

Rahul: are you happy with him?

Me: I can’t answer you

Rahul: OK, got it. So you are not happy.

Me: I’m happy that I have my life and my kid

Suddenly, a waiter came with a soft drink, and he said, “Ma’am, for you.” I looked at Rahul’s face. He said, “I knew you’d need it. I had ordered before we came here.”

Rahul: I wish we both were together. We both like and care for each other. Why couldn’t we make this work? Even now, I’d love to take you.

Me: Are you freaking mad? I’m not leaving him. He is the father of my son. Don’t even dare to think.

The situation turned a little tense, and we both sat there and gazed at the water.

Time flew by, and I did not realize it was already 4 PM. I lied at home by saying I was going to the office and came out with him. I told him the same, and we started from the resort.

He said he wanted to spend some more time with me. He asked, “Can we watch a movie?” I spoke to Mom, and I said I’d be late due to last-minute work.

We booked a movie on the way, and we went inside the theatre. There were hardly a few people, as it was a weekday. He got me my favourite popcorn, and after some time, I felt cold. Without any second thought, he gave me his jacket, just like in old times.

I refused to take it, but he insisted a lot and put it on both shoulders. During the intermission, he spoke to the theatre manager and got the temperature adjusted.

During emotional scenes, I feel bad, and sometimes I even cry. He knew about it, held my hand, and said, “It’s OK. I’m here for you and always will be. I’ll never let you cry, at least when you are with me.”

I felt so happy because I still have someone who remembers everything about me and caring me. Again, I could not express myself. I just continued to watch the movie. He gave me his hanky to wipe off the cheese from the mouth. Those small gestures matter a lot.

We headed back home, and we were almost reaching my place. He took a small deviation and stopped. He said, “I still love you a lot. If you are not happy, then divorce him, and let’s get married.”

I snapped at him and shot down his proposal brutally. He could not say anything. He asked me, “Can I at least have one kiss?” And I shouted at him and left. Actually, if he had kissed me without asking, I would have definitely kissed him back after all that he did for me that day.

I got out of the car and just left. I neither answered his call nor replied to his messages after that incident. He stopped reaching me after a couple of months.

A week ago – out of the blue, he messaged me.

Rahul: Hey! Sorry to disturb you. I dreamt of you, and I just felt like talking to you.

Me: Oh, really! What was the dream?

Rahul: Not at liberty to say, and you don’t want to hear all the details.

Me: Actually, you know what? It’s a coincidence. Even you had come into my dream a few days ago.

Rahul: Me? Wow! What was the dream?

Me: I do remember the dream. It was your engagement, and I had come to wish you.

Rahul: Please tell me, who was that girl?

Me: It was that girl you liked – Pari

Rahul: oh, thank you. At least in dreams, you managed to keep us together.

Me: What was yours?

Rahul: We were holding hands and walking in the street of Paris, it was a bit cold. You were shivering, as usual, and I gave you my jacket. Then we took a walk to the bridge, where we saw the bridge with locks. A person explained it’s a love lock bridge. We bought a lock and put it together. Holding hands – we together threw the key into the water. It was a very romantic evening.

Me: It’s just a dream.

I felt so happy just by reading that. I had tears in my eyes.

Me: I sometimes think so much but never share with anyone

Rahul: What is it? I’m here for you. You can tell me, dear.

Me: We can never erase a few memories from the mind. Even I remember you so many times.

Rahul: I still have so many good memories of us. One good thing is that we had our moments, the memories that I can cherish now.

Me: You were always there for me, anytime and in any situation. That care and love I will never get it from anyone. Those memories will never fade away. We have spent a significant amount of time together, making memories. I’ll always remember them.

Rahul: Can I ask you something? Will you give a candid answer for once? Are you really happy?

Me: You will never have an answer for this. No one is completely happy. Why are you asking this question over and over again? After so many years?

Rahul: Everything started with those dreams. You cried and held my hands. You relaxed on my chest while we were walking – you were hugging and leaning on me. I kissed your hair and told you everything would be alright.

Me: You are making me cry. This is why my heart always says that I want you.

Rahul: listen to your heart sometimes. I know you feel like – I’m telling you some story. But I just shared with you my dream and my honest feelings. The words “I Love you” – now I really know what it means. I still care a great deal about you. In my dreams, when I heard you say those words, I was heartbroken.

Me: What are you talking about? Please stop. Nothing can happen between us now.

Rahul: But we still have time left in that clock.

Me: Now, it is called an affair.

Rahul: We both care for each other so much. It is never an affair. It is unexpressed love.

Me: What are you up to? And where will it end?

Rahul: We will end where we both are comfortable. Don’t we deserve some happiness? After everything that we have been through in our life.

Me: I’m confused, But why suddenly now?

Rahul: Dream is what triggered everything

Me: What are your intentions?

Rahul: Is that what you think? Forget I said anything. I feel worse. I won’t disturb you from today.

Me: I didn’t mean it that way. Even now, I overthink a lot. I’m always alone, which makes me think even more.

Rahul: Exactly. I did think that we deserved something better. I would never force you.

Me: One-day happiness is not a solution

Rahul: At least you deserve to have that one day. That one day matters a lot sometimes. It can help us build some memories for years to come. We can remember when we feel sad or alone.

Me: That one will not end. Then what is the point of marriage? It will lose its meaning and respect.

Rahul: In that case, I have a solution to it. I’ll tell you when we meet.

Me: I’m not coming anywhere

Rahul: I was thinking of taking you to a romantic place and even booking separate rooms for both of us if you are not comfortable

Me: I can’t leave my kid at home. What if someone identifies me?

Rahul: At home, tell them that you are travelling for a marriage. If anyone asks you, you can tell the same to them.

Me: This is too risky. I’m scared.

Rahul: Don’t get scared. I’m always there for you and with you.

Me: Hmmm, I know that you stay by my side. But I’m still scared.

Rahul: You need to take a break, dear.

Me: Where are we going?

Rahul: We will go to Mysore and will book a room in Radisson

Me: Are you crazy? Two rooms in Radisson?

Rahul: If that’s what it takes you to have a calm mind

Me: No, book a room with two separate beds

He had some plans in mind, so he had booked a room with two double beds. But he never gave me that information.

The day finally came – he picked me up, and we started to Mysore. I was so scared. Just because we could wear a mask, I was a little OK. But I was still uncomfortable. My hands were shivering. He held them and put them on the gear stick just like old days. He then kept his hand on top of mine.

I was relaxed but not entirely convinced of what I was doing. So I asked him, “Tell me, what is that you have in mind that will justify us?” He said, “Have patience till we reach.”

We reached the destination by 11. Rahul had requested early check-in, so he got us a room on the top floor with a beautiful view. We entered the room, and I was surprised to see the room with two double beds.

Me: Oh, this was your plan all along, wasn’t it?

Rahul: You said two separate beds, and it is two different double beds.

Me: Exactly my point. Two double beds.

Rahul: You never said single or double beds.

Me: Whatever, but it is very nice and has a beautiful view.

Rahul: I knew that you would love it. You take a rest and we will have our lunch.

Me: Now tell me – what do you call this? A married woman and a single guy in the same room. What will they think?

Rahul: Remove your mangalsutra.

Me: What? Why?

Rahul: Please do as I say.

Me: So if I remove this? Is it OK?

Rahul: Remove and keep it in the bag.

So I removed the mangalsutra and kept it in the bag and asked, “Now what?”

Rahul: Now we are just friends hanging out.

Me: Oh, right! And are you saying this is OK?

Rahul: Are we doing anything wrong? We are just hanging out as friends. So we are good.

I was still scared but was feeling better. Rahul went to freshen up, and I was lying on that soft bed. We knew we couldn’t go out. So he asked, “Do you want to go to the restaurant downstairs, or do you want to order room service?”

We decided to go down and have food in the restaurant. After coming back to the room, he just let me relax till evening. At almost around 6, he asked me to give him the mangalsutra. I was shocked.

Me: Why? What are you doing?

Rahul: You are worried, and I want to put your mind at ease.

I took out the mangalsutra from the bag and gave it to him. He held my hand and pulled me along with mangalsutra.

Rahul: I’m going to marry you now, and you will be my wife.

Me: What? You are now 100% crazy. Just stop this nonsense. Don’t pull your stunts to make this marriage thing some nonsense so that you can sleep with me.

Rahul: Do you think I’m doing this just for sex? We don’t need to have sex.

Me: Then why are you doing this?

Rahul: To tell you that there is no guilt here.

Me: What do you mean?

He made me sit down, and he gave a reference to an epic history and said, “You could stay married, but be truthful to that person when you are with him.” He convinced me, so good. I had no words to say.

Then he kept that mangalsutra with him and tied the one he had brought with him. He said, “You are my wife now, and I’m your husband.” Believe it or not, I felt so happy and relaxed after he said that. I started kissing him, and he was kissing me back so intensely that I started to remember our old days.

He then lifted me in his arms and took me to the bed. I did not want that moment to end forever, and he had pinned my hands with both his hands. He moved towards my ears, softly chewed my ear lobe, and stretched. I cannot explain that feeling and was lost in that love.

He then moved to the neck and started to lick my neck and kiss them. It aroused me so much I could not control my body. Then, Rahul slowly moved from one ear to the other, kissing and slowly biting along the neck. He started to play with the other ear lobe and continued to tease me.

He took his T-shirt off. He hugged me, pulled me on top of him, and started to kiss my lips. He took my salwar top. Then I realized that he pulled me up to open the bra hook. I was surprised by his skill set. I know this was not the first time with him, but he had levelled up his skills.

He again put me back on the bed and traced my body through his tongue, moving from the neck down to the shoulder. He started to remove the bra strap from the one hand. He finally took off my bra from one hand and put it on the other side.

He then came towards my shaved armpit and sniffed; it gave me goosebumps all over me. He licked my armpit and gave me such pleasure. Even my husband had not done it. That is when I opened my eyes and saw him. I was so shy, and I covered my breasts with one hand and my eyes with the other.

He kissed my lips and said, “You are my wife; no need to feel shy.” Those words were like a sweet song to my ears, and I gave up. The moment I took my hands out of my breast, it seemed it was one of those best moments for him. He confessed it later.

You should have seen the happiness in his eyes and face. It was like he was meeting his best friends. Actually, after a long time, I saw that happy face. He pressed my boobs and held the nipple with the index finger and the thumb. Slowly he massaged my boobs, pinching my nipples softly.

He is a great lover of my breasts and always had his way of playing with them. He started to play with his fingers and tongue. It was romantic and made me more and more horny. There was a smile on my lips from the moment we started this encounter.

Now, he began to lick and rub my breast alternatively. I could not control it, and my salwar pants had a patch of the pre-cum. He now made his move towards the most sensitive part of my body (belly button). Only he knew that it was my weak spot. I always loved the way he played around it.

He is THE best when it comes to giving oral pleasure. He always made me reach my orgasm even without touching my privates. He was licking around my belly button. It sent a chill through my spine – if you know what I mean. I certainly cannot explain that feeling.

The hands were still playing with my breast. He then started making a circle with his tongue on my stomach. This tenderness gave me continuous goosebumps. He now decided to take out my salwar bottom. He removed the knot of the thread using his teeth and continued with the belly button.

He traced his hands along the body from my hands to my shoulder to my boobs to my belly button, and the entire body was amazing. I was enjoying the whole play. Suddenly, he kissed my feet. That is when I opened my eyes and realized I was just in my undergarment.

The way he had taken me out of my pants just by running his hands along my leg, I was impressed.

I need to take a quick break now. Thank you for your patience. I hope you all enjoyed the story. In the next part, I will explain how it took a turn from my happiest day into an unforgettable day.