My Ex-Wife’s Doppelganger

At that moment, as I pushed my dick into Navika’s tight pussy, I realized how much she looked like my ex-wife Asha. Both had the same thin frame, fair skin, and hairy mounds. Navika had slightly larger breasts, though and a healthy libido, something my ex-wife seriously lacked – hence, the ‘ex’ part.

Back in 2018, after four years of tumultuous, mostly sexless marriage, Asha and I separated when she started drinking and misbehaving with me. We started the divorce proceedings a year later and were finally legally divorced in 2020.

Cut to 2021. I was visiting my hometown, a small tier-2 Indian town. And to kill time, I logged into Tinder. After swiping for hours, I matched with Navika.

Navika was 22, almost ten years younger – so I was surprised when we matched. She seemed like a shy girl in her pictures. She told me she was from a Marwari family and was fed up with the strict rules of her orthodox family. We chatted for about two hours before the texts started getting a little horny.

Navika expressed her liberated views on sex. She was not into anything serious as, in her experience, it led to messy situations. Especially since she would most definitely marry some Marwari guy her family chose eventually, she offered to have a video call, and I agreed.

She said she would be able to call once her family goes to sleep. A few hours later, she called from inside the bathroom. She wouldn’t speak because she feared waking her mum up, who was in the room outside. Instead, she texted and gestured over the video.

Minutes later, she was stripping for me. She had a lean frame but nice round breasts. I texted her to show me her pussy. She set the phone on the windowsill and pulled her pyjamas down. Her pussy was hairy. Without me asking, she spread her pussy lips and showed it to me.

I screenshotted this to show to my friends. I asked Navika if she wanted to meet the next day. She agreed readily. To ascertain her intentions, I asked her if we should meet at a mall or in a hotel room. She said she was scared someone would spot us at the mall (the town had just one mall).

So it would be better if we could go to a hotel on the outskirts of the town. I hired a cab and picked her up from her college. She was pursuing her graduation. When she walked up to the cab, I noticed how young she looked. It wasn’t that apparent in the video call.

She was young, thin and in the college dress, looked like a child. She told me she was carrying other clothes and would rather change before we reached the hotel. So we stopped at the mall, where she rushed in, changed into a black kurta and came back.

The cab driver was giving me funny looks. We reached the hotel, and I booked a room. It must have been off-season because the hotel wasn’t crowded at all. Once inside the room, we sat next to each other and made small talk for a bit. Then I said, “What’s next?”

Navika said, “Let me…” and stood up and proceeded to straddle me as I sat on my chair, “Maybe this would make you more comfortable.” She took her kurta off and placed my hands around her. She was tiny.

I am over six feet tall, slightly overweight, and this was a 5’2 feet skinny girl. It felt a little weird at first, especially because the last woman I had sex with was 5’9 and fat – my FWB Amy. But I got used to her shape – in fact, it was fun because I could pick her up as she was so light.

I put her on the bed and took my shirt off. I unhooked her bra and put her little round breasts in my mouth. She wriggled out of her jeans and black panty while I sucked on her nipples. I pushed her up on the bed and went for her pussy. I liked how women’s vaginas taste and smell – I have always had this kink.

I spread her pussy with my fingers as I licked it from bottom to top. She was not very wet, so I licked her sloppily. A lot of guys don’t like going down on women, and I don’t understand why. It’s amazing.

A few weeks earlier, when I was in Bangalore, I made Amy squat over my face as I licked her super wet pussy. She lowered her pussy on my face and went on to suffocate me with it. When she got off, my mouth was smeared with her pussy juices. Remind me to tell you about Amy in another story.

Navika’s pussy was tight – maybe the tightest I had ever seen. I hesitated for a bit and then asked, “You aren’t a virgin, are you?” She said she was not. But when I pulled out my dick, she looked at it with awe. It made me think that she could be lying. My dick is average.

I raised her legs and placed them around my waist as I put on a condom, positioned the tip of my cock on her pussy. As I pushed in, I looked at her face, and suddenly, I saw it. Navika looked so much like Asha, my ex-wife.

Navika squealed as my dick slid slowly into her tight pussy. I was worried I might hurt her. At the same time, I was amused by the fact that I had recently gotten divorced from a woman I hated, and here I was fucking her doppelganger.

To divert my mind from this, I decided to turn her around and fuck her from behind. I pulled out and turned Navika, and got her on her knees. I decided to give her a little lick for lubrication. I tasted the latex on her pussy, and so I moved up to her tight asshole.

I darted my tongue into it. She giggled and moaned but didn’t object. Asha would never let me lick her. We were married for years, but she was super closed off.

At first, I thought she needed time to get familiar with me. But after a couple of years, I realized tha she was just not into sex.  I initially thought she was asexual or a lesbian. But seeing that she married another guy recently, I believe she didn’t like sex with me.

I pulled Navika’s braided hair as I pushed into her pussy from behind. She seemed to be enjoying it. After several minutes of thrusting vigorously, Navika shuddered a little. I asked her if she was okay, and she shakily told me that she had an orgasm. I told her I was close, too.

She asked me if I wanted her to swallow my cum. I was taken aback by the suggestion but shrugged. I told her I would love it if that’s what she wanted. She sat up at the edge of the bed, and I stood on the floor, facing her.

Navika pulled off the condom from my still-hard dick and wiped the precum with a towel. Then she took my cock in her mouth and licked it while inside her mouth. Her tongue was warm, and suddenly she started sucking me like a vacuum cleaner.

The blowjob technique was questionable. But seeing Asha’s (Navika’s) mouth around my hard cock sent me over the edge. I blasted in her throat, and she gagged for a bit and pulled away. A string of thick gooey cum hit her lips and face while more of it flowed down from her mouth.

She swallowed once and then went back to sucking my cock dry. It was commendable. After we cleaned up, Navika received a call from her mum and said she had to leave. She dressed back into her college clothes on our way out. The hotel receptionist gave me a look when we checked out.

She was a student at a popular college, and her uniform informed everyone of that. I ignored the lewd looks I got, and we got into the cab. I dropped Navika at the gate of the college, and we never met again.

A day or so later, I flew out to Delhi and haven’t been to my hometown since then. Navika sent me a few nudes after that. But she lost interest when I didn’t respond with too much excitement.

When I told the story to my friends in my hometown, Kanha, my Marwari friend, asked me about Navika. But I didn’t give him too many details. Marwaris are a close-knit community in my town. I didn’t want him to embarrass the girl on the off chance that he knew her parents.

I see her posting mirror selfies on Instagram. From her picture, you would never be able to tell what a sexy little slut she is. I consider myself lucky to have banged her.