My Friend And His Family – Part 2 (Sex With The Maid)

This is a fictional story about incest sex in my friend’s family. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

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Jai was invited by his friend Raju to visit his hometown. When they reached Raju’s place, Jai developed a crush for Raju’s aunt Priya. While trying to peep into Priya’s bedroom, Jai finds out that Raju’s family enjoys incest sex with each other.

The story continues.

After we entered the room, she scanned me from top to bottom. Then, she smiled to herself. She got closer to me and lifted my hands, and removed my t-shirt. Then, she pulled down my shorts along with my boxers. Within no time, I was naked in front of her, and just the thought of it stiffened up my cock.

Looking at my cock, she gave a sheepish smile. She took my cock into her hands and stroked it a couple of times. Her touch made my cock go crazy, and it was throbbing. I couldn’t hold any longer and wanted to pull Sudha onto me and kiss her. As I was pulling her onto me, she resisted.

Sudha: Not yet, sir. First, let me give you a good bath. Then, you can do whatever you want.

Me: But I can’t wait for that long.

Sudha: Don’t worry, sir. It will be quick.

With that, she walked back a few steps and removed her clothes one by one – first her saree and then blouse. She did not wear any bra. When she removed her blouse, her mango-shaped perky boobs were freed. They were big and firm with brown erect nipples. They looked like they were begging me to pounce on them.

Then, she proceeded to remove the rest of her saree and petticoat. Her neatly shaved pussy with brown pussy lips came into my view. I was getting restless to taste it and eat it. I scanned her from top to bottom, and she had a very sexy figure.

She got hold of my hand and walked me into the bathroom. She made me sit on a stool and poured water over me. She took soap into her hands and started rubbing all over my back and chest. As she rubbed the soap, her tits and nipples were rubbing against my back, and I loved it.

Then, she proceeded to apply soap on my erect cock and stroked it with both her hands to wash it neatly. Then, she washed my crotch and balls. After giving me a good bath, she made me stand up, and she kneeled.

Then, she took my cock into her hands and stroked it for a few minutes while kissing on my cock’s head. She proceeded to kiss all over my cock and then licked all over it. After licking it for a while, she took it into her mouth and started sucking it.

She was very good at it, and I felt like I was in heaven. She continued sucking my cock while playing with my balls until I cummed in her mouth. She gladly took all my cum in her mouth and swallowed all of it. She licked my cock until she got the last drop of my cum.

I was very happy, and I wanted to return her the favor by giving her a bath. I made her sit on the stool and poured water over her. I took the soap and rubbed it all over her back. Then, I proceeded to rub soap on her boobs.

I caressed and fondled her boobs for quite some time while playing with her nipples in between. As I was doing this, my cock stiffened up again and was rubbing on her back. Then, I proceeded to rub soap all over her waist and stomach and then continued to her pussy.

After rubbing soap on her pussy, I continued rubbing and playing with her pussy lips for some time. Then, I proceeded to rub her thighs and enjoyed them. Then, I poured water over her and washed her. Then, I made her stand up. I turned her towards me and kissed her lips. I sucked on them for a few minutes.

Then, I diverted my attention to her boobs. I took her left boob into my mouth and started sucking it. I alternated between sucking, kissing, and licking her nipples. I even bit her nipples a few times, which made her shout in pain. I alternated between both the boobs, showing equal love to both of them.

After sucking her boobs for quite some time, I kissed and licked water droplets all over her waist. It was finally time to explore her pussy. I decided to continue in the bedroom as it would be more comfortable. I walked her to the bedroom and made her lie down on the bed.

I jumped on her and started kissing her pussy. After licking her pussy for a while, I pushed my tongue into her vagina and felt all her inner muscles. She was moaning in pleasure. I continued tongue fucking her until she cummed. I licked and swallowed all her cum.

My cock regained its full strength and was eager to get into action. I placed my cock over her pussy and pushed it in. I started stroking slowly while gradually increasing the pace. As I was fucking her, I remembered the scene from the previous night and the naked body of Priya aunty.

That made me go crazy, and I fucked her like a wild animal. Her moans got louder due to my fucking. After going crazy for a few minutes and giving her an orgasm, I ended up cumming in her and collapsed on her.

She hugged me tight and kissed me on the lips. As I rolled onto the side, she sat up and licked my cock clean.

Me: Woah. That was crazy. I haven’t gone so wild in a long time. You sucked my cock well. It looks like you have quite some experience.

Sudha: Thanks, sir. Yes. I do have experience.

Me: Ok. I hope I could satisfy you then.

Sudha: Yes, sir. I had a very good time. It was one of the best sex I had. You have a great cock. I am sure you will be able to satisfy anyone.

Me: That’s good to hear. You, too, have a very sexy body. Those boobs and that sexy ass. Have you had anal sex anytime? I would love to explore that ass of yours in a few minutes.

Sudha: I have. It is all yours, sir.

I liked what I heard, and I hugged her and started kissing her again. This had a reaction on my cock, and it started stiffening up again. As I was busy kissing Sudha, I heard a knock on the door. I was irritated that we were disturbed. I covered myself with a bedsheet.

Sudha stood up and wrapped herself in a towel, and went and opened the door. It was Raju, and he walked in, closing the door behind him.

Raju: So how did this baby doll of mine treat you, Jai?

Me: She was amazing, Raju. Especially her blowjob was out of this world – the best I had.

Raju: I am glad you liked it. It’s all my training. I hope you could fuck her to your satisfaction.

Me: Oh yes. I did Raju. I haven’t gone so wild in a long time. I was getting ready for another round of anal sex just before you entered.

Raju: Oh. I am sorry to disturb you guys. Although, that will have to wait for another time. Sudha is wanted for some work. And you will have to dress up too. We have to go to the nearest town to get a few things. I hope that is ok.

Me: Ok. No worries, Raju. Next time.

I got up from the bed and got dressed. Raju pulled Sudha’s towel and got her naked. He pulled her onto him and kissed her. Then, he took her boob into his mouth and sucked it while fondling the other. After playing and sucking her boobs for a few minutes, he let her go.

She went and wore her saree and left the room. Raju and I followed her and went shopping in the town. I was thinking about ways to talk to him about the incident I witnessed the previous night. But I did not get a chance to bring up the topic. I was disappointed by that.

But, I was happy to know the reason for our shopping. It was Manasa’s birthday the next day, and we were giving her a surprise. We were even planning on having some alcohol and bought a bottle of absolute vodka, wine, and few beers.

Maybe after having some alcohol, I thought I would find time and courage to talk to him about his family secret. We spent the whole day shopping and came back only late in the evening. We had early dinner, and I fell asleep as I was very tired.

At around 11:30 pm, Raju woke me up. We were getting ready to make Manasa cut the cake at 12 in the night. Everyone in the family was ready. Ramesh, Geeta, Priya, Vivek, Raju, and I, all of us, barged into Manasa’s room at sharp midnight and shouted happy birthday to her.

She was still awake and probably knew that we would do this, but she was excited anyway. We arranged the cake, and Manasa cut it and fed all of us a piece of cake. I applied a little bit of cake on her face. After eating the cake, Raju opened the bottle of wine and poured a glass for all of us.

We sat there chitchatting for some time and finished our glass of wine. Then, everyone stood up to disperse. As they were walking out of her room, they told her to enjoy her gift. As I walked out of the room, Raju pulled me aside.

He asked me to stay a little longer with Manasa, as she wanted to talk to me about something. I found it a little odd, but I said ok and stayed back. Everyone left, closing the door behind them. Manasa went to the washroom to clean herself of the cake and walked out.

While walking out of the washroom, she looked sexier than usual in her short shorts and sleeveless top. I was getting aroused by her sexiness, but I tried to control myself. I didn’t know what she wanted to talk to me about. I was sitting on a chair and was waiting for her to start.

She pulled another chair closer to me, poured another glass of wine for both of us, and offered it to me. I gladly accepted and started drinking. We talked about general things while we finished our drink.

After we finished our drink, she moved further closer to me. Her closeness and wine started having an effect on my cock, and it started growing.

Manasa: So Jai, What do you think about me?

Me: What do you mean?

Manasa: It’s ok. Just tell me, what do you think about me?

Me: I think you are a very sweet girl and princess of this house, who gets her every wish fulfilled.

Manasa: That’s good to hear. But that’s all?

Me: And you are a very pretty, charming, and happy-go-lucky girl.

Manasa: Just pretty? I guess your body thinks something else.

She smiled, looking at the bulge in my shorts. I couldn’t control it any longer. I decided to open up to her and face the consequences, good or bad.

Me: Pretty and sexy. Very sexy, especially when you are dressed in these shorts showing off those sexy and smooth thighs and legs.

Manasa: That’s more like it what I wanted to hear. So you like my thighs and legs?

Me: No. It is not like that. You look very sexy from top to bottom. But it’s just that you have the perfect and sexiest pair of legs I have ever seen.

Manasa: That’s good to know that you think at least some part of my body is perfect. For me, your whole body is perfect. It is probably every girl’s dream to have a boyfriend with a body like yours.

Me: Thank you. But I think you are praising me a little too much.

Manasa: No. Not really. I am sure a lot of girls must have told you that already. I have a huge crush on you.

Me: What? Really?

Manasa: Yes. Do you want to know what I wished for and what my gift today is?

Me: What is it?

Manasa: You. You are my gift today. When I saw you for the first time with Raju, I liked you. Since that day, I have been attracted to you. After understanding my obsession with you, my family and Raju agreed and planned for this.

Manasa: I wanted to tell you this by myself and wanted to see your reaction and if you were attracted to me as well. That’s why I asked everyone not to bring this up with you. Looking at your eyes and cock, I think I got my answer.

Me: What! I can’t believe it. I have also had a huge crush on you since day 1. I still remember seeing you in that white shirt and blue jeans skirt. Your skirt was very sexy, just exposing the right amount of skin and thighs, making me go crazy over them.

Me: Since that day, I must have jerked off at least a hundred times thinking about you and your sexy legs. I wanted to move on you but was afraid, as you were Raju’s cousin. I didn’t want to disturb my friendship with him.

Manasa: Woah. Do you even remember what I wore that day? That’s crazy. And don’t worry. Now you don’t have to think about me and jerk off. I am here, and you can do everything you dreamt of doing with me.

Me: I can’t believe my ears. Is this real? I would love to do a lot of crazy things with you, Manasa. I will see to it that this is your best birthday gift ever.

Manasa: I hope so. I am waiting for it.

I didn’t waste any more time and pounced on her. I took her into my arms and started kissing her pink lips. I sucked on her juicy lips and turned them red. My hands were running all over her back and ass. I squeezed her ass as hard as I could. I pushed my tongue into her mouth and fought with her tongue.

After kissing her for a few minutes, I took a break from kissing and proceeded to lick all over her face, cheeks, chin, and forehead. And then, I kissed her eyes and cheeks and ears. After kissing all over her face, I continued kissing her neck and shoulders.

Then, I made her stand up and proceeded to fulfill a fetish of mine. I took the wine bottle and gave it to her. I asked her to pour the wine slowly over her thighs, which she gladly accepted. She started pouring wine over her right thigh. The red wine over her milky white thighs looked amazing.

I proceeded to lick the wine from her thigh and leg. After licking the wine, I kissed all over her thighs and bit them too, leaving my bite marks.

After licking and kissing both her thighs to my satisfaction, it was time to get her naked. Though I have seen her naked the previous night, I was eager to see her naked from such close distance and feel her boobs. With one swing, I removed her sleeveless top.

She did not wear a bra. I was shocked to see her boobs, which were bigger than I thought. They were round in shape and firm. Her erect pink nipples were waiting to be kissed and licked. I kissed all over her boobs. I licked her boobs and made circles around her nipples with my tongue.

Then, I licked her nipples and sucked on them. I bit them too. I took some cake and applied it to her boobs. I licked and ate the cake from her boobs. After playing with her boobs and arousing her, I continued to kiss and lick her waist. I pushed my tongue into her navel and licked it too.

Then, I pulled her shorts down along with her panty. I finally came across her neatly shaven pink pussy. Her pussy lips were very inviting, and I started kissing and licking them.

After licking her pussy for a few minutes, I pushed her onto the bed and started eating her pussy. I pushed my tongue into her vagina and tongue fucked her while my hands were fondling her boobs and thighs. After few minutes, she orgasmed, and I licked and swallowed her cum.

Then I continued licking all over her body when she pushed me onto the bed. She sat over me now, kissing on my lips. After kissing me for few minutes, she immediately removed my t-shirt and shorts, making me naked. My stiff cock was standing tall. She looked at it and gave a happy smile.

She took my cock into her hands and stroked it gently. After stroking it for few minutes, she proceeded to lick it and kiss it. Then, she licked my crotch too. After licking all over my cock, she took the whole of it in her mouth and started sucking it.

She was even better than Sudha. I could only imagine the reason for it was her experience with sucking her uncle’s and cousin’s cock. After sucking it for a few minutes, she stopped all of a sudden and looked at me. I was confused, as I wanted her to finish what she started.

As I asked her to finish it, she changed her position and bought her pussy over my cock. It is then I understood that she decided to ride me like a cowgirl.

Me: Why don’t you finish what you started, Manasa? That was so good.

Manasa: I will do it another time. Now, I want to enjoy this big cock in my pussy. I waited a long time for this and I can’t wait any longer.

Before I could say anything, she lowered her hip and took my cock into her pussy. She hopped up and down and enjoyed my cock touching her inner muscles. I enjoyed seeing and playing with her jiggling boobs.

After riding me in that position for a few minutes, we decided to change positions again, and she lay down on the bed. I placed myself over her and pushed my cock into her pussy.

I fucked her like crazy until both of us cummed. I collapsed on her and rolled onto the bed. She sat up and licked my cock clean. We lay down on the bed, cuddling with each other.

Me: Woah. That was crazy. I never thought I could go on for so long. I guess it’s because I am obsessed with you and your sexy legs.

Manasa: Yes. It was amazing – one of the best sex I ever had. You are good at it. Now, I am very happy that I decided to act on my obsession with you. Now, I believe Sudha.

Me: What?

Manasa: I have a secret to tell. What happened with Sudha this morning was also planned by me. I sent her to tempt you, and then, I watched everything from the window. I wanted to see if your cock was as good as your body and how good you are at satisfying your women.

Manasa: The way you fucked Sudha was crazy. I wanted to barge in and join you guys’ right then, but I decided to wait till the night. Sudha told me that she had one of the best sex of her life, and I had high expectations.

Me: Woah. And did I meet them?

Manasa: Of course you met them. You outdid my expectations. Probably, this is the best gift I will ever get. I am never going to let you go, and I will fulfill all my wildest dreams with you.

Me: That’s good to hear. I would love to be a part of all your wildest dreams. I hope you will also fulfill my desires too.

Manasa: Of course, Jai. I will. You are my baby now. What are those desires?

Me: I have a secret to tell too. Last night, I was not feeling sleepy and came out of my room for water. But I forgot I was thirsty when I saw you and others participating in a wild sex orgy. I was dumbfounded when I saw you getting fucked by Ramesh uncle and Raju fucking Geeta aunty and Priya aunty.

Me: I was in a state of shock for quite some time. I have only read about incest. But when I saw it happening in front of my eyes, I couldn’t take my eyes off. I want to be a part of it, Manasa. Please. I couldn’t think about anything else today. I want to be a part of your family and enjoy sex with all of you guys.

She was shocked that their secret was out. She thought about it for some time. I was hoping she would react positively. After thinking for a while, she finally spoke.

Manasa: I am happy you found out about it, Jai. I would love for you to be a part of it. I am sure you will make my mom and aunt happy, just like you made me. But there are a few complications for that. I will talk to the family and see what we can do. I will try my best.

Me: Thanks, Manasa. You are the best. I will do anything you want if you can help me in becoming a part of it.

Manasa: Oh really?

Me: Yes. Anything you want.

Manasa: Then, my asshole is waiting for your big cock. I was the reason you did not get Sudha’s asshole. I didn’t want you to waste all your energy on her. I wanted you to be active for the night.

As soon as I heard that, I pounced on her. I wanted fuck her like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to take revenge on her for not letting me have Sudha’s asshole. I made her go into a doggy position and kissed and bit all over her back.

Then, I squeezed and spanked her buttocks. They turned red with my fingerprints. I got into position behind her and pushed my cock into her asshole. After stroking wildly for a good few minutes, I ended up cumming in her. I collapsed on her and she on the bed.

I rolled onto the bed and fell asleep, thinking about all the wild sex I could have with Priya aunty if Manasa convinces her family to involve me.

To be continued.