My Friend And His Family – Part 4 (Marrying friend’s Sister)

This is a fictional story about getting married to a friend’s sister.  All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

are a bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, group sex, and mainly incest. Enjoy the story. You can give me feedback at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#65170004014b16110a170c0016545c5d5c2515170a110a0b08040c094b060a08″>[email protected]

Jai was invited by his friend Raju to visit his hometown. When they reached Raju’s place, Jai developed a crush for Raju’s aunt Priya. While trying to peep into Priya’s bedroom, Jai finds out that Raju’s family enjoys incest sex with each other.

Then Jai gets seduced by Sudha and has sex with her. Then, Manasa gets her birthday gift, which is Jai himself. They have wild sex with each other and tell each other their secrets.

Raju’s family agrees to join Jai in their family but with a few conditions. To fulfill them, Jai has sex with Raju, Ramesh, and Vivek.

The story continues.

I woke up and was surprised that I was in Manasa’s bedroom. I was so exhausted on the previous night that I even forgot how I managed to get there. After a few seconds, everything came back to me. I was happy to sleep next to her. Both of us were completely naked.

She was sleeping facing upwards. Her small, perky boobs were, in my view and were very tempting. I observed her whole body and admired it and felt happy that I would get married to such a beauty. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that I would get married to such a pretty and rich girl.

Especially one who would help me fuck her mom. After admiring her for a few minutes, I proceeded to fondle one boob and suck another. I licked and kissed all over her boobs. She moaned while still in a deep sleep. After licking both her nipples, I pinched one and bit another.

That woke her up, and she shouted in pain. I proceeded to lock her lips with mine, pushed my tongue into her mouth, and started fighting with her tongue. She responded to my kiss and sucked my lower lip. I pulled her onto me and hugged her tight, crushing her boobs on my chest.

We rolled on the bed, from end to end, hugging and kissing each other. Her poky nipples touching my chest felt very good. My erect cock was poking her thighs. After rolling for a few minutes, I let her go and lay her down on the bed. I proceeded to her waist and kissed and licked it.

Then, I moved on to her pussy. It felt good to kiss and lick a pussy, after all the cock fest of the previous night. After licking her pussy to my satisfaction, I pushed my tongue into her vagina and started tongue fucking her while fondling both her boobs with my hands. She was moaning in pleasure.

After a good few minutes, she cum, and I licked and swallowed all of it. It was much better than the guy’s cum from the previous night. She took my cock into her hands and started stroking it gently.

Manasa: You horny bastard. Your cock is rock solid again so early in the morning, even after you got so much action last night.

Me: Even though I had so much action, I did not get to fuck you, baby. Moreover, it was a cock fest last night, and my cock is hungry for a pussy now.

Manasa: Yes, yes. I know whose pussy it is hungry for. I saw the way you were looking at my mom’s naked body.

Me: What’s there to hide from you, baby! You are going to be my wife soon. I think your mom has a perfect milf body. I am crazy about her, just like I am crazy about you.

Manasa: Liar. You don’t have to butter me up. I know she has an amazing body and is much sexier than mine. That’s why everyone in the family goes crazy over her. You are going to get her soon anyway. Just don’t forget me once you start fucking her.

Me: Of course. I am not going to forget you, baby. Though she might have a sexier body than yours, you will always be my first crush and love. And my wife soon. You will always be special. As we get older, you will have better curves than her and turn into a sexier woman than she is.

Manasa: I hope so too, baby.

After talking about her mom and her sexy body, I got hornier and placed myself over Manasa to fuck her wildly. As I was pushing my cock into her pussy, there was a knock on the door. I ignored it and continued to push my cock into her pussy. But the knocking was persistent, and it irritated me.

I stopped what I was doing and went and opened the door, completely naked with an erect cock. I didn’t bother to dress up, as pretty much everyone in the house saw me naked already, and I saw everyone.

As I opened the door, I was surprised to see Sudha. She was shocked to see me naked and smiled sheepishly, looking at my erect cock.

Me: What happened, Sudha? Why are you disturbing us?

Sudha: Ramesh sir asked you both to come and see him immediately.

Apparently, it is something urgent.

Me: Ok. You go. We will come in a few minutes.

Sudha said ok and turned around, and walked away. I stood there admiring her back and beautiful round ass, which I missed banging on the previous day. I thought to myself that I should explore it sometime soon.

I turned around to see Manasa getting dressed. I was disappointed that I wouldn’t get to finish what I started.

Me: Baby. Getting dressed already? Let’s finish it. I will be quick.

Manasa: None of us are going anywhere. It must be urgent if he called us. Let’s go and come, and then we can finish what we started.

Me: Alright. Let’s come back soon.

Both of us got dressed and walked into the hall. There was a lot of the hustle and bustle. Everyone was running around with various works. There was some serious discussion happening between Vivek and Ramesh. Raju was listening to both of them intently.

Geeta aunty and Priya aunty were distributing works to Shyam, Sudha, and other maids. We were confused with everything happening and walked straight to Ramesh uncle.

Raju: Dad. Look. The lovebirds have finally arrived.

Me: What’s happening?

Ramesh: I have good news and bad news for you guys.

Manasa: Ok. What is the good news?

Ramesh: I spoke to the priest regarding your wedding, and he gave an auspicious date for the wedding.

Me: That’s good. What’s the bad news?

Vivek: That date is today.

Manasa: What?

Ramesh: Yes. As per both of your horoscopes, it is very good if you get married today. So, we decided to do a simple wedding with just us family members and the priest today and have a big fat Indian wedding later. Is it ok with you guys?

Manasa: I am ok with it, as long as there will be a big fat Indian wedding later. I want to dress up like a doll and take a million pictures with Jai. I want to show off my husband to everyone I know.

Ramesh: Ok. And what about you, Jai?

Me: I have decided to become a member of this family as I don’t have my own. I am eager to be a part of this amazing family. So, the sooner, the better.

Vivek: That’s good to hear. Go and get dressed up soon in this wedding attire. We will take care of the remaining things.

I couldn’t believe my fortune. A couple of days ago, I was an orphan with very little money. And today, I was getting married to a very pretty and rich girl and was going to become a part of an amazing family. I went to my room, freshened up, and dressed to my finest in a Kurta.

After an hour, Manasa walked out of her room, dressed in a white saree with a diamond necklace looking pretty like a Barbie doll. The priest had come and performed some rituals, and within few hours, we were wife and husband. I was officially a member of this family.

We took blessings from everyone in the family. I was very tired from the whole process and slept for a couple of hours. Raju woke me up in the evening. When I saw him, tears rolled out of my eyes. I hugged him tightly.

Me: Thank you very much, brother. I don’t even know how to thank you enough. Over the last two days, you have changed my life – from an orphan to making me a part of your family. You are the best friend one could have.

Raju: It’s alright, brother-in-law. We are not friends anymore. We are family now. You will get your chance to make up for it. And it was not just my doing. Even Manasa worked very hard. She begged me to get you here. I am happy that you decided to marry her. Both of you are perfect for each other.

Me: Me too. I think it is the best thing to happen to me.

Raju: Yes. We will have an amazing life together from now. Anyways, everyone is waiting for you. Let’s go.

I freshened up and followed him into the hall. Ramesh uncle and Vivek were sitting and chatting. As I walked in, they welcomed me with a smile. As we sat, Raju handed out beers. As we were drinking, I wondered where the women were. I was looking for them. Ramesh uncle observed this.

Ramesh: Already looking for your wife so desperately?

Me: No, Ramesh uncle. I am just wondering where everyone is as I don’t see them.

Ramesh: Geeta and Priya are helping your wife get dressed for your first night.

I blushed. We continued drinking for an hour when all three of them walked into the hall. I was stunned to see Manasa. She wore a different white saree with make-up and jewelry. She was looking like an angel.

Everyone laughed, looking at the way I ogled at my wife. She looked so sexy that I wanted to fuck her right there and then. It is then a very kinky idea had struck me.

Me: You look stunning, Manasa. I am sure all our cocks are erect now looking at you.

Raju: Yes. You look very beautiful, sister. I wish I were in Jai’s place tonight.

Me: You can be Raju.

Raju: What? How can I? It is your first night.

Me: I have a desire. I want all of you to be a part of it.

Ramesh: What is it?

Me: I want to celebrate my first night, together with all of you. You have welcomed me into your family, and I want to welcome you to my first night. I want all of you to watch me have sex with Manasa. And also participate and have sex with Manasa and me.

Geeta: What? How can we? It is your special night.

Manasa: I like the idea. Just the both of us having sex will be like any regular first night. All of us doing it together on our first night sounds different and amazing.

I was happy that Manasa liked the idea. As Manasa approved of the idea, all of them agreed to it. That excited me very much. Manasa walked towards me and kissed and sat on my lap, and whispered into my ear.

Manasa: My kinky husband. I know why you proposed it. I know you are not able to wait to get into my mom’s pussy. Don’t worry. It will happen tonight.

Me: That may be one of the reasons. But I wanted to feel like a member of the family by having sex together.

During normal first nights, it is common for a girl to walk in with a glass of milk. The guy would drink the milk or share it with his wife. For a change, I poured a glass of wine for my wife, and we both shared it. I poured some wine over her cheeks and neck and licked it.

Everyone else was drinking and watching us. I made Manasa stand up. I removed her saree, blouse, bra, and petticoat, one by one while kissing and dancing around her. Then, I made her walk to her family members, poured some wine on her boobs, and asked them to lick them.

All of them licked and kissed her boobs well. Then, I pulled down her panty and poured some wine over her pussy, while I was licking it. The mixture of her wetness and wine tasted amazing. I licked her pussy lips, pushed my tongue into her vagina, and explored it for a few minutes.

Everyone was still watching us but getting aroused by our actions. Then, I got undressed. She licked my cock while pouring wine over it. She dipped my cock in a wine glass and licked it. I looked at everyone and saw that they were feeling the hotness in the room.

They were getting desperate and started undressing. I felt it was the best time to fuck Manasa in front of her whole family. I made her sit right in between Geeta and Priya. I positioned my cock over her pussy, and, with one jerk, pushed it in and started stroking her gently.

Both of them were looking at us keenly. I took one boob each of Geeta and Priya in my hands and squeezed them hard. I could feel their erect nipples over their nighties. Then, I diverted my attention to Manasa again. I increased my pace while kissing her lips and fondling her boobs.

After a few minutes, I decided to change position. I pulled my cock out of her and stood her up. I sat on the couch and asked her to ride me. She climbed onto the couch, took my cock into her pussy, and started riding me. I signaled Raju to join us and fuck her in the asshole.

He immediately took position behind her and, with one jerk, pushed his cock into her asshole. Now, I started stroking from below and Raju, from behind, as she was getting sandwiched between her husband and brother. She was shouting in pleasure.

After a good few minutes, all of us cummed one by one. As we stood up, Manasa first licked my cock clean and then Raju’s. It was a lovely feeling to fuck my wife in front of her family. I was a little tired and decided to take some rest. I sat in between Geeta and Priya, and Manasa sat on my lap.

As I was resting, I got curious to find out how everything started.

Me: Can I ask you guys something?

Priya: Of course, beta. You can ask anything.

Me: I want to know how all of this started.

Geeta: Only Ramesh can answer that.

Ramesh: That’s a long story, son. It was all because of my dad. He is the reason for our family to be like this. Though I hated him, I am happy that he was the reason for this.

Me: What? How? Was he also into incest?

Ramesh: Haha. No. He was an old, religious and conservative guy. Very strict. Far from incest, he was one of those who considered even sex as a sin. For him, sex was only a means to reproduce. You should have sex only if you want to have kids.

Me: What? That’s crazy.

Ramesh: Yes. He was a crazy guy. His hatred for sex had attracted me to it. He would make sure that there was nothing related to sex at our home. Even the women of our family were opposite to the present generation. They would completely cover themselves, hardly exposing any skin.

Ramesh: They were like the forbidden fruit theory. Since sex and things related to it were banned at our house, I got more eager to find out about it. I would peek into our servant’s bathrooms. I would gawk at them, trying to get a view of their waist or cleavage.

Ramesh: I would even squeeze their boobs when no one was around. But to my bad luck, my father caught me once while I was trying to peek into a bathroom. He spanked me on my ass and sent me away to another place where I was surrounded by men.

Ramesh: For those couple of years, I didn’t even see one woman. This increased my hatred towards him and my obsession with sex. I was growing desperate day by day. One day, I convinced one of my male servants to give me a blowjob by offering him money. He accepted and gave me a blowjob.

Ramesh: Though it wasn’t that great, I liked the feeling of getting a blowjob and not having to masturbate myself. From that day, it became more of a regular thing. After a few days, I wanted to try something more and offered him more money to let me fuck him in his asshole.

Ramesh: I enjoyed fucking him in his asshole more than his blowjob. So fucking him had become more regular. It was a secret, and no one knew about it. After a year, I was asked to come home. I resisted because I knew I wouldn’t get any sex if I went home. I was having good fun with my servant.

Ramesh: But I was forced to go. I hated my dad even more. I decided to take revenge on him by teaching and having sex with my brothers. So, I slowly taught my brothers about sex and then started giving them blowjobs to get them addicted.

Ramesh: Until then, I was the one who would get blowjobs and fuck my servant in the asshole. But after going home, it changed. In the starting, I would give blowjobs and even offer my asshole to my brothers. Once they started enjoying it, even I started getting blowjobs from them.

Ramesh: I would go crazy fucking their assholes. As Vivek was the youngest, poor guy, he would be getting fucked most of the time. That’s why, even to this day, he likes getting fucked more than fucking someone. After we started having sex regularly and enjoying it, I made sure my dad found out about it.

Me: What? What did he do?

Ramesh: He went crazy. He punished us. Spanked us and even sent us to different places. But he couldn’t stop us from having sex. Either with each other or some other guy. This got on his nerves. After trying a lot of methods, he finally decided to get us married.

Ramesh: He got me married to Geeta and Satish to Priya, hoping that we would stop fucking around with other guys at least. This did bring the change he wanted, as we got busy fucking our wives. But I had other plans. Though Geeta was pretty and sexy, I was attracted to Priya as well.

Ramesh: I wanted to kiss her pink lips, lick her tall neck, bite her sexy back and suck her perky boobs. I convinced my brother for wife swapping. He was hesitant in the starting as he was not sure how Priya would react.

Ramesh: But I tempted him by talking about Geeta’s big boobs and made him feel them when Geeta was sleeping. He said yes immediately. I hatched many plans, and after a lot of convincing, Geeta and Priya agreed.

Ramesh: So initially, after everyone went to sleep, I would go to Satish’s room, and he would go to my room. We would have sex with each other’s wives. We would spend one night with our wives and the next with each other’s wives. We were having a good time.

Ramesh: After a couple of months, I wanted to try something new. I wanted to have sex with both of them at the same time. I also wanted to see some girl-on-girl action. I was also missing Satish’s cock. I convinced them to have group sex in the same room.

Ramesh: This time, it was a little easier to convince them as they were also enjoying sex. The thought of two cocks at a time excited them. We ended up having sex together. I enjoyed fucking Priya right in front of Geeta and Satish. I also enjoyed watching them have sex.

Ramesh: I still remember to this day, fucking Geeta while eating Priya’s pussy while Geeta was sucking Satish’s cock. It was a little hard to convince the girls to have sex with each other. Satish and I sucked each other’s cock and fucked each other in front of them to encourage them.

Ramesh: This gave them the push and kissed each other for the first time and sucked each other’s boobs. They didn’t go beyond that on that day, but it was a start. From that day, we started having group sex every day.

Ramesh: We would try different positions, different angles, sandwiching the girls, getting sandwiched between a girl and a boy. Even the girls got rid of their inhibitions and started eating each other’s pussies.

Ramesh: We were going wild almost every night. We were having the best time of our life. But to our bad luck, our dad caught us one night. Finding out that his sons were now into wife swapping, group sex, and all sorts of crazy stuff was a little too much for him.

Ramesh: He couldn’t take it anymore and figured out that he was only making things worse. So, he decided to leave everything behind and go and join an ashram in the Himalayas. I felt happy and thought it was the best thing to happen to me.

Ramesh: After he left, we finally got our freedom and started enjoying sex more openly. We even included Vivek in our orgies. Vivek decided never to marry. He didn’t want to be tied down by a marriage bond. He wanted to enjoy sex as much as he could, with anyone and everyone.

Ramesh: Although five of us were having amazing sex regularly, we were very careful that no one else knew about us. Even our servants had no clue about it. It was a hidden secret for many years until we had to tell it to these two brats.

Me: Why did you have to tell them?

To be continued.