My Hot Hyderabad Aunt Bhavana – Part 1

This is a real story. All the characters are real and strictly above 19. I am going to explain how it started and how it is going on. This is a very big story and I will explain it in parts.

Let me describe myself. My name is Abhi and I live in Hyderabad. I have a thick 7-inch rod with a muscular physique of 6 feet. I am 22 years old and I do not have a girlfriend. So my thirst and lust for sex use to increases regularly. I am more of an aunty lover rather than maintaining a girlfriend.

This all started when I was 18+ years old. At that time, I was having my JEE mains exam in Hyderabad. So I came to Hyderabad to write my exam the day before and I came alone. My parents told me to stay at my aunt’s house.

I never met my aunt in the past 10 years. But I knew that I had a lot of good times with her in my childhood. I started around 3 pm and reached their home around 7 pm like that.

Then I rang the doorbell, and she opened the door. By looking at her face, I fell in love with her then and there! Her name was Bhavana. She was 34 years old. She had tied her hair up so that everyone could look at her neck. Her brown round eyes made me stare into her eyes for a moment. By looking at her walking style, one can sense the confidence she had.

Bhavana aunty has a well-toned upper body, arms, and shoulders spreading across the back. Her bust, even though not so big came out of her blouse.

At that moment, I completely lost myself looking at her. Then I thought to myself, “My uncle is very lucky”.

It was already 7 pm and my uncle came home while I was admiring her beauty at the main door. His name is Swamy. He is 47 years old.

Bhavana (to me): Hello Abhi, how have you been? How was your journey?

Swamy (to me): It is so good to see you after so long, Abhi. How are you?

Me: I am a good, uncle. My journey was good, aunty. But due to the rainy season, the roads were bad. Now I need to fix my back.

Both of them chuckled and we all went inside.

Bhavana aunty told me that the dinner would be prepared by 8 pm. She told me to have my dinner soon and go to sleep as I was having an exam in the morning. I did as she told me and went to sleep. Their children were in the hostel at that time. So I slept in their room.

It was been midnight, I could not sleep as I was new to that place. So I thought to go out and roam for some time and came in an hour. While going out, I heard some noises from my uncle and aunty from the room. Although the room was locked, I could see and listen from their window to what was going on between them.

Bhavana: Can we at least have sex today?

Swamy: Yeah, it is been 5 days since we had sex. Let us do it. Give me a viagra tablet.

I thought to myself: Fuck! How come my uncle is not fucking the beautiful bitch he has?

My aunt gave the tablet to him. It took him 10 minutes to get into the mood. Later they both started undressing each other. Meanwhile, I took my phone out and started recording my aunty-uncle sex.

They both kissed for 3 minutes. My uncle wanted to finish as quickly as possible. So he directly put his dick in my aunt’s cunt. His dick is only 4 inches long. As he put it inside the cunt, she did not even moan a little. It went on for 4 minutes and my uncle came inside my aunt’s pussy.

I had never seen that kind of worst sex in my life! My aunt’s body was so good that any man would want to fuck her for hours. But my uncle did not even last long for 5 minutes.

Bhavana: You had viagra and stil, you came so early! Every time you are finished while I just start to get hot.

Uncle spat on my hot aunt! He grabbed my aunt’s hair and put his cock in her mouth. Then he ordered her to clean it properly. She did exactly whatever he told her. Then he said –

Swamy: Listen bitch, I married you so that I can enjoy you. Not for you to enjoy me. No one marries a low-class bitch, but I did. So, never question me again and do whatever I say.

With no other option, she said ok to him. I recorded the whole video and went to the bathroom and masturbated by looking at the video.

The next day morning, they acted normal in front of me. We had our breakfast prepared by my dream lover. She cooks very well. Then I and my uncle left the house at the same time. He went to the office and I to write my exam.

While writing the exam, I was not able to concentrate on my exam. I tried to concentrate on my exam, but I was not able to do so. A total of 3 hours I wasted thinking about her. Her beautiful cleavage, sexy butt, and silky hair did not leave my mind while writing the exam.

Then I came out of the exam hall in frustration and I did not know what to do. Suddenly, I thought of last night’s sex scenes. I concluded that my aunt wanted to have sex with anyone who respects her and wanted to live in a secret relationship. So I decided to meet her and go. While going, I bought some condoms and viagra tablets.

Then I went home and rang the doorbell. She opened the door and asked me how was my exam.

Me: It did not go well, aunty. I am going to fail for sure.

Bhavana: Oh! What happened, my son? I thought you prepared well.

Me: It is nothing, aunty. Just leave it.

While talking to her, I went to the refrigerator and took some homemade juice, and poured it into two glasses. I put a viagra tablet in one of the glasses and gave it to my aunt.

She hesitatingly told me: I do not want a drink now.

So I put my glass beside her and told her, I am not having this without you.

With no other alternative, she drank the juice and so did I.

After 2 minutes I realized that mistakenly the glasses were exchanged. At that time, my situation was like whatever might happen, I should fuck my unsatisfied hot aunt at any cost.

I went near her. We were alone at home.

Me: Aunt, I need to tell you something.

Bhavana: What is it, Abhi?

Me: Listen to me very carefully, aunt. Yesterday I saw you and uncle having sex. And I understood that uncle was not meeting your sexual needs. So, I am here to help you. I put a viagra in your glass, but the glasses were exchanged. Now, please cooperate with me.

By saying so, I locked my lips with her and with my left hand, I held her from the back. I put my right hand on her breast and started squeezing it so hard. I could feel her heartbeat. She panicked a lot but didn’t resist at that time. This went on for 5 minutes.

Suddenly, she freed herself. Her face was red.

Bhavana: Abhi, what did you do?! I will call your parents and tell them.

Me: Please aunty, do not do it. My father will kill me. I was trying to help you.

Bhavana: Did I ask for your help? I am going to call your uncle also.

With no other option, I started crying and told her I won’t repeat it. She did not listen to me for half an hour. Then I asked for an apology. After 1 hour, she said –

Bhavana: Ok, I won’t tell this to anyone on one condition.

Me: What is the condition aunt, I can do anything.

Bhavana: I do not want to see your face again.

Bhavana: Now get out and never come to this place again.

(At Present)

It is been 4 years since that incident happened between me and my aunt. Every night before going to bed, I get a hard-on thinking of that incident. Her beautiful round face, pink lips, sexy butt, and more over the kiss I had with her.

With every obstacle I faced in these 4 years, one thing I never left behind. That was my studies. I worked my ass off to achieve everything and kept my body in perfect shape.

It was my final year of college and I was having my Placements. My hard work paid off and I got the best software job in a most popular company. For this, my father gave a big party for everyone. He invited everyone including my aunt and uncle. I could not say no to him because there was no reason to do so.

After 2 days, everyone came to our village. For the first time, I was seeing my whole family together. I never thought I had a huge family as I was a hosteller since childhood.

Then the party started and they were having drinks. Most of my family members offered me a drink and simply rejected it because my father was directly staring at me.

While I was having a chat with my cousins, suddenly I heard a lady’s voice from behind.

Lady: Congratulations, Abhi!

Then I turned to see who was it. To my surprise, it was non-other than Bhavana aunty. She was wearing a black saree showing her back completely wearing a back neck blouse. Her hair was combed sideways with red lipstick over her lips. She was still looking as gorgeous as she was when I saw her 4 years back. Now she was 38 years old.

Me: Thank you, aunty. I thought you won’t come.

Bhavana: Well, I thought so. But I changed my mind.

Me: What made you do so?

Bhavana: If I won’t come, a healthy relationship spoils between our two families. And I do not want to do it.

While talking to Bhavana aunt, Swamy uncle interrupted us. Beside him was a 20-year-old cheek who looked exactly like Bhavana.

Swamy: Congrats on your success, my boy. I am very proud of you. Meet our daughter, Neha.

Neha: Congrats, Bava! (Basically, ‘Bava’ means brother-in-law in my language.)

Me: Thanks, Neha.

My goodness, Neha looked exactly like her mother. If they stand side by side, they would look like sisters. That was the advantage. If you marry soon, you get sons or daughters who look like your brother or sister.

Neha had very long hair exactly like her mother. She wore a yellow color frock. She was the perfect example of a traditional daughter. And both their parents were proud of her.

I knew they had one daughter and one son. Unfortunately, he did not come to the party as he was having his exams.

Swamy: We will talk to your parents and come. Just give us 5 minutes.

Bhavana: Honey, you and Neha go. I just want to talk to him. I will join you in a minute.

Then they both went and we were alone. I loved Neha calling me ‘Bava’. I wanted to hear that again and again. Suddenly, I remembered that incident. Then I asked Bhavana aunty –

Me: You did not tell him what happened between us, right?

Bhavana: No, I didn’t.

Me: Thank you very much, aunt. I am sorry about what happened.

Bhavana: What happened?

Me: I did not get it, aunt. I am talking about that incident which happened 4 years ago.

Bhavana: What incident?

Me: That incident when I tried to kiss you and fu…

Bhavana: Do you want to do it again?

Me: What?!

Bhavana: Do you want to kiss me and fuck me now?

I could not believe what I was hearing. My dream lover came and asked me to fuck her. I was totally confused and I did not know what to do.

Me: What the fuck, aunt! Is it true or you are just playing with me?

Bhavana: It is fucking true. I can still feel your body on me, your warmth on my skin. I am not intended to spit on you. Actually, I was very angry at that time. So it happened like that.

Me: It’s ok, aunt. That was my mistake. Now, tell me what you want to do.

Bhavana: It is very bad that I and your uncle having sex once a month now. I want all my desires fulfilled at any cost. I need your help with that. So, what do you feel now?

Me: I so want to tear open your clothes right now. I want to lick your juicy lips, squeeze them, and leave little bite marks on them.

Bhavana: And I want to feel your dick, inside me. My nipples are turning hard by looking at you. Let us makeover right now. Take me wherever you want.

Then I somehow managed to go out with my parent’s permission. Bhavana aunt told to Swamy uncle that she had to meet someone and I was accompanying her.

Then I took our car keys and went. And we were running toward the car. Aunt took her heels off so that she could run fast.

After sitting in the car, we checked if anyone was watching us or not. Luckily, no one saw us. With that, we started kissing each other so passionately. She kept her left hand on my chest and with the other hand, she was holding my head. She was completely lost herself.

At the same time, I was holding her head with my both hands and kissing the lips of my beautiful aunt. We both exchanged our saliva with each other. I could feel her silk hair in my hands. Then I put one of my hands on my aunt’s breast and started squeezing them very hard.

We then heard someone approaching near us. So I started the vehicle and made a move from there. In my village, I know where to go at that time.

While going, my aunt looked at me like a hungry slut. She put her hand over my dick and started pressing it so hard. I wanted to stop the vehicle and fuck the bitch right at that moment. And I did the same to her. I put my hand inside her saree. I undressed her saree at the bottom and put my hand over her panties.

I slowly went toward my aunt’s cunt and I put one of my fingers in it. With that, she let out a soft moan,”Aahhh..” And I started moving my finger in and out.

Bhavana: Feeling your finger inside me making me soaking wet.

Me: I can’t wait to be inside you.

Bhavana: Me too.

We went to a safe location. No one came there at night. I moved my seat back and turned off the car engine. She immediately came on me and locked my lips with hers.

Then I moved a little down and started kissing her neck. While kissing, I put my hands on her breast and started squeezing.

Bhavana: I want you to touch me in places that make me feel so hot and wet. I can’t resist you for even a second also.

Then we both undressed each other and we were completely naked now. Aunt was shocked after looking at my dick. She put her both hands on my dick and yet some part was still left.

Then she helped me in keeping my dick in her cunt. While taking it in, she rubbed my hard dick on the lips of her pussy and she put my head of the cock into it.

I did not think for a second. In one stroke, I jerked my dick into my married aunt’s pussy and she let a loud moan, “Aaaahhhhhhh..” I could feel the tightness of her pussy. She did not have sex in many days.

I was fucking my hot aunt so badly that she was moaning very loudly. The glasses of the car were vaporized completely. She was biting my neck very hard as she was not able to take such a long dick. I was spanking her ass at the same time. She put her hand over the car glass and suddenly, I thought of the scene from the movie “Titanic”.

I felt her cheeks flushing. Her nipples were getting hard. I felt the heat radiating from her legs. Her body was craving my touch. She was riding me so hard that she was losing her energy every moment. She was at the edge of her orgasm with a loud moan, “Oh my goodness, this is fucking so goooood!”

Happy tears came down her cheeks and fell on my stomach. She came in no time and kissed me by holding me very tightly. But I was not done yet.

I wanted to feel her juices, so I made her turn upside down. In the car, we were in the 69 position, with my dick in her mouth and my mouth in her pussy. Then she hesitatingly put my dick in and now I was face fucking my aunt while eating the juices she squirted. I took her silky hair completely in my hands and face fucking her.

Within no time, I felt my balls getting tighter and I came In her mouth. She did not waste a single drop of it and cleaned my dick.

We dressed in no time and went to the party.

The next day, I told my parents I had some office work and I needed to go to Hyderabad. Bhavana happily invited me to their home.

I came to Hyderabad and waited for Swamy to leave. And Neha sleeps till noon. So, we thought we could have a happy 2 rounds this time. As soon as Swamy went out, Bhavana aunty gave me a naughty smile. I understood and went to their room.

We both were kissing vigorously and in no mood to stop. Within no time we were undressed. Then I threw Bhavana aunty onto the bed and jumped over her. She turned me to the other side and came on top of me.

She was busy riding me very hard and I was busy pounding her breasts. Soon, we both came and ate our juices. This happened real quick as it was the first time in the day.

Me: We have one more round till Neha wakes.

Bhavana: Yeah, I know. You won’t stop here.

Then we both dressed and came out. To our surprise, Neha shot a video of our entire makeover from the same window where I first saw my aunt and uncle having sex!!

Neha: What the fuck is going on?

Bhavana: Neha, please listen to me.

Neha: Do not stop me. I am going to send this video to dad and I will tell him everything.

I went near her and told her: Neha, please listen to me once.

And by the time I was going near her, she sent that video to her dad and called Swamy uncle. Bhavana aunty started crying and..

To be continued.

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