My Hot Virgin Saali, Prerna

Hello ISS readers. This story is one of my reader friend’s ///”>fantasy sex story. But it has been written by me on behalf of him. He wanted to post it under my ID.

This story is about me and my hot saali (wife’s sister) Prerna. She is the youngest of the 4 siblings in my wife’s family. My wife Yogita is the eldest. There is a good difference of 15 years between them. So Prerna was like a daughter to Yogita, always pampered by her.

This incident happened when Yogita and I were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. We planned a small party at home for my family, friends and Yogita’s family. A couple of days before our anniversary I returned home after office and I was surprised to see Prerna opening the door for me.

Prerna- Good evening, jiju. Surprised? Hahaha. Didi called me two days prior to the function so I can help her arranging things for the party.

She had a huge smile on her face as always. She had turned into a beautiful 19-year-old girl standing 5’4” tall. Long dark brown hair. Her beautiful expressive eyes were killer. She was slimly built with a nice figure of 34d-32-34. Her curves were perfect.

In short, I always had a desire to lay her under me. But the circumstances never gave me the freedom to even express my feelings to her. I got out of my imagination when she screamed.

Prerna- Hey jiju this is your house and you are welcome (giggling).

I got back to the present and gave a smile.

Me- Hey Prerna it’s nice to see you.

Prerna-Let me get some water for you.

She rushed to the kitchen. I couldn’t help seeing her jiggling ass in that small denim skirt which ended just up to her thighs. Her thin legs made my cock twitch. Her loose and a short white t-shirt just ended below her navel which showed a bit of her skin.

I sat on the couch, removed my shoes and hid my tent with the cushion. Prerna came back with a tray and she bent to keep the tray on the center table. The loose neck on her t-shirt showed me more than I should be seeing. Her 34 d boobs were hanging in a white lacey bra.

I could see the whole cleavage. This didn’t do any good to my already raging cock. It was screaming to be free from that straining boxer and pant. It was a sight which any man could have not avoided.

The evening passed off. We all had dinner together. It was a weekend so I was catching up with my shows on Netflix till late night while all went off to sleep by 11 pm. It was almost midnight when Prerna came to the drawing-room.

Me-Hey Prerna. Can’t sleep?

She was in her nightwear. A loose t-shirt and very short boxers when she walked I could see her boobs bouncing. It indicated that she wasn’t wearing a bra inside her t-shirt. She slumped on the couch next to me.

Prerna-Hey jiju. Yes, I cannot sleep I guess the new bed and the new place is making me uncomfortable.

Me- Poor you.

Prerna-What are you watching on Netflix?

Me-How to get away from murder show-season 3.

Prerna-Ahh ok I have finished all seasons of that show. It is a good one.

Me-We can watch something else if you wish to.

Prerna-Yeah let’s watch some movie on Netflix.

Me-ok you choose while I make some coffee. Do you want some?

She nodded no while she surfed through the movies. By the time I came back with the coffee she had chosen a movie and played it. I sat next to her sipping my coffee with my hairy legs up on the center table. I saw Prerna staring at my legs.

She suddenly kept her head on my lap and slept with her sexy long legs just a foot away from me. I pretended to watch the movie but actually, I was admiring her sexy 19-year-old body. Her t-shirt had risen up a bit exposing her naked waist to my eyes.

I couldn’t help but just stare at her sexy thin waist. My mind was working overtime. I wanted to feel her sexy body and my cock was responding well to the sight. Since I don’t wear briefs at night under my shorts, it made a huge bulge.

Prerna’s head was very near to it. I didn’t want to make any obvious scene but the sight of her slender body was not doing any good. Luck was in my favor. A nice romantic lovemaking scene started in the movie. I could feel her body tense a bit.

I made a bold move and kept my hand on her waist on which she never objected. She tilted her head bit behind. I could not avoid her head touching my raging cock. She turned to look at my face with a smile on her face as she felt my cock.

Obviously, she thought that the scene in the movie was responsible for my cock to get hard. But she knew least that this hardness is because of her. The scene went bolder in the movie they were fucking and moaning. I guess this was the turning point.

Prerna unknowingly moved her body and her t-shirt rose higher. Now I could see her sexy navel from the side. I don’t know what made me do but I moved my hand on her navel on which she shivered. Her muscles tightened and she let a low moan out.

I thought this is my best chance. I started to rub her navel she started to enjoy without objecting to it. Her moans started to get a bit louder. That is when I moved my hand inside her t-shirt and felt her naked boobs for the first time. She sighed and turned to look at me.

Her eyes were screaming, “Don’t stop, jiju.” I didn’t stop. I was now kneading her soft boobs moving my fingers on her already erect nipples pinching them softly.

Prerna- Oh, jiju, that feels good.

I continued my assault on her both boobs in turns. I could feel her head rubbing my hard cock. She suddenly sat up and kissed my lips. I was shocked at this move of hers. But didn’t stop her we kissed like mad lovers our tongues playing with each other saliva mixing well. It was 10 minutes when she broke the kiss.

Prerna-Jiju, come to my room and please make love to me.

Her wish was my command. Deep inside my mind, I was a bit scared about Yogita knowing about this. But I went on with the flow. The guest room where Prerna was put up was at the corner. Our bedroom was a bit far so it was safe. I whispered in Prerna’s ears.

She carried on into her room. I went to my bedroom to keep a check on Yogita and to get condoms. I sneaked into my bedroom like a cat making sure I didn’t make any noise to wake her up. Yogita was sleeping like a dead log snoring away to glory. I quietly opened the drawer where the condoms were kept.

I took one pack and sneaked out of the room closing the door behind me. I was in Prerna’s room she was in the bed with a blanket on her. I am sure she was naked under that. She raised her eyebrows asking me if didi is fast asleep? I too replied in sign language that she is fast asleep.

I locked the door and jumped on the bed next to her. Before we could do anything she climbed on my lap and kissed my lips with her soft lips. I could see her naked sexy body. Her small but firm naked tits were standing proud on her chest. Her nipples were dark brown colored but were nice button sized.

She was a good kisser. she knew what a man likes her tongue again darted inside my mouth swirling around my tongue. She caught hold of my hands while she was kissing and she placed them on her boobs. But I stopped and broke the kiss.

Me-Hey Prerna are you sure you want to do this? I mean what about your didi. What if she comes to know?

Prerna- She will not know until you tell her and I am not going to tell her. Jiju I have been dreaming about this day for one year. You don’t know how many times I have masturbating thinking about you. So please today is the chance of you making me into a woman. Don’t let this chance go.

Me- Can I ask you something?

Prerna-Go ahead jiju.

Me-Have you had sex with your boyfriend or anyone?

Prerna-Jiju. I will tell you the truth. I have a boyfriend but I have never let him have sex with me. We have just kissed till today. My dream man is you. I had thought if I get a chance I will want to be deflowered by you.

I was a bit surprised by her openness which actually turned me on and my cock twitched.

Me-But you have to promise me that nothing, I mean, nothing of this will be spoken by you to anyone.

Prerna-I promise. This will be our biggest secret.

On this, I held her face and I kissed her hard. My hands were running in her dark black long hair moving down to her boobs. I started to knead them softly. She shivered at my touch on her nipples. I kept assaulting her boobs while she was fighting a war with my tongue.

I broke the kiss and placed my lips on her erect dark brown nipples. She held her boobs for me while I flicked my tongue on her nipples. This made her crazy. She was rubbing her bare pussy on my bulge. She removed my t-shirt and slowly went down to move me out of my shorts.

My raging cock just stood proud facing her. She looked at me and smiled. I was curious to know how she will do there. At first, she was sloppy but she picked up soon. She was licking the tip with her fingers making a ring around my shaft. Slowly taking my cock inside her mouth.

Her tongue was working wonders on my stiff cock. Her fingers were moving up and down like a pro.

Me-Wow, Prerna where did you learn all this?

She smiled, “Well jiju internet has made this world better. I watch porn and I have seen woman suck cock. So it was not too difficult to learn this.”

Saying this she again when down on my cock. This time she deep throated my thick 7” cock. Though she could not take the whole cock in her mouth, she kept licking my balls in intervals like a pro. That was good enough to get me ready to shoot my balls. I declared.

Me-I am ready to cum, Prerna.

This didn’t deter her from removing my cock. In fact, she was stroking my cock faster with her fingers while my cock was still in her mouth. Soon my balls started to swell. I shot my load in her throat. She sucked me hard to vacuum my balls empty in her small mouth. She swallowed all of it.

Prerna-So jiju. How did I do?

I just pulled her into my lap and kissed her hard. I could taste my own cum in her mouth.

Me-Wow you sucked me like a porn actress. Yogita has never swallowed cum till today she finds it dirty.

Prerna-She is mad. Your juices were so tasty I loved it so much.

She again jumped on my lap kissing me hard. This time her naked pussy was humping my naked cock. Her muffled moans indicated that she was ready for my cock.

Prerna- Please fuck me now.

I made her lie on her back. She was anticipating me to climb on her and fuck her. But I had different plans. I wanted to make her ready for my thick cock. I licked her naked body until I reached between her legs. She spread them welcoming me there.

I licked her pussy lips which were moist teasing her and making her wild. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers. I found her swollen clit much bigger than Yogita’s. I used my thumb and pressed it hard. This brought her to ecstasy. I kept pressing until she screamed softly.

Prerna-Wow jiju that feels so awesome. I have never felt that good when I rub my clit. Don’t stop I am already cumming.

Her juices started to flow and her pussy lips were shining of her own juices. I bend down to lick her juices. Slowly I started to fuck her pussy with my tongue, moving it in and out. I replaced my tongue with my finger. I pushed it deep inside her throbbing pussy she bucked her hips high.

Prerna- You are making me crazy, oh god! I am cumming again.

This made me finger her rapidly. My fingers were touching her g-spot. She shivered once she felt my fingers there. She shuddered into one more of what I will call an earth-shaking orgasm. I moved cum covered finger out of her pussy and reached up to her face.

She smiled while she licked my fingers to taste her own juices. I pressed my lips on her to stop her from saying anything. I knew what she wanted. I moved to the side tore the cover of the condom and covered my stiff cock with it. She had butterflies in her stomach but was excitedly looking with her eyes wide open.

Anticipating that huge cock inside her pussy. I looked at her innocent face.

Me-Are you sure about this?

Prerna-Yes I am and excited too. Was wondering how will my small virgin pussy accommodate this huge cock of yours, jiju. I mean I have never experienced a cock in my pussy till today.

Me-Listen it will be a bit painful initially. If you will be patient than I assure you great fun.

Prerna-What are you waiting for then? Just come and rip my pussy. I want it so badly. Come and make me into a woman, please.

Her words were like music to my ears. I climbed on her she spread her legs wide. Slowly I placed the thick pink mushroom head of my cock at her pussy entrance pushing it slowly. I was gently pushing my cock inch by inch. Once I was halfway in, I gave a hard push which broke her hymen.

Prerna-Oh shit its paining jiju please stop.

Very little blood oozed out of her pussy. I kissed her lips softly without doing any movement down her eyes were wet with tears. I raised myself and sucked her nipples for about 5 minutes giving her time to get back to her senses.

Me-Are you ok? (I whispered)

She just nodded yes and kissed me hard. I was now slowly pushing harder my cock in her virgin pussy. She seemed quite comfortable now. Soon my whole meat was in her pussy. She was bucking her hips higher to meet my thrusts. Her forehead was covered with droplets of her perspiration.

But her eyes showed that she was enjoying the assault on her virgin pussy. Her pussy muscles were tightening around my cock. Soon she screamed into a huge orgasm. I had to cover her mouth with my hands. I slowly stroked my cock inside her pussy until her multiple orgasms subsided.

I was still hard. So I asked her to get on her fours and she obliged. I kneeled behind her and pushed my cock right inside her wet pussy. Soon I was ramming her pussy, moving my cock deep inside. Slowly moving it out till only my tip was inside her. And then pushed it deeper.

She was in seventh heaven. I kept fucking.

Prerna-Fuck me jiju I love this, make me all yours. I am cumming.

I was just a few strokes away. I held her waist and pulled her pussy on to my cock.

Me-Prerna I am cumming.

Prerna-Me too jiju fuck me hard

We both climaxed together and slept into each other’s arms. I realized it was late so I got up and wore my clothes.

Prerna-Thank you jiju you have made my dream come true today. I will never forget this ever.

I bent down to kiss her. “It was my pleasure to fuck your virgin pussy sweetheart. But I need to go back to my bed. If your didi wakes up she will wonder where I am.”

Prerna- Can’t wait to do this again.

Me-We will but when the time is safe. We need to be more careful.

I quietly went to my room. Yogita was fast asleep. I quietly slid on the bed. I had a huge grin on my face. This was a great night and dozed off. Prerna and I had sex a lot of times when it was safe. I may or not write it in my next part.

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