My Lactating Wife and Beggar Part-2

“Ma’am, can I strip you naked if you don’t mind?” The beggar asked Menaka enthusiastically.

Menka smiled softly at the answer, which meant she had no objection. He touched the elastic of her long skirt. He grabbed her skirt in both hands and lowered it through her hips. At one point, it was seen that she was wearing only a panty.

“You’re so beautiful and sexy, madam!” Karim gritted his teeth and smiled. He also took off her panties this time. Thus Menka became completely naked in front of the lustful beggar. She looked at me. I could see the signs of shame in her eyes.

This time he took off his lungi. He’s wearing only underpants now. Due to the pressure of his penis, that took the shape of a circus tent. A big surprise was waiting for us when he took off his underpants. We had no idea that his penis could be so big at this old age.

At first glance, it seemed to be at least ten inches long and proportionately thick. Thick hair at the base of the cock that has not been cleaned for a long time. The testicles are also quite large, about the size of a tennis ball. Menka said in a very frightened voice, “Oh my God! I can’t take…. It is so big!”

The size of my penis will be hardly five inches. She had been accustomed to inserting a penis of this size into her pussy for so long. In response to Menka, the beggar said anxiously, “Don’t be afraid, Madam! It may hurt a little at first, but you see, you can enjoy it later.”

He pushed Menka on his dirty mat and laid her down, holding her legs apart. As a result, her pussy became visible in front of his lustful eyes. Her pussy was clean shaved.

Seeing the hole in the middle of her pink pussy lips, the beggar was happy and commented, “For the first time in my life, I got a chance to see the vagina of such a high-class woman.”

Karim lay down on Menka with the full weight of his body. He started kissing Menka’s face passionately like her old boyfriend and mauling her boobs. His hard penis began to stab here and there in her lower abdomen. He was occasionally sucking one of her boobs and pressing the other.

Thus, for ten minutes, he foreplayed her body like an expert. Meanwhile, she was breathing heavily. Her forehead was dripping with sweat, which clearly showed that she had now reached the peak of excitement. Karim got up and sat down, and took position near her cunt.

Oh my God! That means the dirty, ugly beggar will screw my loving wife right in front of my eyes. Suddenly Menka asked me, “Uncle will fuck me now. Do you mind, Rahul?”

Honestly, seeing these scenes made my cock rock hard. I was enjoying the event. I replied, “No, Menka. According to Guruji, we are doing some kind of social service. I don’t see anything to mind.”

Karim had already touched his penis tip at her pussy entrance. As soon as I finished speaking, he pushed half of his cock into her pussy. As the thick cock suddenly penetrated her tight pussy, she screamed in pain, “ Aaah! Bohut dard h raha hai!” (It hurts a lot.)

“Don’t be afraid, Madam! Please be patient. You will see. Everything will be fine!” He pulled his dick out a bit. Then he pushed it hard again. This time it entered 75% of her vaginal cavity.

Menka screamed, “Ouch! Please, Uncle! Take it out of my pussy. Otherwise, I will die of pain.” Karim did not answer. He leaned forward in support of both hands, slowly stroking his dick inside her pussy. After a while, he increased the speed of fucking.

Gradually, Menka was getting used to his thick dick size. She started moaning slowly, “Feeling pretty good now. Stroke like this. Don’t fuck at high speed. Then, it will hurt again.”

I saw bloodstains on the edges of her pussy lips. I realized that her tight pussy entrance was probably torn by the pressure of Karim’s thick dick. She is now caressing his back with her hands and kissing his lips from time to time. This proves that she is reaching the peak of excitement.

Five minutes after being rammed like this at medium speed, she had a heavy orgasm. Then she fainted a little. Karim was kissing her all the time, sucking and pressing her tits. She was slowly getting horny by his continuous foreplay.

After a while, I saw her hugging and kissing him. It became clear to Karim and me that my well-educated wife was sexually aroused again. This time Karim started to fuck her very hard. A fucking sound was spreading all over the room.
Her slender body was moving back and forth with the rhythm of stroking.

Karim was lying all over her body, sucking her lips, squeezing her boobs, and banging hard. Ramming her for at least ten minutes in this pose, he pushed his dick deep into her pussy. He began to pour a lot of cum into her vagina. Just at this time, she was moaning and had another orgasm.

Karim poured a lot of semen at once and gasped. He is lying on Menka’s body. Menka is also panting. Eventually, at one point, they calmed down. Karim sat up and said to me in a tone of gratitude, “Sir, I have no language to thank you. You are great.”

Destroyed Menka also sat up. Karim’s dirty saliva was all over her body. In addition, scratches and bite marks on various parts of the body. After a while, they put on their clothes. Then we talked for a while. Before we left, I gave him 1000 rupees as a bounty. At first, he refused to take it but later took it.

“Sir, can I get your phone number? I don’t have my phone, though. But an acquaintance has one. I’ll call you if I ever want to if you don’t mind.”

Menka wrote down my phone number on a piece of paper. Back home that day, we had intense sex that evening and throughout the night. Menka was amazed at my energy. She said, “What’s the matter? You’re in a good mood today. You haven’t had such vigorous sex for a long time.”

“I don’t know. I was so aroused to see you fuck with that beggar. I’m getting sexually stimulated as much as I think about it.” She looked at me in surprise for a while. Then she said, “I’ve heard of cuckold fantasy before. I think you have this fantasy.”

“Maybe. You may be offended knowing this. But, I confess to you the truth.”
She suddenly hugged, kissed me and said, “You are my darling and life partner. I have to give dignity to your happiness. I do not mind this.”

A few more days have passed since then. Her boobs have become numb again under the pressure of milk. She looked at me and said, “Darling, tell me what can be done now! My breasts are in great pain.”

“Then let’s call the beggar. Let him come and suck your boobs and reduce the pressure of your milk. And let’s screw you as a bonus.” I laughed and answered.
She pinched me and said, “You naughty ……….!”

“But it’s not funny. Even though we gave him our contact number, I don’t remember asking for his. If I had, I would have thought of calling him right now.”

Just at this time, my phone rang. I looked up and saw an unknown number. Upon receiving the call, Karim’s voice was heard, “Are you all right, sir?”

“I’m fine. You’re Karim, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Sir. How is Madam?”


“And her boobs?”

“You ask Madame. She’s here.” I handed the phone to Menka.

She said in a muffled voice, “How are you, Uncle?”

“Nice, Madam. I miss you. I miss your boobs, and my throat is getting dry from thirst.”

Menka smiled and said, “What can I do about this, Uncle?”

“Come to my dormitory one more time. I really want to fuck you.”

She looked at me. I took the phone from her hand. Then I said to Karim, “To be honest, this is what we were thinking. But I could not communicate with you. Tell me when should we come to you!”

He said in an emotional voice, “Sir, what is the value of my time? Tell me when you will come. I am always ready.”

“Tomorrow I have an office holiday. Then let’s go at noon tomorrow.”

“OK, Sir. I’ll wait.” He answered with great enthusiasm.

Before leaving the next day, Menka put on nice make-up. She was wearing a light yellow transparent sari and a sleeveless blouse which showed a lot of her boob cleavage. I looked at her and said, “Wow!” She smiled softly.

By car, when I reached dhaba, I saw Karim was already waiting there. He smiled when he saw us.

He said, “Lock the car here like the day before. Then we’ll walk to my hut.”

He looked at Menka once and said, “Madam looks very sexy today.”

Menka said, laughing, “Don’t exaggerate!”

As we walked down the street, we started talking. Karim said, “Sir, I have done something without asking you.” I looked at him in amazement and said, “What have you done baba?”

“I’m really poor. I don’t have money to buy my phone. I borrow the phone from one of my acquaintances when I need it. I called you yesterday using that phone. He heard us talking from the side. Since then, he has been eager to get to know Madam.”

Menka seemed a little annoyed. She said, “But we hoped you would keep it a secret. Why did you let a third person hear your obscene talk?”

“No, no. You don’t have to be tense, Madam. He’s very reliable. He won’t tell anyone. You can rest assured. He just wants to see you today and talk to you. He will come to my hut today.”

Menka looked at me. I told him, “OK. There is no point in breaking the word when you have promised him. But, you will send him away as soon as he is introduced.”

After walking, we reached his cottage. There are not many people in the area. Some kids are playing. According to him, the people here have gone out to beg.
We sat in his room and started talking. In between the words, Karim was staring at Menka’s pallu-covered heavy boobs with greedy eyes.

After a while, I heard a call from outside. He replied satisfactorily, “That’s my friend.” He told him to come inside the house. This time both of us were disgusted to see the man who had entered the house.

The man seemed to be younger than Karim. He will be at least 55-60. His body is quite strong and muscular. He has a potbelly, pitch-black skin, bushy hair and a thick mustache. He is wearing a dirty shirt and dhoti. There is a foul stench coming out of his whole body.

Karim introduced us to the man.

“Sir, I have been talking about him for so long. His name is Bhuban. I have received various help from him in various dangers. However, he lives in another area and does a Govt. Service.”

“Govt. Service?” I asked curiously.

“Yes, Sir. He is a Corporation Office sewer cleaner.”

My God! That’s why his body smelled so rotten. I realized.

The man had been staring at Menka for so long. As soon as Karim had finished speaking, the man looked at me and said, “Sir, I have heard about you from Karim before. But I could not believe it completely. Today, seeing you sitting right in front of my eyes, I became convinced. I have heard about gods before. But I never saw it with my own eyes. This is the first time I’ve seen a godlike person like you.”

Seeing the dirty appearance of the man made us hate him. However, seeing how the man praised our generosity in one breath, our hearts melted. Seeing my wife’s face, she was very pleased with the man.

This time Karim commented, “Bhuvan, your wish has been fulfilled. You wanted to meet Madam and visit her. I have obeyed your whim.”

“I know what you mean! You want me to leave now. So you can suck Madam’s tits and fuck her with pleasure. Don’t you?” Bhuvan said in a frustrated voice.

“Don’t get me wrong, my friend. You help me in many ways. But if you are here, they will feel uncomfortable.”

Bhuvan turned to us and said, “But Sir, do you know one thing? If you want to help, you should do it selflessly. It is not right to be biased towards anyone in this matter.”

I looked at him and said, “What do you mean?”

He said, “Sir, even though I do govt. Job, I am personally very sad. My wife suffers from various diseases throughout the year. As a result, my sexual appetite is not quenched. After all, the fantasy of fucking a beautiful, educated and high-class woman like your wife is long overdue. Honestly, I am jealous of Karim’s good fortune today. If I, like Karim, could suck her boobs and screw her, my ever-cherished fantasy would be fulfilled.”

This time Menka shouted, “How is this possible? Am I a prostitute? Can anyone enjoy my body if they want?”

“Ma’am, when did I say that you are a prostitute? That is called a prostitute who offers her body to someone else for money. But you have only kindly allowed Karim to fuck you. From that point of view, I told you that. If you have a little mercy on me, then my cherished fantasy will be fulfilled.”

She became hesitant. None of us in the room responded to Bhuban’s long speech. There was a pin drop of silence in the room. This time Bhuvan said, “OK. I won’t insist. However, I have a little request. Please, don’t force me to leave. I’ll sit and watch. I hope you will fulfill my whim!”

My conscience told me that it was not right to discourage the man again and again. I remembered Guruji’s self-sacrifice speech. I looked at Menka and said, “OK, you better agree to his proposal. Making someone happy is a virtue.”

Menka laughed and said, “OK, Bhuvan ji, You sit there and watch. I have no problem.”

Bhuban got very excited and sat down. I also felt kinky in my mind. Again my wife is going to be naked in front of another stranger. There is no bed in Karim’s room. Just a crumpled carpet on the floor. We are somehow sitting on it.

At first, Karim hugged Menka and started romantically kissing her. His saliva was sticking all over her mouth. After kissing for a while, he took off the pallu of her sari. Her blouse-covered massive boobs were swaying to the rhythm of her breathing.

Karim began to open the hook of her blouse one by one. After removing all the hooks, he released the blouse from her body. From her white western-styled bra, huge boobs are visible with deep cleavage. As soon as Karim opened the bra’s hook, her two big melons jumped out and shook twice.

Seeing this scene, Bhuvan could not suppress his excitement. He exclaimed, “Oh my God! I have never seen such big and nice-shaped boobs, I swear.”

Seeing her brown puffy, wide areolas and grapes like nipples in the middle of them, Bhuvan added, “Oh! What a nipple! Today my birth is worth it!”

Menka smiled and looked at Bhuvan. Meanwhile, Karim has started squeezing her boobs with his rough hands. After pressing for a while, the palm of his hand got wet in breast milk. He leaned down and inserted one of her nipples with a large portion of boobs into his hot mouth.

He sucked hard with soft biting and started drinking milk. Menka was moaning, gently holding his head in both hands. He was vigorously sucking one of her boobs and pressing the other. After a while, he switched his head to her other boob and started sucking in the same way.

The look in her eyes showed that she had become very sexually aroused.
After a while, Karim untied her sari knot and loosened it from her body. Right now, she’s topless. She’s just wearing a petticoat. Karim took off her petticoat and panty also and made her stark naked.

Bhuvan said, “Oh! What a figure! If Madam had joined the film industry, she would have been a top heroine. I can say this responsibly!” I thanked Bhuvan.

Meanwhile, Karim quickly took off his clothes, got naked and jumped on my wife. He laid her on his dirty carpet and laid himself on her. The naked bodies of the two were rubbing. Without a moment’s hesitation, he thrust his hard cock into my wife’s wet pussy with a single push.

Menka: Ouch, dhire kar nahi sakte ho? (Can’t you do it slowly?)

Karim ate her boobs like a hungry wolf and rammed her pussy with all his might. The beggar seems to have lost control of him after getting a chance to enjoy a luscious, high-class woman like Menka. He was brutally biting and sucking her boobs and ramming her pussy so that her ribs would be broken.

In a few moments, the upper part of Menka was filled with red spots of the beggar’s bite marks. He continuously stroked Menka for fifteen minutes, then pressed his dick deep into her pussy. He was grunting heavily and pouring a lot of cum into Menka’s fertile womb.

At that moment, she also had a heavy orgasm while moaning loudly. After their fucking session was over, they hugged and kissed each other. Menka was caressing Karim’s sweaty back affectionately.

Seeing such an erotic scene in front of my eyes, I also became very aroused. Pre-cum came out of my dick and soaked my underwear. At that time, we heard Bhuvan’s crying wet throat.

In a very emotional voice, he said, “Madam, how can you be so cruel? At first, I thought you were very kind.”

Menka kissed Karim on the lips and then asked Bhuvan, “Why? What happened?”

“You let my friend enjoy your beautiful body in front of me, and you just let me see that? Now I have to commit suicide if I don’t get a chance to enjoy your sexy body at least once now!”

I said, “What nonsense are you talking about? Suicide is a great sin.”

“Then you convince your wife to give me a chance to fuck her at least once.”

I stared at her in bewilderment. Menka did not understand what to do.

This time Karim mediated. He said, “Ma’am, can I say something? You better give the poor man a chance. After watching these scenes for so long, he has become very horny. Not to offer him your body at this moment means to show extreme cruelty!”

Menka looked at me.

I added, “Baba is right. You give a little pleasure to Bhuvan ji. Otherwise, you will be cursed by God!”

Menka laughed and said to Bhuvan, “OK, Bhuvan ji! You can fuck me if you want. I have no problem.”

If someone looks at Bhuvan’s face at that time, he will think that Bhuvan has won a big lottery. Karim moved away from Menaka so that Bhuvan could get a chance to screw her.

First of all, Bhuvan took off his clothes and became completely naked. Oh my God! His penis size is huge! Exactly ten inches and very thick.

Menka: Oh no! Such a big thing won’t get inside me. I’m sorry!

“Don’t be afraid, Madam! Girls’ vaginas are very stretchable.” Bhuvan finished his words and lay down on Menka. He kissed her face like crazy, sucking her lips and pressing her boobs. His hardened dick was rubbing on her lower abdomen.

Bhuvan smooched Menka for ten minutes. Then he started sucking her tits vigorously with a lot of boob flesh in his hot mouth cavity.

Bhuvan commented with joy, “Oh! Karim, you are right. Madam’s milk is really sweet and delicious. You have not been able to finish all the milk. Therefore, I am fortunate to drink this milk too.”

He was constantly switching between her two boobs and sucking with a sound like a hungry baby. As a result of continuous boob sucking and mauling, she became very aroused. She was pressing Bhuvan’s head on her boobs and kissing him.

Menka’s cunt was already slippery. Bhuvan set his cock head on her pussy opening and gave a solid stroke.

Menka: Ouch! Mar gayi. (I’m dying,) Zara dhire ghusa nahi sakte ho? (Can’t push gently?)

“Sorry, Madam! I have never had a sexy woman like you in my life! Therefore, I can’t control myself!”

After saying this, Bhuvan started sucking her lips, pressing her boobs and giving her solid strokes.

Bhuvan: “Saali raand, tujhe chod chodke pura dry kar dunga. (You bitch, I’ll fuck you and make you dry)

A low-class guy was abusing my loving wife while fucking. Seeing this, I became very aroused. I saw Karim’s cock being hardened again. After ramming for ten minutes in this pose, he asked Menka to crawl on all fours. That means he wanted to screw her in the doggy style.

Bhuvan sat on his knees and started fucking her from behind. After screwing her like this for twenty minutes continuously, he pushed his rod deep into her pussy and started cumming directly on the womb. At that moment, she met again with a heavy orgasm.

After pouring all the semen, Bhuvan sat down tired. They were both panting. After a short rest that day, we returned. Karim and Bhuvan thanked us many times. I also promised them that I would bring my hot wife to them from time to time. They could screw her as they wished as I enjoyed