My Lesbian Encounter – Train Journey by Sheila – Part 1

Chapter 1

It was mid of January 2018 when my new job posting was in Delhi as a newspaper reporter. After graduating in journalism, my first full-time job with benefits and other facilities. I got this job after an awfully hard struggle, so I knew the value of my job.

However, after a couple of weeks of joining suddenly, I was told to leave for Hyderabad on Saturday. I was supposed to report on Monday to cover a story.

I am Sheila, 33, standing 5’ 7”, slim and tall with shoulder-length dark hair and an athletic body. I am originally from Delhi, and I am single.

The shivering winters were peak, plus the rainy season was like a cherry on the top. However, my flight arrangements were made, and I was scheduled to leave on Saturday. It had been raining heavily since morning, and going to the airport was challenging.

I was tired, so I overslept on Saturday. However, I planned to leave for the airport a little early because of the rain.

Anyways, I managed to call a taxi and left home. I was worried about reaching the airport on time due to the messy streets and sluggish traffic. The taxi was still making its way rather slow. And then, at one point, my heart started to sink when the taxi was in a pool of water and was struggling hard to move forward.

I was getting upset myself due to the poor drainage system in the rain as if there was no maintenance by the municipality! No doubt the taxi driver was doing his best to make his way to the airport on time, but I could see his helplessness.

And then, at one sudden moment, his taxi got stuck in the pool of water, and the engine shut off! He cranked several times, but in vain. My eyes were glazed on my watch as I had to reach the airport on time. The rain was heavy, and I was sitting in that taxi whose engine failed.

We were still quite far from the airport. My helplessness was at its peak. I was trying to call one of my friends whereas the taxi driver was calling from his phone for some other taxi. My friend did not pick up the phone! The clock was ticking fast.

I have been informed that the other taxi is on its way! I was running out of time, and there was no alternate taxi yet. However, after losing a little more than an hour, the other taxi arrived and parked behind our taxi. My taxi driver helped me put my luggage in the newly arrived taxi.

The moment I stepped out of the taxi. By the time my umbrella covered me, I was soaked in the rain from top to toe. Anyways I got settled in the newly arrived taxi, and we set out to the airport. But again, due to that nasty weather, the taxi could not pick up the speed.

By the time I reached the airport, it was already late. On reaching the airport, I was told this shocking news by the boarding that I was late for the flight. The next flight is scheduled for Monday now. I was stunned and thought I have already lost this job for a moment.

Since I overslept, I could not even tell my boss that I missed the flight, amid I overslept. For a few moments, my thinking capacity was badly affected! The regret, negligence, and irresponsibility made me very restless. As if I did not take my job seriously, and I was on the brink of losing it.

I was sitting on a chair in the terminal, trying to compose myself. Luckily, in a few minutes, a brilliant idea struck my mind. I woke up with excitement and started running towards the exit to reach the taxi stand. I was extremely fortunate that I found the same taxi driver over there who was about to pull.

I stopped him and rushed into that taxi, asking him to take me to the train station! My idea was to catch a train instead. Next, our taxi was heading towards the train station. It was late evening, around 7:30 pm when I made it to the train station.

I had no clue about the train schedule. I was taking my chance. The platform had lots of people rushing here and there. I managed to reach the booking office. I was told that a train is leaving at 8 pm for Hyderabad. But unfortunately, no seats are available as it is already over-booked.

I made a humble request to the guy at the ticket counter. He suggested that I take a chance by squeezing through, and he issued a ticket for me. With a sense of big relief, I reached my train car and barely pushed into myself. No doubt it was loaded with people.

I found a corner on a bench where I struggled to make myself sit down. Since it was raining heavily, it was messy inside the train car. People with wet clothes were stinky, and I was like holding my breath. However, it was raining heavily with thunderlights.

But the train started right at the scheduled time, at 8 pm. For almost one hour, I kept sitting on the edge of a seat by sharing with others as I did not have a reservation.

Chapter 2

Once the train picked up its speed, I rested my back and uncontrollably, my eyes started to shut down on and off as I was exhausted. My clothes were wet inside, so my undergarments and uncomfortable feelings were unbearable. On and off, I opened my eyes and then closed them as if taking a nap.

People were passing by through the corridor. Every time I let them go through, perhaps I was on their way. Suddenly, I spotted an incredibly attractive young woman around 40. Tall and quite strong, built with wide shoulders approached through the corridor as she was about to pass through me.

Just for the sake of curiosity, I kept my eyes open to see her closely when she passed by. And in the next few seconds, I saw a beautiful woman passing by. Our eyes came in contact for only a couple of seconds while she said in her soft voice, “Excuse me,” while passing through me.

My nose smelled a wave of nice perfume while she was passing by. It gave a good impression of someone with a clean personality over there. Otherwise, the majority were smelling bad! I closed my eyes shut after that good-looking lady passed by. I was trying to take a nap.

After about 10-15 minutes, my nose smelled the same perfume. My sense opened my eyes. This time I saw she was returning with a thermos in her hand, and she was about to pass by me. And this time, accidentally, her knee touched me slightly right on my knee.

Then immediately, she courteously bent down, apologized to me with a smile, and passed by. This time I saw her beautiful, well-proportioned face more closely. However, I looked back at her with a smile by accepted her apology!

I resumed taking my nap after she left. But right after like 10 minutes, I felt like someone was touching my shoulder to draw my attention. I immediately opened my eyes. To my surprise, the same lady was right in front of me with a smile on her face. She was holding a cup of coffee for me.

She was offering me the hot coffee in a very courteous manner. Indeed, I was incredibly pleased by her gesture, and I took the coffee cup from her hand and appreciated her. She introduced herself as Sonia.

While sipping my coffee, she stayed with me for a few more minutes. She inquired about why I am traveling in such a miserable condition. I told her the whole story. I mentioned to her how uncomfortable I am by sitting on the edge of the seat. My clothes got all wet because of the rain.

She listened to me very attentively. Then in the next few minutes, she offered her help and suggested a better option. She said she is traveling with some athletic club inmates. She is a coach. Her team has reservations for two private cabins on each corner of the train car.

They are private, as if first-class, with an attached bathroom. She said she has 2 girls in each cabin accompanied by two bunker beds each. Her younger sister is sharing her cabin. She courteously offered me some help by realizing my wet clothes and the horrible situation of my journey.

She offered me that the size of the bunker bed was big enough. I could easily accommodate by sleeping with her. Her sudden offer to share her private cabin. Then to share her bunker bed struck my mind about how I could share a bunker bed with a stranger woman.

The offer was being analyzed in my mind while she was still talking to me. My mind concluded that I should take advantage of this humble offer to have my remaining journey with ease. I accepted her offer.

To be continued in Chapter 3.