My Lesbian Encounter – Train Journey by Sheila – Part 2

Chapter 3

Next, I finished my coffee, grabbed my luggage, and followed her. After some 40 steps, we entered another rail car. Then she stopped in front of a sliding door. She grabbed the luggage from my hand and instructed me with her hand to keep quiet as her sister was sleeping.

She slid the door, and we entered an incredibly quiet and cozy compartment filled with a light blue light bulb. I saw someone was sleeping in one of the bunker beds on the other side of the cabin. I assumed she must be her younger sister as I could see a great resemblance to Sonia.

She was wrapped under a blanket. However, her face was uncovered, though quite good-looking like Sonia. Sonia placed my luggage in one corner. She pulled one trouser suit from her bag and handed it over to me. She suggested that I go to the attached bathroom inside the cabin and change my wet clothes.

I followed her suggestion and got into the attached small bathroom. I washed and took off my wet clothes. All my clothes were wet, so I took off my undergarments and slipped into the trouser suit that she gave me. She was way bigger than me. So the trousers, pants and suit were quite loose.

I put on the trouser-shirt without a bra and slipped into the pants. I spread my wet clothes on a towel stand and came out of the bathroom. The cabin room was romantic and filled with blue night light. It looked amazingly comfortable.

As soon as I stepped into the cabin room, I saw Sonia was already settled on the top of her bunker bed, But she had not yet laid down. She was guiding me to climb myself up.

Next, I climbed up to her bunker bed. No doubt her bunker was not as wide enough as I was expecting. But yes, it could accommodate us if we slept on our sides. As soon as I joined Sonia up in her bunker bed, she generously got me covered under her blanket.

We were sitting next to each other. Then she pulled out a medium-sized bottle of whisky from somewhere. She took a few sips of whiskey from the bottle and then handed it to me. Since it was cold, I did not mind taking a few sips. Soon we developed good chemistry, and we chatted a lot.

However, while chatting, we did not realize that we had finished the whole bottle. Of course, we got drunk due to the booze, and we were high. To my surprise, she pulled out another medium-sized bottle. This time, it was Cognac. We sipped some Cognac, too, which made our minds set to fly high.

And in the next 30 minutes, we laid down on the bunker side by side, covering ourselves under the blanket. I was on my right side, and Sonia was on my back. Sonia had extended her right hand between my neck and pillow. Literally, my neck was lying on her arm.

She was lying very close to me, wrapping me nicely from my back. I could feel the warmth of her body and her breath in my ears. Because of the cold, the warmth of her closely attached body was soothing me well. Amid the shivering rainy night, my feet were shivering cold.

In a few minutes, I felt her cold feet rubbing the soles and heels of my feet under the blanket! It felt very good as she was taking away my cold by rubbing her cold feet against mine. Not only was I getting warm, but also the sensational touch of her cold feet squeezing my feet was igniting a fire in me.

While I was still enjoying the touch of her cold and sexy feet rubbing my feet. I felt her left hand covering my buttocks, grabbing them. I felt that she made me closer to her by fusing herself against my body.

Next, she was rubbing her front body against my butt, rubbing her vaginal area by grabbing me close to herself. And within a few minutes, her left hand was on my breasts, trying to hold them. But not have slid her hand inside my shirt yet.

She was caressing my breasts through my shirt in a very erotic way and softly pinching my nipples. I did not react but was shocked and surprised about her advancement and seduction of me. I did not know that she was into women. Her each move was telling me that she was totally into women.

The way she was seducing me!

Chapter 4

She progressed her advancement toward me. In the next few minutes, her left hand reached between my thighs, rubbing my private part gently through my pants. Her feet were vigorously rubbing my feet. Then her left hand slid under my shirt, caressing my bare breasts.

She was holding me tightly against her. She turned my face towards her. Her mouth was sucking my lips on and off. She was giving her tongue inside my mouth to suck! I was thrilled with this advancement, no doubt enjoying it. I felt that I was getting all wet down there.

Next, her left hand was slowly slid under my pants. She then reached my crotch, which was flooded with my fluids. I was shocked. In no time, her hand reached my vaginal opening. Her fingers started rubbing and playing with my clitoris. I felt her long fingers sliding inside my vaginal opening.

Next, she drilled my vagina. My vagina started overflowing with my juices. Her slippery fingers were vigorously sliding into my pussy. I had my eyes shut due to the intensity of the sensation. I could hardly resist more than five minutes. My pussy exploded with a gush of juices, and I reached my orgasm.

To my surprise, she did not pull her hand from my pussy. But rather, she continued drilling her fingers. This time, she inserted her two fingers inside my pussy while rubbing my clitoris with her thumb. Later she turned my face towards her and fused her lips to my mouth.

Her soft lips were sucking my lips vigorously. She gave her tongue inside my mouth, inviting me to suck her tongue. No doubt, I have swept away with the pleasure, and I was sucking her tongue inside my mouth without any delay. Next, she was sucking my tongue passionately.

Our tongues were darting into each other’s mouths. Indeed, she was proving herself as a good kisser. Then in another five minutes, I reached another orgasm. This time it was more intense than the last one. She pulled her hand from my vagina and licked her soaked fingers.

They were all covered with my hot juices. She licked my juices off her fingers. I felt a little movement under the blanket, literally some more action to be made as she was removing her pants from her legs. In the next moment, her hand reached out to me, struggling to pull my pants off.

With my little coordination, by lifting my butt, my pants were released from my legs. Now inside the blanket, we were completely naked ready to explore each other’s bodies. She continued rubbing my pussy with her hand, making me more excited and wet.

While her tongue was exploring my face with soft kisses, sucking my lips, sucking my tongue. She was licking me behind my cheeks, nibbling my earlobes. She inserted her tongue inside my ear at one moment, making it all wet. In the next moment, she was blowing air into my ear.

Amid excitement through her gentle soft touch, the gates of my pussy started gushing out my juices. I was getting wet! Of course, she figured out the intensity of my flowing juices rolling down my thighs. She decided to make a further move.

First, she put a pillow under my waist to make my vaginal area more upward. Then she poured some Cognac on my pussy which instantly gave me a warm feeling. At the same time, she splashed some Cognac on her pussy too. It was kind of something new to me!

Suddenly, she made a quick move by lying right on top of me by pinning me down under her full body weight. Before that, she put a small pillow right under my butt. I felt her burning hot juicy pussy soaked with Cognac placed on my wet pussy.

Our clits met each other very well. She wrapped her hands firmly by circling my back. She made me close as much as she could. Then she started to grind her pussy vigorously against mine. Our clits were smashing and rubbing against each other.

The warm and burning sensation due to the rubbing of two pussies gave me the impression that fire may be ignited anytime. I was holding her tightly around her back. Due to the intensity of pleasure, my eyes were half-closed. She was sucking my lips, my tongue and sliding her tongue deep into my mouth.

She was maintaining her grinding position through her lower body. Her feet were squeezing my heels. My feet were adding the intensity of pleasure tremendously. Indeed, I never have experienced that kind of pleasure in my life before!

Chapter 5

The constant grinding of Sonia was putting fire in me. I was flying high with the intensity of pleasure and under the influence of alcohol. Her tongue was exploring the depths of my mouth as our lips were locked with each other.

I hit my first orgasm with great intensity in no time. A loud noise came out of my mouth uncontrollably. The moment my scream came out, I caught the gaze of Sonia’s younger sister, staring and smiling at me. She was sleeping under a blanket in the bunker across.

Though I felt embarrassed, I tried my best to overcome my embarrassed feeling. I smiled back at her while making quick eye contact on and off. She continued watching us having steamy lesbian sex. I could notice that she was also playing herself under her blanket while watching us fucking.

Sonia continued grinding her pussy against mine by lying on top of me. She hit her first volcanic orgasm, followed by several, one after another, like mine. I could feel her warm juices smearing and mixing with my juices.

Literally, there was no limit to intense pleasure. As if we were flying high in the skies with our boozed heads. Our train was at its full speed. Every time Sonia was about to hit her orgasm, I could feel warm juices oozing out of her pussy.

She wrapped me more tightly while she pinned me down under her weight. She was squeezing my heels and my feet harder with her feet. After some vigorous grinding and reaching countless orgasms, Sonia released her grip on me. We both were exhausted after having several orgasms one after another.

She rested on top of me calmly for a few minutes. She was breathing heavily, and so was I. After a short while, she slid off from me, lying next to me though still breathing heavily. My pussy was sore. The mixture of juices was flowing down from my inner thighs.

Suddenly, she got another idea. She wanted to do the 69 position with me, but the bunker bed was too narrow. So, she suggested spreading a big towel on the floor. There was a little space between the two bunkers. She jumped off from the bunker.

She started by spreading a big bath towel on the floor and the blanket. She then placed a couple of pillows. I liked that idea as I thought we could stretch a little better in the open space. At least I could get some sleep. I stepped down from the bunker. I sat next to Sonia on the towel floor, covered under the blanket.

I was lying down, relaxed next to Sonia. I already had multiple orgasms, and I was feeling sleepy and exhausted. My pussy was wet and sore, with the mixture of juices spread all over. I was trying to keep my eyes closed to get some sleep. But it seems like Sonia was still not done with me.

Her soft foot was touching my foot, rubbing, and squeezing. Her hand covered my breasts first and then slowly moved towards my pussy. Her hand was caressing my pussy in a few moments, stimulating my clitoris. Then her fingers were making their way inside my pussy.

At the same time, her mouth was sucking my breasts. She was toying my nipples with her tongue and made my nipples erect. Once again, I was getting charged by her seductive touch, and my juices were over oozing out of my pussy.

Then she held me close and fused her mouth to my mouth, sucking my lips and then sucking my tongue. While kissing me vigorously, I noticed she was slowly climbing on top of me.

In no time, she was right on top of me and taking her position to grind my pussy against hers one more time. She was helpless with her endless lust for me.