My Lesbian Encounter – Train Journey by Sheila – Part 3

Chapter 6

Sonia ground me a few more times by lying on top of me under the blanket through pussy-to-pussy contact. We exploded with some volcanic orgasms, making our pussies wet with overflowing juices.

She got off from me, exhausted, catching up her breath. I was extremely tired and exhausted because of the trail of orgasms back-to-back. I hardly could open my eyes due to the intensity of my sleep and exhaustion.

So I quietly closed my eyes to catch up on my sleep. While I could still feel her fingers playing with my pussy, making me wet. Indeed, hardly a few minutes passed. She pulled off the blanket and reached between my legs while I was still lying before her with my eyes closed, all naked.

She licked me all over, from my breasts, brushing her tongue through my belly and then reaching to my legs. She rolled over her tongue on my thighs, and then she started licking my feet. She licked the soles of my feet and sucked my heels and toes.

It gave me a sensational pleasure, and then buried her face between my thighs by licking them first close to my pussy. Then she gave a few teasing strokes on my pussy with the tip of her tongue, giving an electric current running through my body.

She was lapping her tongue, picking some of my pussy juices. She drilled her tongue deep into my pussy by giving hard and hot licks. Then she introduced two of her fingers curving inside my pussy with an in-and-out motion while eating my pussy vigorously.

The sensation was killing me, and my pulsating clitoris was swelled to its full extent. I could not hold much longer. I reached my orgasm one more time by gushing out my juices right in her mouth. Though I burst out the stream of my juices in her mouth, I reached my orgasm.

She did not stop but continued eating me and preparing me for the next orgasm! She continued eating my pussy till I got 3-4 orgasms back-to-back. I was exhausted and badly wanted to get some sleep. So I kept lying comfortably with my eyes closed while she was still working on my pussy.

She licked and licked till she made my pussy dry. I peeped through the corner of my eye for a second. I saw that Sonia’s sister was watching us carefully. Perhaps she was getting excited under her blanket.

After making my pussy all dried up by slurping all my pussy juices, Sonia got some level of satisfaction, and she got off from me. I thought she had had enough of me, and she might get some sleep now. But no, I was wrong! She quickly changed her position, and she was in the 69 position.

Her wet dripping pussy came right close to my mouth, inviting me to taste her juices by start licking. And on the other end, down at my pussy she was parting the folds of my pussy with her fingers. Then in no time, I felt her tongue drilling the folds of my pussy.

She was not only scooping my juices with her tongue. But at the same time, she was slurping my pussy. Under the influence of great sensation, my mouth fused to her pussy, tasting her juices flowing down in my mouth. My tongue was exploring the depths of her pussy folds.

That was the first experience of tasting and eating any woman’s pussy. Indeed, it was a thrilling experience for me, and I liked the taste of someone’s pussy juices. I kept sucking her pussy and letting her juices flow down my throat, whereas Sonia was busy doing the same.

We both made each other get off a few times again and then until we were exhausted. And then finally Sonia got off from me and laid down next to me. We covered our naked bodies under the blanket, and we were set to catch up on some sleep.

The train was catching up on its journey at full speed. I could feel the vibration under my ears. I don’t know when I fell asleep.

Chapter 7

I fell deep asleep by catching up on my lost sleep. I believe I have had some sleep for barely half an hour. Suddenly, I noticed some movement in the blanket. I saw through the corner of my half-opened sleepy eyes. My mind was still in the process of understanding this sudden movement.

It was as if someone was crawling under my blanket. I turned my head and saw Sonia is deep asleep, which gave me a chilling sensation due to a sudden shock and curiosity. Then suddenly, I felt my thighs being opened.

Before thinking anything else, I felt a soft tongue brushing my soaked pussy under the blanket. Oh my Gosh. Sonia’s younger sister slid under our blanket quietly while we were deep asleep!

Sonia’s sister was igniting a fire in me through her throbbing tongue, giving hot licks to my pulsating pussy and scooping my overflowing juices. I was getting wetter as my juices were oozing out from every fold of my pussy. The strokes of her tongue were striking my clit, causing an enormous sensation.

Indeed, I blasted with several orgasms, and then, in no time, she was right on top of me, grinding my pussy with her wet pussy. No doubt she was turned on by watching Sonia and me having lesbian sex. She wanted to take her load off.

She was kissing me passionately by wrapping her hands around me tightly. Our wet pussies were grinding each other vigorously. I was moaning hard with the intensity of pleasure. It woke up Sonia from her sleep! Sonia opened her eyes and smiled at me while I was being fucked by her younger sister.

She fucked me for a good 10 -15 minutes until we both exploded with several orgasms. Once we reached our series of orgasms, she got off from me. She took the 69 position, making me lick her wet pussy while she was working down on mine. I tasted her pussy through my first lick.

Her juices started flowing in my mouth, and I could not stop till I made her dry. After having very passionate sex with me, Sonia’s younger sister jumped on her elder sister, which shocked me! How come there could be lesbian sex between sisters? My eyes could not believe by looking at that live scene of incest!

Sonia’s younger sister was passionately kissing her elder sister. Their pussies were grinding against each other! Despite having several orgasms, I was getting turned on by looking at those sisters fucking each other violently. That gave an idea that both the sisters have some discrete lesbian intimacy already.

They both fucked each other like crazy, ate each other’s pussy, and then relaxed. I watched the time, and it was almost 5 in the morning, and we hardly had any sleep. It was raining heavily outside. But our train was still maintaining its full speed heading towards the destination.

We all three were still lying on the towel being spread on the floor of our cabin, covered under the blanket. Then suddenly, I heard a suggestion from Sonia. Sonia offered me a job to take care of her business remotely by reviewing her accounts with a monthly paid visit for 3 days.

She was encouraging me to quit my job with a week’s notice! The salary she was offering me was almost double what I was making. Plus, it was a generous offer to work remotely without any hassle of going here and there. I calculated in my mind for a few minutes and made an assessment.

No doubt the benefits attached to that generous offer were exciting and some fun. She was offering me generously to stay with her while my monthly visits. I was convinced by her offer, and I accepted.

Here came the morning, and the train started reaching our destinations. My destination came earlier than Sonia’s. So I had to say goodbye. I gathered my stuff, and with big hugs, I was about to depart from them. Sonia encouraged me not to go to my job but rather quit immediately by calling them up.

I was very confused. I was in a dilemma to quit the job immediately or I should give a week’s notice after I resumed. After all, my mind decided to quit my existing job by calling them up immediately.

Sonia and her sister were very excited and appreciated my decision. Then it was decided that I should not get off the train at my destination. Rather I should go with them as a guest for 3 or 4 days. Sonia would be showing me the nature of work as a newly joined.

So, this was the end of my train journey, along with my lesbian encounters and watching the 2 In the next episode, I will be discussing my visit to Sonia’s place after getting off the train.

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