My Longing To Bhabhi’s Wanting – Part 1

Greetings to all the dripping, slurping and warm pussies. I am here with another exciting series. I hope all the ladies would shower their pussy syrup in my mouth with wholesome trembling!

As you already know, I am from the northern part of Karnataka. This story is about the “wanting of my bhabhi” for not only my cock but for my love and affection which is the same as “my longing” for her sweet-n-salty-n-pink pussy and her love for me.

Let’s begin.

Preparations were going on to look for a girl for my bhaiya who was soon going to be my bhabhi. All the relatives and near-n-dears were informed to search for a suitable girl not only just for bhaiya, but suitable for our home too. With this, the renovation of our home also began.

The ground floor was for the family and on the first floor, two rooms were built for me and bhaiya. As per the demand of the family, this girl was the best match for my bhaiya. My bhabhi was shy, cheerful and of a jolly nature. Her cheeks remained pink most of the time and you all know why.

During these days, I came to know that she was 3 years older than me and had a figure of 34D-26-38 and 5.3 height. She was cream in complexion which obviously made (me lick and eat her all day and night) her pussy the most pink in appearance in the whole world. It was her ass that drove me insane whenever she bent for the fridge, at the kitchen platform, or swept the home, or roamed around. My lund would stand up and salute my bhabhi’s ass for its oval shape and sturdiness.

My brother’s wife maintained herself quite perfect in shape and this very nature was enough for me to go crazy for her. Bhaiya just took her for granted.

My height was 5.6, I had no extra fat or weight and my lund size was nearly 6″. My lund was bigger and longer for her as she was a virgin till marriage and from an orthodox, cultured and well-to-do family.

Days and months passed with being around her (and smelling the fragrance of her hair and heavenly body). I began to notice that her behavior toward me was changing day by day. She wore sarees at home despite having nighties.

The saree was loosely tied around her body, revealing the large area of her waist, flat belly and deep sweet little navel. It was tied such lower that the area where pubic hairs began would be visible (she was clean-shaved). Such loose and irresponsible dressing was seen only in the time when she was around me and just two of us were in the house.

Whenever bhabhi noticed the intoxication in my eyes and head due to her heavenly body and loosely tied saree, she would feel herself as womanly as an Apsara to arouse my longing for her. Her smile, eyes and the glow in her face showed it all.

I began to wonder why such a lady would behave like that before her devar as her own family background never allowed it. But when both of us were with family members, her dressing was like an obedient and cultured bahu-rani. Her head and chest were covered with pallu and the frontal area was also fully covered with saree tied covering up her navel hole. (Talking about my dressing, I usually wear boxers and t-shirts.)

She teased me, taunted me and behaved naughtily playful with me like a typical bhabhi would do with her devar, taking all the liberty and freedom she got in her sasural (in-law home) for a devar. But I have never been funny and naughty nor flirted – despite being given all the freedom a devar would ask for in his bhabhi – as her image in my mind was like a cultured and orthodox bhabhi.

Getting closer to me, she began taking care of my food habits and insisted on being fit and healthy.

She said (with naughty sparks in her eyes), “Eat healthy food from my kitchen only to keep your body in good shape and size. Look at your own bhabhi the way she maintains herself!!” The last sentence was full of flirting and inviting that the words “your own bhabhi” made my lund hard like a rod. She served me more than a person would normally eat.

It was the summer time and I was drenched with sweat after volleyball. I went straight away to my room, got nude for a while under the fan, and took some rest in my bed. After the nap, I wore only boxers and came to the kitchen to drink some water. It was the first time bhabhi saw me only in a boxer and got aroused, I guess.

She was preparing for lunch on the ground (not on the kitchen platform) and while drinking water, I happened to see her deep valley. The part of naked boobs was visible too. When I was about to step out, she held my hand and asked me to sit. She pulled me such that I sat close to her, my knee touching her knee.

She told me to have lunch. While serving the food, she said, “Eat to your complete satisfaction as you got to satisfy your junior-self too.” She was so playful and excited when she said, “satisfy your junior-self too”. Her face could tell all the excited mood she got at that moment.

Wondering about her behavior, I was about to have my first bite. When I saw it, I noticed that my hard lund was poking out of the boxer. I looked at her, she was looking as if, she wanted to see my hard lund in full length. This was where I came to know about my “junior-self” word.

Noticing my brother’s wife’s deep valley made my lund hard and being beside her, smelling her bodily fragrance, made my lund even harder. Flabbergasted, I put my left hand on the lund and began to eat. I was constantly looking at bhabhi’s boobs and the naked waist side. She even adjusted her saree to show me more of her creamy body and boobs.

After this day, she opened herself up – and came out of her circumference – with me to take this adventure ahead. Whenever she sat beside me, her hand was on my thigh close to my lund and would try to touch it. I also began to wear only boxers (no t-shirt and no underwear) at home around to give my lund quality space to breathe and salute my bhabhi with complete erection. She began to touch and feel my body whenever she got a chance and I was yet to open up myself to her.

Soon, the day of the festival arrived. The festival full of colors and bhaang. This was the fateful day when lord Kaamdev and Rati bestowed their blessings on us. Bhaiya played Holi with bhabhi and left to hang out with his friends. Mom and dad were in the neighborhood and I was with my friends.

After playing Holi with bhaiya, she took her bath and was watching TV. When I got to know that she was all alone at home, I ran to color her. But she managed to escape and locked herself up in her bedroom. In vain, I came to my room and slept in tiredness.

After a while, I went to the terrace, sat beside the tap of the tank and began my bathing. Out of nowhere, she began to soap my body and I was shocked a little! I said, “I will do it myself, bhabhi. Don’t bother about it.”

She said with lots of care, “You seem to be tired, let me bathe you. Now, stand up and I will soap your body first.”

When I stood up, she just pulled my boxer down, making me completely nude before her and said, “Bura na mano Holi hai.”

I wasn’t in the mood to be playful with her as I was tired. Seeing my dull reaction, she pinched and pulled my cock real hard. I gasped but didn’t care to cover my lund this time. She was looking at me with full of desires in her eyes (it was not at all her lust for me). I was taking my bath in front of her. As I wasn’t reacting to her mood, she spanked my ass in a fit of rage and went down. I came to my room and rested for another hour.

My lund was erect even in my sleep as I was dreaming of her playfulness on the terrace. Bhabhi seemed to be full of excitement and mood as only two of us were home. She came to my room, but when she saw I was sleeping, she hastily pulled my towel and made me naked again! She was angry and woke me up by slapping on my ass again.

With anger in her face, she came down to the kitchen. Noticing her mood and behavior, I followed her, sat behind her and bit her ass hard! Neither she moved nor reacted and instead, she welcomed my bite on her oval-shaped ass with a warm heart.

I got up and pinched her both nipples (she wasn’t wearing a bra) like squeezing a lemon and whispered in her ear, “Bura na mano bhabhi Holi hai.”

Tears were rolling out of her eyes but I could, kinda see the satisfaction on her face too. This was my very first move and this was the first time I ever behaved with her body like that. I sat down and asked her for lunch. Being happy with my behavior, she joyfully began to serve the lunch.

While having my lunch, I noticed one thing major today. It was her dressing. Yes!! She was only in her saree and blouse. I mean, a thin transparent yellow saree, deep cut sleeve-less and backless blouse with no bra and petticoat underneath. Oh my fucking god!!! Bhabhi was fully prepared and in an erotic mood that day. It was me, the dumbass, who couldn’t notice it all at the very first moment of this fateful day.

Seeing this Apsara avatar of her made my lund hard like a rod. My brother’s wife noticed this tent on my towel and I could see a mischievous smile on her lips. She uncovered my lund and glued her eyes all the time till I finished my lunch.

After stuffing my tummy, when I got up, the towel lost its grip. I again stood completely naked and my erect lund was near her mouth. It was pulsating and I came to the hall, holding the towel in my hand.

I was standing near the table, all naked, checking my phone. Bhabhi came and sat near my legs on the cushion of the sofa. She softly hit on my ass and I turned toward her. My lund was close to her mouth and she looked up at me. I could see in her eyes that she was deliberately waiting for this day, for this moment to embrace in her life.

With shyness and a smile, she was approaching my lund to kiss, to eat, to bite, to slurp and to love it. But I stopped her and asked, “Should we really go this far, bhabhi?”

Her expression changed and she again slapped my ass cheek with all her might. It was enough for me to surrender to her and I stood there like a statue.

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