My Love Journey With My Sister And Mom – Part 1

Hi all. This is Pranav from Pune. I want to share my love journey with you. It started a few years ago. My story consists of a mix of love, emotion, and drama. This story mainly contains two parts. The first one is my relationship with my sister. The second part is all about my mom. Please read and enjoy.

Our family consists of 3 members – mom, myself, and my sister. We lost our father long ago. Since then, we have learned to live our lives happily among ourselves. My grandfather has left us enough assets, so we don’t worry about the money.

Moreover, my mom, Kavita, took up this job in a company that provides us enough for our living. Our mom did well in maintaining our family. We live in a 2BHK house in the town. My sister, Kavya, is 4 years older, and I used to share a bedroom. My mom occupied the other bedroom.

Since my childhood, Kavya took up the responsibility of looking after me. She used to taunt me about my studies when I was in school. She took me out to the movies, fed me whenever my mom was busy with work. My Kavya was like a mother to me. She never let me out alone.

Even when I wanted to play with my friends, she never let me. She was over-protective of me. We used to fight, have fun outside, hug and care.

The story started when this affection between us took to the next level. The changes started to happen in our lives. Kavya started her engineering studies, and with college, she started getting busy. I was still a schoolboy then. I didn’t realize that she has got a life of her own.

It’s not that she started neglecting me. She still cared a lot for me, but in some way, I felt neglected.

One day after dinner, we retired to our rooms. As I said earlier, my sister and I were sharing the same room. Kavya was busy with her phone, and I was lying on the bed looking at her. All of a sudden, I started crying. Kavya looked at me puzzled and immediately came near me and started asking why I was crying.

She was very much worried about me. Not understanding what happened, she asked, “What happened? Please tell me. Did someone hurt you? Don’t be scared, Pranu. Tell me. Stop crying.”

I looked at her and understood how worried she was. She started crying. She hugged me tightly and said, “Please don’t cry, Pranu. I can’t see you like this.” Her words and her hug comforted me, and I stopped crying. She held me like that for a while, and when things cooled, she enquired me the reason.

Me: I love you, Kavya. Please don’t leave me.

Kavya: You know I love you too, Pranav. Now tell me what happened.

I told her everything about how I missed her and how I felt neglected. She was overwhelmed by my childishness and said sorry to me. She promised me that she would never let me down and she will always be with me. Saying this, she kissed me and hugged me.

Normally we sleep in our separate beds, but that night we slept together. Things changed a lot after that incident. Kavya kept her promise and never left me alone from that day. Our childhood days were restored, and we were inseparable from thereon. We used to share everything.

She always supported me in every regard. We became like thickest friends. Kavya always prioritized me over her friends. We used to go out together, eat together, laugh together. Things went on like this for a while. I was in my +2 when Kavya was in the final year of engineering.

On one Sunday, I watched the T.V. in the hall, and my sister was in the bedroom. My mom was in the neighbor’s house. I rushed into our room as I wanted to pee urgently. When I opened the door, I was taken back to see the sight which I never imagined I would witness.

My sister was completely naked and wet. She just came out of the bathroom having taken a bath. I immediately came out of the room, not able to believe what I just saw.

Kavya was in her early twenties then, and she had the most beautiful body. Her body was perfectly shaped like a model. Her breasts were in perfect round shape. I always knew my sister was very pretty, but I realized she was a perfect bombshell.

I used the toilet in my mom’s room and went back to the sofa in the hall. I was looking at the T.V., but my mind was filled with images of my sister. My sister later apologized for being careless and asked me to forget about the incident.

But my entire day was disturbed, with my mind fully occupied with images of the nude body of my sister. Later that night, I confessed to Kavya that I was not able to concentrate on anything. She felt sorry for me and asked me to try and forget and went outside.

After a while, unable to hold any longer, I went to the bathroom with my sister’s mobile. I wanted to relieve myself, or I will not get normal again. I started searching for some porn, and then slowly, I started to stroke my penis. I started with the images of some porn actresses.

But suddenly, Kavya’s image popped into my mind. I came heavily in my hand. I was never excited that much in my life. I felt so bad immediately for having masturbated at my sister, who loved me so much. I heard a sound, and my bathroom door opened.

My sister, Kavya, was shellshocked to see me in such a compromising position. Immediately she turned back. Still standing at the door, she asked me if I’m having her mobile. I blurted out just one minute.

Kavya never spoke about the incident during the night and the day later. Things became normal after a couple of days. We were sharing and hugging and doing everything we normally used to do. She started asking me about my studies and stuff. We later decided we will go outside in the evening.

We had a lot of fun that evening. We went bowling, shopping and later at night, she hugged me tightly and said, “Love you, Pranu. Goodnight.”

During midnight, I was awakened by some whisperings from my sister’s bed. The room was dark, and I can only faintly see my sister. She was holding the phone with one hand and was watching something. I was confused why she was moaning. I understood that she was masturbating.

I kept quiet and started seeing her hoping she would remove her top or something. After a while, she stopped moving, and I thought she had climaxed. Just when I closed my eyes, Kavya got down from her bed and started walking towards me. I pretended to be sleeping.

She stared at me for a while, came closer to me, kissed me on my cheeks, and went back. I didn’t understand why she did that. But I felt happy to receive a kiss from Kavya. Later in the morning, everything was casual.

My mom, Kavita, prepared a nice breakfast for us. I was ready to eat my breakfast. My mom, as usual, was rushing here and there to go to the office. Kavya came from behind, took my plate away just when I was about to start eating.

When I looked at her, she was all smiles and said she wants to feed me. I said, no need, I will eat myself. She said it’d been a long time since she had last fed me and wanted to do it. I resisted at first, but my sister has the upper hand. She always wins.

After finishing the breakfast, she wiped my mouth like I was a small kid. She kissed me and said, “See you later,” and left for college. I was preparing for my board exams at that time and had been staying back at home for my preparation.

So, I went back to my room, imagining what all happened since last night. I had an immediate hardon. I slowly slid down my pants and started stroking myself, this time shamelessly thinking about Kavya. I closed my eyes and started imagining making love with Kavya and came heavily again.

I then realized I am deeply in love with my sister. I cannot just think of anyone or anything else. Throughout my life, Kavya is all I had and all I needed. I tried a lot to come out of the situation but in vain. I decided that I desperately have to confess my feelings to her and convince her to be my love.

When my sister came back from college in the evening, I waited for timing to talk to her. After changing to fresh clothes, Kavya came to me. I was sitting on my bed. Looking into my eyes, she realized there’s something I wanted to tell her. She sat beside me and asked me what’s the matter.

I was surprised by how she was able to read my eyes. If she really can understand my feelings, why can’t she understand that I love her? I rested my head on her lap and looking into her eyes, and I said, “I love you, Kavya.”

She started to smile. I asked the reason. She said, “It’s funny how you always call me by my name.”

Me: That’s how I always call you.

Kavya was still smiling and said, “It’s looking like we are lovers.”

Me: Why?

Kavya said, “Just like that. You are sleeping in my lap and talking like this, no.”

I gathered all my courage and said, “I love you like a lover.” My sister gave me a surprised look. But I can sense a hint of a smile in her eyes. She lifted me off her lap, stood up, and said, “I know,” and left the room.

Later that night, after dinner, we resorted back to our rooms. My sister and I were sitting silently on our beds. She was pretending as if nothing had happened. She was only looking at her mobile. After a while, we switched off our lights and started to sleep.

Like the previous night, I felt I heard something and turned towards my sister. Everything was happening just like the previous night. She was holding the mobile with one hand, and she was rubbing her pussy with the other.

After some time, she came to me, kissed me, and whispered in my ears, “I know you are not sleeping.”

I said nothing.

Kavya: I thought about what you said. I love you too.

Saying this, she was about to leave when I held her hand. She looked back at me. She was smiling. I woke up from my bed and made her sit down. We never spoke a word. We were looking into each other’s eyes.

I slowly went nearer and kissed her cheeks. She slapped me lightly on my cheeks and said, “That is where you will kiss me, silly?” I felt sheepish. She came closer to me and gave a little pec on my lips. I was on cloud nine.

My heart was beating 100 times. She swiftly stood up and went near the door, and latched the door from inside. She went to her bed and was waiting for me.

I walked to her bed and gently dozed into her bed along with her. We were lying side by side. This is not the first side but this time not like siblings but as lovers. My sister moved closer to me and kissed my lips. I responded to her soft kisses; her lips felt wonderful. She was so soft to touch.

After our first kiss, I said, “I love you, Kavya. I cannot stay away from you. Promise me you will never leave me.”

Kavya looked into my eyes and said, “Oh Pranu, you love me so much? I am very lucky to have you.”

Saying this, she hugged me tightly. Again, this is not the first time we were hugging, but I am feeling different this time. I can feel her breasts pushing deep into my body. My hands were roaming all along her back. I hugged her tightly, feeling the warmth of her boobs against my chest.

We stayed like that for 5 minutes. We released ourselves from the hug and started to kiss again on the lips. Only this time, the kiss was more intense. It was no longer a soft kiss. We were exchanging our saliva and exploring each other’s mouths. Our tongues had a duel.

Between our kisses, Kavya started moaning my name, “Oh Pranu. My sweet brother.”

I inserted my tongue into her mouth, and she was sucking my tongue. Later she inserted her tongue into my mouth, and I started to suck her tongue. I started kissing my sister all over her face, from her forehead to the cheeks, her nose, her chin, and her lips again. I was showering her face with my love kisses.

I can see that she was pleased with my kisses. She was blushing and moaning my name. I was also expressing my feelings between my kisses, saying, “Love you, Kavya. You are my world. You are the best.”

In the meantime, my hands started exploring the frontal parts of her body. I grabbed one breast in my hand and started to press it hard. Kavya was not able to take any longer. She stopped me, stood up, removed her top over her head, and threw it on the floor. She also asked me to remove my t-shirt, which I did.

We laid back on the bed again, only this time without our tops and with me on top of her. I resumed my shower of kisses on her again and went a little below and kissed her frontal parts. I started with the neck. After licking her neck and chest, I slowly went near her breasts.

I took her left boob into my right hand and started to press it. Her breasts were very soft with dark nipples. They felt firm in hands, and her nipples were erect with excitement. I kissed her breasts with all the love I have for her.

Her moans became louder and louder. I then slowly took one breast into my mouth and started feeding on it. My sister was elated with love and lust. I lifted my head to look at her. She closed her eyes, and her mouth was wide open.

She held on to the back of my head and pushed me into her breasts. She was continuously moaning my name, “Pranu. Pranu. Pranu.” I played and feasted on her breasts to the enough of my satisfaction. I further proceeded downwards, kissing her body inch by inch.

I stopped by the navel region and inserted my tongue into it. Both my hands were latched onto her hips while I kissed her navel. After kissing and licking her navel region for 5 minutes, I proceeded further below.

She was still in her pajamas. When I looked at her, she was all lost in the pleasure she was getting from me. I pushed my head into her pussy region over her pajamas and felt the warmth of her pussy breath. I can also smell my vagina over her dress which I am sure was leaking by then.

I inserted my fingers to the sides of her pajama and started pulling them down. My sister was helping me remove her dress and getting completely naked before me. She kicked the pajamas off with legs and exposed her nudity to me for the second time.

I looked at her to see her face. I said, “Kavya, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Thanks for showing your beauty to me.”

She was happy, and she was smiling. She said, “Oh Pranu, you are the most wonderful and precious gift to me. I will do anything for you.”

I went back into her pussy and pounded on her pussy like a hungry dog. All the way, she was moaning and moving her hips as if she was fucking my mouth. I cleaned her pussy juices with my tongue. I stretched her legs on either side and expanded her lips.

I went down and put my head on the vaginal partition with all the pressure. She let out a small squeak at what I was doing. I lifted my head with shock. She held my head firmly and again lowered to her pussy, asking me to continue. Within a few seconds, she exploded all over my face.

I was happy to pleasure my Kavya. I went back to her. She kissed me on the lips and said, “Love you, brother. Thank you so much. I promise I will never leave you.”

Saying this, she got up and made me lay on my back. She got on top of me and started kissing all over my chest. I was then the happiest person in the world. I felt like I got the love of my life, my Kavya, and she promised we would never be apart.

While I was lost in my thoughts, Kavya was busy kissing my body. She went her way near my pants, unzipped them, and pulled out my pants. I became completely naked now Infront of my sister.

Kavya was mesmerized by looking at my dick. She was a little surprised by my size. She felt happy that I have grown so much and took my dick into her hands.

Kavya: Just close your eyes and enjoy.

Me: Kavya, I want to insert in you first.

Kavya: We have all night for that. Let me first taste your cock. We can have sex later.

Saying this, she got under and took the full length of my cock in her mouth. Oh my god, it felt so good to be inside her mouth. The feeling of warmth of her mouth on my dick is taking its toll. She started to suck my dick slowly, and I was in heaven.

The pleasure which my Kavya was giving to me cannot be put in words. The love of my life was holding my private parts and trying to please me. I started moving my hips to sync with the movements.

After a while, she released my cock from her mouth and started to kiss it from all the sides. She then started to stroke my penis with her hands. I was not able to control it any longer. I wanted to cum inside her mouth.

I shouted: I am cumming, Kavya.

She immediately took my cock in her mouth and continued the movements, and increased the pace. I came deep into her mouth. She took her time cleaning my cock with her mouth sucking all the cum.

After that, she crawled her way back to me. Kavya and I both were in ecstasy. We don’t know what we have just done. We have committed a sin that no siblings should do. Neither of us is in the mood to think about the repercussions of our doings.

We both love each other and just showed our love towards each other physically. We are so deeply lost that none of us will care about anything. We exchanged our love and passion for each other.

Looking deeply into each other, we both said, “I love you,” at the same time. We know our timing, as well as feelings, are mutual. We went back to kissing and dueling with our tongues. Our hands were shamelessly exploring our bodies.

Our lust took over again within no time, and this time, we are ready for the ultimate union. No words are needed to be exchanged. I just got up, and Kavya adjusted her position. I went on top of her and positioned my dick between her legs. My sister raised her hips, and we were united.

I slid my erect penis into her pussy, and with one push, it went deep inside her pussy. We both are hugging our naked bodies while my dick was eaten completely by my sister’s pussy. I started making love to her with my dick. We never spoke a word for the next few minutes.

The room was filled with the aroma of our love juices. We can only listen to the sounds of our lovemaking. After 15 minutes of intense fuck session, we both ejaculated at the same time. We stayed in that position for the next five minutes. Later we rolled over and slept in each other’s arms naked.

My sister woke me up the next morning. I got up to see my sister naked again, which brought a smile to my face. She was looking a little worried. I asked her, “What happened?”

Kavya: Wear your clothes and go to your bed.

I realized the reality of our situation. My mom was sleeping in the other room, and she may get up any time. I quickly grabbed my pants, wore them, and went near my sister. She got dressed by then.

She told me, “Now go to your bed.”

I was disappointed and started strolling back to my bed. She immediately pulled me and gave me a tight kiss on my lips. She said, “Love you, little brother. I can’t wait for the night again. But from now on, we need to be careful. We don’t want mom to know about us.”

From then on, our relationship was on a new high. We both were like best friends during the day with all the caring and sharing in the world. We would go out to the movies, parks, and restaurants. We would kiss and hug each other whenever we get the chance.

During the nights, we both lock ourselves in our room, lost in lust and love. There was no stopping us at night. My sister made sure I’m always wearing a condom during sex. Sometimes we were so busy all night we used to doze off in the daytime. My mom had no clue about us.

She scolded us that we should stop using our phones during the night and sleep early. During our summer vacations, our relationship had no limits. The moment our mom left to work, we used to fuck each other like we were born for fucking.

We used every single room in the house for our love sessions. As it turned out, our favorite place to make love happened to be my mom’s room, the place where mom and dad made love and gave birth to us. It felt like we were fucking there with the consent of our parents.

We had a photo of our parents on the wall just beside the bed. We would constantly look at our parents’ photos while we were having sex and ask for their blessings.

We used to stay almost naked in our room throughout the day, take baths together, eat together, watch T.V. together. By the time mom returns, we would turn into loving siblings. I enjoyed all the time.

My mom was very happy to see us both taking care of each other. This continued for over a year without raising any suspicions. But things will never be the same. It is impossible to hide our intimacy forever, especially when we are living under the same roof.

My mom was very smart, and she had her share of doubts. She started picking up the clues. Eventually, the day had arrived when we were caught red-handed by our mother.

To be continued.