My Love Journey With My Sister And Mom – Part 2

Hi all. This is Pranav again with a story about exploring sex with my sister. This is the continuation of my story. Please read the previous part before reading this. This story is the continuation of my love journey with my sister, Kavya. Read and enjoy.

I am coming back to the story. My mother was shell-shocked on the day she found us both naked and having sex. She was just lost for words. My sister and I were equally shocked at the awkwardness of the situation.

But it was my sister who had the heart and courage to reveal everything to my mother. She felt that our love is not lust but pure. My mother was in no mood to listen to the arguments. She said it was simply unacceptable, and society would cast our family away if it came to know about us.

All three of us had many fights for many days. That was the worst phase of our lives. My mother tried to separate us. She was sleeping in our room with my sister, and I was sleeping in the other room. Kavya and I tried hard to meet or to at least talk but in vain. My mother was adamant.

With all the quarreling and disturbances, she became sick and got bedridden for some days. She finally forced us and took a promise from us both not to do what we have been doing for the past year. We have to forget everything and be a normal family.

My mother was in her late 40’s by then, and she got us by blackmailing us emotionally. My sister and I had no choice but to forfeit our relationship. As days passed, I entered into the final year of my degree, and my sister Kavya had started working for an MNC in Mumbai. She shifted to Mumbai a year ago.

We had to move on with our lives. My mom was the happiest of all. I still miss my sister sometimes, but after the incident, we only rarely spoke. My mom made sure that we were separated for good.

I started noticing changes in my sister. Of late, she seems busy even during her visits to Pune. She stayed for a couple of days last month but seemed preoccupied with her mobile. I thought she might have got a boyfriend in Mumbai or something like that.

Even though I miss her, I was happy that Kavya had moved on well, unlike me. My mom also noticed the change in my sister, and she, too, felt the same. She even jokingly said to me that we might have to be ready for Kavya’s marriage.

One day I received a call from Kavya’s mobile. When I received the call, no one spoke on the other side. I felt she might have misdialled my number or something. But I can’t just ignore her call. I called her immediately and asked her what happened.

It was the first time we were speaking directly after a long gap. She said she wants to talk to me about something. I told my mother the same thing. My mother was also worried and told me to go immediately. I took off to Mumbai immediately without thinking much.

Different thoughts were running in my mind throughout my journey as to why she called me all of a sudden. I thought maybe she’s having some problem in Mumbai with her boyfriend or something like that. All these thoughts only gave me a headache, so I slept off for the rest of my journey.

I met Kavya at her flat in Mumbai. She was staying there with two other girls working in the same company. The moment I saw her, I realized that there was something wrong. She was not looking the usual. I noticed there was no one in the flat.

I hesitantly started the conversation. I asked her about her friends. She said they left a while ago on a weekend trip. I asked her why didn’t she go with them, to which she didn’t answer. She told me to get fresh up and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

After the bath, I went to the kitchen to see how she was doing. She was preparing lunch. The silence was killing me. I knew something was bothering her. I went to the kitchen and saw her over the kitchen counter. I didn’t know how to start the conversation with her.

I enquired her about the office. She was silently answering my questions but not saying what the matter was.

Angered by her behavior, I said, “Do you remember how you promised you would never leave me? Even though you left me in that house, I was always happy that you moved on with your life. Mom and I were discussing your marriage. We are sure you have someone. Please tell me. I will talk to mom.”

While I was talking continuously, she never uttered a word. I got frustrated by her silence and went near her and put my hand on her shoulder. That was the first time I touched her after our breakup. I felt she was shivering. I turned her to face me and was shocked to see her crying.

I lost all my anger at once. I was not able to see her cry. I asked her, “Why are you crying? What happened. Please tell me. I can’t see you like this. Tell me what’s the matter. Tell me, who’s bothering you?”

She said, “It’s you. You are bothering me.”

I was shocked. I said, “What? What do you mean?”

Still crying, she yelled, “You think I am happy for the last year. You think I forgot about us. Forgot the promise I made you.”

I didn’t know how to respond. I was in shock myself. I was not expecting what I just heard.

Kavya continued, “You want me to get married? Is that what you want now?”

I was silent. Kavya said, “Pranu. Please say. You want that?”

It was then my turn to cry. Nobody knows how much I missed her. She hugged me suddenly, and only God knows how happy I felt on receiving a hug from my Kavya.

Kavya said, “I miss you, Pranu. I have always missed you. I love you, and nothing can change that.”

It didn’t take long for me to succumb to the situation. I hugged her back tightly and said, “I love you too. I’ve missed you so much, Kavya.”

We broke our hug and looked into each other’s eyes. We slowly came closer to each other. I was looking at her lips. Her lips were waiting for mine. I proceeded further and waited for her consent. She closed in, and our lips finally met. I was feeling her lips after a long time.

It felt like an electric shock in my body. I still remember the warmness and softness of her lips. I slowly opened my mouth and felt the softness of her tongue in my mouth. Our soft kiss gradually turned into an intense kiss. We were lost in love again.

We forgot the consequences of our union and just started kissing each other all over. We missed being in each other’s embrace. She kissed me on both my cheeks, on the forehead, and my lips. I held her face with both my hands and started kissing her on the lips firmly.

She gave in to my kisses, and I kissed my way down to her neck.

She whispered, “Oh, Pranu. I have missed your touch so much. My sweet little brother. My lover. You are such a sweet kisser.”

My hands which were on her hips, moved all over her back and reached her ass. I softly pressed her ass-cheeks. They felt as smooth as a pillow. My dick became fully erect inside my pants. My hands slowly roamed their way into my favorite place – Kavya’s breasts.

I inserted my hands under her top and touched her breasts. It was such a lovely feeling to caress her breasts. I took both her breasts in my hands and slowly pressed them. Kavya was unable to control anymore.

She said, “Pranu. My sweet brother. Please make love to me in my bed.”

Saying this, she held the elastic on my pant and dragged me to her bedroom. Once we reached her bed, we kissed our way into her bed. She pulled out her top and also my t-shirt. My eyes glittered like stars upon seeing my Kavya’s boobs.

I said, “Kavya, you know how much I love your boobies! Remember how much I used to play with them every night?” Saying this, I took her breasts in my hands and started kissing and fondling them.

She was shivering and saying, “Pranu. Enjoy your Kavya’s boobs. Eat them, no. They are all yours. My soul and my body, everything belongs to you and only you.”

All the while, I was kissing and fondling her breasts. I said, “Kavya, fuck the society. Fuck everyone. I love you, and I need you. I cannot think of any other person in my life.”

I released her boobs after a while and removed my pants and underwear. My cock sprung open to her view. I got on my knees to show my fully erect cock.

I said, “This poor thing is missing your pussy, Kavya.”

Kavya got excited about seeing my cock. Still lying on the bed, she pulled out her jeans and inners immediately. We both got naked once again. Exposing her pussy to me, she said, “Miss it no more.”

Looking at Kavya’s pussy after a long time, I became mad. I wasted no time and got on top of her. I kissed my sister’s body inch by inch. I missed making love to her. Kavya missed being in love with me. We kissed each other’s bodies. I licked every part of her body like a hungry dog.

She was lying on her back in the bed. I got between her legs. I lifted her legs and put them over my shoulders on either side. She raised her hips, and I dragged her near my face. Now I’m looking directly at her pussy. It is only inches away from my face.

I looked at my sister, and she was happily smiling for showing her pussy to me. I just pounded on it like a hungry beast. I sucked and licked her pussy, drinking her juices. The aroma of her juices made me crazy.

I said, “I missed drinking your pussy juices. I still remember how your pussy smells.”

Kavya said, “My pussy is waiting for the touch of your tongue for one year. Now waste no time and eat it.”

After tongue fucking her pussy for 15 minutes, I went over her and started kissing her face. Kavya pushed me aside and got on top of me. She reciprocated the kisses on my body. She went down near my dick, held it, and said, “I missed this little monster. I want to eat this.”

I said, “My dick can’t wait to get swallowed.”

She slowly lowered her head and took my cock in her mouth. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. I love being inside her mouth. Kavya has her ways with my cock. She stays still for few seconds while I enjoy the warmth of her mouth.

She then moves her head swiftly up and down, letting me enjoy the softness of her tongue. She then releases my cock and starts kissing it. She then licks it all over and again started sucking it until I release my load in her mouth. She has this habit of drinking the first load of my cum.

I, too, love fucking Kavya in her mouth. She has increased her speed and started sucking my cock vigorously. It was such an excruciating feeling. I held Kavya’s head with both my hands and started fucking her mouth. I was not able to hold it any longer. I then got on top of her and increased my rhythm.

I started unloading my cum in her mouth. After cumming inside her mouth, we laid back on the bed together. We hugged each other and exchanged some wet smooches. It felt like we were rediscovering each other. I said, “Thank you for the amazing blow job. How much I missed it.”

She just kissed my forehead and said, “Anything for my sweet brother.”

After fondling for a while, my cock was hard again, and my sister felt it poking at her tummy. She held my dick and looked at me. No words needed to be exchanged. I got up and positioned myself between her legs. She smiled happily by seeing me ready for the fuck session. We have been missing it for a long time and adjusted her position.

I tried to tease her by not pushing it in. I rubbed my cock over her wet pussy and waited. She angrily asked, “What are you waiting for?” I just laughed.

She said, “Pranu, please don’t tease your sister. I can’t wait. Just fuck me hard.”

By hearing her say this, I pushed my dick, and in one go, Kavya’s pussy swallowed my dick. I slowly started fucking my sister. Kavya was very happy while I was ramming her pussy.

She started shouting with joy, “Pranu. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck your Kavya hard. Fuck your sister like there’s no tomorrow.”

She continued, “Go deeper. Deeper. Harder. Harder. My sweet brother. My Pranu. My Love.”

All that shouting from my sister excited me a lot, and after 15 minutes, Kavya reached her climax. She held onto me firmly and started ejaculating her cum. I removed my dick, and she came all over my abdomen. I inserted again and increased my motion. I came inside Kavya’s pussy.

That was an intense session of lovemaking we had. I released a huge load of cum in her pussy. We were drenched in our love juices. There was cum everywhere. We lay there naked till afternoon. We had decided to have our lunch naked on her bed.

She prepared my favorite dish that day. She got up from the bed and walked naked into the kitchen. I was mesmerized by seeing her ass while she was walking. I wanted to fuck her ass right there. She brought our lunch to the bed. She said she would feed me.

I said OK, and she started feeding me with her hands. I took her plate, and I started feeding her. We were talking and eating and kissing simultaneously. While feeding me, some curry fell on her chest. I said, don’t worry and moved over her. I licked the curry from her chest.

She was smiling at my deeds. I took some more curry and poured it on her breasts, and started eating the curry along with her breasts. She started moaning while I was licking the food from her breasts. My dick became hard again, and we both became horny.

We threw the plates aside and started kissing again. We didn’t bother washing our hands anymore. I lifted her and made her turn back. I positioned myself at her back, and she was holding on to the rim of her bed. This time I wanted to fuck her in the doggy style.

I held her ass cheeks with my hands and widened her ass-crack. I saw her asshole. I inserted my dick inside her asshole. She shouted out of pain. I was a little bothered and started to take out my dick. But she stopped me and told me to proceed. I held her by her hips and started to fuck her ass for the first time.

Unlike her pussy, her asshole was a lot tighter. It was like inserting your hand into a tight bangle. It started to pain a little on my dick, but our lust overtook our pain. I started to fuck her hard and also increased the speed. We both started to moan out of pain and lust.

Kavya was all riled up. With every single thrust, she started screaming, “Pranav. Pranav. Pranav.” She inserted her fingers into her pussy and started rubbing it while I was busy ramming her ass. After lots of moaning, I finally came hard inside her ass. Kavya also reached her climax.

This time we felt very tired and slept like that till the evening. I woke up to the ringing of my mobile. It was my mom. I immediately rushed to the hall and lifted her call.

My mom, seemingly worried, asked me if Kavya said anything. I have decided to reveal everything to my mom. There’s no point in hiding the truth. We have to convince our love her. But I felt it was not a matter to be discussed over the phone. I told my mom I would tell everything once I reach home.

I went back to my sister. She woke up but was still lying on the bed naked. I joined her. We both exchanged some smooches for a while. I told Kavya, “We have to convince mom. We don’t have a choice.”

Kavya said, “There’s only one way to convince her. That is what I wanted to talk to you about. Mom can understand our love only when she’s in love and realize that love has no limits.”

I was confused. I said, “How’s that possible. Even if we set mom up with someone, how does that convince her about .”

Kavya: This is the tricky part. I want you to make mom fall in love with you.

I was blown away by what I just heard.

Kavya continued, “I know this sounds crazy. But this is the only way. I thought this through for many days. We can later apologize to her. Tell her everything we did for her to understand our love. I’m sure she will excuse.”

To be continued.