My ‘orthodox Indian mom fucked outside in the field

Hello everyone, I am Santhosh from Bangalore, 22 years old. I just completed my studies. This is my first story. Please do support.

About my mom, she is 46 years old, a typical fair South Indian milf with 38d boobs. She is very conservative and orthodox. She is very friendly, but she is a little strict with me. She has so many friends in our society. Most of them are men. As she had a good figure, everyone liked to talk to her and spend time with her. My dad was a businessman, he had his own business in a different city. So, most of the time, he will be out of Bangalore. I and mom stay together in Bangalore.

Mom kept her body well-maintained by doing some basic yoga at home. She wore only sarees while going out. When at home, she wears only nighty which will be loose. So we can easily make out her figure. Boobs and ass shapes would be clearly visible.

Let me start the story now. This is a real story. This incident happened in December last year.

Actually, we had to attend the function in the native, so I and mom planned to go. On that day, mom first took a bath and came out. Then I went to take a bath. I was fully shocked as there were pubic hairs on the razor. She had forgotten to take her razor with her in a hurry. Mom had cleanly shaved her pussy and I thought maybe she always kept it clean.

Then I took a bath, got ready and we both went to the village to attend the function. We traveled in a bus. It is about 4 hours from Bangalore. Throughout the journey, mom was looking very happy and excited. I thought she was happy to attend the function. She wore a green saree and a black blouse. She was wearing a matching black bra of 38 size. She was looking like a sex goddess.

We reached our village and the function went well. We met many of our relatives and we had a good time. Mom was talking to all happily.

After the function, it was late, so mom told me we will stay in the village for the night. I said no, let’s go as there were buses to Bangalore and we can go back. But mom said no, we will sleep tonight and tomorrow early morning, we will return to Bangalore.

We went to our house in the native. had early dinner as it was a very tiring day.

Mom made beds ready for us to sleep. I was simply scrolling through Instagram and watching some funny reels. At around 8 pm, mom told me she wanted to go to the bathroom. We didn’t have a bathroom in the village so we had to go to the fields. Since it was night, I told mom that I will come with her. But she said no and that she will go to the nearby field and come back soon. She took the mobile phone.

Mom was wearing a nighty. It was very cold outside also. The time was 8:30 pm, but she hadn’t come back. So I called on her phone. She picked up the phone and told me she was on the way back. But she was breathing heavily. I had some doubts and then she suddenly cut the call!

At 8:45 pm, she didn’t return. So I went searching for her in our fields. In the field, I heard someone talking slowly. I went closer slowly without making noise. It was my mom with an uncle whom I didn’t know.

Mom was lying down on the field and this uncle was fucking her hard! He was on top of her. Her legs were wide-spread and he was between her legs, thrusting his hard dick inside her. I could see his full length disappear inside my mom. She was moaning hard and enjoying it. She was making so much noise. She was enjoying it nicely and calling him by the name ‘Muniyappa.’

After some time, I thought both were about to climax. I didn’t disturb her. I was very hard seeing my own mother getting fucked. I started stroking my dick there itself and cummed soon. Mom was looking like a porn star at that time. Then I silently came back.

I was waiting for her to return, and she came at 9:30 pm. She was sweating fully, and tired. I asked her what happened and she lied to me that the dogs chased her and she had to run and come home. She told me she will take a bath now.

Mom took her new set of nighties from the bag and went inside to take a bath. After 10 minutes, she came out. She told me to sleep as early as tomorrow morning. we should go back home. We then slept.

After some time, I silently went and checked her dress which she had removed to take a bath. Mom’s panty was fully wet and had thick cum inside it. That uncle had cummed so much in her pussy and she had wiped it with her panty. I think he had not used a condom also. He fucked my mom like a slut. And I didn’t find the bra also. Maybe she went there without a bra or left the bra there only. Maybe that uncle tore the bra in a hurry.

Suddenly, I remembered why she had shaved her pussy in the morning. It was all planned by her. Coming to the function, staying for the night and this bathroom drama – all to get fucked hard like this.

From that onward, I daily checked her panty especially when we went to the native.

This is a real story that happened and I am hoping to see more action of my mom with more strangers. I get more excited and horny when I recall the incident I saw that night.

I never imagined my mom like this before. She was a fully orthodox and decent woman, but she also had a big lusty side inside her. Her body needed more satisfaction from men to keep her happy.

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