My Past Made Me a Sex Slave

It was a very cold and rainy evening in Bengaluru. I was happy in my home, a 1RK. It was sufficient for a bachelor. It had all the needed amenities, and I added things that were needed for my work. I worked as a freelance Graphic Designer, which gave me sufficient and more than what was needed.

I did not have any known family members. So whatever I earn is for myself, with no commitments. I usually kept to myself. I venture out only when needed, like going to the grocery, to get my hair cut short and so on. I usually cooked my food. But that night, I decided to order food.

I ordered a McD Big Mac meal. After placing the order, I went to browse the web. After just 15 minutes of ordering, I heard a knock. I was happy that the order came so fast. But when I opened the door, I realised that the person who stood opposite was not the delivery agent.

He was some passerby who was there to collect money. He was taller and muscular than me, with a well-built body. He was fair but was calm. He held a slip on his hand, which he thrust forward. I was in no mood to give charity. I took the slip and looked at it. But it had nothing. It was just blank paper.

Just when I looked him up, he pushed me in with might and locked the door behind him. He had a knife pointed at me. I was shocked. I was looking with fear at the man who held a sharp blade just a few inches away from my face. His face was calm. It was rather too calm.

With just the flick of his hand, he could cause too much damage to me, but he kept his distance. He motioned me to turn around. Once I faced the wall, he grabbed both my hands. He pulled them behind my head and locked them together with a metal cuff.

He turned me back again to face him. This time, he grabbed my face and pushed my mouth open with his left hand. He shoved some clothes into my mouth and, using a tape, closed my mouth shut. This was to keep my mouth shut from making noise.

Just then, someone rang the bell. I was happy because I knew I could do something now. But he had other ideas. He opened the bathroom door, pushed me in, and locked me inside. When the bathroom door opened, he stood with the food that I had ordered.

He motioned me to come out and stand in front of him. As I had no other option, I obeyed him. He sat on the only chair that was in my room, keeping the food on the table.

“Hello, Aj,” he said with a sharp and clear voice. I was taken aback. He knew my name somehow, and that was not a good sign. I made my skin prickle. “I know more about you, so don’t worry about your name,” he said with a smile.

My mind was racing to find answers to questions that rose inside it. What does he want? If it were money, he would not be speaking to me like this. He would be searching the home before coming to me. Deep thoughts were taking my brain’s energy.

“Don’t work your brain yet,” he said with a smile. “I am not going to harm you, and money is not what I want.”

I looked him in the eye. He was very calm. He had clarity and focus.

“Now, I want your cooperation if you want to be safe!” he smiled again. “I am going to remove the gag from your mouth. But if you make any noise or speak without asking to, then be assured, you will have a hell of a bad time.”

With that, he stood up and moved closer to me. With his tall body, I was like a scared rabbit. When I nodded my head, he removed the tape and pulled out the cloth from my mouth. I was grateful for that.

He sat back again on the chair, took out a photo from his pocket and held it up for me to see. My mind snapped back in time. The photo was of a girl, whose photo I had edited long back. Memories of guilt flooded me.

“I am sure you remember her, don’t you?” he asked.

I nodded my head, “Sorry,” I said.

“Sorry is of no use”, he smirked, his face now raging, “Do you know what happened to her?” I shook my head in denial. “She is no more. She went away too far from me, and you are the reason for that,” he said, his voice more fierce and his face more red, raging with anger.

“I am sorry…I…I… I am really sorry. It was not intentional. I just did as what was asked…” I tried to reason with him, but his face was still burning with rage.

“Nothing is intentional,” his voice was like thunder, “what you did has consequences. Will you do the same to your girlfriend?”

I put my head down in shame. “I am sorry,” was the only thing that I could tell him. He stood up and faced me. His face was barely a few inches away from mine. But without even a faint notice, he slapped me hard, knocking me down to the floor. When I got up, he was still standing, with the blade in his hand.

“I am sorry,” fear started to drain my energy. I realised how strong he is and how vulnerable I am.

“The punishment for this offence is death,” he said with a smile.

I started begging, fell on my knees and begged him with all I could. I was afraid and did not want to get killed. “I will do anything. Please don’t kill me,” I said as a last hope.

He looked at me with his fierce eyes, “Anything?” he repeated.

“Yes, anything,” I said.

He sat back again on the chair and took a sip of water. “Stand up,” he ordered, and I obeyed without hesitation. He took another picture from his pocket and held it in front of me. My heart skipped a beat, and I was motionless.

“I am willing to give you pardon. But as you said, I want you to do something,” he said with a faint smile, his face still red. He kept the picture in his pocket.

He stood back again, moving closer, and he looked directly into my eyes. “I know what you want, and I know you are eager, ” he smiled and spat on my face, his saliva right above my left cheek.

“You will obey me and will do as I instruct,” he smiled. “Isn’t it slut?” he said. That word was enough. It brought back memories that were deeply buried inside me: desires, fantasies, needs and whatnot. I took a deep breath. The mental knot finally opened, and my emotions took control of me.

“Yes,” I responded, with a desire, desire to please.

“Yes, what?” he asked with a firm hold of my hair. “Yes sir,” I said, my voice feeble, fear and desire making me feel lightheaded. “Louder” he ordered. “Yes, sir,” I repeated. “I can’t hear you,” he smirked and yanked my head. “Yes, sir,” I said loud and clear.

“That is what I want,” he smiled, slid the blade and tore my shirt away from my body. The coldness made my skin prickle, and I was excited. I let my mind wander. This was what I always wanted, something that I craved, to be taken in control. He undid my hands and sat back again.

“Slut,” the word was like a keyword to control me. “Yes, sir,” I said, eager to please him.

“Strip!” was his order, and I obeyed, pulling down my pants and inners. I stood there completely exposed, with a boner.

“Puny little dick” he smiled. “This was far easier than what I thought,” he said and stood up from the chair. “This is going to my home, and you are going to be my slave,” he said with a very happy tone. “Though this does not erase your past and clear the sins, this would make you understand what you really are.

“First thing first, I want all your facial and body hair removed,” he said, tossing a razor, shaving cream and a bottle of liquid. “Once you finish shaving, apply this liquid over your body for more than five minutes,” he ordered. I took the things and entered the washroom, and closed the door.

“Don’t come out until I call,” he said and played some music.

It took me a while to trim my entire body hair. Then, to applied foam and shaved all my body hair except the hair on my head and eyebrows. Once done, I took the lotion and applied the liquid. The liquid started to work fast, and it started to burn my skin.

After three rounds, I was in pain. I could feel the liquid working into the small holes on my skin to remove any faint hair. After what looked like hours, I finished the entire bottle of liquid. I stood there patiently waiting for whoever it was to order me.

I felt more exposed than ever, with all my body hairs gone. I became more submissive. Then he ordered, and I opened the door and walked out, feeling like sinking. His eyes were fierce and bore down on me. He was still in his shirt and trousers.

He threw me a ring and ordered me to wear them. Once I did, he sat down.

“Slut, when you present yourself in front of me, I want you to kneel with legs spread wide and hands behind your head.”

I knelt and obeyed instantly.

“The ring that you are wearing has GPS and some sensors built in, and it takes energy from your body. Once it is worn, it cannot be removed. The more you try, the more difficult it becomes to remove it.”

I came back to my senses. The ring was strong and was now a part of me. I did not know what else he brought with him.

“This is just the start,” he said and laughed out loud. “I want you to obey me unconditionally. You will not wear any clothes unless I order you to do so. Your boxers are replaced with panties. That is what you will wear inside from now on when going out.”

“Yes sir,” I blurted out, the image of me walking out with a panty beneath my dress made my skin prickle and also excited.

“Don’t ever try to do something funny. I have cameras placed inside the room that always send live feeds, and all of your gadgets are bugged. I hope you understand. There is no going back slut,” he said with a composed and controlled voice. I understood the gravity of the situation.

“Have you ever sucked a cock?” he asked out of the blue. I was bewildered and was speechless. “I know you have, so tell me,” he asked again.

I cleared my throat. It took some time for me to bring my thoughts in line, “Sir, it happened long back, like when I was in college doing my bachelor’s. I was a loner there, too. I had very few friends with whom I spent my time with.”

My only close friend was Giri. He was brown-skinned and was good-looking. There was no intention of sex or anything. We were just good buddies. We had a very long holiday. But as I did not have a family to go to, I stayed back. As a good friend, he, too, stayed back. Most of the hostel was empty.

We spent the first two days playing video games and just chatting. On the second night, I wanted to watch porn. So we both watched some gang bang videos and then went to bed. It was a normal thing, but he started to move closer to me. I did not pay much attention.

Then he hugged me back, and again, I did not worry much. But when his hands slipped inside my pants, it was more than what I could take. I moved away and left the room. He did not follow me back. I was feeling depressed. I went to a nearby room and just slept.

The entire next day, I did not speak to him. It was taking a toll on me to think what happened. That afternoon, when I was in the nearby room, he came. I was angry, but he sat opposite me. As no one was there, I was somewhat comfortable.

He apologised and assured me that it wouldn’t happen again. As I did not respond, he left the room. I did not think much and did not talk to him the following day, too. That night, when I was about to go to the room, I thought about him. I realised that he was really sorry for what he had done.

At around 10, when all the people were sleeping, I went back to his room. It was unlocked. Once entering the room, I locked it from inside. Then I walked to the bed and slid beside him. Something triggered in me, and I just lay there awake.

I was sure that he was aware of my presence. But he did not turn or speak to me.  I did not realise it at first. But I moved closer to him, gently touching his body. Then, wrapping my hands around him from behind. Then I pressed myself against him, feeling him pressing my cock.

It was slowly growing inside my boxers. Then I took the plunge and moved my hands just over his crotch. His cock was already to its full length. I slipped my hands into his pants and felt the skin around his cock. He let out a moan, “Sorry,” I said and turned him to face me.

Our eyes were closed, and our lips touched each other. He, too, slid his hands inside, and then we kissed. It was long, and I liked the feeling. We just let our hands do the trick. The next day, too, went the same. But on the third night, I whispered to him my desire to suck his cock, and he agreed reluctantly.

I went down, taking his cock inside my mouth. I tried to suck for a few minutes, but I gagged, and the smell was revolting. I just finished him using my hand. But he went down and gave me a good blowjob. After that, we did not get the opportunity to meet. It has been nearly five years since that.

“You really are a fag,” he said. A sense of shame filled me, and my face turned red. “Don’t worry, you will have a lot of cocks,” he said with a smile. I nodded my head.

“I am going home to bring my stuff. I will be here tomorrow. Today. You better obey and don’t do anything funny,” he said and ordered me to finish the dry and cold burger. He left the room, taking the key and locking the room from outside.

To be continued.