My Personal Sluts – Part 2

In the previous episode, you read my sister Sakshi catching my girlfriend Ananya giving me a blowjob at our house.

Let’s continue.

Sakshi: Bhai, what’s this?! What are you guys doing?!

Me: Sakshi? When did you come? What about your college?

Sakshi: My lectures were canceled, so I came early.

And then Sakshi went to the hall. I was scared and even Ananya was confused about what happened. We quickly dressed and went to have talk with Sakshi.

Ananya: Hey Sakshi, sorry for what you saw. We thought you wouldn’t be at home.

Me: yes, sorry Sakshi.

Sakshi: But you said you are just friends and now, you were doing these things.

Ananya: We lied, because your brother didn’t want to let you know that I am his girlfriend.

Ananya (to me): See, I had told you na, let her know the truth.

Me: Yeah, we should have.

Sakshi: Why you lied?

Me: I thought I will tell you at a proper time. Sorry for that.

Sakshi: Ok, what can I do. It’s good at least now I know the truth.

Some hours passed and as Sakshi was settled, we ordered some food. And we were having some chit-chat. Ananya was staying for the night.

Sakshi: I have some work, I will continue here and will sleep here late. You guys can sleep in the bedroom.

Me: Ok, you can study now. It’s already late. Let’s go to sleep.

So, me and Ananya came to the bedroom and Sakshi was studying in the hall. We were just cuddling, but my girlfriend was lost in thought. So I asked her,

Me: What happened? What are you thinking for so long?

Ananya: I have very kinky thought.

Me: what?

Ananya: you know, I am felling horny with the fact that today someone watched me giving a bj. We watch porn to get aroused but what if someone watches and we get horny for sex?

Me: What you mean?

Ananya: I am not sure you will like this, but I want you to fuck me tonight while your sister watches us.

Me: Have you lost your mind?

Ananya: Listen na, watching means not directly sitting in the same room and watching the action. But she can hear us moaning and later, slowly I want you to take it further.

Me: Why do you want this? It’s not right. She’s my sister and what she will think of me.

Ananya: Anyway she have seen everything of yours. She know her brother enjoys with his gf. But it really turns me on, just imagining someone will touch themselves while watching me getting fucked.

Me: You want to be porn star for my sister?

Ananya: I want both of us to be her personal porn stars. She can learn how to have sex through us. When she caught us having sex, she was looking at your dick like she was watching some guy nude for the first time. See, even you are horny now, I can feel your boner.

Me: Ohh fuck, it really made me horny!

Ananya turned and I started kissing her. She came on top of me and removed her top. Her melons were popping up to come out of her sexy bra.

Ananya: Wait, let me open the door a little bit so that she can peek inside.

All these things which Ananya was giving were making me super horny. My dick was super hard, I removed her bra and put my dick inside her boobs. She started giving me boobjob and I was feeling her soft soft boobs rubbing against my dick.

Ananya (in a low voice): Moan a little bit so that Sakshi can hear us. I want her to see.

Me: Ohh, baby. Ahhhh. Ahhhh, wow don’t stop. Ahhh..

Ananya started rubbing her boobs fast and with my moans, even she was feeling aroused. She was in her full passion to get banged and to experience the real porn star feeling. We both knew Sakshi must have heard me moaning. But Ananya wanted to make it to the next level.

My girlfriend then stopped giving me boobjob and came over me. Her boobs were over my face. I started sucking her boobs. Her nipples were super hard.

Ananya (whispered in my ears): Let’s make some noise.

Ananya: Ahhh baby, suck them hard. Suckkk ohh Make me cumm. Feel them. Oh wow..

Ananya was so loud that her voice would have been heard even by the neighbors. All her those kinky acts were enough to make my sister realise that her brother was fucking someone like a slut.

Ananya: I can’t wait now. Bang my pussy hard now. As hard as possible..

Ananya (in low voice): Let your sister imagine it. She should feel to watch us. Let’s do it in missionary, so I will know if she is peeping.

Me: I an really shocked to see this side of yours.

Ananya: Yeah, this is my new slutty side. I am also new to this. But I am enjoying it, thanks to your sister.

She took my dick and out it inside her pussy. It was already wet. Ananya started biting her lips as my dick went inside her pussy. She hugged me tightly and I started pounding her.
She was looking toward the door in between to check for Sakshi. I turned her face toward me and kissed her on the lips, and pressed her big boobs. It went on for a few minutes.

Ananya started moaning again and this time, in more rhythmic tone. She was acting like a porn star. Her only motive was to let Sakshi watch us and enjoy that feeling.

Maybe Sakshi was curious because of all the moans of Ananya and she decided to peek. Ananya saw her shadow. Ananya hugged me close while I was fucking her pussy hard.

Ananya (in my ears): She’s at the door, it’s time to make it more sexy. Let me ride you. Let her see her brother’s big dick and his GF’s super sexy body.

Ananya came over the top. She was fully dominating me that night. She was enjoying every minute of Sakshi watching us.

Ananya: Ahh baby, you make me so horny. Fuck me hard tonight. Don’t stop, fuck me as much as you want. I want your big dick inside me whole night.

Me: Ohh yesss, yess, don’t stop. You makes me so horny..

Ananya: Yessss yess, fuck hard.

I too saw Sakshi’s shadow at the door. Maybe she was watching us in between. Maybe she too was horny after seeing our sexual act.

That made me blown out of mind, and I was in thoughts. I just picked Ananya, turned her and started fucking her in doggy style.

Ananya was surprised by this sudden changed in my act. I inserted my dick inside my girlfriend. She felt it deep inside her and I started giving heavy strokes with all the power I had.

Ananya: Ohhhh, slowly baby, ahhha, fuck..You’re so good, fuck me slowly. Ahhahh..

But I was lost in sexual feelings that my sister was watching me fuck my girlfriend. I continued fucking Ananya for 5 minutes until I was about to cum.

Me: Baby, I want to cum in your mouth.

Ananya: Ahah, yesss. Let me show you heaven..

She took my dick in hand and started giving me a blowjob.

Me: ohh, fuck you suck my dick so well. Ahhhh suck hard, make me cum.

Within 2 minutes, I cummed heavily in Ananya’s mouth. She sucked all the cum from my dick like a slut. It was all over her mouth, I was really surprised by this slutty side of girlfriend.

But, at the door there was my naive sister, who was watching her brother and his slut girlfriend.

What she would be thinking? Would she imagine my dick? Will she be horny? Will she be my next slut?

We will see in next episode.

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