My Real Life Slave – Part 2

After 20 slaps, I allowed Aayushi to pee because I knew it was very hard for her to control. She was very happy until I said, “You have to pee in a standing position with your legs closed.”

I read about this type of humiliation, so I wanted to try it as I liked it. She agreed. It was very humiliating for her as her legs were drenched in piss. Then she came back into the room, crawling like a cat.

Then I put a vibrator in my slave Aayushi’s pussy and clamps on her nipples, and blindfolded her. I ordered her to squat 50 times. She was afraid after hearing this because it was the start of the day. But she knew she had already agreed to be treated in such harsh and humiliating ways.

Aayushi was in the standing position for the whole night, so her legs were already in pain and now she had to squat.

She replied, “Please, master, don’t do this now because my legs are already hurting a lot because of the last night.”

Me: Okay, now you have to do 75 squats as punishment because you denied me.

Aayushi finally nodded and agreed. I started the vibrator to tease her. Her legs were shivering in pain, It was very hard for her, but somehow she managed it.

She fell on the floor after the tasks, and I stopped the vibrator and took her to the bed and cuddled her. She also did it.

I did it because I knew she was not able to move at that time, and she liked romantic things in between. I knew how to dominate a sub and also knew about the aftercare that was very necessary for BDSM.

I removed the blindfold and clamps but not the vibrator and told her to give me a blowjob. She was very happy after hearing this.

She: Yes, master.

Then I started the vibrator at its maximum intensity.

She asked me, “Master, your kitty wants to cum; please give permission to your kitty.”

I denied and she was upset and resumed sucking my dick. Aayushi was very good at sucking. We can say that she was born only to suck dicks in her life.

After that, we both went to the bathroom to take a bath. Her legs were shivering due to the pain and pleasure from the orgasm. I realized this and stopped the vibrator, but did not allow her to cum. She was very angry with me but she couldn’t say anything, and I liked her reaction at that time. I liked orgasm denial again and again.

Then I gave her an enema and massaged her legs to comfort and tease her and released the enema and took a bath.

After the bath, I again put a vibrator in her pussy and a butt plug and ordered her to dress like a typical Indian woman in a saree. And I also wore formal.

She looked so hot and gorgeous in the saree. She applied light pink lipstick, big earrings, and pink nail paint, and had big open hairs. I wanted to fuck my slave after seeing her in that outfit, but I controlled myself. I kissed her for 15 minutes and then told her to wear heels. She didn’t understand what was in my mind.

Aayushi was very horny and her legs were hurting a lot, and she was wearing high heels that were also very uncomfortable. She also had a vibrator in her pussy and a butt plug. After all this, she was still looking innocent because of her saree.

I planned a lunch with her and booked a cab. We both reached the restaurant. She was not able to walk properly and I enjoyed her public humiliation. After ordering food for both of us, I gave her rice and a very spicy daal. She was not allowed to eat with a spoon. It was her first time in public to eat with her hands. She first denied it but agreed later.

After having some bites, she asked for water. But I ignored her. She was begging for water. I started the vibrator at that time at the minimum intensity and told her to eat with her mouth closed or otherwise I would increase its intensity to the maximum.

Aayushi started to eat again with tears in her eyes. And I melted at that time and allowed her to drink water, but with one condition:

“You will not be allowed to pee until tomorrow.”

She thought for a second and said yes and drank a half liter of water. The vibrator was still on, and she wanted to cum again. I denied it and stopped the vibrator.

After the lunch, we reached home. I ordered her to remove every cloth and wait for me on the bed in doggy style. I fucked her three times and in the end, I allowed her to cum. This time, she was very happy and thanked me for it.

Then I told her to massage my legs and to clean the house without making a noise when I was sleeping. I also told her to get on her knees in front of the bed after that.

After three hours, I woke up, and she was in front of me kneeling. Her legs were in pain, and she was very tired and exhausted and wanted to sleep. But I told her to dance for me. She wanted to deny it, but because of the fear of punishment, she somehow managed it.

After 30 minutes of the show, I wanted to fuck my slave Aayushi but not in a BDSM way. So I allowed her to act like my wife and not my submissive till my next order.

I then started to kiss her neck and lips and bit her nipples. After a good foreplay, I fucked her for 3–4 times. Then we both fell asleep while hugging each other.

After two hours, I woke up and also woke her up. I ordered her to behave like a good submissive. I then ordered her to make food for both of us, and I put clamps, a butt plug, a vibrator, and a gag in her mouth. I set the vibrator to medium intensity and told her not to cum.

I started to watch the TV and enjoy it while she was struggling with the vibrator, food, and her denied orgasms.

After more than an hour, she returned to the room with food and her wet pussy. I understood but did not say anything at that time and decided to punish her in the night. I ordered her to serve food for me and wait for her turn like a dog.

After finishing the dinner, I gave her some rice and daal, because according to me, it was the best food for a submissive.

Thus, she had to eat like a dog, straight from the plate.

And then she washed all the stuff and came back to the room. I removed the vibrator and butt plug and ordered her to lie down on the bed with her legs spread and told her that it was time for her punishment.

I give her 50 strokes with my belt on her pussy. After every stroke, she was crying and also saying, “Thank you, master. Please give me another because your kitty deserves punishment.”

She was crying like hell after this, but I was in the mood to make this night very hard and also memorable for her, so I did many things with her.

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