My Relationship with my Mother – Part 1

Hello friends, I am Mahesh, 25 years old. This is the story of my relationship with my mother.

Coming to my family we are Maharashtrian, comprising five members. My grandmother Shakuntala who is 74 years old. My father, Satyam, 55 years old, works in a local Motorcycle Company. My mother, Anjali, who is 51 years old, is a sweet housewife.

My sister Mayuri, who is 28 years old, married 4 years ago. My sister and brother-in-law, Shubham, 30 years old, work in an IT company. They have 2-year-old twins, a boy and a girl, Aniruddha and Anuradha.

Let’s get into the background of the story first then we will move on to the actual. Coming to me, I am now working in the same Motorcycle Company with my father. I am currently dating my childhood friend Sakshi, 22 years old, who lives next to my house.

My sister married her boyfriend, who is her college senior. We live in a semi-bungalow house. We have a Hall, Kitchen with Dining, Puja room, and one bedroom on the ground floor, where, my sister, our grandmother and I used to stay.

Two bedrooms on the first floor of which one used by my parents.  Also, we have a small lawn in the front on the ground floor and an open terrace on the first floor.

So now, let’s get into the actual story. It all started in summer vacation after my junior college examination. I used to play cricket with my sister on the terrace in the evenings. One fine day she accidentally hit me with the ball on my dick while I was batting.

I screamed in pain, and my parents rushed towards us. My father took me to their bedroom and examined me. It was not that serious of an issue as we were playing with the plastic ball. My father asked my mother to calm me down and sleep for some time with me.

It was after a very long time since my childhood I was sleeping with my mother. I still remember she was wearing a pink salwar kameez, a bit body fit. I was crying, and my mother was consoling me by taking me in her arms.

After two weeks, it was my result. I was a bit nervous, but I don’t know why I calmed down by watching my mother ready to go my college for my results. She was wearing a light yellow floral saree and a yellow sleeveless blouse.

Her fair skin was glowing in the morning sunlight. Lip skin tone lipstick, yellow bindi, small mangalsutra and golden bangles did the rest. Later, we went to my college. I saw the attention my mother got from my teachers and parents of my classmates instead of my results.

I scored 87% marks and my mother was super happy. She hugged me in front of my classmates, teachers and other parents. My best friend Nikhil was also there, along with his father Girish. Nikhil stood first in the college. I and my mother congratulated him for his success.

My mother and Girish, Nikhil’s father, started discussing our coaching classes for the next year. Nikhil called me to the corner and whispered in my ear, “I saw the bulge in your pants while you and your mother hugged each other.” I was shocked and felt ashamed at the same time.

I said nothing to him and went home with my mother. My mother cooked my favorite meal in the evening and we had a good family time in the evening.
The next morning, Nikhil came to my house. He greeted my granny, and we went upstairs to the other bedroom.

It was next to my parents’ bedroom. It was a kind of study room used by my sister mostly. And the discussion begins at the first.

Nikhil: How long was your bulge? Do you get frequent boners as you have three beauties at your home?

Mahesh: No. I felt it was wrong, but I can’t control my feelings when I see my mother and sister.

Nikhil: It’s the beginning of our adulthood. It’s normal. My parents are doctors, and they talk to me openly about this stuff.

Mahesh: I don’t know. My parents never talked on this topic neither with me nor with my sister, I guess.

Nikhil: It’s okay. Let’s talk now.

Mahesh: I am uncomfortable.

Nikhil: Okay. I will start. I also get boners while watching my mother, my aunt. I imagine them at night doing naughty things with me. I even imagine our Marathi teacher, Rashmi Madam.

Mahesh: Yes. She is beautiful.

Nikhil: What do you see in her? Her face, lips, eyes, or her breast or her navel?

Mahesh: When you saw her navel? I never saw it.

Nikhil: I saw you watching our Mathematics teacher, Sharda Madam. Now tell me how to get good marks in Mathematics.

Mahesh: Don’t change the topic. Tell me, when did you see Rashmi Madam’s navel?

Nikhil: I saw just the way you saw Sharda Madams navel. Hahaha. She is dusky but very curvy in her body type.

Mahesh: Oh, you observe her too.

Nikhil: I observe you, too. That is how you observe Sharda Madam. And we laughed together.

In the middle of our conversation, I saw my sister walking by the terrace. I thought she might have listened to our conversation. I was feeling anxious about whether she would tell Maa Papa. I was in fear of getting beaten by my parents.
My friend Nikhil and I played Play Station games.

He went to his home after some time. In the afternoon, after lunch, I was playing Chess with my sister. In 3-4 moves, she killed my queen and said, “Miss You, Sharda, now who will save you?” I was shocked to hear this from my sister.

Now, I know that she knew all the conversations I had with my best friend, Nikhil.

Mahesh: Sorry DeeDee.

Mayuri: It’s completely fine, bro. Don’t be sorry. It’s the age which makes us do things. After a long pause, what do you observe in me?

Mahesh: No. Please no. I am uncomfortable.

Mayuri hugged me all of a sudden, and my face was around her breast. I was feeling her heartbeat getting fast. In no time, she held my dick in her hand. I felt pain and, at the same time, a deep pleasure. I held her tight in my arms, and we started rolling on the bed on each other.

I kissed her neck, and she moaned a bit. We stopped there but held each other in our arms and slept for some time. At night, after dinner, I was playing Play Station. My sister came, and she said she was feeling nervous. She was having her Engineering Entrance Examination results the next day.

I distracted her by saying, “If you fail, I will kiss you, and if you pass, you will kiss me.” She laughed and felt a bit normal and went to sleep and I continued playing Play Station.

The next morning, I woke up a bit late. But I saw everyone at home was anxious curious to know Mayuri’s results. I got ready, had breakfast and waited for 11:00 AM for Mayuri’s results.

Finally, the results came, and Mayuri scored 179/200 marks. She was on the supermoon, extremely happy. She took the blessings of Grandma, Ma, Papa, and God as always. She came to me and hugged me in happiness. I said in her ear, now you have to kiss me. She laughed and left me.

The phone calls from the relatives began and the morning set to dawn in quick time. In the evening, one of my grandma’s distant relatives visited our home. Some family member was admitted to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

That was the first time I met Shubham, now my brother-in-law. At the same time, I saw my sister Mayuri very happy seeing him. He was doing Engineering studies at that time. We had dinner together, and they left for the hospital.

In the night, I was playing my Play Station, and Mayuri came to talk. She closed the door and locked it. She made me stand, hugged me tightly and kissed on my cheeks.

Mayuri: Happy, baby?

Mahesh: I’m not your baby. I am happy but not satisfied.

Mayuri: Then what do you want?

Mahesh: I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. But I want to love Mom, and I want her to love me.

Mayuri: It’s completely wrong. If Dad comes to know about this, he will beat you and throw you out of the house.

Mahesh: I know. What to do now? Can you do something which will not be anything physical with Mom but an eye treat for me?

Mayuri: Sure, but you have to help me get admission to the same Engineering College in which Shubham studies. I have been in a phone call relationship with him for the past two years. I met him when I visited our village relatives after my SSC.

Mahesh: OMG. You kept it secret from me. Why?

Mayuri: Leave it now. I will tell you someday. Let’s have a deal. I will help you with your mom thing and you will help in my Shubham thing?

Mahesh: Done. Agreed. No other conditions. Can you make Mom wear the same yellow floral saree which she wore on result day tomorrow? A little below the navel and, if possible, no brassiere, too.

Mayuri: I can. Just take it to a nearby café for coffee and invite Shubham there, too.

Mahesh: Done.

We hugged each other in happiness and went to sleep. I was thinking all night about my mom, how she would look, how her navel would look. Will she know that we had planned this? All kinds of thoughts were in my mind. I was eagerly waiting for the next morning to see my dream girl, my mother, Anjali.

This is the beginning of my story. I hope you enjoyed till now. It all started when I was in junior college. Now I am 25, in a complete relationship with my mother, with her consent, and we are happy together.

It was the dream which came to reality to have my mother, my first love, in my arms, kiss her, undress her, love her, explore her, and, of course, fuck her. But with her consent. It’s the complete journey, which I will share in parts. If you like the story, motivate me in the comments.