My Relationship with my Mother – Part 2

Hello friends, I hope you enjoyed part 1. Without wasting any time, let’s begin.

It’s morning time. I woke up, freshened up, took a bath and came to the dining room for breakfast. My grandma was doing puja, and my father was reading the newspaper. I was constantly looking at the stairs to see my mother coming. She didn’t come. I sent a message on WhatsApp to my sister.

Mahesh: What’s happening? Where is Mom?

Mayuri: Your dream girl has just taken a bath, and she is getting ready for you now. (she naughtily replied)

Mahesh: Can you video call? I’m getting impatient. I can’t control myself.

Mayuri: It’s a surprise. It took me hell to convince her to wear that saree with no brassiere blouse.

Mahesh: How did you convince her?

Mayuri: Aam khao. Gutliya naa gino. (Just enjoy, don’t ask questions.)

Mahesh: Mom ready?

Mayuri: You are like, you are taking her on your first date.

Mahesh: Yes, and to you too.

After some time, Anjali, my mother my love, came downstairs. She was all like a queen. Smile on face, kajal on eyes, open hair, shoulder tied pallu, bouncing breasts. I guess because of no bra but no navel visible. She was looking damn hot. I instantly got the boner.

I was like, “Fuck her, fuck her. Fuck you, Mom. Fuck you, my Anjali.” She went to the puja room, which is just next to the dining room. She sat alongside my grandma and did puja. I was watching her back, which was wide open in her blouse.

She completed puja and bent down on her knees to get the blessing from God. Her curvy bums made me mad about her. After puja, she came to the dining room and sat next to me. Now, when she is next to sitting next to me, I had no courage to look into her eyes and enjoy her beauty.

Finishing my breakfast, I asked Mayuri to come upstairs. As soon as she came to the room, I closed the door and hugged her tightly.

Mahesh: Thank you, Baby.

Mayuri: Anything for you, Bro.

Mahesh: Love you, Anjali, let me kiss you.

My sister allowed me to kiss her. I was saying my mother’s name, Anjali and kissing my sister. She was also responding well and said, moaning, “Love me, Shubham, I am yours.”

At this point, we have exchanged our emotions, intentions, thoughts, and feelings with each other.  We stopped, thinking somebody might notice us and got downstairs.

My college was about to start within 3 weeks. I asked my father for coaching. He already inquired about a few classes and finalized one, which was the best. I called Nikhil to ask him which coaching he was joining. To my surprise, it was the same as mine.

We planned to go to coaching by bicycle daily as it was about to start in two days. My father asked me to go to the coaching office for registration with my Mom in the afternoon. I was overjoyed.

The plan to go out to the cafe was cancelled as Shubham was busy in hospital. It was the perfect opportunity for me to spend some time with my mother my love, Anjali. Time was not running fast. It was still 11:00 AM, and my father had gone to the office.

Mayuri was doing her research regarding college admissions, and Grandma was reading holy books. I went to see my Mom and what she was doing. She was in the kitchen, cleaning some stuff;

Anjali: What are you looking for?

Mahesh: You.

Shit, I shouldn’t have said that, I thought.

Anjali: I don’t understand.

Mahesh: I thought you might be free now so that we can go to coaching registration.

Anjali: Give me some time, I will finish this stuff, and then we will go.

Mahesh: Okay Mom.

And I left. I went to the hall, watching TV. In half an hour, Anjali came, “Let’s go.” I looked at her. She had tied her hair. I guess she had worn a bra now, as her breast seemed upright. Her bindi was a bit bigger now. I called my best friend Nikhil to get there. My mother took her scooty out, and I sat behind her.

With full confidence, I put my hand on her sideways on her waist, holding her. She didn’t resist and responded nothing. While on the way, her pallu was bit in midair, her hair was touching my face, and her fragrance was making me mad. We reached coaching.

Nikhil was also there with his mother, Savita. Our mothers were doing formalities, and we were sitting in the reception area.

Nikhil: Take these pills. I brought them only for you, mix them in food or drinks and give them to your Mom or sister. They will fall asleep for at least three hours, and you can enjoy them. My parents give me this when they want to have sex. I found it in their room one day.

Nikhil: I kept the whole packet with me, thinking someday it may be needed. I tried this on Rashmi Madam in college. I put half a tablet in her juice and she was in deep sleep for one hour. Now I know it works 100%.

Mahesh: Why didn’t you try on your Mom?

Nikhil: I don’t like her; I like Rashmi Madam. I should get her personal Marathi coaching and someday enjoy her beauty.

Mahesh: Give it to me. (I kept it in my pocket.)

After completing the formalities, we were on our way towards our home. I was in desperate need of my Mom. I wanted her at any cost. On the way home, I planned to take some cold coffee chocolate shakes. We went to a nearby café, ordered the same and waited for the deliveries.

My Mom was busy with the Menu card, and some fellows were eye-scanning my Mom. I felt proud at that moment that I had the beauty with me. Our order came, and we went home. I have already WhatsApp the plan to my sister Mayuri. She made a few much-needed arrangements at home.

At home, my Mom brought water for us, and we were sitting on the sofa. I asked my Mom to have our coffees upstairs in my room. Mayuri was already studying there. I went up and gave only half a pill to Mayuri. I didn’t want my Mom to sleep for long as she might notice suspicious.

Mayuri had already started sipping her chocolate shake. I was waiting for Mom to come. Mom came, knocked on the door and came inside.

Mahesh: It’s your home, no need to knock.

Anjali: Manners, dear. Where is my coffee?

Mayuri: Here it is, with love from Mahesh…(pause) and Mayuri.

Mahesh: You made me skip my heartbeat. Hahaha.

Anjali: Okay. It’s nice. Where is yours, Mahesh?

Mahesh: Here it is, with love from Anjali…(pause) and Mayuri.

And we laughed together. A little chit-chat began on our studies, and my Mom started to feel dizzy in a short time. We saw her feeling sleepy.

Mayuri: Mom, are you sleepy?

Anjali: Yes, I am tired a lot and need to sleep.

Mayuri: Take Mom to her room.

Anjali: Good boy. Come.

Mahesh: Mom, you are very sleepy. Can I lift you and take you to your room? You are not able to walk properly.

Mayuri: Don’t waste time. Don’t you see Mom unable to walk? Take her to her room fast.

Mayuri: Mom, you want to change clothes?

Anjali: Yes, but not now. I need to sleep now.

I lifted my Mom in my arms, Mayuri opened the door of her bedroom, took her to her bed and lay her down. We were waiting for our Mom to fall into deep sleep. After 10-15 minutes, Mayuri called, “Mom, wake up,” but she didn’t. I lie down next to my Mom.

I kissed my Mom on her cheeks, forehead and finally on her lips. I unpinned her pallu from her shoulder. Now, the whole milky front of her was visible to me. Everything I dreamed of in my dreams was just not enough. My Mom was so much more beautiful than that.

I pushed her saree down from her waist to have a clear view of her navel. It was deep. I fingered it for a bit.

Mayuri: Unpin her blouse, dude, and enjoy.

Mahesh: Yes. Have you started the video recording?

Mayuri: Already on it, man.

I started unpinning my Mom’s blouse, button by button and my heart beat getting high. I unpinned her blouse, and her heavenly mid-sized breasts with dark brown nipples came out. I started pressing them, squeezing them. My Mom started moaning a bit. She started moving her legs a bit.

I started kissing her breasts, sucking her nipples, also mildly I bite them too. I went down to her belly and licked her navel. My Mom was moaning and grabbed me in her arms. From moaning, “Ahh… Ahh… “she all of a sudden took my name Mahesh. Now, she was moaning with my name, Mahesh.

I lay down on her and had ejaculation in my pants. After some time, Mayuri said, “Enough now. Save something for later.” I got up. Mayuri pinned my Mom’s blouse and tied her pallu to her shoulder. She put a comforter on her and let her sleep.

We went to our room and saw the complete video again.  Now, my sister, Mayuri, was in the mood. She held me in her arms, kissed me and slept with me. She had fallen asleep, and I was watching my video with my Mom. My Mom taking my name was the best moment of all.

It’s like I have won the lady I love the most. After this, I decided to do something engaging with my Mom. To attract her towards me, love me and win her without any tablet.

After an hour, my Mom woke up. She called Mayuri and asked what happened to her and why she felt so sleepy. Who took her here, etc. Mayuri got scared as she knew everything. Mayuri said nothing and left the room. Anjali knew something had happened to her but was not sure exactly what.

She was confused and completely unaware of what had happened to her. She got up from bed and started changing her clothes.

The next morning, my best friend Nikhil came to my house. I showed the video to him. He also got the boner by seeing my hot Mom, Anjali.

Nikhil: I never thought your Mom was so beautiful. Also, I never thought you would use the pills on the very first day. Let me show you what I got.

Nikhil showed the sex session of his parents to me. We enjoyed and masturbated, thinking of the same thing with our favourite Rashmi and Sharda madam, respectively. He told me he had a fixed spy camera in his parent’s bedroom.

He watches them live sometimes and sometimes records their sessions. The thoughts begin in my head, too. So, please wait for it. Continued in the next part, so stay tuned.

I hope you enjoyed the 2nd part and many more interesting parts to come. Keep supporting, keep motivating, keep guiding.