My Sali, My Love – Part 6

Hello everyone. This is Avi Maheshwari, and this part is in continuation of the last part where we had sex in the shower.

I and Anki (my sali) were discussing how we needed to nurture our relationship and manage it while hiding our sexual relationship with everyone and being happy with each other in a long-distance relationship. Now, let’s continue on our sexual journey together and enjoy.

I was caressing my sali Anki’s hair. And she was just giving light pecks on my chest and shoulders. My hands were on her back rubbing them softly.

Then I made a move and let her lie on her back. And I came over to her and started kissing her lips. We smooched for a really long time. I was lightly kissing her lips. Our tongues were playing with each other.

Then I broke the kiss and went down to her neck. I was licking her neck while my hands went down to her ass. I asked her –

Me: Where did you get this nightie from?

She said: There is a shop near my office. I wanted to surprise you and hence I went and got one after my office. How does it look?

I replied: You are looking so sexy and like an angel whom I am going to fuck the brains out!

I opened her nightie and out came the wonderful boobs. I grabbed one of them and started sucking the other one. They were so soft but firm. I was playing with them for a long time. I knew her nipples were her soft spot. Whenever I was pinching her nipples, a loud moan was coming out of her mouth. I kept on kissing them, sucking them. Her nipples were wet and erect with my saliva.

It must have been 15 minutes or so. I took off my sali’s nightie. Then I went to the edge of the bed and made her sit on my lap facing me. And soon, I was kissing her. I told her to push her pussy down on my cock and sit on me.

She did the same thing. Her pussy was wet anyways with all the boobs sucking. My cock entered her pussy with ease, and she let out a moan.

Anki: Aaahhh… ohhhh…

I supported my sali’s ass with my hands and told her to do it up and down. At first, she was having problems because the cock was coming out and she would have to re-adjust the cock. But after some time, she was able to gather momentum. She would just rise as much so that the head would remain inside her pussy and then sit down back again. She had gathered the pace and was jumping nicely. Her boobs were also bouncing with her.

My both hands were busy supporting her ass. So, I took my mouth and tried catching her bouncing boobs with my mouth. My tongue was out trying to get a lick off her nipples. Sometimes, I succeeded and sometimes, I didn’t. Anki was also laughing whenever I was failing.

Then I moved forward a little, put her nipples in my mouth and started sucking them. I laid down and made her sit on her knees all the while my cock was in her pussy.

Anki started jumping up and down. Now my hands were free to do whatever I wanted to do. I grabbed hold of her tits and was pressing them hard. She was moaning loudly. I had cummed sometimes back in the shower. So, I wasn’t worried about cumming too early like last night.

But my sali was on the verge of cumming. She was moaning loudly now. She was telling me to fuck her nicely and hard, like in a porn movie.

Anki: Come on, fuck my pussy, jiju! Aaj chodo mujhe, zor se chodo, meri chut aapke lund ke liye pyasi hai. Iski saari khujli mita do. Bahut tang kiya hai isne mujhe bahut dino se, saari khujli mita do iski.

Then I got hold of her ass, made her lie on me and started ramming my cock in her pussy from below. She was going to cum. She grabbed my shoulders and kissed me hard on my lips and came. Her body was shuddering.

I then stopped fucking her and let her enjoy the sensation. She got normal in a minute. I made her lie down on her back and inserted my cock in her pussy. I gathered my pace and was fucking her to a nice tune. I must have been fucking her for about 8-10 minutes.

Now I could feel that I was going to cum. I told her that I was going to come. She told me to cum inside her. I didn’t argue with her and increased my pace. Then I shot a lot of cum in my sali’s pussy. After ejaculation, I lied on top of her for some time just hugging her. My cock also came out of her pussy in a flaccid state.

Anki said she could feel the sperm coming out with it. Then I asked her why did she ask me to come inside her. She told she had taken an emergency contraceptive pill and since her periods ended just 3 days back, there was no danger.

I had forgotten about the contraceptive pill the whole day. Good that she had a sense of mind. I had forgotten about the condoms too. Actually, I don’t use condoms when I have sex with my wife. I wasn’t in a habit of having sex too since it was 7 months since I had sex with my wife.

I slid on her side and we were just lying down. We must have laid down for around an hour in each other’s arms, just kissing in between. We were having a normal conversation.

I asked: Let’s get the hookah up and have it completely naked.

She also liked the idea. Then she made the hookah. Just consider the environment, the room was lit with scented candles, the AC was running the full course and we were both nude and puffing hookah! A very nice sight altogether.

There were 2 mattresses in her room in the corner. I spread the beds while she was making the hookah. I made ourselves a good peg too. I wanted to enjoy the night with Anki.

Then we lie down on her stomach on the bed on the ground and were puffing hookah. We were just kidding around, kissing each other in between. I took a big swig of the whiskey and kissed her putting the whiskey in her mouth. My sali hated whiskey, but it was all too sudden and she had to consume it. She hit me and said –

Anki: You know I hate whiskey.

I was laughing.

Then I told her: You have tasted a lot of things today. This was also something new.

Then I moved her hand to my cock. She smiled and said –

Anki: Okay, let me try this.

She went down and took my cock in her mouth. I was smoking hookah while my cock was being sucked by Anki. While sucking, she was fingering her pussy. It was a sight to watch. My cock got hard instantaneously. Then I told her –

Me: I am putting some whiskey on my cock and you need to drink it while sucking my cock.

Then I dropped some whiskey and she drank it. Her taste buds must be having a field day – whiskey with my precum!

Anki was fingering very fast. It must have been around 20 minutes and still she was fingering and sucking my cock. She was in ecstasy. Then I started rubbing her nipples with my fingers. I could see from her face that she was close to cumming. I started ramming my cock in her mouth while she put 2 fingers inside her pussy.

In 2 minutes, her body started shaking and she took my cock out of her mouth and started cumming. Then she lied down while I was puffing hookah. She was trying to gather herself after that orgasm.

Then I asked: Why did you leave my cock when you have cummed?

She said: It’s time to return the favor.

Then my sali asked me to get up and took my place near the hookah.

She told me: Now, you need to suck my pussy while I smoke a hookah.

I was all for it. I opened her legs and spread her pussy lips. Then I inserted my tongue in her pussy. It was wet with her cum. I liked the salty taste of her pussy.

Anki dropped some of her vodka on her stomach. It rolled down on her pussy and I could taste her salty juices with the vodka. It was intoxicating and I loved it.

Actually, my wife doesn’t drink. So I always wanted to do this with her, but she never agreed to it. It was like a dream coming true.

I started fingering her vagina and stimulating her clit with my tongue. She was enjoying it so much.

The best thing for girls is only that they can cum again, again and again. I didn’t want to spare her because she had stopped sucking my cock in between. She was smoking hookah and I was down sucking her pussy. Then I sucked her pussy for close to 20 minutes. I really liked sucking pussy and drinking all its juices. She was close to cumming.

I was noticing her facial features and when I could feel that she was going to cum, I just stopped sucking her pussy altogether. She looked at me surprisingly. She then tried to get her hands to her chut so that she could finger herself and make herself cum.

I grabbed her hands and didn’t let them close to her pussy. She was squirming and rubbing her legs. But, it was futile. I was loving how she was behaving.

Then she asked me: Why did you do it?

I told her: Relax, let me work my magic.

After my sali calmed down, I started sucking her pussy again, fingering again, like I did last night. I was trying to stimulate her G-spot. She was getting crazy. She had stopped smoking hookah.

Then she lied down and her eyes were closed. Her hands were on my head. I was sucking and fingering her at the same time. But every time she was close to cumming, I stopped!

Anki was exasperated. She was trying to get her hands to her pussy, but I didn’t allow her. This went on for like 45 minutes. My jaws were paining now with the constant sucking. My body was uncomfortable lying down like this.

I wanted this one to be her big one. So, I again started sucking her pussy – this time, much harder. I was biting her pussy lips and putting 2 fingers in her pussy. My sali’s G-spot was getting stimulated and she was close to cumming. But this time, I didn’t stop her. I went on and on and when she came. It was a sight to see. Her back was arched in the air and her head was arched fully back. Her hands were trying to put my head in her pussy.

Then she let out a very big moan, “Aaahhhhhh…”

It was lovely to hear it and then came a big Tsunami on her pussy juices. It was like she had taken a piss. But it was her pussy juices.

Honestly, I don’t know, but whatever it was. It was the best thing I had seen till that time. Just her reaction was something that I will never forget. It felt like an eternity since she was cumming. I tried and drank whatever I could. The bed was fully wet. She must have calmed down after like 2-3 minutes. Amazing feeling it was!

After she calmed down, she just made me come up and was kissing me everywhere. She was trying to say that this was the best feeling she ever had. She was so satisfied now and said –

Anki: You are the best.

And I was just enjoying whatever she was giving me. It was around 12:30 am. We came back to the main bed. The bed which was on the ground was very wet. We needed it to dry back before the morning came. We were just lying down in each other’s arms. It was the best feeling. She then asked me where did I learn this.

I said: I have tried this with your sister too.

Her reaction wasn’t dissimilar and she smiled.

Then I said: Let’s hug each other and shut-eye for an hour or so. Our session till now has been intense.

She agreed and we slept till 3 in the morning. Then I woke up to go to the washroom. When I came back, she was still sleeping with her legs spread. Just by seeing it, my dick started getting erect.

I was jerking off my cock so that it got fully erect. I came over to her and put my cock on her pussy and pushed it in. She got up in shock. I pinned her down and started fucking my sali.

After a moment, she realized and started pushing her ass to maintain strokes with me. Then I increased my speed. I was smooching her all the time while my cock was going in and out with a speed.

We fucked for around 20 minutes. And now I was going to come. I took out my cock and put it in her mouth and ejaculated. She swallowed the whole of it.

Then I told her: Let’s sleep in each other’s arms till 5 am.

Then I put an alarm and went to my room. She was skeptical.

She said: What if we will not be able to get up? We will be screwed then.

I said: Don’t worry, I will get up (allaying her fears).

Then I put the alarm and she also put an alarm and then we slept. The alarm went off at 5 am. I got up and went it my room naked which was just across. And locked it and slept off.


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