My Sali, My Love – Part 8

Hello everyone, this is Avi again with another part of my relationship with my sali Anki. If you have read the last part, you will know I went to Delhi for some work and then I and Anki finally ended up having sex with each other.

On the 2nd last day of my 4 days visit, we got a surprise when my in-laws had to leave because of some death in their family. So I and Anki were left at home all alone and we decided to make it a memorable day. Then we ended up having amazing sex in the morning and then we slept in each other arms naked.

So, let’s continue the story ahead.

We both woke up at around 11 am and were both hungry. She said she would go down and cook breakfast. So I said I would also assist.

I told her, “I don’t want both of us to wear any clothes today. It’s going to be a nude day. Anyways, we both are not going to our offices. So, let’s do it.”

My sister-in-law agreed and we both went down to the kitchen. I cut some fruits for us and she was making some poha. While she was making it, I put a slice of apple in my mouth and offered it to her. When she ate half of it, I kissed her lips. We were acting as a newly wedded couple. We were super comfortable being naked with each other.

I had finished up with the fruits. My sali was still making poha. So I went behind her and hugged her from behind. My cock was hard. I was thrusting my cock on her ass cheeks while my hands went to her boobs.

Then she said: Let me make it and let us eat. Then you do whatever you wanna do.

But I wasn’t in the mood to understand. I was kissing her on the back of her neck or her shoulders. My hands were moving on her boobs and stomach. My sali knew I was not going to listen. So why resist? She started enjoying my touch.

I took her nipples between my fingers and pulled them up. Her boobs stretched, but she felt the pain and she took them out of my hands. She was looking at me with painful eyes. Then I kissed her.

Me: There is enjoyment in the pain too.

My SIL just smiled. Then she stopped cooking poha. I made her bend down and her ass prodded out. I opened her ass cheeks and saw her asshole and pussy. Then I opened my sali’s pussy lips and inserted a finger inside. She gasped! No matter how many times you have sex, when a finger or a cock is inserted in a pussy, it’s bound to give pleasure.

I took out my finger and put it in my mouth. I left her there and went to the fridge to take out an ice cube.

After a few minutes, I came back to her. She was looking at me astonishingly. I put the ice cube between my fingers and put it on the pussy. She shook badly and was trying to get away from me! I held her tight =ly and told her to enjoy the sensation.

She said: It’s cold, I can’t bear it!

I just shushed my sali and went back to her pussy. I was rubbing ice near her ass cheeks. Sometimes I took the ice cube directly on her ass hole and she shuddered. I was enjoying seeing her squirm like that. The other times, took the ice cube to her pussy and put it inside. That time, she jumped and made me remove the ice cube. I started laughing. Then she told me to stop.

I said: Ok, let me try something.

Then I told her to sit on the slab of the kitchen and opened her legs. It was very uncomfortable for her because still she was tried. She put her hand at the back to balance and opened her legs.

I crouched down on my sister-in-law’s pussy and put the ice in my mouth. It was cold obviously. I took it between my teeth. It was slipping and there wasn’t much grip. Then I went and took another cube and put some markings with my tooth on its side where I could get a grip.

After making sure it won’t slip, I started moving my face near her pussy. I was making sure that I was rubbing the ice cube near her vaginal area but not directly on her pussy. She was squirming with the ice cube touching her pussy.

Anki was enjoying it a lot. Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying this cold sensation.

I opened her pussy lips with my fingers and inserted a finger again. She moved her hips as if telling me to continue.

I started fingering my sali’s pussy while my ice cube-filled lips were moving around near her vaginal area. She was fully shaved and I didn’t get a problem.

Now, the ice was melting and I made sure that ice water dropped on top of her pussy. The cold sensation was making her hornier. I could feel it from her moans and her pussy juices.

I dropped the ice water on her clit and it made fingering easier. I then inserted 2 fingers. She was shuddering towards an orgasm. This was the fast one. Maybe it was because of the ice.

The ice was going to melt fully in a few minutes. Then I took the ice cube directly on her pussy. I started pressing the ice cube on her pussy. Then I dropped it on her pussy and she cried with pain and pleasure. I inserted the ice cube inside my sali’s pussy. It was very small now.

She started moving very fast and tried to get up. I took hold of her legs and didn’t let her move. My lips started sucking her pussy. I could taste cold pussy water. She was squirming a lot and telling me to remove it.

I said: Just a few seconds more. The ice cube will melt inside your hot pussy.

After a minute, she stopped sensing the cold sensation and relaxed. I was sucking her pussy the whole time. I was rubbing her clit with my tongue.

Her head was arched back and she was letting me do whatever I wanted to do. I kept on sucking and she was moving her hips as if signaling that she was going to cum.

I started rubbing her clit with my fingers and my tongue was in her pussy. And then she came. It was a heart-stopping orgasm for her, because of this new experience with ice and whatnot.

My SIL was cumming a lot. And I was lapping her pussy juices. Finally, she stopped and I made her climb down the kitchen slab. There was a satisfied smile on her face.

She then made the poha and we went to the dining table and ate breakfast. We went into the room and were just lying in each other’s arms. We were like a new couple who had just gotten into a relationship and loved each other unconditionally.

I was rubbing her boobs in between and kissing her in between. We were just talking about stuff here and there. I told her that I wanted to give a massage to her. She agreed instantly and we made some arrangements.

I asked her to get some towels and a scented oil if she had any. I spread the towels on the bed so that the bedsheet didn’t get ruined with the oil. Then I made her lie on her stomach. After that, I put some music on her phone.

After that, I went down to her feet and started with the massage. I took a good amount of oil in my hands and started with her feet. I was so gentle. And I wanted to spend a lot of time on each of her body parts giving her a massage.

I knew it to be very stimulating. After the feet, I went up to the calf and then to the thigh. I was giving a good amount of time to everything. My sali was enjoying the oil touch of my hands.

After her thigh, I spread her legs a little more and came between her thighs to her inner thighs. I was using a circular motion to massage her inner thighs. Now and then, my fingers touched her pussy and she was giving out high moans. But I had other things on my mind.

I massaged the whole area around her pussy, but didn’t touch her pussy. I was using my thumbs to go near the pussy. She was getting frustrated, but I was enjoying it.

I opened her ass cheeks and took some oil and put it on the ass hole. Her ass cheeks glistened with oil. I tried to insert one finger again in her asshole. This time, I succeeded. Because of the oil, my finger easily went into her asshole. She clamped her ass muscles together. I asked her to relax. Then I said –

Me: It won’t pain with the oil and I am not going to insert my cock in your ass.

My sister-in-law relaxed a bit and I started fucking her asshole. After some time, she started enjoying my finger in her ass. I spent a good 15 minutes fingering her asshole while my other hand was roaming about on her legs and back.

Then I removed my finger and took a lot of oil and started massaging her back. I started with the shoulders and in circular motions, I started massaging her back – from the shoulders blade to the lower back. I was covering her whole back with my hands. It was 30 minutes now since I had started with her massage and not once even I touched her pussy. She was also getting excited.

Then I asked her to move on her back and she happily obliged. I moved her down a little and put her head between my legs. I was on my knees and my both legs were at the side of her head. My cock was dangling over her face.

Again, I took a lot of oil and put it on the boobs. I started the massage and it was my favorite place to massage. She was also getting more excited. I took her boobs in my hands and then released them. She started playing with my cock.

My sali then tried to get my cock in her mouth. And I was just concentrating on her boobs. She took her fingers to her pussy and started fingering herself while I was playing with her boobs.

I was getting a top view of her masturbation. She had put 2 fingers in her vagina and was getting very fast. I could feel her cumming, and I started pinching lightly on her nipples. This accentuated her pleasure and she came in droves.

Then I left her boobs and told her I would make her cum again with my hands. She just smiled. I sat on her boobs and my legs folded down so that I didn’t put weight on her body.

I took oil and went down to her pussy. It was already wet. I started massaging her vagina. Then I took my fingers to her clit and started playing with it. I knew it would take her some time to cum again. So, I went slowly and steadily.

I was just circling her clit with my fingers. This went on for some 5 minutes. After that, I went down to her feet, spread them apart, and came between her legs. I put my 2 fingers inside her chut and my lips on her clit.

It was a double assault on her vagina. She started moaning again and started going up and down on my fingers. Her boobs were also bouncing and it was an awesome sight. After about 10 minutes of fingering, she came again. She was fully satisfied.

Now it was my turn for the pleasure. I went and sat on her tummy and pressed my sali’s boobs together and began boobs-fucking her with my cock. I was enjoying it very much. I knew I wouldn’t last so long. But it was an amazing feeling.

In between, she signaled me to put my cock in her mouth. I alternated between fucking my sister-in-law’s tits and fucking her mouth. After some 10 minutes of tit-fuck and sucking, I came in her mouth. And we both lied in each other’s arms.

The massage was pretty delightful. We both were covered in oil. We just lied on the bed for an hour or so, fully satisfied. The key to having so much sex was sleeping at regular intervals. After we woke up, we were ready for the next session.

So, this was the end of the 8th part. We had an amazing time massaging each other. In the next part, I will describe how we both used their in-house jacuzzi and went clubbing.

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