My Slutty Family – Part 2

Hi, this is Dhuv again with the next of my slutty family series. I saw my son and daughter fucking each other while me and my wife are working away. I heard my son moaning and telling his sister that he wished to fuck his mom, my wife. I don’t know why, but I liked the idea.

I wanted to fuck my daughter badly. One of my friends fucks his daughter after catching her with her best friend. I wanted to know how would my daughter’s tight pussy feel around my dick.

That night, after our dinner, my wife went to sleep early. She needed to leave for the office early the next day. I was watching a series in the living room when my daughter was passing by. I was in my nightgown, and I called her and asked her to sit.

I could see she wore a bra even though she was in her nightdress. Still, her nipple impression is visible over her dress. I asked her how her studies were going and how her life was. She said everything was fine.

Then I slowly turned the topic, saying, “These days, you are very cautious over your dressing. I can see you are dressing fully covered?”

She said, “I thought about what you said, Papa. As a sister, I should not give my brother a wrong impression of me. So I am wearing all my clothes even at home and changing only before going to bed.”

I said that I appreciated it, and she immediately said, “But I have a thing to ask you, Papa.  I am afraid to ask mom, so I am asking you. Is still any of my body visible? Please have a look at tell me na.” She rose and came in front of me. She turned around, showing her beautiful young curves.

Looked at them, I had a boner. She sat down and asked, “Did you get to see anything?” I said, “No, you are fully covered.” But she asked. “Did I make you hard like I did the other day?” I said, “It’s quite common nowadays as your mom is busy with work, so I have no chance to relieve myself.”

She immediately said, “So you are hard like the other day now?” I nodded my head as yes. She came closer to me and placed her hand over my thigh. She asked, “Really? I want to see if it’s true?” I was in shock, not sure what to do.

I am confused to understand her. Is she tempting me as well? Like she did to her brother and getting him to fuck her? I had many questions running. Like who took her virginity and who fucked her virgin tight pussy for the first time.

But I came back to reality as she called me again. She moved my nightgown aside, showing my hairy dick, which was saluting her with a cum drop at the tip. I noticed her eyes getting bigger. She said, “Wow, yes, Dad, it is hard and huge.” She reached for it with her left hand and caught it.

It sent many volts of electric current all over my body as her tender hand gripped my hard dick. She said, “Lalita, my friend said that men love it when women play with this and use their hands and mouth to relieve the stress from it.”

I nodded my head as yes. Her hand started to stroke my dick up and down. I should not let my daughter do this, but I couldn’t stop myself as the pleasure increased with each passing second. She rubbed my precum all over the tip and used it as a lubricant to stroke my dick.

I got to understand that she got good experience in handling the dick. I wished she used her mouth more than her hand. My wife never gave me oral pleasure. I don’t want my daughter to be like my wife. I want her to experience the pleasure of sex more.

She stroked me for around 5 minutes and then said, “Dad, maybe I should use my mouth.” But I stopped her, saying, “You cannot do this, beta. You should not even touch my dick.”

She said, “As mummy is tired and sleeping, let me help you, Papa.” She bent and took my dick into her mouth. As her warm mouth took my monster in, I was in heaven. It’s the first time in my many years of marriage that I am getting my dick sucked by women, and I am longing for it.

My hand reached to my daughter’s head and pushed her head down my dick while I stroked from below. It went on for the next 10 minutes with my dick in her mouth. Her soft hands massaged my balls. I was about to cum, so I pulled her and cummed a fountain that fell on the carpet.

I was breathing hard when my daughter got up and said, “Good night, Dad.” I saw a wet patch between her legs and smiled at her. She left for her room while I was still coming back to my senses.

I turned the lights off and closed my eyes, still sitting there. I heard a noise and saw my son coming down from his room. Maybe my horny daughter asked him to come to fuck her. I asked him what he was doing at that point in time. He said he came for water.

I asked him to fetch my charger from our bedroom and get it. He came back after 15 minutes and handed over the charger to me. I stayed there for another 10 minutes and resumed back to our bedroom. But when I entered, I noticed my wife’s maxi was raised to her waist.

Her ass was clearly visible. I noticed a few wet, sticky drops on the bed beside her. When I looked on the floor, there was cum. I thought, “Naughty son, you took your time to masturbate watching your mom’s ass.”

I slept. When I looked at my wife’s pussy area, I noticed that she shaved her pussy clean, which was very strange. In all these years of marriage, she never shaved, even though I requested her and begged her many times.

She only waxed and shaved her underarms as she wore sleeveless dresses. But never she shaved her pussy. It’s something I have to look for.

I will reveal the reason for my wife’s shaving her pussy. How my son fucked my wife, too. Is my story horny enough to make you hard and wet on my mail, ?