My Slutty Family – Part 3

Hi everyone, this is Dhuruv again. I hope you love the sex episodes that are happening in my home. So till now, you read how my son Rohan is fucking his sister Sheela. He wants to bang my wife, too, with his huge 7 inch dick. Meanwhile, my daughter turned into a bitch and sucked my dick.

I was tense and was thinking how things would turn around. I was happy that I got a blowjob from my daughter. In no time, my dick will enter her young pussy too. But still, I felt so horny when I saw my son cum in our bedroom, looking at his mom’s nude ass.

My wife Ranjita works in one of my friends’ companies. To my surprise, she started to shave her pussy which she never did even though I begged her to do it. I was completely shocked and started to think, is she cheating on me? I have no problem with that. But I want to know if she is doing so.

I doze off with all these thoughts in my mind. After a few days, one day, my wife asked if I had noticed any strangeness between my children. I said no, I didn’t notice any. She said she noticed that Rohan is spending most of the time with his sister.

I asked her what was wrong with that. But she said he also remains without any clothes on the top at home. I told her, “He was a boy. So what’s wrong? Are you getting aroused watching your boy grow up?” I winked at her. She stared at me seriously and went away.

One day, while we were having our dinner, I saw my son checking out my wife’s cleavage. She was in her nightgown. My wife noticed him watching too and adjusted, but every time, she bent to reach out for a dish. Her free boobs swung, and her cleavage got more visible.

When my son got up to wash his hands, I saw my wife looking at his tent in the shorts. I noticed it from the corner of my eye, and she gulped, looking at his huge dick in his shorts. Not sure how but my wife started to spend more time together.

By the time I came home, they were watching TV together with her legs on the table. Her gown was raised till her thighs. I see my son without anything on his upper body. His dick is raised, and everyone can notice it by looking at the tent.

One day, they were watching some series on Netflix. I moved to my bedroom, placing my mobile there with voice recording on. When I checked it the next day, there came a sex scene in the series and my wife asked Rohan. “Rohan, do you have a girlfriend?”

Rohan replied, “Who will fall for me, ma? No one likes me.” My wife immediately said, “Why not, son? You have a good body and looks, an especially big…” She stopped without completing it. My son asked, “Tell me, Mom, what is a big…?”. My wife said she was feeling sleepy and came to sleep.

The next day, I went to play tennis, where my friend Rohit, in whose company my wife works, came to play. We started to play, and after some time, I saw a sexy girl walking towards us with a racket.

It took me so long to realise it was none other than Priya, my friend Rohit’s daughter. She looks so beautiful in the tight dress, and her boobs are visible. She started to play with her dad, and all I could notice was her jumping boobs and ass.

After the game, me and my friend sat and started to chat. He asked me if anything was wrong. I was a little bit hesitant to answer his question. Then I noticed Priya giving a signal to her dad, asking him to come. Pointing to a shed where players usually take showers after the game.

Rohit got up and said he would be back soon and left in the direction. This seems to be strange why they are going there at this time. So I waited for around 10 minutes, and my curiosity couldn’t let me sit there any longer. I took slow steps towards the shed.

As I got closer, I began to hear screams and loud moans, asking to go harder. I went closer, and leaning to the wall, I started to hear the voices. It was Priya moaning and screaming, “Fuck me, Daddy. fuck me hard like a slut. I am your bitch Dad, fuck, slap my boobs while you fuck my ass, daddy.”

I heard Rohit slapping her, saying, “I will fuck you bitch. I will turn you into my little slut. I will get the project for the company by making you sleep with my clients, horny slut. You are taking my huge dick in your ass, slut.”

I was hard and rubbing my dick. I wanted to see how he was fucking his daughter. So I roamed around the shed and finally saw a crack at the door. When I peeped in, I saw Priya lying on the table. There Rohit caught her legs up in the air and fucking her in the ass, lifting her off the table.

Her boobs were moving with great speed as he fucked her hard. They were moaning, and he was slapping her while fucking. Priya was asking for more, surprisingly. I took my dick out and started to masturbate, watching the live sex. Rohit then lifted her off the table now and fucking her in a standing position.

Priya had her legs around her father while he lifted her and let her down on his dick. He pinched her boobs and smacked her ass as it turned red. I noticed Priya came as thick juices ran over Rohit’s thighs. He then dropped her and pushed his dick in her mouth.

She sucked it clean, and he filled her mouth with his juices. I was at the edge of cumming. My body shivered, and I pushed the door with force resulting in them watching me with my dick in hand. I cum as they were still watching. Priya got up and went to take a shower while Rohit wore his shorts and came near me.

I asked him what the hell was that. He said, “It’s been a year since we started this. I caught her with her bestie getting fucked and looking at her assets. I couldn’t control myself”.

I confessed that I have feelings for my daughter, too. He smiled and said, “Then go for it. Young pussies are fun to fuck, and they are full of energy.” I also heard him saying, “Sheela will be a beautiful girl. She has got the genes of her mom, just sexy as she is.”

He was lost in thoughts while he said those words. But it made me doubt if Ranjita was sleeping with him. I said nothing, and we left for our homes. When I entered the house, I saw my wife was in the kitchen, just in her nightgown. She was doing something, bending down.

I saw my son trying to poke his erect dick on her ass. His dick was hard, and it formed a tent in her shorts. I didn’t want to miss this and just stayed there without making any noise, looking at what would happen. I saw my wife moving back, pulling out the things she wanted from the lower deck.

My son stood there, acting as if he was taking something from the top. His hard dick touched my wife’s ass. My wife stopped moving back, pulled her head out and saw what was touching her ass. She saw her son’s hard dick poking through his shorts.

But she turned her head again and pushed her ass onto his dick. My son moved and rubbed his dick from top to bottom over her ass. I heard a low moan escaping the kitchen. I hid myself, and the next time, I looked into the kitchen after a few seconds.

My son caught my wife’s hips with both his hands and dry humping her while she was making soft moans. What the fuck is she going to let him fuck her in the kitchen? I was in hell, shock. To my utmost surprise, my wife took her hand back and caught my son’s dick.

She rubbed his dick from top to bottom and placed it in between her ass cheeks. She was still in the doggy position with her head on the desk. My son started to fuck her over her clothes. I saw his left hand moving down towards her pussy. Now it’s moving front and back as if he was rubbing her pussy.

My wife’s moans increased, and she screamed a little after some time. Then, my son pulled his hand and licked his fingers. I understood that he fingered her over her nightgown and made her squirt. He slowly raised her gown, making her nude from below.

I was scared that is he going to fuck her now. But he pulled his shorts and placed his thick hard dick between her ass cheeks and started to move in action. He was fucking without inserting his dick and erupted a huge load of cum on my wife’s ass and in between her ass.

Once done, he moved back, pulling his shorts up and lowered her gown just like nothing had happened. Ranjita came out from the desk and adjusted her dress. She smiled at him and came out of the kitchen. She was terrified, looking at me sitting there with a newspaper in my hand.

I wished her “Hi!” I still noticed her erect nipples poking, and she quickly moved to our bedroom. I heard a shower noise when I went to the bedroom. I took her gown from the basket and found my son’s cum all over the ass area. I knocked on the bathroom door, and she opened it for me.

I was hard, and I became nude. I went in and pushed my wife to the wall, and kissed her. She was still on fire as she caught my dick and stroked it. I raised her leg and entered her. Since she came a few minutes back, her pussy was sloppy, and I entered easily.

I started to suck her boobs and fuck her in the position. She was moving her ass in rhythm, closing her eyes. I closed mine and thought is she imagining Rohan fucking her. It made blood run through my dick, and I started to fuck her faster and harder.

Ranjita had her hand over my ass and pushed it further deep into her pussy. I was grunting, and she was moaning and asking for more. This went on for 15 minutes when we two grunted and moaned, coming together.

We took a bath and came out with smiling faces. I understood that my son was going to fuck my wife and daughter soon together. Hope you like this experience and there will be many more to come. Let me know your views to . Bye.