My Slutty Family

Hi, my name is Dhruv Kumar. I am married and have a son and daughter who are 19 and 20, respectively. I noticed my daughter wearing a very slim night dress many times, where her panties were completely visible.

I took it lite till one day when I entered my son’s room. He had his erect dick in his hand and stroked it hard. I saw his sister’s photo on his phone while he did that. I asked him what he was doing. He was startled and tried to hide his erect dick.

But I asked him to continue but spit some saliva in his hand for free motion. He did and continued stroking his dick till he sprayed a huge jet on the floor. Later, he pulled his shorts up and sat beside me. He had a 7 inch dick, unlike me.

I asked him what was the matter. They revealed that his sister is making him horny. Her clothes are so slim that her ass is visible through them. I asked him what else he noticed in her sister. He confessed he saw how her boobs jumped while she walked during the dinner and her nipples poking her t-shirt.

I was getting hard listening to all these. I told him that it is quite common to get hard on. But you cannot fuck your sister unless she is ok with it. Saying, I left the room, and while coming down I saw my daughter.

I called her, and while we sat on the sofa, I informed her that she was tempting her brother. She was confused and asked how. I asked her to stand and then asked her to turn around. I could clearly see her pants which were struck between her ass cheeks.

I took a pic of it and then asked her to turn towards me. I clicked a few more pics of her pointing nipples through her dress. I showed them to her and said it’s making him hard. She was confused and asked me what was meant by hard.

I was in my nightgown, so I moved it aside and showed my unshaved hard dick and said this is called hard. See how my dick was hard? Now I have your mom to go and fuck, but whom does your brother have to release his load on. Later, we went back to our rooms.

A few days later:

It was 8 PM when I reached home. I found that the lights were off in the home. So, I thought there was a power cut in the area. So, ringing the calling bell would be a waste. My son Rohan stays on the first floor, and my daughter Sheela is at the other end of the house.

So I used the spare keys and unlocked the door. The moment I stepped in, I heard a moan, “Rohan, do it fast. Mummy and Papa may be back soon.” Then I heard a slat and Rohan saying to his sister. “Shut the fuck up, bitch. You came twice in the past hour, and now it is my turn to get the pleasure.”

Immediately, I heard a soft moaning with pleasure. My dick was hard listening to all those words, and that too from my children. I loosened my pants a bit and adjusted my inner, so my dick came in full form.

I slowly moved towards my daughter’s room, where there was only light in the entire house. I noticed that the door was open as they thought we would ring the bell if we came home.

I looked in and found my son between my daughter’s ass with his head between her ass cheeks. His one hand was stroking his hard dick while he licked my daughter. She was on her knees on the bed, moaning as her sweet brother licked her ass hole.

I felt so happy that they were indulged in such an act, and after 5 minutes, Rohan pulled out his head and slapped his sister’s ass saying, “You have got a really tasty ass hole, sis.” He slapped again.

Sheela then moaned in a sexy voice. What about my pussy? You have been licking that for the past one hour. He positioned his dick at the entrance of her pussy, and with one full shot, he entered her pussy.

My daughter screamed with pain. My son made sure she was pinned to the bed and started to drill her pussy without giving her time to react. I was completely hard and was stroking my dick hard at the door.

After some time, my daughter’s pussy started to leak. She began to moan. A Rohan fuck me fuck me hard fuck your sister, you sister fucker. Listening to her moans, my son began to drill her harder. He slapped her milky ass hard, making his fingerprints fall on them.

He then turned me towards him. He inserted his dick again in the missionary position with her legs spread wide. He continued to fuck her, pressing her boobs and hitting them in between as well. My daughter now had her legs around his waist, raising her ass off the bed to meet his stroke and moaned.

“Bro, I am cumming. It was so good something was happening to me, fuck.”

I could see that she got her orgasm. Her juices fell off my son’s dick while he continued fucking her harder and harder. Rohna stopped for a while till she was back to her senses and said to her, “Let’s fuck in Papa, Mummy’s bed.”

Sheela was confused and said, “Why take a risk if they find out that something happened to it?” But Rohan did not find it at all. He lifted his sister on his shoulder and pulled the bedsheet off the bed.

I hid by sneaking into the kitchen, and my daughter was laughing while he carried her, slapping her ass. Once in our bed, I don’t know what happened, but when I sneaked in, all I saw was Sheela sucking my son Rohan’s dick.

His dick was huge, unlike me, around 7 inches. She sucked and then got on top of it. Once his dick was completely in her pussy. Rohan caught her hands and asked her to ride him. She was riding him, and as she sat on his dick, there was a huge sound of ‘phat’ coming out.

I was looking at my daughter’s ass and the sticky thread that forms as she raises over his dick. I heard then Rohan asking Sheela, “Does Dad fuck Mom in the same way that we are fucking now?”

I was shocked to listen to my son asking his sister about how I and my wife fucks. Sheela continuing to ride him, replied, “Why do you imagine them fucking while we are fucking ass hole.”

Rohan said, “I want to confess something to you, Sheela. I love mom’s ass. Wish I get a chance to fuck Mom too, as I am fucking you now.”

Sheela immediately slapped him in the face. She said, “Fucker, you want to fuck your mom?” Rohan pushed her down and mounted over her. He folded her legs over her boobs and started to fuck her hard.

He moaned, Since she is so sexy and has an amazing body, you got the same bitch. Yes, I want to fuck her like the bitch she is. I wish to fuck you two together too.”

Rohan fucking her, continued, “Did you notice how she exposes her cleavage when my friends come over? All my friends wish they had a mom like her so they can fuck her till they are satisfied.”

Sheela then kissed him and said, “As we are on our parents’ bed, imagine me as mom and fuck as if you fuck her.” Listening to that, he got wild. He turned her to doggy and started to drill her harder, cussing her.

“Fucking bitch I always dreamt of fucking you, married pussy. I love the way your ass moves as you walk around and the way your boobs swing when you do the household work. I love to fuck your pussy and turn you into a slut, my slut.”

His strokes were getting harder, and he was slapping her ass hard. Sheela started to moan, “Yes, fuck your mommy hard. Your dad doesn’t fuck me this good fuck me harder. Yes, I am cumming!”

I saw Sheela cumming, and at the end, he increased his strokes and cum deep in her pussy. They fell on the bed and stayed there for some time. I slowly went out of the house and, after a few minutes, knocked on the door.

Rohan came and opened the door. I asked him what he was doing. He said he and his sister were playing. Sheela came out in a T-shirt and shorts. I can still find her nipples hard and poking out.

Hope you loved the story of my slutty family. There is a lot to come, so stay tuned and let me know how you feel to . Bye.