My Slutty Mother

Hello all. My name is Sneha; I am a 32-year-old Gujarati girl from Mumbai. My stats are 34DD-34-36. I stayed with my parents in Mumbai, but I shifted to the UK for my master’s two years ago.

I was in a long-term relationship with a guy. We broke up because my parents didn’t agree to the marriage. I moved to the UK with my aunt just before covid started a year later. My parents split a year ago, and my father divorced my mother to be with a younger female.

This story is about how my mother, a pious conservative Gujarati lady, turned into a horny cock sucking naked bitch of a Romanian guy. Let’s begin.

My Mother is 54. Her stats are 36DD-34-38. I inherit the boobs from my mother. She is a working female and business-minded. My father was a businessman, and she helped him with it. But he always kept her in the backyards and didn’t let her proceed.

Since her divorce, she has been depressed and lonely. She had friends, but that also did not help. My aunt arranged for her to come to the UK via a third country and stay with us. She stayed with us for four months, and my aunt made her usual and helped her move on.

My mother is not orthodox. She would let me wear modern tops that showed some cleavage. While in the UK, she wore jeans and tops and enjoyed her time with her sister and nieces.

After she went back, she messaged me she had reached. Things were different in those four months. We talked less overcall, and she would always be busy. My visa was about to expire, and I was stressed. I called my mother first, but she didn’t pick up.

She made a voice call 5 minutes later, and I heard her breathing heavily. When asked, she replied she was working. I told her about my situation, and she calmed me down at first and said it was not a problem. She told me it’s okay, let’s take a vacation.

I was taken aback by that suggestion, but she convinced me to take one in Albania. I booked tickets for Romania, and four days later, I travelled to Albania for the biggest shock of my life.

As I got there, I called my mother. She said she was supposed to come before me. But I couldn’t hear her. She called from a local number and asked me to meet her in the parking. I was waiting in the parking. I saw a man who looked in his late 50’s kissing a lady in the car.

His hands were pressing her boobs. The lady was wearing a bikini, I guess and had big boobs. I could see the naked boobs. When they were done, and the lady turned, I got the shock of my life. It was my mother!

She got out of the car; she wore a spaghetti bralette with a short skirt that failed to cover her bums. The top covered only the nipples rest of her boobs were visible. She came and hugged me, and I could feel her nipples were pointed. She hadn’t worn a panty either.

I looked surprised.

Mom: Surprise! Hahaha, Geone, look at her.

Geone: Poor girl, Hi, I am Geone. I am…

Mom: My boyfriend and your would-be father.

Me: What? How? When did you meet him?

Mom: Yes, I will tell you everything. Let’s get moving first. And what clothes are these? It doesn’t even show my baby’s sexy body. Didn’t you learn to wear short dresses in the UK?

I had already worn a short spaghetti dress with a shrug and sneakers below it.
I was blown out of the water, and looking at my mother, I was wet. I couldn’t wait to know the whole story. I asked her again how this had happened.

Mom: Take a breath, calm down. Relax back there. You can take off your dress if you want. Maybe you will need it hearing the story. (she winked at me)

Geone: Stop teasing her. Be comfortable the way you want to. I was looking at her angrily now.

Mom: Okay, so here it is. I met Geone in Greece. Your aunt booked me for four days in Greece. I met Geone at the airport. We both were going to the same hotel. He was a gentleman and helped me with the luggage and stuff. The hotel was shoreside, and it was a one and half hour’s drive from the airport. Speaking, I was also amazed at his fitness and smartness.

Geone: And I liked your mother’s big ass! Those tight leggings she wore showed the shape of her ass. I wanted to fuck them then and there.

I was shocked at Geone’s remark, and the reply from mom enthralled me.

Mom: I love to ride your hard prick on them; I can’t wait!

During the drive, we sat close; he was checking out my cleavage. I saw it and let him feast on them. I was turned on a bit, to tell you the truth, with that attention. I saw his dick was poking from his pants down there.

Geone: What else do you expect? Your mother was seducing me then. She adjusted her top to enhance my view. It’s obvious I was getting hard.

Mom: I was wet too. He started flirting and hitting me straight away. But it did not feel weird or wrong to me. I also toyed with him. He told me about his long vacation from the Asian countries and how he had sex with prostitutes in different countries.

Mom: When I asked him which country female he liked the most. He said Indian. Those are some horny women, they aren’t as outgoing in dressing as in other countries, but they are the ones who satisfy his appetite.

Geone: When I tell you what she said, you will be surprised. She is like, yes; we Indian women are horny, we have great sex appetite. This was a signal for me that your mother liked me too.

Mom: Yeah, huh! We reached our hotel and got our room keys. He stayed back at the reception, and later I knew it was to get a room next to mine. I got a call on the hotel line. He asked me whether I would like to go out and explore with him?

Mom: I, too, agreed. He came in his shorts and T-shirt. I was wearing a Long dress, and we went to the beach. We strolled along the coast the saw different places. He was quite a gentleman that evening. He wanted to get in the waters and asked me to join.

Mom: I was reluctant. He stripped in front of me in his undies, and I saw him naked that day; I was pretty turned on. He took a dip and came out, and I could see the size of his dick in his undies. I was getting wet and excited too. He came to call me in again. I told him I didn’t have anything else to wear other than this.

Mom: But he insisted. I thought it, and I removed my dress and got in the water in my bra and panty. The water felt perfect, and he was flashing water on me.

Geone: I was hard looking at your half-naked mother, and I couldn’t hide my erection.

Mom: In fact, your erection made me slip. At one time, while in the water, I behaved as I slipped and fell on Geone. My boobs touched his body, and his hands were on my back. He bent and kissed me on the lips. I did not reciprocate for a couple of minutes, but I kissed him.

Mom: We kissed there for 15 minutes; he was pressing my bums. My hands went to his cock, and I felt his dick over his underwear. I snapped out of it and got separated. We wore our clothes and walked back to the hotel. While opening the room, Geone asked me if I wanted to grab dinner and drinks.

Mom:  I told him I was tired, and I retired to my room. Inside the room, my pussy was on fire. I fingered myself, and I came in 5 minutes. I thought about the dinner party and decided to join him. When I went to his room, the guy opened the door in his bathrobe, all naked.

Mom:  His dick was standing. I could see the tent was made. Looking at that, I felt like having it in me. I had worn a short gown; I was like, give me a minute. I forgot my keycard, went to my room, removed my undergarments, and came to his room in my thin gown.

Geone: I was about to change, but I sat on my robe when I saw the pointing nipples under that gown.

Mom: We had drinks, he made me taste meat too, and I liked it. We were smoking too. I was getting horny. I could see his dick from the robe. It wasn’t hard yet but still significant. I moved from the chair to the bed and sat crossed legged. The gown came up till my upper thighs and legs were exposed. I went close to him, and we kissed.

Geone: That was one hell of a passionate kiss. She started rubbing my cock. I was rock hard in 5 minutes. She pushed me on the bed, removed her gown over her head, and made my dick enter her pussy. It was tight! I loved it. And I love it every day. She was riding me for 15 minutes and had her orgasm. that was the best part. I could feel the gush of her fluids flowing on my cock.

Mom: Yes, I had an orgasm after ages. It felt good. But he was not done; he came over to me. And they started licking my pussy, and I was wet again. He spread my legs, entered me, pounded me for a good half hour in various positions—Missionary, doggy, and came inside me again.

Geone: She is one hot fuck! She was so wild; she bit me on my shoulders and scratched my back. Ahh, I loved it.

Mom: That night, I fucked him five more times till morning. When I woke up, I saw him naked, smoking. I got up and kissed him first, he wanted me to suck his cock, so I just got down and took his cock in my mouth. A few minutes later, it started going to my throat.

Mom:  He held my head and started fucking my mouth. It felt so awesome that time. We fucked again for a couple of sessions, and in the evening, he wanted to take me to a beach party. I wore a long gown; he wanted me to wear something hot.

Mom: We went shopping, and he bought me short spaghetti, a one-piece with a slit from my hip. It ended just below my ass, skirts that showed my legs, bikini tops, and stuff like this. I tried the first dress and showed it to him; I could see a spark in his eyes.

Geone: Oh yeah! You were wet too, looking at yourself; she pulled me into the dressing room. She tried all the dresses and seduced me with everyone. And then I couldn’t control my hardness. She bent and showed me her naked ass, and I started licking her bums and pussy.

Mom: I lost it after that. I couldn’t even resist. He bent me and fucked me from behind. Someone in the next room might have understood we were fucking, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t stop then, and if somebody even watched us, I would have continued to fuck.

Mom: We returned to the hotel and got ready for the beach party. I wore a bikini and just a cover-up across my waist, which showed my complete legs. We went to the party and people were there in their swimsuits only. We danced and had drinks. I had given it up and was open.

Mom: He kept mauling my boobs, and we were smoking pot in the corner. I went horny again. I asked him to take me to the hotel back, as my pussy needed pounding. But instead, he had other ideas. He took me to the beach, a secluded area of the beach, and we started kissing there in the waters.

Mom: I pulled his shorts down and started sucking his cock. It was hard in a few minutes. He removed my bikini top, made me naked, bent me on my fours, and started pounding me like a bitch. His cock was harder that day, and he was abusing me.

Geone: Bloody slut, you are mine, and this pussy is mine. It’s so wet for me; you love my cock in it, right.? Always ready for a fuck.

Mom: Yes, you bastard. Your cock makes me slut; I am a slave to your cock. Fuck me. Harder. Pound me harder like this. I will keep spreading my legs wherever you ask me. I love your cock, and I want to make it mine.
Mom: We fucked there in the open; a few people saw us fucking there. I was turned on to the hilt. I turned around and rode him hard and came after 15 minutes. He fucked me nice and long for 35 minutes in the water there. When we were done, my bikini top was not to be found.

Mom: I just wore the cover over my boobs. But it showed them as it was transparent and wet, and I wore my panties below. We went to the party again, danced, and had more drinks. We came back at 4 am and had another hot and wild session and slept to get up in the evening.

Mom: He was still sleeping. I went and lit up a smoke and looked at myself in the mirror. I was glowing. I was reminiscing about my life for the past six months. I had never felt this happier ever, Always been controlled, and never led a free life like this.

Mom: I remembered how much sex I liked and had with my boyfriend before marriage and how your father stopped me from a happy life. I looked at him in the mirror, and my eyes were glazed at this cock. Even if he wanted to make me his mistress, I decided I would oblige, but I wanted this free life.

Mom: I can wear whatever, drink, smoke, fuck and enjoy life without thinking of others and live my life.

To be continued in the next part. You can read here.