My Son and His Friends – Part 1

My name is Radha. This story is about how my son, with the help of his friends, has turned me into a sex-craving slut. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that something like this would happen.

I was a conservative, middle-class Indian woman for whom talking about sex was taboo. But now I fuck my son and his friends and also participate in group sex with their moms.

I am in my early forties, and I am an average-looking woman. I am about 5ft 3in, dusky and a little plump. I usually wear sarees or kurta pyjamas when I go out and nighties when I am at home. I have never worn jeans or any Western clothes in the last 20 years of my life.

I am a housewife and my husband works in a private company. He is a very hard-working man. Our only son is named Manoj. It all started after my son completed his studies and started working. Manoj is a handsome boy in his early twenties. He was about 6ft tall, fair and had a well built body.

He goes to the gym regularly. After he started working in Hyderabad, he rented a flat near his office along with his friends Sunny and Ayub. They are in their early twenties as well. They are his close friends from college, and they all work in the same company.

I met them a few times when I went to visit my son at his college. We stay in a small town which is 150 km from Hyderabad. Ayub was very fair and had a well-built body, but he was not as tall as Manoj.

On the other hand, Sunny had an average body and was a little dark. But he was a little taller than Manoj. As they were my son’s friends, I looked at them as my children, too.

I only got to know later that they, along with my son, looked at me with other intentions. I started observing small changes in Manoj towards the end of his college days. Coming from a rural family, we were not much into physical interactions.

But he slowly started brushing his hands against my tits and ass now and then. I brushed it off as an accident. He started giving me long and tight hugs. I was shocked at first as it was not common for us. But he told me it was a city thing and convinced me it was normal.

It felt weird in the beginning, but I got used to it. I only thought it was a way of showing love. But never realized that it was a way for him to feel my tits. There was something weird even in the way he used to look at me now and then. I could see a bit of lust in his eyes. But I thought it was just my imagination.

A few months after he started working, he called one day and asked me to visit him for his birthday. I decided to go as well. I hadn’t seen him in a long time and was missing him. As usual, my husband was busy with work and couldn’t join me.

I got down at the bus stop, and Manoj came on his bike to pick me up. He was applying sudden brakes now and then. My boobs would bump into his back. I got a feeling that maybe he was doing it intentionally. But I didn’t give it much thought. I was happy to see him after a long time.

We reached his flat, and I was surprised to see two more middle-aged women in the flat. I was fully covered in a traditional Kurta Pyajama, but they, on the other hand, were in Western dresses. One woman was showing a lot of her cleavage as well. I was shocked looking at them and their dresses.

Then, Manoj introduced them to me. “Mom, you already know Sunny and Ayub, right? This is Jenny, Sunny’s Mom, and this is Zoya, Ayub’s Mom,” pointing towards the woman showing her cleavage. I was shocked as I never expected a Muslim woman to dress up in such a way.

The Muslim women I knew would usually wear a burqa from head to toe and would barely show any skin. Zoya was probably in her mid-forties, very fair, just like her son and probably the same height as me. She was very fit and had a perfect 36-28-36 figure. I am sure men would go crazy looking at her.

Jenny was a little dark and taller and was a little plump too and had huge tits. Her tight black dress made her look even sexier. I couldn’t believe that they were dressed in such a way in front of their young and probably very horny boys.

Once I got out of the shock, we exchanged pleasantries. Then Manoj took me to his room and asked me to freshen up so that we could go shopping. I obliged and got ready in a few minutes. Both of us went to a nearby shopping mall. Initially, we purchased clothes for him.

Then, he wanted to buy clothes for me. I refused, but he was adamant. I finally agreed and said I would buy a saree. But he dismissed my idea and asked me to buy Western clothes. I refused, saying that I had never worn Western clothes in the last 20 years and I would feel uneasy.

But he was so stubborn that I had to buy Western clothes. He said, “Haven’t you seen my friend’s moms? They are all wearing Western clothes. I want you to be modern like them. And also you will have to wear Western clothes where we will be going today. Please, Mom, for me.”

Finally, I gave in, looking at his sad face. As soon as I said OK, there was a glow of happiness on his face. I was shocked looking at the dresses he got at first. They were too short. I refused even to try them. He begged again to at least try one. After some pestering, I gave in and decided to try a red dress.

After wearing the dress in the trial room, I was shocked. It was showing a lot of cleavage and barely covered my thighs. I never imagined myself in such a dress. I was hesitant to go in front of my son in such a dress, but he pestered me. As soon as I opened the door, I could see that he was stunned.

He looked at me as if he saw a ghost. I felt shy and closed the door. I changed into my old dress and walked out. He said, “Mom, you looked stunning in that red dress. You should buy it.” I replied, “No way. I cannot wear such a dress. I am not some Bollywood actress to wear such dresses. I am your Mom.”

He said, “But you looked amazing in that, Mom. I will buy it for you. Please.” I refused and was adamant that I was not going to wear that dress. He gave in. We finally ended up buying a dress which was to my knees and did not show any of my cleavage.

I was feeling uneasy even to try this. But after remembering Zoya and Jenny, I decided to give it a try. After buying clothes, he took me to a beauty parlour. He told something to the girl there and left. I have been to a beauty parlor to get my eyebrows done but I never got my legs waxed.

The girl came to me, did a facial, and then proceeded to wax my legs. I resisted at first but gave in after she said that my son asked her to do it. I let her do whatever my son asked her to do. It hurt a little, but it was OK, and my legs turned out to be smooth like butter.

Then we went home by evening. I did not see anyone in the hall. Manoj asked me to get ready in the room. I freshened up and dressed up in the dress we just bought. I felt really happy when I looked in the mirror. I felt pretty.

After looking at actresses in such dresses throughout my life, I finally got to try it myself for the first time. I felt thrilled. As I opened the door and walked out, the three boys, in unanimous voice, blurted out, “Gorgeous!” But I was more shocked to look at their moms.

Both of them were wearing really sexy dresses, just like the red one I tried. Barely covering their thighs and showing quite some cleavage. No wonder Manoj wanted me to wear something just like that. I didn’t know how to react.

The thought in my head was how they could wear such sexy dresses in front of their sons and their friends. What will the boys think? It felt awkward.

I wanted to say something, but I didn’t want to ruin my son’s birthday. So, I kept silent. Then the boys got ready, and all of us went out. When we reached the place, I was shocked even more. A lot of other girls were dressed in even more sexier and shorter clothes.

It was some dance club, and the girls and boys were drinking and dancing away. I always thought that this happened only in movies. But it felt strange to see it for the first time in real life.

Manoj ordered some drinks for us as well. I never had alcohol in my life. So, I resisted. But all of them compelled me to have a shot. I gave in as secretly even I wanted to try it once. All of us said cheers and drank in one go. As soon as I drank it, I had a burning sensation inside my neck. I hated it.

I cursed at all of them for making me drink it. But they didn’t care and started dancing slowly. It hit me after a while, and I liked the feeling, too. When they ordered for the second round, I volunteered, too. There was a burning sensation again, but I enjoyed it this time.

After a while, I loosened up a bit and started dancing. But I was shocked when I saw others. Ayub was dancing with Zoya in a compromising position. They were behaving more like a couple rather than Mom and son. All of us drank and danced for a while.

After a couple of hours, we went back home. As the clock struck 12, Manoj cut the cake and all of us wished him on his birthday. Then Zoya and Jenny hugged him in a tight group hug. I realized where he learnt about hugging. They hugged him for a little too long and whispered something in his ears.

I couldn’t hear what they said, but that made Manoj blush a lot. I got curious. Then, Manoj came and gave me a tight, long hug. I could feel something poking my stomach, but I was not sure what it was. Then, Sunny and Ayub both hugged me as well. I was shocked.

It felt weird as I was never touched by any other man other than my husband and son. When I looked at Manoj in shock, I got another jolt. It was his cock in his pants that bulged out and poked me earlier. I was at a loss of words to say anything.

I was still reeling from the earlier shock. I got the biggest shock of my life. Ayub walked to his Mom and blurted out, “I can’t wait any longer, Mom. My cock is dying for a pussy.” He lifted her into his arms, kissed her on the lips and started sucking them.

My mind stopped working, and I was trying to process what was happening. After a minute, Zoya freed her lips from Ayub’s mouth and said, “I am all yours, beta. Let’s go into the room.” With that, Ayub took Zoya into the room and didn’t even bother closing the door properly. They started making out loudly.

We could still hear noises in the hall. As I was looking at them in shock, Jenny said, “Sunny beta. Let’s go into the room, too and give the new couple some privacy.” As soon as I heard that, my brain froze. What the fuck did she mean by a new couple, and what the hell is going on here.

Just as they walked into the room, I turned towards Manoj in anger. I shouted, “What the hell is going on here? Are they really Mom and son? How can they kiss and make out like that? What the fuck did she mean by new couple?” The effect of alcohol has pretty much evaporated.

Manoj replied, “Calm down, Mom. I will explain everything. First, let’s go into the room.” And with that, he dragged me towards the room. As we passed by Ayub’s room, I could hear Zoya moaning at the top of her voice. I guessed what was happening.

But I did not want to believe it as they are mother and son. As soon as we entered the room, I shut the door and looked at Manoj in disbelief. I shouted at the top of my voice, “What the hell is happening in this house?” He calmly replied, “Same thing that happens in every house. A loving couple having sex.”

I was shocked at his reply. I replied, “What do you mean a loving couple? Didn’t you say they are Mom and son?” He said, “They are. But before that, they are man and woman. And they love each other. So there is nothing wrong in fulfilling their wants and desires.”

I was shocked to hear this. I replied, “But how can a Mom have sex with her son? It is wrong. It is taboo.”

He replied, “Said who? Some dumb fucker who wanted to control people. Sex is the most natural thing in this world, Mom. It can happen between any two individuals. Everything else comes after that. Relations, gender, race etc. All that matters is love and lust between them. The more you try to control it, the more repressed you get. Sex should be enjoyed and worshipped, as it is one pleasure that shows you heaven on earth.”

I was shocked to hear this. I had no words to reply. I was still processing everything. He continued, “I have been loving you and lusting after you for years. Every time I touched you, I had electricity running through my veins. I have been waiting for this night for many years. I want to kiss you, feel you and fuck you. I have been fantasizing about this for years. For once, let’s forget that we are mother and son and let’s be lovers. I will show you heaven on this earth.”

As soon as I heard that, it felt like a thunderstruck me. I had no words to reply. Tears started to flow from my eyes. “How can you do this to me? I am your mother. This is wrong. How can you ask me to cheat on your father? That too with you, my only son,” I replied.

He stood silent for a few moments before replying, “The whole concept of marriage and cheating and staying loyal to only one person for life is rubbish. It is created by some jealous religious leaders. Sex is the most beautiful thing in this world.”

“It is meant to be explored and enjoyed with various people, just like the different types of food we enjoy every day. Even after explaining all this to you, if you feel this is wrong, we will leave it at this. But I can no longer be your son. I am dying every day I spend with you and look at you and not be able to do anything. This will be the last time you see me.” He replied.

I was shocked to hear that. “How can that be? I love you more than anything else in this world. You are my only son.” I replied.

He said, “Then you need to decide if you are going to become my lover today or if you will never see me again.” I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the moaning sounds from the next room. But I started to get convinced.

“I don’t know what to do, beta. On the one hand, I feel this is wrong, but on the other hand, I want to do anything that will make you happy,” I replied.

That was enough for him to pounce on me. He said, “This is the best decision you will make, and you won’t regret it.” With that, he pulled me towards him and kissed my lips. Then proceeded to suck on them. I felt a jolt in my body. I hadn’t been kissed such passionately in a long time.

My husband and I rarely have sex these days, and the romance is long gone. I really enjoyed my lips getting bitten by him. Then, he kissed all over my face, eyes, nose and cheeks. Then he kissed my neck. That felt ticklish and sent shivers down my body. He proceeded to unzip my dress.

Within seconds, my dress was on the ground. I was only in a bra and underwear in front of my son. It felt very weird, but I liked the feeling. He stopped everything and was looking at me in awe. I asked, “What happened?”

He replied, “You have a very beautiful body. I have been dying to look at it for ages. But you never gave me a chance. Do you know how many times I peeked into your bedroom from the window, hoping to see you like this? I am so happy that this is finally happening.”

I replied, “You bloody pervert. Now, don’t leave me hanging.” He proceeded to lick all over my exposed tits. Kissed them. Bit them. Sucked on my boobs over the bra. Then he unhooked my bra and unleashed my boobs. I felt shy. This was the first time any man had seen me like this other than my husband.

“Those are some amazing boobs. I love them,” He blurted out. Then, he took both in his two hands and fondled them while occasionally pinching my nipples. I loved the feeling. Then he took one boob into his mouth and sucked on it like he used to suck when he was an infant.

I was really enjoying it, and this was making me wet in my pussy. After playing with my boobs for a while, he licked all over my stomach, all the way to my underwear. Then, he pushed me onto the bed and pulled down my underwear.

For the first time, my son came face to face with the pussy that brought him into this world. He kissed and licked all over my bushy pussy. He said, “Looks like you never shaved down there, Mom. I like to eat shaven pussies. I want to shave it.”

I replied, “You can do whatever you want, beta. This is your birthday gift.” He replied, “I love you, Mom. You are the best.” He then went into the bathroom and returned with a shaving kit. He then neatly shaved the bush near my pussy.

After he was done, he said, “That is the most beautiful pussy I have seen,” and proceeded to kiss it. I wondered how many pussies he had seen and thought of asking him later. But I was more surprised that he proceeded to lick and kiss my pussy. After licking the pussy lips, he pushed his tongue inside.

I blurted, “What are you doing? That will be dirty there.” He replied, “Don’t tell me that Dad never did this to you!” I replied, “Never. He didn’t even put his face down there.”

He said, “Oh, mommy. This is one of the best things to be done. You have missed so much.” He continued to push his tongue inside my pussy. He tongue fucked me for good 5 minutes while caressing my tits and pinching my nipples with both his hands.

After he turned breathless from all the tongue fucking, he pushed his finger into my pussy. He finger fucked until I cum. It was my first orgasm in a long, long time. My whole body shivered, and it felt really good.

He was really good at it and was, in fact, correct that heaven is right here on earth. As I was catching up with my breath, he got naked and put his big cock in front of my face. I was surprised to see the size of it. It was definitely much bigger than his dad’s and also thicker.

He looked at me with a question mark on his face. I asked, “What?” He replied, “Aren’t you going to suck my cock?” I said, “Eww. No. How can I do that?” He was shocked and replied, “What? You never gave dad a blowjob? That’s sad. And I am happy that my dick will be the first one you will be sucking.”

I resisted, but after a lot of pestering, I gave in and took his cock in my mouth. After sucking it for a few seconds, I choked on it and removed it immediately. He said, “Don’t worry, Mom. You will get used to it soon.” Then he proceeded to rub his cock on my pussy lips.

I begged him to be gentle, but with one stroke, he pushed all of his cock in. I shouted in pain as my pussy was tight. I didn’t have a cock in a long time. He understood and started stroking while caressing and sucking my boobs and lips. He continued fucking me for good 10 minutes.

This was the longest I have ever been fucked, as my husband never lasted that long. I was really enjoying it, and after some time, I had another orgasm. After some more time, he announced that he was cumming. Before I could say anything, he cum all over in the same pussy that he had come from.

He said, “I hope you won’t get pregnant.” I replied, “Don’t worry, I got operated.” He said, “Good. So, did you enjoy it, Mom?” I replied, “Thanks beta. For showing me what the real sex is.”

“Let alone two back-to-back orgasms, and I used to have orgasms with your dad rarely. Now I can understand what you mean by heaven on earth. I feel like doing anything to have such amazing sex again and again. I wish we had done this much earlier.” I continued.

He said, “Don’t worry, Mom. This is just the beginning. We will have many more amazing nights like these.”

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