My Village Diaries – Part 2

Hi there! Sameer here! It’s the continuation of the first part. Many of you gave me feedback about it, thanks to everyone! Some said it was quick and hurried. Yes, it was a bit of a hurry.

After a quick session with my neighbour’s wife Geetha, I was exhausted and lay on her for a while. She too relaxed a bit and hugged me so tightly. Suddenly, she started to cry. I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do. I consoled her. We then both got dressed and came to the hall.

I made her sit on the couch and sat beside her, held her hands, and said –

Me: Sorry, I didn’t want to do it that way. I really like you. I wasn’t able to control myself by seeing you. I wanted to hug you and leave at least. But then I got out of control and this happened. I won’t come again, please don’t tell this to anyone.

She looked into my eyes and slapped me after giving me a weird expression. It was a mix of sad and a bit of angry feeling. Then she said –

She: It isn’t good what happened between us. Also, I wasn’t able to stop myself too. I am having a guilty feeling. I was honest in my marriage life till now. I have had many sexual feelings like other women but I try to control them.

She: I don’t want to do it with other men and I wanted only my husband to be with me. But my husband lost interest in me and he is fucking other women. I cried many times about it. Even my mother-in-law knew about this but she didn’t help.

Geetha started to cry and tears were rolling from her eyes. I suddenly pulled her toward me, and hugged her. I pressed her head toward my chest so that she could relax and control herself.

I said, “Sorry again,” and she kept her fingers in my mouth and said –

She: Don’t say it again. I am not angry about what you did. I cried because I felt guilty after sex. But my husband didn’t feel guilty like me, as he does it regularly.

My neighbour’s wife hugged me tightly again and said: What we did today was wrong, but I felt good after a long time. I too want to enjoy it like my husband. If he has his opportunities, I too can have mine.

By telling me this, she held my head and kissed me on my lips, forehead, and cheeks. Again the romance started with me kissing, hugging, and pressing all over her body. During the romantic time, we heard a noise from the outside. I peeped through the window, it was my mom.

Then we separated and adjusted ourselves. My mom came inside and saw us, but she didn’t understand what happened. Then I explained to her that –

Me: Geetha and her husband got into an argument, and she was crying when I came here. So I didn’t know what to do, I started a conversation and made her comfortable.

Hearing this, my mom felt bad for her and went near and hugged her, and asked me to leave. I saw Geetha and left there in disappointment.

After 10 minutes, mom came and made me something to eat within 30 minutes and kept some in the box, and asked me to give Geetha also. I went with full mood to Geetha’s house. My mood was gone while seeing her mother-in-law. But I was happy because she was about to leave for the farm.

I asked for Geetha and her MIL replied she was in the backyard, feeding the buffaloes. She couldn’t see the backyard but could hear me. So I went there and called her in a loud voice, “Geetha akka, mom asked me to give it to you.”

She understood why I called her like that, and she too said in a low voice, “Wait there for 2 minutes, I will come”. Then her mother-in-law called her and said she was going. I waited there till she left. After that, I went near her without any sounds, hugged her from behind, and kissed her on the neck.

Then I turned her face toward me and kissed her on the lips, and pressed her boobs. It went on for 5 minutes. Then slowly I adjusted my neighbour’s wife’s blouse and took out her boobs and rubbed her nipples. I held her hand and placed it on my dick. Then she unzipped it and held it hard while stroking.

Wow, it was a bit of a nice feeling. Then I placed my hands on her navel, pressing it so hard. She told me her mother-in-law would return and she asked me to leave. I requested a blowjob, but she resisted saying, “Not now, leave fast”. So we got separated and I left.

It was afternoon. I was lying on my bed, thinking about her while watching porn. Slowly, the time passed and it was evening tuition time for her kids. This was the time I could do something and didn’t wanna waste it. So I removed everything and wore only shorts.

Tuition started, and I gave them some work to do after completing their homework. I was roaming on the terrace and waiting for her to come. After 10 to 15 minutes, she came wearing a black color nighty. She was looking beautiful and while coming toward us, she was blushing.

My neighbour’s wife came and stood near her terrace, facing us and asking about her kids’ homework. By seeing her, my dick started to rise. I went near her and asked her to switch off her terrace lights. Only our terrace light was on and it was not that much bright. So I asked the kids to go and sit near the light.

Then I checked here and there, no one was around or could see us. Only her kids could see, but they were busy with their studies.

Then I asked her: So, what next?

And she gave a weird expression and asked me to come forward. It was only 2 feet distance between the terrace, so she held my chick and pinched it. I pressed her boob within no time, and she moved a bit back by that. She warned me not to do anything in front of the kids. So we planned to do it tomorrow at her farm.

Then the kids finished their work and I asked them to leave. So they gathered all things and went downstairs. Then I ran toward the light and switched off and climbed to her terrace and hugged her and kissed her on the lips.

I held her hand and slid her hand into my shorts and gave her my dick. At that time, I moved my hands to her butts and pressed them. She resisted not to do it now. But I inserted one hand into her nighty and touched her pussy. It was a bit hot. I slid my finger into it and started to stroke it! Geetha stopped resisting and started to enjoy herself. Holding my dick, she pressed it hard.

I was continuously fingering my neighbour’s wife. My fingers became wet, and she was about to lose control and shiver. She started to stroke my dick to and fro, and we were kissing.

Suddenly, her mother-in-law called her, and she came back to her senses. She then left in a hurry saying, “Will try tomorrow”.

I applied her juices to my dick, wore shorts, and climbed to our terrace.

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