My Wife – Part 24

My mom held Reddy’s arms with both hands as they went inside the scary house. I swear I could see her boobs get pressed on his muscular arms.

I waited for them to come out with many thoughts in my mind. It was supposed to be an experience of 5-7 minutes. But they came out after 11 minutes, to be exact. I looked at my mom when she came out, followed by Reddy a few seconds later.

I thought she would be excited or scared after this experience, but I found her expressionless. She was breathing heavily, resulting in her boobs heaving on her chest. She was sweating profoundly. I could see a drop of sweat go down from her neck to her deep cleavage.

And then, when I looked at Reddy, he was normal, as if nothing had happened. After coming out, my mom said that she was a bit tired. She wanted to go back to the hotel room and rest. As we got in the car, Reddy sat back beside my mom, and my mom didn’t say anything. I sat in the front seat.

At first, both were sitting a bit apart from each other. I could see in the mirror in front of me that there was a distance between them. My mom was mostly silent throughout the ride, and Reddy made small talk with the driver again. But I could see that he was sliding very slowly toward my mom.

Soon their shoulders touched. Reddy then took her hand and placed it on his lap after some time. I could see in the mirror that my mom wanted to pull her hands away, but Reddy didn’t leave her hand. It was dangerously close to his cock.

My mom looked towards me. But I acted as though I was busy with my phone. My mom gave in after resisting for a bit. Before things could proceed any further, we reached our hotel by 7.

My mom went into her room without saying a word to either of us. Then Reddy went into his room. I, too, went behind Reddy in his room. He knew I wanted the information about what happened in the scary house.

“You did a good job today convincing your mom to go in there with me. I almost thought that you would fuck up, but you didn’t.” Reddy told me as he sat on his bed.

“Then tell me what happened in there.”


(Reddy’s narration)

Ragini held my arm with both her hands as we were about to enter the scary house. I could feel her boobs on my arms as we went in.

“Don’t worry. You will be fine with me,” I assured her

“I am very scared, actually,” Ragini said.

A loud sound came as soon as we entered, which almost scared the shit out of Ragini. She held me tightly, and I took that opportunity to place my hand around her waist. She didn’t even object a bit when I did that.

I rubbed my hands on her, feeling her waist. The sounds continued to come in, and soon Ragini was in front of me. I held her tightly from behind with both my hands around her.

Now my hands were wrapped around her stomach. Our bodies were very close to each other. I purposely pressed my body against her back, and that’s when my cock stood out above her ass.

Before Ragini could think what was poking on her back, a large mannequin dressed as a ghost came from the side to scare us. At that very moment, I moved my hands up, and my hands brushed against her huge boobs.

She pushed her body back as the mannequin came close to us. I couldn’t help but hump her from behind. She understood what poked her on her back, but she did not attempt to stop it. Maybe she was really scared, or maybe she enjoyed it. I don’t know what it was.

But now I placed both my hands just below her huge boobs and tried to push her boobs up with my hands. The whole time I pushed her from behind to move forward, and by the time we reached the end gate. My cock was hard, and both my hands had cupped Ragini’s lower boobs.

As we reached the gate, I thought we would exit directly. But there was a compartment between the door of the scary house and the main exit door. There was a little space between both doors. I left her and moved behind as we reached that small compartment.

Ragini turned around, and her eyes directly went to my crotch, poking in her direction. She looked at it with lust, and I took that as an opportunity. I took her hand and placed it on my crotch. She pulled her hand back almost instantly. She then looked around the compartment in fear.

But then, looking deep into my eyes, Ragini placed her hand back on my crotch. I almost came in my pants as she held it and pressed her hand against it.

I wanted to grab her right there and ram her against the wall. But suddenly, a light got switched on in that compartment. Ragini pulled her hand back in shock and came out. I, too, adjusted my cock in my pants and followed her.


I listened intently as Reddy told me what could have happened if the lights didn’t get switched on. Deep down, I wanted it to happen. I didn’t know why but now I was rooting for Reddy to bed my mom. I wanted to see what he would do to my mom.

“What happened in the car then? I saw you placing her hands on your lap,” I asked after a long pause.

”Nothing happened. I wanted her to feel my cock, but she didn’t. She just kept her hand on my lap.” He responded.

“So, what’s your plan now?” I asked him.

“I don’t know. Let me see how your mom reacts at dinner. Then I will think about what I have to do.” Reddy said

I returned to my room, and we again met at the hotel restaurant for dinner. This time mom was quick to come to the dinner table, and she sat beside me while Reddy sat in front of us.

I noticed the awkwardness at the dinner table as we all ate in silence. I saw that my mom had still not changed her dress. She was still wearing the dress, tight white palazzo suit that Reddy had gifted her.

“If we want to move forward, I want to meet Ayushi once. After all, even her opinion matters. My son is in the US. So he couldn’t come. But we can arrange a meeting for them via video call and see how they both feel about it. What do you say, Arun?” Reddy said.

Suddenly I looked up and then toward my mom. After thinking for quite a few seconds, my mom nodded in agreement.

“I will book Ayushi’s ticket for tomorrow, and then you can arrange her meeting with your son when she’s here,” I said.

“That sounds good to me,” Reddy said.

Arun could feel that her mom felt a bit odd because up until now, every matter was discussed with her. But suddenly, Reddy started discussing everything with me.

“What about Kavita? Should we call her too?” My mom asked.

“Why bother Kavita, mom? Anyways Ayushi will come here only for a day,” I said, and then Reddy glanced towards me.

I looked away quickly, and my mom thought that I was being reasonable.

After dinner, I went to Reddy’s room because I felt I owed him an explanation.

“What is it, Arun?” Reddy asked me. He had changed his dress into a vest and a lungi.

“I wanted you to know why I stopped Kavita from coming here,” I said as I came in.

“Tell me. Why did you not want your wife to come here?” Reddy asked

“If Kavita were here, you couldn’t focus on my mom,” I said sheepishly

Reddy looked at me, surprised. Maybe he couldn’t believe I wanted my mom in his arms now. Before either of us could say anything else. Someone knocked on the door.

We were both shocked as to who could be knocking on the door at this hour. Reddy went towards the door and peeped through the peephole. His eyes were wide as he turned towards me.

“It’s your MOM,” he said in a very low voice and signaled me to hide.

I couldn’t believe my mom was at the door. What was she doing here at this hour? I thought as I looked around for a place to hide. The only place where I could hide was the closet. I moved into the closet.

My mind went to the time when Reddy had fucked my wife in the hotel room, and I watched them through the closet. I closed the closet door and left it a little open, so I could peek out to see what was about to happen.

Reddy took off his vest, threw it aside, and then went towards the door to open it. My mom’s eyes were drawn to his naked chest as Reddy opened the door.

“Oh, Ragini,” Reddy said surprisedly, looking down at her body. She was still in the white palazzo suit that Reddy had gifted her.

“I just wanted to talk about something,” My mom said, still standing at the door.

“Come in,” Reddy said and moved aside.

My mom slowly walked in, and Reddy closed the door behind her.

“Listen, Vijay, whatever happened today was a mistake. And I don’t want that incident to affect my daughter’s future with your son, if there is any.” My mom told Reddy as they stood in the room facing each other.

“Hmm, I understand. Even I don’t want that,” Reddy said.

“Can we just forget about that and start over?” My mom asked, and there was delight in her voice.

Reddy moved a step closer to my mom as she said that. He then placed his hand on my mom’s shoulder and ran his fingers along her arms. I thought mom would back away, but she didn’t. She stood there like a statue.

“I am ready to forget everything and start over, Ragini,” Reddy said as he held my mom’s hand in his.

“But what should I do about this erection I have been carrying since the morning I saw you in this dress?” Reddy said and placed my mom’s hand on his crotch. My mom tried to pull back, but Reddy held her hand tightly on his crotch.

“Oh, Vijay,” My mom gasped as she felt his cock grow in her hands. “Please, I am helpless. I can’t do anything about it. Going any further would only jeopardize my daughter’s future.” My mom pleaded to him.

“Ssshhhh Ragini, How about I make a deal here? You help me with this now, and I will plan a meeting with your daughter for my son’s wedding.” Reddy said as he moved my mom’s hand along the length of his cock.

“But that would be wrong, Vijay.” My mom told

“What if I tell you that this is the only way?” Vijay said and pulled his hand back. My mom, too, pulled her hand back as soon as Reddy left her wrist.

“What do you want me to do, Vijay?” My mom asked in a nervous tone.

Reddy moved closer to my mom until her huge boobs got pressed against his naked muscular chest. He then pushed my mom onto the edge of the bed, and she sat there while Reddy stood in front of her.

“I want you to open my lungi and suck my cock till I cum,” Reddy said to my mother, looking directly into her eyes.

My mom’s breathing increased, and her boobs started heaving on her chest as Reddy said that. Reddy then brought his lips near her and kissed my mom very softly. My mom closed her eyes, but Reddy pulled back. When she opened her eyes, she saw Reddy standing in front of her.

There was a huge tent in lungi pointing in her direction. I could see my mom’s lips shivering as her hands automatically moved toward his lungi. She untied the knot, the lungi fell on his ankles, and his hard cock stood right in front of her face.

“Oh, my,” My mom was lost for words as she saw that cock.

Reddy felt proud seeing my mom’s reaction and placed both hands on his hips.

“Come on, Ragini, you know what to do,” Reddy ordered my mom, looking down at her.

I looked at the scene in front of me. My 48-year-old mom was sitting on the edge of the bed wearing a dress that Reddy had gifted her. Reddy stood in front of her naked, encouraging my mom to suck his cock.

Looking at my mom’s face and body language, I knew she wanted to suck that cock now. My mom bit her lips and slowly moved her hands toward his cock. Reddy’s cock shivered in excitement as my mom grasped her fingers around it.

“Oh, Ragini,” Reddy moaned, placing his hand on the back of my mom’s head.

My mom again looked up as Reddy thrust his cock forward towards my mom’s lips. His cock was oozing precum, and I could see the precum getting transferred to my mom’s lips.

My mom slowly parted her lips, and his cockhead slid in. I almost came in my pants, seeing my mom take his monster cock in her mouth.

“Oh yeah, Ragini, roll your tongue around it,” Reddy ordered as his bulbous cockhead slid inside her. My mom did exactly that, and Reddy tried to push his cock in her mouth inch by inch.

“Ragini, your mouth feels so warm. Yeah, Just like that.” Reddy kept complimenting her, and my mom soon got into the groove. My mom started gagging only 5 inches. She tried, but she couldn’t take more.

So she wrapped her hands around his shaft and started fisting the remaining part of his cock. Mom continued doing this. Rolling her tongue on his cockhead and sucking his cockhead while fisting the remaining length with both her hands.

Reddy dropped his hands down and held her boobs. He tried to weigh her heavy boobs and pressed them, making my mom moan on his cock.

Reddy’s cock was glistening with his precum and my mom’s saliva. My mom closed her legs together as she worshiped Reddy’s cock with her mouth and hands. I saw Reddy breathing heavily, and my mom noticed it too. She pulled out his cock and directed it toward her boobs.

Reddy now placed his thumb inside my mom’s mouth, and she gladly sucked his thumb as she gave him a handjob. Reddy’s body shuddered, and he came hard on my mom’s boobs. He came in the dress that he had gifted to her.

My mom rolled her tongue on her lips as she collected his cum on her boobs. He came so much. I almost forgot how much he could cum. I could see a few drops on her chin too. She wiped the cum off her chin and her kurti with a towel.

Her huge cleavage could easily be seen now that the cum was spread all over her kurti, exposing her. I had never seen my mom like this. Her face was flushed. Her hair was disheveled.

She stood up from the bed and slowly walked towards the door. She found Reddy’s hand on her hips, pulling her towards him from behind. My mom could feel his naked cock on her big ass.

“You did a good job, Ragini. If it weren’t for our deal, I would have fucked you,” Reddy said confidently in her ears.

It felt as though he was teasing my mom with his words. And that was affecting her because my mom ground her ass against his cock.

“Now go before I change my mind and fuck you,” Reddy said, spanking my mom’s ass.

My mom bit her lips again, and her body shuddered as she walked out of the room. Reddy closed the door behind her.

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