My Wife – Part 8 (The Game Stripper)

Whatever happened, happened. (I wasn’t expecting the game stripper poker.) Now that Reddy was gone and probably never coming back in our life again. I wanted to start all over again with Kavita as this all had happened because of my stupid fantasy.

I placed my hand on Kavita’s waist and pulled her close as I walked with my loving wife.

And as I told you earlier, I don’t get shocked anymore, but my wife somehow manages to shock me. Reddy was lying on my bed.

“I sneaked him in when everyone was busy at the party,” Kavita said as she pushed me in and closed the door behind me.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Reddy on my bed. All of a sudden, I felt everything getting away from my hands. The other night I took Kavita to the hotel. It was all good when things were happening according to me.

But now, all of a sudden, Kavita was taking control. I could feel that she was falling for Reddy. I had to do something, I thought.

“Kavita, this is not right,” I yelled at her and caught her hand

“What? Is this not what you wanted?” Kavita said as she tried to free her hand

“Yeah, but not like this. I did not want you to go behind my back. This all should stop right now,” I said in anger and twisted her wrist

“Ah Arun, You are hurting me. Stop!” Kavita yelped in pain

“No, Kavita. You are taking things too far. This has to stop,” I said

“Arun, everyone is in the hall. Please leave my hand,” Kavita pleaded

“What are you going to do? Tell everyone that I made you sleep with Reddy? Huh? Tell me, Kavita? Is that what you want? Let’s go and tell everyone,” I said, staring back into my wife’s eyes

I knew that if I had to get the upper hand, then I had to make Kavita obey me before anyone else. I could sense a bit of fear in Kavita.

“I didn’t mean that, Arun,” Kavita murmured

“Arun, my boy. We can discuss this maturely,” Reddy reached out to me, and I felt a hand on my shoulder

“Reddy, You stay out of this. This is between my wife and me,” I yelled at him too, trying to maintain my anger

“Arun, listen to me for a minute,” Reddy said and pushed me away from my wife

“This is my last night in town. I will be gone tomorrow morning. Do you want to throw away everything you have? Your wife, your family? What will the society say if they come to know about all this?” Reddy was now yelling at me, but he was making a point.

“Do you want your wife to not sleep with me? Is that what you want?” Reddy asked me

I stayed quiet as I looked at Reddy and then at Kavita.

“Tell me, Arun? Is that what you want?” Reddy asked again

I simply nodded in yes.

“Really? You don’t want me to fuck Kavita on your bed?” Reddy asked again

I wanted to see my wife get fucked. But I had to hold my ground and make sure that Kavita doesn’t go out of hand or she doesn’t take me for granted.

“Yes. I don’t want anything to happen tonight,” I said with a heavy heart

Reddy was a bit surprised, but my wife was looked shocked.

“Ok, I won’t fuck your wife. What do we do now? I cannot go out. Your whole family is there,” Reddy told me

He was right. What do I do now? The plan was to throw Reddy out of the apartment, but my mom and sisters were in the hall.

“I have an idea,” Reddy said

Both me and Kavita looked at him. I felt a bit suspicious. I felt Reddy was up to something.

“Arun, Do you have whiskey and a deck of cards in the house?” Reddy asked me

I didn’t answer. Neither did Kavita.

“Listen, Arun. This is our last night together. I have already told you that I won’t fuck your wife. So let’s enjoy and end all this at a happy place,” Reddy told me

“So Arun, go and get a bottle of whiskey and a deck of cards,” Reddy said again

I looked at Kavita. She was still standing at the door.

“Kavita, go and get cards and a bottle of whiskey,” I told her after thinking for a moment

“Me?” Kavita asked

“Yes, you, Kavita. There’s no way I am leaving you alone with him,” I said and walked towards the bed

Kavita went out, and I signaled Reddy to come and sit on the bed. Just like in the hotel, Reddy made me sit near his legs while my wife was in his arms. Today I signaled him to sit on the other end of the bed.

Reddy didn’t resist or say anything. He came and sat in front of me. Soon Kavita came with a deck of cards, whiskey, and glasses.

“Why did you bring only two glasses?” Reddy asked my wife

“I don’t drink,” Kavita replied calmly and came to sit near me.

I was happy that Kavita was finally getting to know her place.

“So, what are we playing?” I asked Reddy as he shuffled the cards

“Since this is our last night together, and I have already told you that I won’t fuck Kavita. So let’s play strip poker. And whoever loses will have to take out a piece of cloth and gulp a glass of whiskey,” Reddy said

“What no? Is this another way of yours to get my wife in bed? And anyways, Kavita doesn’t drink,” I yelled back

Although the idea was good, I had to act tough.

“Relax, my boy, Kavita will not drink. Only us, the men, will be drinking. If Kavita loses, then she will just have to strip. And we all have already seen each other naked,” Reddy said very calmly

I mean, I wanted to play, but I didn’t know where this all would lead to.

“If you don’t want, then we won’t play. It’s up to you,” Reddy said again

I looked at Kavita. I raised my eyebrows to ask her opinion, but Kavita just looked away.

“Ok. But no touching. And Kavita will not drink,” I said, taking a deep breath

“As you say. Kavita, make two drinks, please,” Reddy said.

I looked at everyone and figured how many clothes everyone was wearing. I was dressed in a shirt, pants, vest, and underwear. Reddy, too was wearing the same clothes like mine. I saw his underwear and vest when my wife was blowing his dick earlier in the kitchen.

And Kavita was in a silky pink saree with a sleeveless blouse. She had five items of clothing, including a bra, petticoat, and panty.

Reddy distributed the cards, and we all got to play. I lost the first round. Both Reddy and Kavita smiled at me sheepishly. I gulped a peg and shook my head as I was drinking after a long time. Then I removed my shirt.

Reddy lost the next round. He, too, gulped the drink in a go and removed his shirt. We played again as Kavita filled our glasses, and I lost the third round.

“Hard luck, boy,” Reddy said as I took the glass and drank a second peg.

I had to close my eyes and breath for a few seconds as the second peg hit me hard. Then I took out my vest.

“Your wife is really good at this game,” Reddy said as he started shuffling the cards for 4th round.

“Or just lucky,” Kavita said and winked at Reddy.

I looked at my wife and then at Reddy. This was the first time my wife spoke with confidence after I had yelled at her earlier.

We got down to play the 5th round, and as luck would have it, I lost again. I got pissed off. This time Reddy made a peg for me and handed me the drink. But I couldn’t drink all in a go.

“You have to finish it, my boy. The rule is for everyone,” Reddy said.

I closed my eyes and drank till the last drop. I had to take out my pants now, but I just couldn’t stand up. So I just pulled my pants off and sat there in my underwear. My head was spinning as I felt this peg hit me the most.

The 6th round was played, and finally, my wife lost. Both me and Reddy smiled and went, “ Yaay,” as Kavita got up and stood on the bed. My wife first dropped the pallu of her pink saree, and the pallu fell near Reddy’s hand.

Reddy quickly started pulling the pallu as my wife seductively went round and round. I froze and got an instant hard-on as I saw that Kavita wasn’t wearing any petticoat! My wife stood there only in a red thong and blouse.

“Oh fuck,” I murmured as Kavita turned around to expose her butt. Kavita’s asscheeks were visible. The thong only covered the area in between. Both I and Reddy stared at my wife’s sexy legs.

I have never seen my wife’s ass look so sexy. Reddy kept my wife’s saree in his lap as Kavita slowly sat down.

The 7th round was played, and Reddy lost this time. He gulped his second drink and quickly took his vest. He seemed to be enjoying it the most. Next was the 8th round, and Kavita lost again.

Now my wife had to get rid of her sleeveless bra. Kavita moved her hair to one side of her shoulders and moved towards Reddy.

“Can you please unhook it?” Kavita asked him seductively as she looked into my eyes.

Damn, I felt really jealous as Reddy had practically undressed my wife in front of me again. First by pulling her saree and now this. As my wife’s pink blouse came off, I saw her red strapless bra, which matched her thong. The bra only covered the region of her nipple and lower boobs.

“Oh god,” I looked at my wife like a hungry dog as she crawled back to her place. I just wanted to grab my wife and fuck her right here. I didn’t care if Reddy joined us. I just wanted to fuck my wife right now and right here.

9th round: I lost, and Reddy gave me a large peg.

“This is your last item and peg. Enjoy,” Reddy said, handing me the glass.

I was in no position to drink another peg, but as Reddy said, it was last. I drank it in a go. I felt a burning sensation in my throat, and that’s when I realized that the peg was neat.

“Time to take off the last cloth, Arun,” Kavita said, teasing me.

“Why don’t you help him, Kavita. I don’t think he can do it on his own,” Reddy encouraged my wife to take off my underwear.

Kavita came to me and laid my head back on the bed. I lied on my back, and slowly Kavita pulled down my underwear.

“Oh god, Arun. You are soo hard,” Kavita said as she grabbed my dick

I couldn’t control it anymore seeing my wife in her sexy red thong and bra. I pulled Kavita on top of me and kissed her hard. Kavita instead pulled back and looked at Reddy.

“Make him cum fast,” I heard Reddy’s voice

Kavita turned towards me and got on top of me, placing her crotch right on my hard dick. But she was still wearing her thong. She then started kissing me again. I placed both my hands on her back and unhooked her bra, and threw it away. I held my wife tightly as we sucked each other’s tongues.

Kavita started moving her hips and dry humping my dick. She did this for a while, which made me even harder. Kavita then stopped kissing me and sat beside me. She held my dick with one hand and massaged my balls with another.

I had no idea when I came, but I felt relaxed. I don’t know what it was, whiskey or my wife, but I dozed off as soon as I came.


“Get up… get up… Oiiii….” Someone was kicking my legs.

I knew someone was at my legs trying to wake me up, but I was in no position to get up.

“Get up. I told you I would fuck your wife on your bed.”

I opened my eyes as soon as I heard this and looked at Reddy standing near my legs naked. I was lying on the floor. The last I remember, I was on my bed. I held my head and slowly tried to get up.

My whole world turned upside down as I saw Kavita lying naked on the bed with marks all over her body and cum dripping out of her pussy.

“Wha… what have you done?” I asked Reddy in disbelief

“My last fuck to your wife and probably the best one,” Reddy said and went near my wife and grabbed her boobs.

“Oh, no. He has fucked my wife like a slut, and now he was treating her like one,” I said as I saw Reddy moving his fingers on her boobs

“Have to go,” Reddy told my wife.

Kavita looked at him and tried to get up.

“I will take you to your cab,” Kavita said and got up to wear something. As Kavita turned around, I saw fingerprints on her ass, and it had turned red.

“How long was I asleep?” I asked Reddy

“I don’t know. 2 hours maybe, maybe more,” Reddy replied

I was still very high. My head was still spinning, but my sleep was gone. I looked at the time. It was 3:40 AM.

My wife just wore a nighty and nothing else. I quickly grabbed my pant and wore a t-shirt. Kavita went into the hall to make sure no one was there. I couldn’t believe that I was helping the man sneak away who just fucked my wife while I was asleep.

We reached near the cab, and Kavita grabbed Reddy for one last time. They both kissed hard and wet. Even the cab driver got a good view. They finally separated after a few minutes, and Reddy got into the cab.

We were coming back to our apartment. We saw Suresh, Avantika’s husband, and my younger sister Ayushi coming down from the terrace. We were all shocked to see each other there.

“Where were you guys? Ayushi asked us

“Umm.. we were just taking a stroll in the park. Couldn’t sleep,” Kavita said, adjusting her nighty

I saw Suresh staring at my wife as she adjusted her nighty, maybe because she wasn’t wearing anything inside.

“Where were you guys?” I asked them.

“Oh, even we couldn’t sleep. So jiju was just giving me company on the terrace,” Ayushi said and walked in

Suresh, too didn’t say anything and just walked in. Both me and Kavita looked at each other. I felt a bit suspicious.

Anyways we came back to our room.

“Reddy is finally gone,” I said

“Hmmm, he is,” Kavita said and smiled at me

“Are you going to tell me what happened?” I asked

“No, Arun. This will stay with me. Hope you understand.” Kavita said and walked into the washroom.

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