My wife’s sexcapades – Part 1

Hi, this is my first story here and I am a regular follower of the ISS. I am Shyam 33, and my wife Priya is 29. We have been married for 7 years and this story happened last weekend. My wife’s size is 36-32-34, fair complexion, and is sexy as hell. Now let me get to the story.

We invited our friend to our home last week for dinner. Me, my wife, and my friend, we all sat and had dinner. I noticed some eye-to-eye contact happening between my friend and my wife. When I went to wash my hand, they just smiled and my friend winked at my wife and she blushed! Not sure when they started this.

Then we were sitting and talked. It was 10 pm and my friend was telling me that he would leave and my wife asked why he wanted to leave so late. She wanted him to stay and he also said –

He: Ok fine, I will go in the morning and will stay here at night.

My friend was 6 feet tall, well-built gym fit, and a bachelor guy. He wore a tight t-shirt and jeans that day. My wife then told us she would come now and went into the room and closed it. I thought she would be in the washroom.

Then my wife set up the bedroom for my friend and came out and told him his bed was ready. He went and we too went to sleep. Around 11:30 pm, my wife was checking on me. I realized she was looking at me. So I kept my eyes closed and pretended to be asleep. She confirmed that I was sleeping and then stood up and took off her dress. I saw she was wearing a red lacy bra and a lacy thong which I got for her and asked her to wear on our anniversary. But she wore it today.

My wife slowly opened the cupboard and wore the bathrobe and left out of the room. I didn’t know what she was doing, so I just followed her quietly. Since all the lights were off, she couldn’t see me. But because of her bathrobe which was white, I could see her.

She then knocked on my friend’s room to my shock and my friend who was only in his boxers opened the door. My wife just moved back from the door and stood in front of him. Then she removed her bathrobe and dropped it on the floor. She was in the same bra and panty, which I wanted to see her wearing. But now, instead of me, my friend was feasting on my wife with his eyes.

I was hiding and watching all these. My friend’s dick was rising inside his boxer. Then he just smiled and said –

He: Let’s go in.

My wife went inside his room and he locked the door. There was an exhaust opening and I could see the whole room from there. So I went to the first floor and went to that place to see what they were up to. When I looked through it, I saw my wife standing and my friend looking at her like he was going to eat her.

Then she said, “Stop looking at me and have me!”

My friend just took my wife to the wall quickly and started sucking her mouth and kissing her whole body. Again, they kissed until she said something in his ear. He slowed down and started kissing her passionately. He kissed her on my wife’s boobs and she was moaning like anything. Then he removed her bra and said –

He: My friend has never used these boobs enough.

And they both smiled. My friend then sucked her boobs and nipples. He switched between both boobs. Then he just pushed her on the bed and went above her slowly and started licking her neck and smooching her. He licked my wife’s boobs and sucked her for the next 15 minutes before coming own on her stomach and then on her hips.

My friend placed his hand on my partner’s pussy over her thong. She hissed and said, “Do you want to lick it?”

(My wife never allowed me to lick or play with her pussy. She would just ask me to push my dick into her pussy. I was shocked that she was asking my friend all these.)

Slowly, my buddy pulled the thong and she opened her legs, welcoming him. He went down and licked her pussy and sucked it. I noticed she had also shaved her pussy, expecting this to happen. He sucked her for a few minutes and she was like arching her body and saying, “Ya have me, take me fully. Enjoy me like your wife. I’m not your friend’s wife. I’m your wife. Please have me.”

She cummed after arching her body and he said, ” You be my friend’s wife I like to enjoy you like that”. And he smiled.

Then she said, “Now let me serve you”. I didn’t know what she meant. Then she came above him and pulled the boxers and I was in shock of my life as my wife never sucked my dick. My wife licked licked my friend’s shaft and slowly took his dick inside her mouth and sucked it like a pro. I never saw my wife holding my dick in her hand. She was sucking his 8 inches long cock like a lollipop.

After sometime, he said, “Let me give you the pleasure now.”

My wife lied down and my friend was standing. He asked her to request him to fuck her. She immediately opened her legs and said, “Please come and fuck your friend’s wife and give me the pleasure of a lifetime!”

He quickly climbed over her and pushed his dick inch by inch inside her. She was moaning, “Aah.. ahh… hmm… aah…I have..never felt a dick deep…Ahh..”

Then my friend started moving in and out and my wife’s hip was moving along with the rhythm. Slowly, he increased the speed. My friend fucked my cheating wife for almost 15 minutes and asked her something in the ear, to which she whispered something. He smiled and pushed his dick fully inside and cummed inside my wife.

My wife then kissed him and said, “You are the third guy to cum inside me.”

Hearing this, he was shocked and asked who was the second. She said, “My husband and one guy from the apartment. Whenever my husband is in town, he serves me. And now you.”

He smiled and said: You are a real slut!

Then she said: Yes, I want to get fully satisfied.

Then he asked her: Do you sleep with me today like a wife?

She asked him: Are you already done? I want more! Let’s enjoy and then I will sleep with you till early morning. After that, I will go to my room.

He smiled and they both smooched again and went inside the bed sheet.


The next two sessions, I will write in part 2. If you like my story, send your suggestions and appreciations to my mail ID . I will submit the part 2 soon.