Nailing the Tamil lady vegetable seller

Hi friends, this is Jai from Chennai. And this is my very first story and it’s about one of my encounters. I am so interested in reading sex stories and this website is my favorite one.

Here I am going to post my sex encounter with my vegetable seller. Actually, she is my neighbor who used to sell vegetables to some of the houses in my place. She is around 45 years old, but she looks like 32 years old. She has nice body shape and has a good size of boobs (34-32-36).

I am 35 years old and married 6 years ago. Everyone fails to judge my age. I am a smart, good-looking, fun-loving, and easygoing person. My waist size is 32″, my height is 5’7″, and has a Indian medium skin tone. My wife is a homemaker, and my son is 4 years old.

It was a summer season. My wife wanted to visit her mother town. It was 200 km away from Chennai. I took leave on Sunday from the office. Then I dropped them there in my car and returned on Monday straight to the office. After the work, I brought two beer battles.

It was Monday night and the time was around 11 pm. I finished my beers and watched some porn movies on my mobile. The beer kick was so good and I was in the 7th sky. Suddenly, the power went off. Now there was no AC, no fan, nothing. I didn’t know what to do. Then I lay on the entrance door. There only I could get some fresh air.

The vegetable lady usually comes home every Tuesday and Friday by 8 am. I didn’t know that. I was lying there at the entrance with my dick out from my boxer, because of the porn video.

The next morning my wife called me. I got up and started doing my usual things. Then only I saw the bag of vegetables. So, I called my wife and said –

Me: Tell the vegetable lady to take back bag wit the vegetables. Don’t need that for 2 weeks.

My wife got the vegetable lady’s mobile number. (I forgot to tell you her name. The vegetable lady’s name was Bhavani.)

Bhavani came home around 9:15 am. By then, I was ready for my office. I just smiled at her, but she had a sarcastic smile on her face. I didn’t realize why at that time. She was looking at me down and on my dick area. She stared there for a long time! Then I called her –

Me: Akka, take the bag and vegetables. My wife is not here at home and she will be back after 10 days only. So, I don’t need them now. Even I don’t cook.

Bhavani: Enna thambi door kitta ye bhaduthutigah? (Why were you sleeping near the door last night?)

Me: No power last night, that’s why.

Bhavani: I think you are missing your wife.

Me: Why? How could you say that?

Bhavani: I know, I saw your..

Saying this, she just left the place. Then only I realized my situation last night. My dick was out of my boxer while sleeping. I was so embarrassed at that time.

I started to my office. By afternoon, my wife called me and said –

Wife: Bhavani akka will bring you dinner at night. Don’t take food from outside at night time. I paid her for that.

I said nothing because I wanted to take the risk to fuck the vegetable seller Bhavani. Already, I had an idea about her when I shifted my home here. She had two children, a girl and a boy. I didn’t think about her much at that time, but now I wanted to fuck her.

I reached home, got fresh and waited for her. She came with the same sarcastic smile. So I was gaining some green signals from her. I even wanted to wait for the full green signal. She served the food on the dining table, sat in front of me, and then told me to eat.

She always wears sarees. Tonight, she was wearing a good saree and a matching low-cut blouse for it. Her back was also visible to me. Suddenly, her daughter called and told her to come home. So, she wanted to go.

Before going, I asked her number. She gave it to me and shared the same sarcastic smile on her face. Then she just left. That day, I was so horny. I masturbated twice by thinking of her. The next day, I messaged her –

Me: Hey, akka.

But I got no reply. In the evening, I got a message from her, “Sollu pa”. We texted in Tamil.

Me: What’s special tonight?

She: What do you want?

Me: Will you give ‘whatever’ I ask?

she: Just tell me, I will do it for you.

Me: I want…

She: What?

Me: Come tonight, I will tell you there at home. You can give <3.

She just sent a smiley.

I went home late after 9 pm so that no one would disturb us. I reached home by 9:15 and called her to come after 10 minutes. She came at 9:30 pm and served me the food. She was wearing a hot saree. It was a little transparent and could see her belly button through her saree. She had jasmine flowers on her head. That was so erotic.

Then I asked about her daughter. She said daughter won’t call tonight as she had slept early. So I knew Bhavani was very much prepared for it.

She had brought 5 chapatis. I told her to eat with me. I served her and sat next to her so close. I said that I liked the fragrance of the jasmine.

Me: Do you mind if I sit close to you?

She just nodded in a yes. While serving her, I asked –

Me: Why are you smiling so sarcastically? Even I know that.

Suddenly, the vegetable seller lady looked at my boxer and laughed out loud. I was so embarrassed. I put my hand over the chair’s headrest and felt her back. She was also feeling my hand on her back and hair. While eating, slowly I put my whole hand on her back. She didn’t say anything, she was not resisting it.

We had our dinner. She cleaned the table and again sat next to me so close. Then I put my hand again and pulled her so close to me. She just turned her head and looked into my eyes. Our faces were brushing against each other. I didn’t want to wait any longer. So I kissed her on the cheek. No resistance from her. Again, I kissed and ended on her lips. She just opened her mouth and invited me to do more.

We kissed for nearly 10 minutes. While kissing, we almost undressed each other. She was breathing so heavily, and said, “Fuck me”.

Then we moved to the bedroom. She rushed me to fuck her because she didn’t have much time. I just jumped on her, kissed, and licked all over her body. She got my dick and pushed into her pussy. Then I told her –

Me: Wait, I want to lick your pussy.

She said: Nooo, it’s hairy.

I didn’t listen to her, went down, and played with her pussy. Then I put my dick into her. It was already so wet. Then I fucked her for more than 5 minutes. We reached our climax. She wanted to go, so we had a fast fuck.

Then the next day I took leave for more fun. And we enjoyed a lot. I will tell you the rest in the next post. If you like my story, please let me know. Even for fun and happiness just mail me at this ID –

I am safe and secure. Let’s share mail if we are on a mutual stand. Then see how far it will go. Thank you Chennai ladies and girls. If you want, I even love to travel to wherever you are. I’m a very lazy guy at typing and poor in spelling. So, please don’t mind.