Naughty Neighbour Lady Seduced Me – Part 1

Hi friends, this is Rajesh. I am writing with ISS after long 4 years. I am 52 years old, a software engineer working for a company as a senior analyst and residing in Bangalore with my wife and son. After completing his B E graduation, my son flew to the US to do his M S.

So my wife and I are presently residing in our flat near New Airport road. This incident happened when my wife went to her native to see her ailing father a few months back.

It was Saturday evening around 7 pm. I was having a beer and watching some nonsense on TV and heard the doorbell ring. I was wearing a T-shirt and a lungi. I opened the door, thinking it must be the paper boy collecting the monthly dues.

I was surprised to see my neighbor Roshni at the door. Roshni gave me a wide smile on seeing me and said, “Good evening, Uncle.” I, too, wished her. Thinking that she had come to see my wife, I said, “Suma has gone to her native Roshni.” Suma is my wife’s name.

Roshni Mathews and her husband, Paul Mathews, were my immediate neighbors on the 4th top floor of our apartment. Both were software professionals and were in their late twenties.

“I know, Uncle, that Suma Aunty is not in town. I came to give you company as I was also bored. Paul flew to Mumbai today morning and will be back only Sunday,” Saying Roshni came in.

Seeing the beer glass on the teapoy, said, “Looks like you have already started your evening drinks. Get me a bottle and a mug too, Uncle.” Roshni sat on the sofa. I went to the fridge and pulled out another beer and mug. I came to the living room and saw Roshni keenly watching the western flick.

She was wearing a loose white T-shirt and white shorts. She was an ultra-modern girl, wearing skirts, pants and salwars too. Roshni didn’t have a figure like a model, with wheatish skin color, height 5ft 5 inch round, 36-28-38 figure. Her breasts were neither small nor big, moderate ones, maybe C cup.

I poured beer into the mug, gave it to Roshni, came and sat on the sofa, keeping 2 ft distance like a gentleman. Roshni took a sip, sliding next to me, placing her right hand on my left thigh said, “How do you watch these boring westerns, Uncle?”

Her warm hand on my thigh and cold beer sent the wrong signals to my brain, and my cock stirred inside my briefs. Without answering her, I took another sip of beer and tried to remove the ugly thoughts from my mind. Her feminine fragrance and right shoulder rubbing my left was not helping me much.

But instead, my cock was full hard-on by now as I was missing sex from the past week. Roshni leaned across me to fetch the remote on the right side of the sofa. Her breasts swayed inside her loose T-shirt and were almost dangerously grazing my thighs.

I panicked on seeing her shirt top opening due to her breast weight and showing her white bra-clad tits dangling in front of my roving eyes. Her right forearm was grazing my crotch. I knew that she would come to know that I was aroused.

A 52-year-old man was aroused by a 28-year-old woman who was almost my daughter’s age if I had any. Roshni took the remote. While moving back, her hand touched my beer mug. The beer spilled over, wetting my T-shirt and, damn, my lungi too.

Roshni kept her mug and remote on the teapoy. She started to wipe the beer stains from my shirt, saying sorry again and again. I told her ok but was petrified on seeing her hands moving towards my crotch. She tried to rub the beer on my lungi.

My cock was forming a tent even though I tried to control it. Her shirt displayed her ample breasts and was jiggling inside her tight bra. I could see her white breasts and flesh spilling out her tiny bra cups. Her cleavage was a feast to my hungry eyes.

Due to Roshni’s constant rubbing, my cock slid out of my briefs and stood out like a flag pole. Embarrassed, I tried to tuck it back inside. But she observed and looked up at me with a surprised look on her face. I wanted to cover my face and cock in embarrassment.

Roshni, gently touching and holding my cock at the base, looked at me and asked, “My goodness, are you aroused, Uncle?”

“Sorry, Roshni, it should be the effect of beer. I think you should leave now.” I said and tried to get up. But Roshni pulled me down, gripping my steel-like cock firmly asked, ” What made me so horny, Uncle? Please be frank with me.”

I took another sip from the mug and said, “Nothing.” But my eyes were fixed on her cleavage and swaying breasts. Roshni fumbled with my lungi, took out my cock in the open and, holding it said, “My goodness, you have a monster penis, Uncle. It is much bigger and thicker than Paul’s. What is its size?”

Roshni saw the pre-cum oozing out from the tip. She rubbed her palm over my cockhead, smearing her hands with my cum and started jerking my cock. She looked up and asked again, “What is your penis size, Uncle?” I muttered, “Maybe 8 or 9 inches.”

Roshni looked shocked and said,” My lousy husband Paul’s gun is only 6 inches, and that too it’s thinner than yours. You didn’t tell me what made you horny, Uncle.” Instead of replying, I still looked at her gorgeous bra-clad breasts dancing inside her T-shirt.

Roshni got her answer. She pulled her shirt top down to expose her bra, smiling mischievously, asked, “Is it sufficient, or do you want to see them naked, Uncle?”

I was shocked by her frankness and bold request. I tried to get her hand off my cock, and pleaded with her, “Roshni, please go now.”

But Roshni, instead of getting up, started jerking my cock harder and said, “Tell me, how are you going to cool your cock down? Masturbate, right? That’s what I am doing now. Let us make a deal. I will help you cum, and in turn, you help me get off. What do you say, Uncle?”

Things were getting out of hand. I tried to push her away. But Roshni lowered her head, stretching her tongue out and licked the pre-cum off my piss hole.

Licking her lips, she said, “You taste good, unlike Paul. I don’t mind sucking your cock and drinking your whole cum. What do you say, Uncle? Shall I jerk you off or give you a blowjob?” I surrendered meekly to this sexy siren and said, “Your wish, Roshni.”

Roshni grinned, gave me a peck on my lips, and said, “Thanks, Uncle, now I will use my hands, and you use your fingers to help me cum.” Saying she released my cock, and sat properly resting against the sofa. She unhooked her shorts, pulled them to her knees and asked, “Should I remove panties too?”

I was really scared of this bold girl, “No, don’t remove it or else I may get crazy ideas.”

“I don’t mind if you get such crazy ideas. Anyway, as you wish, Uncle, my pussy is sore from masturbating with my fingers. Today I want a real man’s fingers inside me,” said Roshni. She took hold of my cock again in her right hand, jerking it to signal me towards her crotch.

“Please, Uncle, my pussy is leaking and waiting for your fingers,” She pleaded. I looked at Roshni. She had slid a bit, her ass at the edge of the sofa. The T-shirt moved up, exposing her flat tummy. Her navel and stubble pubic hair were seen just above her panty waistband.

I moved my left hand towards her stomach, feeling her soft skin tummy. I moved my hand lower, dipping my finger in her navel. She moaned when I did that. I lowered my hand further down, sliding inside her panty waistband, and felt her stubble hair.

Still lower, my middle finger grazed her throbbing clit. Further down, my middle finger parted her pussy lips, and I cupped her mound with my palm. Roshni moaned out loudly, raising her hips. She screamed, “Yes, Yes, uncle.”

The girl was not lying. She was already soaking wet. I pushed my middle inside her pussy, swirled my finger inside her moist canal, found her G- spot and flicked her there. My thumb was gently rubbing her clit, which was already hard. I started finger fucking her slowly.

Roshni had closed her eyes and was lazily jerking my cock now. I saw her left hand inside her shirt and pressing her left breast. I knew she had an orgasm already once and started moving my finger fast to give her another one. Roshni was shivering with excitement.

Her shirt was above her bra. She lifted her left bra cup, exposing her firm breast. Her areola was pinkish and one inch in diameter. Her nipple was hard and pointed like a pencil tip.

OMG, how badly I wanted to suck those cute nipples. My middle finger was moving in and out of her moist pussy fastly. Roshni had raised her hips and was trying to finger fuck herself. She was squeezing her breasts hard.

After 2 minutes of my finger fucking, I saw Roshni trembling and sweat dripping on her cute face. She screamed aloud, “I am coming, Uncle. Please don’t stop. I am cumming.” I could feel her orgasm, and my hand was soaked with her juices.

I didn’t want her to scream so our neighbors could hear her. I quickly closed her lips with mine and finger fucked her while she had her orgasm. Roshni had forgotten about my cock and was idly holding it, enjoying herself. Roshni finally slumped on the sofa.

I quickly removed my mouth and my hand from her panties. She opened her eyes, gave me a sexy smile said, “Thanks, that was good. After so many days, I had a good release. I don’t get this type of orgasm even when my husband fucks me. Thanks again, Uncle.”

I smiled back and said, “You are welcome. Dear, glad I was able to help you have your release.”

To be continued.

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