Need Of Married Indian Woman Supriya – Part 1

I am Amar. This story is mine. A few days ago, I was contacted by a lady named Supriya on an online dating site. We chatted for a few days and one day, she revealed why she was on a dating site even after being married.

She said she needed a child and nothing more. I was shocked. She described her situation and how depressing it was not to have a child and the problems she faced in society because of that. Life of daily humiliation.

I gave it a long thought. After much thinking, I said ok to her, although it was too risky and at the same time exciting. We decided to meet in the hotel room during her fertile days. (I did have some prior experience of such kind but I will tell that story later. I am writing this story just to get this out of my heart. Hope you will love it.)

She was wearing a black sleeveless one-piece. She also had an anklet and bracelet. Her wedding ring was still on. I was in normal jeans and a t-shirt. We chatted for a bit and discussed the terms and conditions of our association.

Then I looked into her eyes and asked for her approval. She said yes.

Slowly, I approached her hand and took her close in my arms and hugged her tightly. I tried to make the married lady comfortable in my arms. She was a bit shy person. I licked her neck and kissed it. She left a sigh of excitement.

I slowly walked her to bed and leaned on her in the bed. We started kissing passionately.

I pulled her sleeves down and kissed her chest and neck passionately. I got up at once from the bed and pulled out my t-shirt and again jumped on her.

We rolled into bed kissing each other passionately. I moved my hands into her legs and started rubbing her pussy. I pushed two fingers inside her and licked her shoulders, sucking them passionately. We were getting comfortable and open to each other. Her hesitation was melting.

Then I removed her one-piece as she lied there in a bra and panty. I sucked her bra and then pulled it out. She was a plum lady with a soft body and with a bit of a belly which added to her beauty. I licked her belly and pushed my tongue into her deep navel.

Moving down, I ran my tongue on her thighs, giving her long licks and sucking her toes. She was moaning madly now. I pulled the married woman’s panty down with my teeth as she lifted her butt a bit.

We both were naked in bed now. I spread her legs and kissed her pussy at once. Then followed with strong licks and bites on pussy. My tongue started pounding into her pussy. I rubbed my face on her pussy and she begged me to fuck her now.

Her pussy was pinkish and smooth, my dick was blackish and around 6 inches long. I pulled her hair and shoved my cock in her mouth. I started wildly fucking her mouth. She started oozing saliva. I slept on her mouth with my cock in her mouth.

Now I was standing on the floor and she sucked my cock like a thirsty bitch. I slapped her hard on her face, turning it red. I choked her badly. And I loved it.

She licked my cock up and down and then sucked the cock tip in her pink lips. I was on cloud nine. I slapped cock on her cheeks and nose. She was wet with saliva from her mouth. We just agreed on this to be a mechanical arrangement but it turned out into hot horny sex!

We moved to the bed, again eating each other. She was on her fours. I kissed her back and licked it. Spreading her ass cheeks, I pushed my tongue on the married woman’s ass hole. She was surprised and tweaked her ass on my face.

I was giving sloppy licks on her ass and pussy from behind. She moaned like a slut during those licks. “You are a pro,” she said. And pushed her ass on my face. I gaped her ass cheeks, eating them both one by one.

Then I put her into bed again and kissed her lips passionately. I sucked her tits and turned them red by pinching them. My hand slapped her pussy and she moaned madly!

I slowly moved toward her pussy and my wet cock slipped into her wet pussy. I felt a hot inside while entering her. It was waiting to be fucked for long.

Now I started pounding her deeply and abusing her too. It was a wild mess. The bedsheets were messed up too. I fucked her badly and she moaned. I held her to my chest and was pounding her pussy. We kissed and bite each other lips. We were gone beyond the point to return. She hugged me into her arms passionately and licked my neck repeatedly.

I was to the point of climax. She already had multiple orgasms while I licked her earlier. I paused and looked into her eyes to seek her interest. She nodded yes and I released my hot cum into her slutty married pussy! It was fucking awesome and she moaned and groaned in the rooms beneath me in bed.

I pounded her harshly without mercy. It was evident we both loved the fuck.

We kissed in bed for half an hour after that.

Then we woke up and got dressed. There was something about this sex session and we both knew that. She smiled at me and then said goodbye. She went to the door and rushed back to me kissing me passionately as I crushed her one boob!

After that wet kiss, she departed

We met again for the next few days. But I will share details later of each encounter.

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Also, in the next part, I will reveal if Supriya achieved what she wanted.