Neighbour Priti and her Desires – Part 2

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Chapter 2:

As I turned around, I saw my Mom, Amy, on her fours on the floor.

Before I continue ahead, I should mention that my mother’s maiden name is Amy, and so is my sister’s. After my sister’s marriage, she changed her name to Ashley. So, from now on, whenever I mention Amy, I will be referring to my Mom. When I mention Ashley, I will be referring to my married sister.

She was wearing black netted lingerie, and I could see her body through it. There was a black collar around her neck and a leash attached to it. She had tied her legs in a tight ponytail and perfectly tucked it. She had also put on heavy makeup that made her look like a streetside whore.

As I tried to understand what was going on, my Mom started crawling towards me on her knees. She reached towards my feet and leaned down. As her head reached the bottom of my legs, she stuck out her tongue and started licking my right foot.

“Mom, what the hell?” I said

“Not Mom, Master. Call me your whore,” she said and moved towards my dick.

I tried to step back, but Priti pushed me from behind towards my Mom. My Mom crawled up and went on her knees, facing my naked body with my dick hanging right in front of her. There were still droplets of cum on the tip of my dick.

“Make us your cumbucket, Master,” Amy begged.

“Mom, what are you saying? I am your son,” I said, ironically, my cock still hard at the sight of my half-naked Mom.

“Yes, you are, son, but I want you to think beyond that. Think of me as a woman in your life who exists to satisfy your sexual needs. And besides, your cock already likes my body. I can see that,” my Mom replied and instantly grabbed my dick.

“It is alright, beta,” Priti said, “It is okay to have sexual urges in a relationship. You should embrace that,” she continued.

“You are the one who helped my Mom to bring out her urges?” I asked Priti.

“What do you think?” She asked wickedly.

“I think you are a whore,” were the first words to come out of my mouth

“That you are right. Yes, I was the one who brought out these desires from her. I’ve been doing it since I moved here. Your Mom is dying to have a cock in her body. Trust me, her pussy is something you must’ve never experienced before. It’s not been used for quite some, and it is smooth as butter,” Priti explained.

I grabbed Priti’s neck and landed a hard slap on her cheek. Priti smiled back at me, and I hit her one more time.

“Hit me as many times as you wish, Master, but I am right. Try your Mom once, I’m sure you won’t regret it,” Priti said

“What the hell,” I thought to myself, “I was the only son, living with his Mum in a huge villa. My sister lived in the other corner of the city, and our neighbour was the one to bring out these desires. So why not go ahead with it?”

I turned back to see my Mom, still between my legs, eagerly waiting for me to take the next step. My dick was hanging right in front of her face.

“Do you want to be my cum-bucket, Mum?” I asked my mother

Amy looked up at me with happiness in her eyes. She sensed my agreement for this deal even though I had not made it official. But you know what they say, ‘A mother knows it all.’

“Yes, beta,” Amy replied instantly.

“Do you know what a cum-bucket is, Mum?” I asked, this time with a serious tone

“Yes, son, a cum-bucket is a whore, who is ready to do anything her Master tells her to do right at the next second. Place, time and situation are all irrelevant in front of her Master’s orders,” Amy answered.

I had never sexually imagined my mother before. But looking at my Mom, dressed like a whore awakened the lust inside of me. I grabbed the back of my mother’s head and pushed my dick inside her welcoming mouth. As soon as her wet tongue touched the tip of my dick, a current ran through my entire body.

I don’t know what got over me. I pushed my dick deep into the depths of my Mom’s voice box. Amy gagged at first but regained her composure immediately. I started pumping my flaccid dick in and out of my mother’s hot mouth. She stared into my eyes the entire time.

I was getting a blowjob from my mother. Priti, who now started to feel a bit left out, went down on her knees behind me. She grabbed my ass-cheeks and parted them apart. As she did that, she leaned forward and inserted her face in between my ass to lick my asshole.

She was very good at it, as her licking my asshole was taking me to another level. I grabbed my Mom’s hair tighter and started thrusting my dick even harder now. I pumped her face for 10 minutes and covered it with her drool mixed with my juices.

As soon as I let her go, Priti pounced on her and started licking her face. It was an erotic scene to watch. Both ladies were hogging each other. For the first time, I could see happiness on my mother’s face.

I picked my Mom up and positioned her with her hands on the bed, supporting her in a standing doggy-style position. I slapped Priti on her face and threw her on the bed in front of my Mom. Amy quickly bent down between our neighbour’s legs and started lapping on her juicy pussy.

Meanwhile, I lined my dick between my Mom’s legs and pointed it straight towards my birthplace. I grabbed both her ass cheeks. In one go, I broke the barrier of incest and entered her fuckhole.

Amy moaned in pleasure, and I could sense a sigh of relief in her tone. I adjusted myself and started fucking my Mom’s pussy from behind. It felt like a vacuum inside her. Her pussy was tighter than what I expected and was perfectly gripping onto my dick.

Amy: Fuck, that is bigger than your father’s. Fuck me, Son. Fuck your mother like a cheap whore.

Me: Yes, Mom. I’m going to fuck this pussy like a streetside whore today.

Saying this, I continued ramming my Mom’s cunt with all the power. Priti was enjoying the licking that she was getting from my Mom. Priti squirted a few times. I made sure to press my Mom’s face on Priti’s pussy as all the squirt covered her face.

I was spanking my mother’s ass while fucking her, and she was enjoying it all. I grabbed my mother’s hair in my fist and pulled her back. Her back was now in an arc as I held her in that position while ramming her slutty cunt.

Amy: Yes, Master. Fuck your whore. This whore deserves to be treated like this. Promise me you won’t ever stop fucking me.

Me: I promise, my slutty mother. I will never stop fucking you. I will fuck you till death do us part.

We all giggled at that statement as I stood there panting, still thrusting my mother from behind. She was nearing an orgasm now. I could sense it as I felt her pussy walls gripping onto my cock.

I put my thumb on her inviting asshole and started rubbing it after spitting over it. As soon as I did that, Amy announced that she was cumming. Her pussy grabbed onto my dick tighter than anything, and I felt her lower body trembling like a leaf.

Her orgasm lasted for 2 minutes as I didn’t stop rubbing her asshole, neither did I pull out my cock from her pussy. Amy moaned the entire time as she tried to get back to her senses.

Once she got back to her senses, she pulled Priti closer to her, and they both started kissing each other.

Amy: I’ve never cum like this before, thanks a lot, Master!

Me: I’ll always make you cum like this slut.

I continued fucking my Mom for another few minutes, and then came rivers of cum on her face. Priti was quick to lick it all from her face, and they both swapped it from each other’s mouths.

Me: Now it’s time to step up and mark my territory on you two whores

Saying this, I made both my sluts crawl towards the bathroom. They knelt there in front of me while I aimed my dick over them.

As they wondered what was about to happen, I started pissing all over them. As soon as my urine landed on my mother’s face, she instinctively opened her mouth and tried to take it all in. Priti’s eyes also lit up, and they both were now fighting to collect my pee. I was happy seeing them like this.

Priti: We thought you would never do this.

Priti and Amy were now making out with each other’s piss-covered bodies.

“Oh god, he is just a kid!”

I heard a voice from behind me!

Who’s voice was this? Who was watching Priti, Amy and Alex indulging in their sexual act?

Stay tuned for the next part.

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