Nidhi and Trupti – Part 1

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This is a fictional story between two friends, Nidhi and Trupti, involving their husbands.

Nidhi: Age 28, from Bengaluru. Fair, 5’ 7” tall, with a figure to die for. Black eyes with an oval face. She had huge melons and strong thighs. To imagine her beauty, think of Kriti Sanon, but with bigger bosoms. She was running her clinic and was a well-known doctor in the Indian community in Melbourne city.

Yash: Age 30, Nidhi’s husband. Manager in a large IT firm. Now settled in Melbourne. A fit body, 5’ 10” in height.

Trupti: Age 28, from Bengaluru. Fair, 5’ 6” in height. A little chubby, with perfectly sized boobs, a deep navel and a round ass. The best part about Trupti was her lips and a killing smile. An IT engineer by profession.

Aditya: Age 28, CA by profession, working as a Tax Consultant and Financial advisor for many companies.

Nidhi and Yash had settled in Melbourne for the past 3 years. Trupti and Adi had recently moved to Australia on a work assignment. Let’s read their story.

It was Monday, and Nidhi had woken up early to beat the morning traffic. She was still feeling tired from last night’s party and the hangover. She was a party animal and never shied away from alcohol. She lazily picked up a towel and her clothes and entered the bathroom.

She saw her husband Yash in the shower, already shampooing his hair, and had closed his eyes. A dirty thought ran across Nidhi’s mind. She quickly removed her dress, became fully nude and tip-toed into the shower.

Nidhi hugged Yash from behind, pressing her huge melons on his back. She caught hold of Yash’s penis in her right hand and stroked it fast. She hugged him tightly. Her left hand roamed across his athletic body. Her teeth bit his shoulder.

Yash loved the attention he was getting, especially his cock. Not the one to be left behind, he let the shower open and washed the shampoo off his hair and eyes. He turned around, grabbed Nidhi’s butt, and gave it a strong slap. He bit her lips hard and lip-locked her.

Both were kissing one another fiercely. They were passionate lovers, after all. Yash moved his hands off her butt and began pinching her nipples. He knew nipples were the most erotic body part of Nidhi and would drive her crazy. He began flicking and scratching her left nipple.

His right hand was exploring her clitoris. He rubbed the tip of her clitoris with his right thumb and inserted his middle finger in her wet pussy. Nidhi was attacked from 4 places. Her lips were locked, and her nipples, clit and pussy were pounced simultaneously.

“Suck it, baby, rub me hard. Love you, honey, kill me with your love.” Nidhi was moaning loudly and firing up her husband to go rough on her. She couldn’t handle it long and gave in to a strong orgasm. Although they wanted to continue their session, Nidhi was getting late for work and stopped their lovemaking.

Seeing Yash unhappy as he didn’t reach his climax, Nidhi calmed him, “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I will make up for your loss in the night.” They kissed again. They looked satisfied with the mini-foreplay, but both knew they wanted more.

Yash dropped Nidhi at the train station and left for his work. Nidhi had her regular train in 3 minutes and started walking hurriedly. She had worn a tight figure-hugging blue skirt that ran to her knee line. To match the skirt, she wore a light-colored top and a jacket to protect her from the Melbourne cold.

While she was walking fast, her breasts were jumping, and her butts swayed in tune with her heels. She got into the train, took a seat and opened her mobile to look at her morning schedule. Five minutes later, the train stopped at the next station, and another lady passenger sat next to her.

Both exchanged glances and screamed at the same time.



Everyone on the train looked at them and wondered what had happened.


Nidhi and Trupti have been best friends since childhood. They were neighbors and studied in the same class. They reached puberty almost at the same time and grew up together in Bengaluru. They were inseparable. Both knew one another in and out. They had no secrets between them.

They were two bodies but one soul. Everyone in school and college was envious of their friendship. However, one bad incident during 12th grade changed their lives, and they were never friends again. Trupti’s parents changed houses and admitted her to another college.

They never met again after that incident, and both had moved on in their lives.


It was after 12 years they were seeing one another. Both had turned from young girls into hot divas. Both were married and leading happy life. They hugged each other, but there was this untold awkwardness in their hug. They could barely speak as words were difficult to come out of their mouth.

Both exchanged numbers, got down from the train, and left for work.

Nidhi was very excited after meeting her once-best friend, Trupti. Deep inside her heart, Nidhi knew her fault had broken their friendship. She was now willing to renew their long last friendship. She was mentally not there while seeing her patients.

On the other hand, Trupti had an interview for her first job in Melbourne. But she couldn’t answer questions as constant images of Nidhi ran through her mind. As expected, she failed the interview. But that did not disappoint her. All her thoughts were about Nidhi and the time they had spent together.

Trupti, however, thinks it was her fault. She is also looking to forget that old chapter and wants to be friends again with Nidhi. Trupti returned home from the interview and changed into a sexy silky gown that reached her thighs. She was not wearing any bra or panty as she was not expecting anyone home.

She made herself a coffee and reclined on the chair on her apartment balcony. Sipping her favorite coffee, she picked up her mobile to call her husband. As soon as she unlocked her phone, she saw an SMS from Nidhi.

Nidhi: Hi, Trupti. I forgot to ask. Where do you stay? What is your home address?

Trupti: I live in Melbourne CBD. My address is xxx, xxxxxx, xxxx.

Nidhi: Thanks, let’s meet again. When are you back from work?

Trupti: I am searching for a new job. Not working at the moment and staying at home.

Nidhi had a wide grin across her face. It was 11 am. She quickly called the receptionist, canceled all other appointments that day and took a leave from the clinic. She walked past the road and entered the bouquet shop. She bought a nice bouquet and heaps of chocolates and got into an Uber.

Trupti was delighted to see Nidhi’s message. But she could sense that the message sounded more formal than coming from a close friend. Just then, the security intercom rang and Trupti answered the call.

Trupti: Hello, who is this?

Nidhi: Hi Trupti, Nidhi here. I am at your apartment. Give me access to the lift.

Trupti’s heart was racing like an F1 car. Is she really Nidhi? Why is she here? What made her come? Hundreds of questions were running through her mind. She nervously gave access to Nidhi to enter the lift. She quickly finished her coffee and went to answer the knock on the door.

Nidhi was at the door (blushing like a child) and spoke first.

Nidhi: Am I allowed to come in, or am I a trespasser?

Trupti: Hey, come in. You are welcome.

She led Nidhi to the living room, and both sat on the sofa. Nidhi was very anxious, too. She gave the bouquet and chocolates to Trupti. Trupti was surprised, but she accepted nonetheless. Trupti finished by saying “Thank you” after taking the bouquet.

Nidhi hugged her tight, leaned on her shoulder and started crying loudly. She was inconsolable, and her cries were not stopping. Trupti pulled Nidhi from her shoulder and saw her teary red eyes. Now it was Trupti’s turn. She also could not contain her tears. She hugged Nidhi and started to cry as well.

Both were hugging one another tight and crying non-stop. With her right hand, Nidhi was trying to calm Trupti, patting her back and shoulders. Nidhi paused for a minute from crying, pulled herself from the hug and held Trupti’s cheeks in both her hands.

Nidhi: I am sorry, chinna (Chinna means Shona, Sweety in Kannada). Please forgive me.

Trupti: I hate you. Why did you leave me?

Nidhi: Because I am a bitch and an egoistic asshole who hurt the love of my life.

Saying that, she started to cry again.

Trupti tried to console her friend now. “No, babe, it was not you. It was my fault, and I couldn’t handle the situation well. I shouldn’t have ditched our friendship,” said Trupti. With both her hands, she wiped the tears off Nidhi’s face. Nidhi was still crying, and the tears were not stopping.

Trupti grabbed a tissue and began cleaning Nidhi’s face. Nidhi had a small smile on her face now. She grabbed another tissue and cleaned Trupti’s tears. Both looked at one another and started laughing. The ice was broken between them and thus began, a new chapter in their life.

To be continued.