Nikita’s dares by boyfriend in Munnar

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After the tiring outdoor sex Shreekanth and I had (my previous story), we headed back to our room. Since we both were tired, we took a nap. We both had ditched our clothes before we hit the bed.

Shreekanth woke up a little later, put on shorts and ordered some food. I was lying facing down, with the blanket covering my ass. He moved to the balcony for a smoke while I was still sleeping.

Just then, the room service guy came in with the food. Shreekanth showed him the table, asked him to serve the food, and went back to the balcony. Shreekanth observed that while the room service guy was setting up the table and food, he continuously glanced at me sleeping.

He didn’t notice that Shreekanth was observing this. Since he didn’t know, he was also taking his time arranging the table.

Shreekanth had a weird sense of pleasure seeing him watch me. He waited for some more time, finished his cigarette, and came in. When he saw Shreekanth coming in, he acted as if nothing had happened and continued to do his work.

He then finished his work and was about to leave.

That guy: Everything is ready, sir. Please enjoy your food.

Shreekanth: Thank you so much.

That guy: Is there anything else I can help you with, sir?

Shreekanth: No, that’s it. Btw, sorry, what’s your name?

That guy: Rajesh.

Shreekanth: Bro Rajesh, could you please change that pillow and bring me another one?

Rajesh took a glance at the pillow next to me.

Rajesh: Sure, sir, I’ll bring it in some time.

Shreekanth: Thank you, but please take these with you now. It feels a bit stiff.

Rajesh: Umm, okay, sir (a little hesitantly).

Shreekanth turned around and started surfing on his mobile. Rajesh came near me and leaned over to take the pillow from my side. Shreekanth caught him looking at my side boobs and bareback while taking the pillow.

He took the pillow and started to leave. He had a quick look at Shreekanth, who winked back at him. He looked confused, said thanks and left.

Shreekanth then woke me up to have breakfast. I got up, freshened up and had breakfast. That’s when he blurted out the things about Rajesh and how he’s starting to enjoy it. I was beginning to like a little exposing and flashing. I was glad to hear but didn’t show it.

After breakfast, Shreekanth enquired about a hike through a nearby mountain. So we got dressed to leave.

He wore a t-shirt and shorts and was ready to leave. I dressed in a single-piece dress with a deep v cut neck that showed ample cleavage. The dress was only long to my thigh. I had a pullover hoodie because it was cold.

I realized that the dress would be a little too revealing.  So I had to ditch the no-innerwear promise. I put on my panties without him knowing. I still didn’t wear my bra, though.

We reached the place where we could travel by car and got down. There we were greeted by Antony, who was a local guide. A rather scruffy-looking man in his 60s was the one who would guide us through the interior forests of Munnar.

He was a thin man with little beard strands, short hair, and a mustache. He seemed to look weak. But that wasn’t true as his stamina was unmatchable. He constantly smoked beedi.

We soon began hiking with Antony, fondly called Antony Chettan (chettan in Malayalam means elder brother). He was trying hard to converse with us with bits and pieces of Hindi and English.

He would walk in front of us with a wooden stick in his hand, talking to us about the place. I was just behind him. Shreekanth was walking behind me, capturing everything on a cam.

After walking for some time, we felt the heat. I removed my hoodie, put it in my bag, and gave it to Shreekanth to carry. Antony Chettan was unaffected by the heat as he walked in front of us, smoking his beedi and talking non-stop about the place.

Tiny droplets of sweat had already formed along my cleavage and forehead. The heat increased, and my already light dress had become a little more transparent. The fact that I hadn’t worn a bra was very evident now. My bust, along with my nipples, was visible.

I was aware that Antony Chettan had noticed it. He would look at my chest while talking to me, and since it wasn’t a weekend, there weren’t any other people around. I was least bothered.

A little later, I had the urge to pee and told Shreekanth the same. He told me to inform Antony Chettan and enquire about toilets.

Me: Hey Antony Chettan, are there any toilets nearby?

Antony: What are you asking, madam? How can there be toilets in between the mountains?

Me: Oh. How far are we from the hotel?

Antony: Around 2.5kms, ma’am.

Me: Oh no!

Antony: What happened, ma’am? Is there any problem?

Me: I need to pee badly.

Antony: Oh, that’s all? Ma’am, just find a nice spot amidst nature and do it. That’s all.

Me: Oh, but how can I?

Antony: Don’t worry, ma’am. There’s no one around. Moreover, I will look out for you.

He said that and smiled at me. Shreekanth came closer to me and whispered in my ears, “Looks like the old man is falling for you. Give this man a show. Make him happy.” He slightly smacked my butt and said loudly, “Even I need to pee. I’ll be right back.”

He deviated away from us and disappeared amongst the tall bushes on the right side. Antony Chettan walked me forward. He showed me a spot behind a tree between some short bushes on the left side. The bushes were very thick but short and beyond that seemed like a deep trench.

“Will there be snakes around?” I enquired. “Don’t worry, ma’am. All safe here. I’ll wait for you a little ahead,” Antony replied and began to walk off.

“Please don’t leave me. I’m scared,” I said as I clung to his hand and did not let him go.

“Okay, ma’am, as you wish,” he said smiling. He thought I was joking, but I caught his hand tightly. His feeble trial to leave was in vain.

I took a look around once again and moved towards the spot just beside the tree. I got hold of the panties under my dress and pulled them to my feet. Antony chettan was surprised but was trying to act cool. I did it while making eye contact with him and smiling.

I then squat down while still holding his hand. He is a gentleman. He turned around and faced his back at me. But he was still holding my right hand with his left while I pulled up my dress to my waist. I spread my legs a little and released my internal liquid.

As I finished and stood up, he glanced and smiled nervously, not knowing what to say. I smiled back and said, “Thank you.” Just then, seeing Shreekanth appear from the bushes, Antony Chettan lit another beedi and started walking.

Shreekanth looked at me furiously as he saw me pulling up my panties.

“You cheated, didn’t you?” he asked mischievously as he felt my panties over my dress. “Now, you’ll have to face the punishment.” I didn’t know what was about to happen. But deep down, I wanted it and was happy about it.

He turned me around. He took the back end of my dress and tucked it under my panties. He made it look like I wore the panty over the dress in a hurry. He took the center part of my panty and pushed it deep into my ass. Most of my ass had been exposed.

He smacked my ass and said, “Now go and walk in front of him.”

“Please don’t do this,” I faked a pleading.

“This is just a small punishment. More are incoming,” he said as he smacked my ass once again.

Antony Chettan was walking in front of us, talking about the place, smoking his beedi, unaware of what happened behind him. I went close to him, put my hand on his shoulder and said, “Please walk slower. Let’s enjoy nature more.”

“Sure ma’am, why not,” he replied, smiling at me.

I took a few steps faster and walked in front of him. I took heavy steps so that my ass would jiggle more. The cold breeze was already feather-like over my exposed butt, and the thought of him staring at them thrilled me even more.

I found Antony Chettan not speaking anything for the next few minutes and just walking behind me. He glanced at Shreekanth several times to check his reaction. But he pretended to be busy on the phone recording nature.

As Shreekanth trailed a little behind us, Antony Chettan came up to me and said, “Ma’am, Your dress isn’t proper.”

“Oh! Is it?” I asked, surprised.

“Yes, here at the back,” he said while pointing at my ass as I was acting as if to search where my dress wasn’t proper.

“Could you please help me put it properly?” I asked, standing still and bending my ass out.

“Umm… okay, sure ma’am, why not,” he replied.

He came closer to me, cupped and pressed one side of my ass with his hand. He tried to pull out the dress tucked under my panty.

“Thanks so much. So sweet of you,” I said, giving him a tight hug. I could feel my breasts crush against his chest. He roughly brushed his hand over my back and ass during the hug, stunned and not knowing how to react.

I broke the hug, and we exchanged smiles. I took a glance at Shreekanth. He was still a little away from us, pretending to be busy on the phone. But he signaled me to remove my panty, winking at me. I quickly looked back at Antony Chettan, who was still surprised.

“I think my dress has become wet. It’s causing me trouble walking. I should get rid of it,” I said, trying to adjust my panty from above my dress.

“Yes, ma’am. You shouldn’t wear wet clothes for a long time. It will also cause itchiness,” Antony Chettan replied, sounding excited.

I stood facing him, lifted my dress to my waist and pulled down my panties, exposing my bottom half. I supported my hand on his shoulders one after the other to free them off my legs and put my dress back straight. He was eagerly looking at the progress happening right in front of him.

“I should throw them away, I guess,” I said, trying to find a place to discard them.

“Don’t dispose of it here, ma’am. Give it to me. We’ll dispose of it once we reach back,” he replied, lending his hand. I gave my panty to him, and he subtly pocketed it.

“I have a feeling it’s still wet. I need something to wipe it,” I said, feeling my pussy over my dress. He instantly removed a towel he had wrapped around his waist under his shirt and gave it to me. I took it, lifted the front of my dress and wiped my pussy with one end of the towel.

Antony Chettan’s eyes were fixated on my clean-shaven pussy while I wiped it a few more times. He peeked twice to check on Shreekanth, who pretended to be busy on a phone call.

“I think it’s fine now, right? What do you think?” I asked. I then took his left hand and placed it over my pussy. He shrieked for a second and murmured, “Ma’am, what are you doing?” but he didn’t retract his hand.

“Mmm.. aah,” I slightly moaned, closing my eyes. As I took my hand, he didn’t move as if he was stuck there. I placed my hand over his and moved his fingers in a circular motion over my pussy.

“Aah,” I moaned again as he slowly increased the speed of his fingers. I opened my eyes and looked straight into his with lust. I bit my lower lip and moistened my lips with my tongue.

He looked at me and smiled. He then shifted his focus back to playing with my pussy. Even though his hand was on my pussy, he looked at it like a newly found treasure.

Just then, we heard Shreekanth approaching. Antony Chettan quickly retracted his hand and put my dress straight. He bent down a little as if to search for something and told Shreekanth, “There was a worm on Ma’am’s dress. I was dusting it off. It looks like it’s gone. Shall we move?”

“Yeah, sure. Work calls always keeps you busy. Let’s move now,” Shreekanth said, obviously not acknowledging anything that happened but winking at me. And on the other hand, Antony Chettan had nicely tried to cover up and resumed walking.

After walking for some more distance, we reached a vast area with a beautiful backdrop of the mountains afar. I went and sat on a huge flat rock. Shreekanth observing the frames, started clicking pictures of me.

I began posing for the camera, standing as well as sitting. As I sat and was posing, my dress flew upward due to the wind. As I was shifting one leg over the other, my inner thighs and back were exposed.

Shreekanth then kept the camera on a tripod, set a timer, and we posed together. We posed hugging each other and sitting on each other’s lap, laughing and even kissing each other.

Anthony Chettan was observing everything smoking his beedi. As we finished, I felt bad seeing him standing alone. So I invited him to be in the photo. He tried to shy away a few times, but I held his hand and gently pulled him towards me.

He put out his beedi and came with me as I pulled him closer to me. He stood on my right side. I wrapped my hands around his neck, hugging him closer to me. He stood motionless for a second and then smiled at the camera.

I then took his left hand and put it around my shoulder. His left palm rested exactly over my left boob. I kept my left hand over his and pressed them onto me. He looked shocked as he could feel my boobs but didn’t move his hand.

All of it was happening very subtly and in a very friendly mood. Antony Chettan believed that Shreekanth was unaware of all this.

I said, “Let’s sit down there,” pointing to the rock I sat on earlier. Antony Chettan obliged and sat on the rock while I sat on his lap. I sat with both my legs inwards and held his shoulders for support. As I was a little above him, my boobs caressed his face.

His face crushed onto my boobs as I hugged him closer. I was sure he enjoyed it as he would look at me and pass me a smile in between. Shreekanth was enjoying watching all this through the camera lens.

I raised one leg and put it on the other side of his lap like we would sit on a horse with my hand still around his neck. He held me by my waist. My pussy was literally on his legs.

I subtly moved to and fro over his legs like I was riding him. He could feel it as his hold on my waist was getting tighter. I realized that my pussy was wet. It was evident once his pant started getting slightly wet. I was getting turned on like anything.

Shreekanth took a few more photos, and I sat back in my earlier position. He was mischievously smiling at me.

He got a phone call, took the camera and walked away. I looked at Antony Chettan, still sitting on his lap. He looked at me, my cleavage and back at me again.

Me: I think you like what you’re seeing… is that right?

Antony Chettan: Of course, madam. You’re already incredibly beautiful, and it has been like winning the lottery already.

As he said that, he was looking at my boobs.

Me: Do you want to see further? Want to hit the jackpot?

Antony Chettan: Who would say no to that, madam? (staring right at my boobs)

I removed the straps of my dress from my shoulders and pulled down the dress to my waist. I bounced my boobs right in front of his face.

“Oh my God,” he exclaimed as he put his left hand on my left boob and his right hand, which he held my waist with, on my right boob. “They’re nice, round and big, ma’am,” he said as he tried to cup my boobs with his hands.

He pressed them for quite some more time. He was feeling them very softly. He then opened his mouth, put out his tongue and began licking over my nipples and areola. He was savoring every inch of my boobs.

“Ssss…” I hissed as he kept adoring my boobs one after the other. His saliva was all over my boobs, which shone in the morning light.

I kept my hands on his cheek, raised his face, and kissed him on his lips. I felt a strong sense of beedi and liquor, but that didn’t stop me. Moreover, I was too turned on to think about anything else.

His left hand was still feeling up my boobs while I savored his lips and tongue. I took my right hand and massaged over his crotch and felt his dick over his pants.

I could feel him getting excited as his tongue game got stronger. He was licking around my lips rather vigorously, leaving saliva all over them.

At the same time, I unzipped his pant, put my hand inside, and felt his dick. As he hadn’t worn any underwear either, I held his dick in my right hand and put it outside.

I gave one more deep kiss to catch my breath and look at his dick. I saw it was thin, long as my hand and black dick as I looked at it.

I moved the skin of his dick back and lubricated the head with my saliva. I got up from his lap and made him lie back on the rock. I stood between his legs, widened them, hunched down a little and took his dick in my hand.

He hissed and moaned as I wrapped my mouth around his flaccid dick. I sucked the entire length and could feel it getting harder in no time. His grunts were increasing as I savored his dick.

I massaged his legs and body while still sucking him. He reciprocated with the soft massages on my boobs with his hands. The lack of feminine touch was evident as he kept an exciting face.

By keeping the entire length of his dick in my mouth, I played with my tongue around the head of his dick – a masterpiece I perfected by watching the legend Lana Rhodes. His grunts were getting louder.

I rolled my tongue around the head of his dick and then sucked the entire length, pulling the skin down and jacking off his meat. It went on for a while.

A little later, I understood that he was reaching his climax. I rolled my tongue even faster around his dick. He held my hair in his right hand and tightly pushed my head downwards towards his dick.

“Aahggghhh!” he shrieked as his hot cum filled my mouth. Even while my mouth was being filled, I continued to suck for some time more. He couldn’t handle it any longer. He raised my face and kissed all over my face and boobs while I gulped down the juice.

He thought it was done as he was beginning to wear his shirt back. I pushed him back to the rock again and climbed over him. I took his almost flaccid dick, placed it on my pussy, and rubbed it there.

“Oh no, madam. I don’t think I can,” he said, panting. But contrary to what he said, his flaccid dick became hard and erected instantly.

“But I think you want it, don’t you?” I asked, slowly sitting and taking his dick inside me. “Ah, yes,” his answer merged with a moan of pleasure. “Only if you want it,” I teased, taking his dick out and rubbing over my pussy with it.

“Oh, yes, please, ma’am,” he murmured as I slowly took in his length fully. It wasn’t the easiest position to be in. It was difficult to be on a hard rock and get fucked in a sitting position. But the thrill of being out in the open with my boyfriend just a few yards away gave me the chills.

I twerked my ass feeling his dick inside me. His thin dick was moving up and down inside my pussy. I closed my eyes and felt the cool breeze on my body and his hot dick drilling inside me.

Sometime later, I was beginning to enjoy the pleasure it was giving me. But I found his soft moans turning into grunts. I knew he was reaching his climax. He tried to push me out of his way since he didn’t want to finish inside me. I jumped down and took his dick once again in my mouth. In no time, it was filled with his hot cum.

I gulped it down and looked at his happy yet slightly tired face. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. We heard some people from afar, so we quickly wore back our dresses.

“One last time, please, ma’am,” Antony Chettan said, pointing at my boobs while he was finishing wearing his pants. I adjusted my dress properly and parted the center of my dress to the sides, put out my boobs and pressed his head into them.

He nibbled on them like a hungry kid while keeping an eye on the people afar. Just then, Shreekanth from behind me said, “Nikki, shall we move? It’s getting late.”

We both shrieked, but Antony Chettan hunched down a little to be hidden by me from Shreekanth, who was behind me. I turned my head without turning my body since Antony Chettan was still sucking my boobs and replied, “Sure, Shree. Let’s move.”

I took his face, kissed him, pulled my dress back properly and resumed walking. This time Shreekant walked in front with me following and Antony Chettan behind. He felt my body whenever he could till we reached back to the car.

We bid our goodbyes and left from there.

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