One-night stand with a cheater met in dating app – Part 1

My name is Raju (name changed for security reasons), and I have been working in Bangalore for the past 3 years. I am a 6-foot tall, average-built sportsperson with a very thick, medium-length dick.

Because of the lockdown and job changes, I didn’t have many friends in Bangalore, so I stayed with my ex-colleague. This lonely life led me to use dating apps. In these left-right swipes, one great evening I got a match in Truly Madly (a dating app in India).

Let me introduce this sexy cheater, and we will move on to the main story. Her name was Sahana, and she was a proper Kannada beauty with dark chocolate brown skin and a perfect curvy figure, which you can tell by just seeing her shapes. And she was in a fashion design school, which gave her more leverage by letting her be good at makeup and dressing.

After getting matched, I sent a simple hello message without wasting any time because I was very hungry for sex and 6 months ago, I broke up with my ex. She replied very quickly, asked for my details, and asked me why I was using TM (TrulyMadly). Then I replied by saying that I was looking for something, if I was lucky, or else for friendship.

Then she played some drama, saying, “I am not ready for casual things; I am just looking for friendship and shit.”

Then I said okay and stopped chatting. The next morning, when I was in the office, I got an audio call from this Kannada girl in TM. I cut the call, went out to have tea, and called her. She called and said –

She: To get friendship or anything else, you need to spend time with the girl. If you stop replying after 5 minutes of conversion, how will anyone believe you?

Me: Ok, then tell me what to do to get friendship or something.

She: Let’s introduce each other.

I told her all the details about myself, and she told me very little about her.

Me: This is unfair. I give all the details; give all your details.

She: I am a girl; I can’t disclose all my details for safety.

Me: Ok, then what can I do to make you feel safe?

She: Let’s meet.

Me: where and when

She: Let’s meet for drinks on Saturday.

Me: Where?

She: Jetlag

Me: Ok

Then I stopped chatting and decided to meet her.

Saturday came, and I got ready in a good outfit and went to the Jetlag bar. That day, it was fully raining, so I went by metro. From the metro, I walked down to the bar in the rain. I got fully wet in the rain. She called me and asked me to bring light cigarettes. That time I doubted if I was getting scammed or what!

Sahana’s sexy pictures in TM made me crazy and hornier. I went to the bar to meet her, and to my surprise, she was in a black sleeveless long t-shirt that covered just below her pussy area. I felt like she was wearing shorts with this on them.

We hugged and started drinking at 7.30, and every 20 minutes, she was going to have a cigarette and was in the smoking room frequently. There, she was touching me and coming close to me, which already made me hard after seeing her shapes and all.

After some time and around 9 pm, we went to an open bar and sat in the open bar where she started telling all her fake family stories and breakup stories to make me feel that she was a rich, broken girl trying to find some diversion in life.

In this process, we got drunk fully, and she started hugging me in the rain and calling me a chocolate boy. Now the time was 11 pm and we decided to go home. Now she played a card saying, “If I go home now, my dad is going to kill me. Can you please help me stay tonight at your place?”

By then, we had made a bill of 7k, and again, she took 1.5K in beer and cigarettes to my room as a parcel. By that time, I understood that this baby was a complete bitch! Then I started being very careful, settled the bill, dragged her downstairs, and booked an auto to my room.

This bitch started fighting with the auto guy for smoking a cigarette in the running auto. Finally, my room came and we sneaked into it without getting noticed by the house owner. My roommate was not there because of a family function; he had gone to his hometown.

For half an hour, we drank the beer and cigarettes that we brought home. (I don’t smoke, which helped me bang her ass all night.)

Now the main drama has started. I made her sleep on my new bed, which I had recently purchased and tried sleeping beside her. She played drama by saying, “Don’t take advantage. Go and sleep in the hall.”

Then I also played along and went to the hall to sleep. After some time, I came back and asked her, “I am not feeling comfortable outside; can I sleep beside you if you don’t mind?”

She said, “I am also afraid of sleeping alone. Ok, come and sleep here.”

Then I slept beside her and slowly started touching her and hugging her. Then I made her turn to my side and tried kissing her. To my surprise, this bitch was still acting “innocent” and pushing me away. But by that time, I had become fully horny and wild. So I started kissing her hard. In just 10 seconds, Sahana also started to kiss me and we both ate our lips and exchanged our tongues and saliva.

Then I slowly lifted her t-shirt and tried to open it. But she was not wearing shorts; she was just wearing red lace pants. Suddenly, she pushed my hand away and said, “Stop! Don’t cross the limits.”

I said okay, and we started kissing again. But this made me very wild. I removed her t-shirt and started eating my date’s boobs for 2-3 minutes. She restricted herself, but after that, she also enjoyed the moment and moaned very loudly.

After some time, her moaning got louder, so I stopped eating her boobs. I kissed her lips, locked her mouth, and started fingering her pussy by inserting my hand into her pants. But she rejected me and pushed my hand out. But with more aggression and wild horniness, I tore down her pants into pieces! she understood how horny I was and whispered in my ear, “You are too wild.”

“I answered, “Yes, my slut. Today, I am going to tear your pussy in the same way.”

After that, I started fingering Sahana’s pussy eagerly and kissing her. After almost 10 minutes, she started responding and kissing me very wildly and biting my lips too. She removed my t-shirt and boxer in the next 2 minutes and started to jerk my dick with her hand.

After about 20 minutes of fingering, her pussy started releasing loads of juice that flowed onto my hands. Then I went down and tried eating her pussy, but she rejected it and said that her period was over only yesterday and it would be dirty, so I shouldn’t do it.

After that, I got up and got my condoms, which were in my cupboard, and slid one onto my dick. My dick was already standing like a hard rock. After wearing a condom, I posted myself in between Sahana’s legs and started rubbing her pussy with my dick. This slut started acting again, but I did my work and slipped my very thick dick into her tight pussy slowly (my dick has average length, but it is very thick; any bitch can feel it tight in their pussy).

I started giving strokes slowly and the bitch started shouting and trying to punch me off. But I did not understand whether she was pushing me because of the pain or to act innocent.

After 5 minutes of slow stroking, Sahana started enjoying the pleasure and started to move her ass to my strokes. I increased the speed and fucked her like it was my last sex! In about 20 minutes, I started feeling like cumming. So I slowed down, but Sahana needed more, and she started shouting at me, “Speed speed speed mmmmmm…”

So I increased my speed and fucked her for 2 more minutes, and she started releasing loads of juices. I also cummed in the condom. She pulled out the dick from the pussy, took out the condom, and drank all the spam in the condom.

Now I got fully exhausted and laid down on the bed, but this girl got moodier and started sucking my fallen dick.

Me: Don’t you give a gap?

She: No, I need it again. If you don’t have stamina, take a Viagra pill, which is in my wallet.

Me: Hoo, you came prepared!

She: Shut your mouth and take the pill.

Me: I don’t need it, bitch. Eat my dick, and it will get ready in 2 minutes. Then I will show you the night of your life.

Sahana started eating my dick, and my hungry dick also got rock hard in just 3 minutes. She said, “Ah, not bad; your boy is ready for me with just 2 minutes of sucking.” She asked me to put her in a cowgirl position and insert my dick without a condom. But I rejected it and handed her a condom to put on my dick.

Wow, this bitch was so experienced in riding like a real cowgirl, and I was enjoying her curves and bouncing boobs. I was touching her boobs and all over her body. She rode on me for about 30 minutes, and we both came at the same time. We both then settled down in the bed with our full bodies shivering from the orgasms.

After that, we both hugged and panted about sleeping naked, but my dick was not listening to me and again came to his rock-hard position by seeing Sahana’s curves from the back. We were both sleeping in the spooning position. Her curves made me mad and I slowly started fucking her tight gap from the back.

After some time, I couldn’t resist and lifted her one leg and inserted my dick in her pussy from the back. It went half inside, and she woke up in pain, asking me, “Are you not sleeping?”

I answered, “No, I want you more.”

Then she adjusted the position and said, “Ok, then start.”

We had one more session, and we fucked each other for another 30 minutes and slept naked.

The next morning, I woke up early at 5 am and started checking her wallet to find out how big a cheater she was and the real details of her. I was shocked and kept silent.


This story is getting longer than expected, and I will explain more in the next part. And I am going to explain how I fucked Sahana 3 more times in the morning – one time in front of the mirror, and two times on the floor, and how I got rid of that cheater after that.

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