Our Hidden Secret

15.08.2022, 7:00 pm.

“Bye, take care. We will be back in 3 days.” My parents left home for Chennai that evening. It was me and my cousin sister, Aditi, alone for the next 3 days.

She was 3 years older than me. I have got to say this: she is a perfect hourglass. Aditi has a thin waist, perfect round breasts, and an ass so hot that men can’t take their eyes off it, which she obviously loves.

Back in the days when I knew nothing about sex, porn, masturbation, etc., my cousin sister had pretty good knowledge about them. She used to rub herself all over my body, make me suck her melons, and sometimes even make me lick her core.

“Vinay! I am going out, I will be back in an hour, and I will also get some food on my way home, okay!?”

“Yea, yea, bye.”

Mhmm, as I was saying, back then I didn’t know what was actually happening, but I kind of liked it. Nah, man! I loved it! I freaking loved it!

As I grew older, I came to know all this stuff. And maybe she realized it too and we never did that again. I thought, “Tonight, it is going to happen again.”

She was home, and she went into her room and changed her dress into a shirt and shorts. I was sitting at the dining table, looking at my phone. She came near the table, pulled her chair out, and sat there.

Dude! I was amazed at the sight. I could clearly see my cousin sister’s nipples sticking out of her shirt. She had left the top two buttons barely open. It looked so hot that just that sight gave me a boner within a few seconds.

“You want me to open it, huh?” she asked.

I was like, “W-wh-what?”

Aditi: Tada! I brought your favorite Pepper barbeque chicken pizza.

(Phew, that was close.)

Me: O-oh yea! Thanks a lot!

Sometimes I feel she intentionally does things like these. The other day, she was wearing a t-shirt, and when she just bent down, and I could clearly see her boobs hanging in. I was sure she was certain that I looked at it. She giggled and walked away.

We finished eating the pizza and getting ready for bed. I was not confident enough to convince Aditi to let me sleep in her bed. I somehow managed to ask her, “Aditi, would you mind if we slept together? I am so scared to sleep alone.”

“Yeah, fine, no problem,” she replied.

It was past 11 pm and we finally decided to put our phones down and go to sleep.

It was like 1 am and I woke up. I looked at her. She was sleeping on the other side, and I managed to cup one of my cousin’s breasts with my hand. She didn’t wake up. I massaged it slowly. Damn, it was so good!

I realized I had already had a boner and decided to rub my dick with one hand while massaging her boob with the other hand. Ah, it felt great! I thought of taking things even further. I put my hand on her shirt and grabbed her boob firmly. I felt like heaven, man!

Then I noticed that Aditi was breathing a bit more heavily now. I thought she was waking up and so, I quickly removed my hand and acted as if nothing had happened.

For the next few minutes, it was just silent. Aditi didn’t move and neither did I. And again, with some more courage, I rubbed her nipples gently with my thumb and index finger. Now, she moaned a little bit and moved too. Suddenly, she turned toward me and looked straight into my eyes. I was scared until I realized that her eyes were filled with pure lust and not anger. I was relieved.

To my surprise, Aditi then kissed me right on the lips. She was moaning and I could feel her fingers furiously passing through my hair. Without wasting any time, I pushed her against the wall and kissed her. I then unbuttoned her shirt while our tongues were making passionate love together.

Aditi also didn’t waste time. My cousin quickly pulled my shorts down and started stroking my cock so well! She was touching her pussy walls. They were so wet that she was using her juices as a lubricant while stroking my dick. Oh, that was the best feeling ever!

My dick was filled with her nectar. My cousin sister asked me to stand. She sat on her knees in front of me, kissing my shaft and sucking it fully. I could hear her moaning so loudly. Holy fuck, that felt so great!

My dick was soon filled with her saliva, and she was stroking it so smoothly. She rubbed some of her saliva on her tits, placed my cock in between her tits and started rubbing it.

Then it was my turn. I pulled her shorts and licked her pussy. My one hand was on her thigh and the other one was squeezing her boobs passionately. Aditi was like, “Ahh, ahhh, ohhhhh, fuck, fuckk, omg, ahhhh yess yesss.” “Ahh Vinay, fuck me, ahh fuck me, I want you inside me.”

I quickly put a condom on and penetrated my cousin sister gently. After a few minutes, I increased the pace of fucking which made her moan louder and frequently. I kept increasing the speed. Her moans were changed into very loud shouts.

That night, I and my cousin sister Aditi tried sex in doggy style, cowgirl, missionary, and every possible pose. It was 5 or 6 in the morning, and we were still having sex!

Suddenly, my phone rang. “It’s okay, Vinay! She will probably think we are sleeping; you continue!” she said.

Then I could hear a doorbell, “Aditi? Vinay? You guys are still sleeping??”

To be continued! 🙂

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