Our Unspoken Desire – Part 2

So we booked a hotel. Made up some excuses for our parents. The journey from the mountain to the hotel was tongue-tied. The only time we talked was when I bought some snacks for later. It’s a popular tourist destination. Thus finding a good hotel was not that difficult.

The rain started pouring in as soon as we reached the hotel. Cloudy sky created an illusion of dusk. We both looked at each other with a smile on our face. We both realized that we were fortunate enough to not get caught up in the rain. They handed over the keys to us and we headed towards our room.

I was nervous. My heart was racing. I knew what was coming. Took some deep breathes. I let her lead the way with the keys. I was behind her looking at her every move. The thought of being with her was making me excited. We reached the door. I braced myself and calmed down.

She opened the door and kept holding the door for me. I had made up my mind about what do next. I got in and stood behind her. The sensation of my breathing was swirling around her neck. The sexual tension could be felt in the room. She closed the door and turned around.

And there I was, standing so close to her that both of us can feel each other without touching a single part of each other’s body. At that moment there wasn’t a single force in the world that could’ve stopped us. As soon as she turned around I grabbed her by the waist and pushed her to the door gently.

All the while making sure that the doorknob doesn’t touch her back. Her lips were shivering. She kissed like she wanted to be kissed. Soft and moist and hot. The battle fought not to win but to seek union. The movement of the lips developed chaos. My lips brushed her delicately.

Her hands were moving slowly and gently on my waist. Amidst all the chaos a sensation of her tongue caressing my upper lip worked like an ecstasy. Involvement of her tongue allowed me to explore her more. It was getting hot. The room temperature. But I was in no hurry.

I wanted to explore every inch of her body before she sets herself on that bed. I slid my hands inside her top. Felt some sweat drops. I don’t mind. Then I took my hand out of her waist. My hands grabbed her hands by the wrist and guided them above her head. The kissing was still intact. Her eyes were closed.

It was time to explore the rest of her. I took the liberty of separating our lips. She opened her eyes wondering why did we stop? She was questioning my decision of stopping the kiss with her eyes. I did not answer anything. I just kept looking at her eyes while slowly sliding my lips towards her neck.

She understood and smiled. I unleashed her hands. Spread her legs with my knees and lifted her up. She put her legs around me. Gave her a kiss using my tongue on her neck as a starter. As soon as she tilted her head up, I started with a small bite.

I caressed her neck from behind with my left hand while holding her with my right hand. The wall behind her was providing me any support necessary. She just shivered and tightened her grip on my hair. Nobody is immune to neck kisses. It took me a few moments to explore every corner of her neck.

I intended to do it with every inch of her body. It was getting exciting and interrupting it would be foolish. So I kept going. She was just as aggressive as me. As soon I put her down, she pulled me towards her and kept kissing my neck like she licks an ice-cream. I was getting aroused more and more now.

No. I can’t let it happen so soon. I won’t let her control me till I explore every inch of her body first. So I stopped her. I started kissing her again while sliding my hands inside her t-shirt and undressed her. So I started where I left it. Started kissing from neck and slowly went down.

The path to her breasts from her neck was full of little kisses accompanied by the tip of my tongue. She unhooked her bra. I put my hand behind her waist and went for it. I started gentle and avoided her nipple and areola (The whole area of darker flesh). I knew she wanted a nipple stimulation.

So avoiding the nipples was delightfully frustrating for her. But every activity in foreplay has its own charm. “Suck it already,” she whimpered. She wanted me to latch on. All right. I latched on like a hungry baby. But the difference between me and a baby was I could cover more ground.

I started sucking her right nipple while squeezing her left nipple. I tried to mimic the motions of my mouth. Lips on one nipple and mimicking it with my hand on the other nipple. Her every deep breath encouraged her boobs to take up more space of my mouth.

It continued with both of her breasts. I made sure that I don’t play favorites. I did not want the other boob to feel left out. Then I started sliding down and up and up and down to kiss her ribcage on the sides and the top of her armpit. Every moan of her was filling me with motivation.

She was now lying on the bed naked on the top, legs hanging from the bed and wearing her jeans. I unbuttoned her jeans while my hand ran slow between her bosom. My hand went inside to embrace the opening between her thighs. It was wet. I ran my fingers through the opening without entering it.

I pulled down her jeans. A sense of pleasant smell filled my nose that made me an addict. I put my left thumb on her clit to stroke it. Two of my fingers of my right hand went in. It was already wet. It just made the job easier. It was the most erotic experience.

I wanted my fingers to embrace every bit of her flesh down there. The speed gradually increased. With every thrust of my hand, the slurping sound increased. This sound was as sweet as Ed Sheeran’s songs for me. Her body tightened. She swayed her hips with such conviction.

I kissed her inner thighs just to tease her. I slipped my head between her thighs. Ready to gulp down every challenge it throws on me. Touched her clit with my tongue and a loud moan escaped her mouth. So I continued licking it with my hands squeezing her nipple while her hand caressing my hair.

Took it to the extreme by sticking my tongue in her pussy, licking every ounce of wetness she was dripping. She wrapped her legs around my neck. I engaged my tongue and my lips like it’s the last time I will ever nibble, kiss, slurp and make her moan harder than ever. She tightened her body and released.

It was intense for both of us. She pulled me up and kissed me with everything she had. She noticed that I was still wearing my jeans. Took my jeans off with a smile on her face.

“Was it good?” I asked
“Oh yes, It was amazing” She blushed. “Now, It’s your turn.”

She pushed her tongue in my mouth while unbuttoning my jeans. Pulled down my jeans along with my underwear. Kissed my length and took it in her mouth. The sudden sensation sent chills down my spine. She sure was wild. I was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at her.

She was sitting on the floor, head between my thighs, With my whole manhood inside her mouth. I was going through a different sensation at one time. The sensation of sucking me like a wet vacuum, with her tongue swirling around it. The sound of slurping intensified.

She took my cock out of her mouth and told me to stand up. I did. She again started licking it while looking me in her eyes. I was looking at her. She moved her hands around and fondled my ass cheeks with it. Now she started taking the whole length in her mouth.

She was moving her head back and forth at a constant speed while tickling my ass with her nails. It was arousing. Every move of hers was well executed. I couldn’t resist my moaning. I continued moaning. The more she listened to my moans, the more aggressive she became.

Her hands slowly drifted away from my ass. One hand took control of my cock while another one wandered around my balls. She was in the driver’s seat there and she knew how to control me. She strokes hard and continued sucking while looking right in my eyes.

My body tensed up. She knew I was about cum. My groaning and breathing made her aware of my intentions. I trembled and released. I thought she would just take it on her hand or something. But surprise! She swallowed it. I did not expect that. We both smiled at each other. Sex can be a little messy sometimes.

But that’s where the fun lies. We both took some water. And laid facing each other in the bed. It wasn’t finished. We were both looking at each other. She came closer to me. And Inserted her tongue to fight my tongue. I embraced her in my arms. The smell of our sweat mixing created a different sensation.

It aroused us even further. I ran my fingers through her back playfully. And it wasn’t long before my adventurer was ready to set out for a journey of cave exploration. Slowly kissing every notch of her spine moving my way down. I stumbled upon her perfect butt cheeks.

Her legs quivered with my warm breath between her thighs and kisses on her skin. “Spread your legs” I whispered. She turned around and did what I told her to. I put a pillow under her. She spread it widely. And I entered it wildly. Her legs were quivering. It was warm inside despite the wetness.

Her face was filled with lust. Her hair was messy, a beautiful mess. She was sweaty. Every drop of sweat made her glow. Everything about the moment was magical. It was pure, dirty and raw. She felt herself being lifted a little. Her feet no longer touched the floor.

I was in an unhurried mood. She was murmuring in my ears. The lust was running high. I plunge back in with a hard thrust. “Is this what you want?” My voice was low and rough. She gasps. “Yes.”

“You know what? It’s more tiring than I thought. It’s like lower body pushups and I suck at pushups.” I said while keeping a steady penetrating pace. She giggled and pulled me in for a kiss. It was an energy booster.

Every thrust was looking for deeper sensation than the former.  Every thrust wanted to make its intention known. She surrendered completely, making herself vulnerable and open. The motion of her waist wanted to convey something.

It desired the shaft to touch more of her, feel more of her and release deep inside of her. I wanted it to be rough. I wanted her to forget everything and orgasm like never before. It was raining cats and dogs outside. Her nails dug up in my back as I kept penetrating. The orgasm earlier kept me going.

It was time to change the position. It can get boring if you continue for long. So I chose the classic doggy style. I gradually decreased my speed. I put my hand behind her neck. And pull her face closer to me. She puts her hand around me and started licking my lips with the tip of her tongue.

“Turn around.”
“Huh. Are you sure?” She asked

She obliged. Both kneeling down on the bed in dim light. My dick up against her ass. I put my right hand around her belly, slowly sliding down to her pussy and entered it with my two fingers. I kissed her from behind and shiver runs down her body. She moaned and put her both hands around my neck.

With a small bite on her neck, I guide her to form the doggy position. Moving my way down kissing every notch of her spine made her back arch. She was facing the lamp. While she was facing the lamp, I was fighting the battle behind her and locating the target became difficult.

“Where is the fucking hole? I didn’t want to freak her out by targeting the wrong hole.” I thought to myself. Changing the direction of the position was not ideal for me either. I liked it the way it was.
“Help me out a little. Will ya? Guide me to the target.”

She turned around to face me and witness a confused guy with a dick in his hand staring at her with helplessness in his eyes. She laughed out loud. Rolling on the bed she looked at me with pity in her eyes. I couldn’t help but smile a little.

“Alright, as you wish my lord.” She told me with a mischievous smile on her face. She turned around and got into the position and extended her hand to guide me to her hole. Entering her from behind sure was a new experience. As it slid and thrust inside her I was only thinking about boring things so that I last longer.

Watching her butt wiggle while stroking her from behind was fascinating. I could sense the gentle grip around my penis. I pushed further into it and withdrew until the head was still in there. Pushed again. Went a little deeper and withdrew.

“I want it all, Push it in, damn it.” She screamed.

The head was in. Pushed it with one smooth stroke. She gasped in surprise and delight at being filled with my hard shaft. Grinding inside her as I marked my territory. Eventually, I began thrusting. Her nerves were alert. The more she feels me inside her, the weaker her knees got.

Despite spending all her strength to keep herself from crashing down, She lost the battle and crashed down. The top part of her body lying lifelessly while only her butt was sticking up. With every thrust, the sound of collision intensified the environment.

My fingertips rushing through her back, tingling every part made her breathless. The noises she made. Moaning and screaming worked like the fuel that kept me going. It was music for my ears. Her fluids kept me lubricated. I could feel her muscle tighten up. Her breath getting heavier.

I was penetrating her at a constant speed, not to disrupt her concentration. She was there. She suddenly realized that we are so far gone now that she might not stop this from happening. It broke her a little by little. But she wanted it. Our rhythm was steady. Her legs started trembling. She couldn’t keep herself quiet.

She clenched the pillow. The movement of her butt revealed its intention to devour my entire cock. She exploded outwards with loud moans, like a wave, with all its energy traversing through every part of her body. I could feel it. Her vaginal muscle was squeezing my cock.

I could feel its grip loosen up and clenching my cock again. I was holding back my orgasm and wasn’t finished. It was time to let go. She was exhausted and out of breath. She turned her head around to face me. Our eyes met. We both smiled at each other. She looked high with her half-closed eyes.

We both knew I was close. I grabbed her by the waist. She gathered every bit of power she had and moved her butt aggressively. The feeling of rapid squeezes, release and squeezing again made me moan. She felt my penis swelling and increasing its length. I felt all my energy escaping my body through my penis.

It felt tingly starting from the base of the penis all the way up to the tip followed my some contractions. My anal area tightened with each contraction. Feeling out of control for a moment was wonderful. Released inside her but I was wearing a condom. Never felt such satisfaction.

Watching porn and learning from it has certainly paid off’ I thought to myself. We came here to chill and we also came. Get it? Haha.

We were exhausted and satisfied. I let go of her. Threw my condom in the bin, took a sip of the water and curled up with her. She was at ease, relaxed and glowing. Staring at her I wondered, “What the fuck just happened?” She came close and puts her left palm on my cheek. We both kissed. It was a tender kiss and a night of pure bliss.

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