Owners Pride, Neighbors Envy – Part 10

It’s been a long time I know. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all the mail and support you guys gave me for these last few years. Trust me, I wanted to write but the site was not being accessed. But now that I am back, rest assured your favorite stud and his bhabhi will leave you happy.

Disclaimer time guys. Since we have missed 3 years I am going to write what happened at the start of the year. Then keep going back to the flashback mode. So without much time wastage here we go.

It was a cold morning in London. I was writing a mail to my boss. It was about how much work is pending by the staff that was assigned to me. Before I could head out for a break back to India. I was thinking about all my friends, family and crazy relatives. My mind flickered back to the beautiful Anjana bhabhi.

Mumbai December 31, 2016: The last day of the year this was eventful for me both professionally and personally. I was lazing at home. I had taken off from the day before for a week so I could enjoy the New Year. I also made plans for something crazy.

Anjana wasn’t in Mumbai. She had gone to some function nearby. She was going to return late in the night, perhaps missing the 12 am countdown clock. Her husband was out of India. That’s when an idea struck me. I picked my phone and buzzed her on WhatsApp, “A long drive out of the city?”

I flung my phone onto the bed and waited for her to reply. And reply she did, “Would love it, let’s stay somewhere.” I checked all the possible places. Finally, I found a decent yet costly room in Lonavala. I made the bookings and decided when and where to meet her.

That evening I made my way to her relative’s house. She met me at the corner of the street and hugged me with a firm grip. She said, “I was going to stay here and was upset at getting bored with all the oldies talk. Glad you made this plan.” I gave her a once over and damn was she sexy.

She was wearing a red saree with matching blouse and a lip gloss which was making her lips shine, two gold bangles on each hand and very little makeup. I pulled her close and planted a kiss on her lips. She was taken aback and pushed me, “Are you crazy? Anyone can see us over here. Everyone knows me pretty well here.”

I did not expect her to be so angry. I started the car and we made our way. That’s when she spoke, “I am sorry I reacted that way. I was scared and did not want to ruin our day.” I smiled and said, “Correction, sexy bhabhi, it’s days.” She looked at me with her eyes big and it seemed as if she was questioning me.

As soon as we left the main bustle of the city and hit the highway an idea struck me. “Anjana, if you are indeed sorry why don’t you show it?” She was again giving me the quizzical looks, “What can I do?” I always had this fantasy of getting a blowjob by a woman while I was driving the car.

I relayed the same to her. She was shocked hearing this and was against it to begin with. I played along. I just held her fingers, playing with it and later her palm. That’s when I made my move as I kept her palm over my hard dick. “Can’t you wait till we go to the hotel?”

I replied, “The hotel rules say if you order food you have to order starters too.” I gave a devilish grin as a smile formed on her suckable lips and she unzipped me. The car was at a decent speed. The highway was about to get heavy with traffic in a few hours. I decided what the hell if someone watches so be it.

She was playing with my dick running her thumb over the cock head and making my pre-cum leak. She looked at me with her puppy eyes and asked me, “Do you really want me to go down on you?” I just nodded and left it up to her. Back of my mind, I knew she will not resist anymore.

She is in the mood for something kinky and fun too. She unzipped my jeans fully and unbuckled me. She licked the head of my cock, her glossy lips were so damn cold on such a cold day. It gave me the shivers within a few seconds. She then licked my dick up and down.

I was now double guessing myself on why I asked her to do this. It was making it tough for me to keep my eyes on the road. It was making it really hard in every sense of the term to use the steering wheel. She looked me dead deep in the eye and smiled.

She sucked the cock head with her lips making a giant O and eating it like an ice popsicle. I now held her hair with my left arm and probed her to go down further. But she was not going to let me go. It was her way of punishing me and punish me she did.

She tormented me and my cock head with her sexy lips in such a way that I was close to blowing my load. She then got up, smiled and said, “You wanted to be kinky. So now don’t blame me for anything because you asked and brought it on yourself.”

She dove right down to my cock and engulfed it inside her mouth. I have never gotten deep throated before. I closed my eyes for a solitary second. God that was amazing! Cruising at a decent speed and getting a hot lady to blow you dick in the car is an amazing feeling.

I reduced speed. I knew if I increase the speed of the car with the kinky sexy woman blowing, we are sure to head for disaster. She then bobbed her head up and down my cock. For a single second, she came up to catch her breath. I saw her glossy lips had a thread of my pre-cum.

She spat on my dick and went down again like an obedient person doing their duty. She was slurping and sucking my dick in such a way that I couldn’t fathom. I never knew how kinky this woman was. She now was just sucking my cock head again.

She was also playing with my balls. Once she was done sucking the head, she ran her lips on the side of my cock which had veins all over it. She was eating it like it was a piece of steak which was grilled. She did not want to miss the juiciness of it. I was getting harder by the minute and she knew.

I was very close to blowing my load. That’s when the dirty talk started. “So you like bhabhi blowing you in the moving car don’t you? See how much pre-cum he had for me. No wonder I love more than anything else in this world. Come on, lover, you wanted this. Let me give you a load to blow and make it worthwhile.”

As soon as she said that, she dived right down to my dick and sucked me dry. She gave a few intense minutes which I could not forget. I twitched my leg and my calf muscles were spasming. I grunted and blew my load. Wave after wave of hot fluids hit the back of her throat.

I found a corner and slowly bought the car to a halt. I flung my head back on the cushions of the seat and saw her eyeing me with a devilish grin. I wiped her mouth. Her hair was messed up and her glossy lips were dry with a patch of cum hanging.

I fed her the cum and she lapped it and said, “You taste sweet.” I started the car again and was about to make my journey to the hotel. I glanced at her she was tired was sleeping like an angel. I thought if this was the start how are my few days going to be with her.

It was my turn to smile and have kinky thoughts in my mind. I sped along to the hotel. Please contact me at and let me know your comments.