Owners Pride, Neighbors Envy – Part 11

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I finished my shower. Due to the memories of the car ride and the naughtiness and provocative behavior of Anjana I was really hard. That’s when I wore a bathrobe and picked up a cup of tea. I sat down to think of what happened for the rest of the night.

After we had our little dirty play while I was driving we checked into a hotel. It was a very reputed one just a few kilometers into Lonavala. The guy at the desk was gawking at this savage beauty I had with me. The person at the reception cleared his throat and said, “You got any id on you, Mr. and Mrs. Sharma?”

I showed him one and he was taking particular interest in the ample cleavage Anjana was showing. After the room was booked we got a welcome drink at the room and the itinerary for the day. It included a DJ night to usher in the New Year. We had our showers.

Though I protested that we do it together she was having none of it and said, “Patience dear.” I wore the best I could wear and what I saw blew my mind. She wore a red gown, her hair straight and red glossy lips. Damn this woman was a killer. She sat down on the bed.

I was just looking at her when I gave her a wolf whistle. From a shy demure housewife, she had turned into a sexy beast. I immediately had a huge boner. I said, “Anjana, you are killing me and I want to have you right away.” She turned and looked me in the eye.

She smiled at me with a pursed lips, “No red velvet cake before you earn it, boy.” She pushed me on the bed and said, “Now watch me become the animal you always wanted me to be.” With that, she slowly put on her high heeled shoes and winked at me and beckoned me over.

We left hand in hand and made our way to the makeshift dance floor. We were given wine, to begin with. The floor was already filled with a lot of eager dancers and party people. Since we both weren’t regular party animals we took our time to settle in.

The DJ, though, was pretty good and he revved up the crowd pretty good. Even though the time was just around 7:30 the crowd was already grooving to the rhythm. That’s when someone from the crowd in his mid 40’s came to us and asked, “Mind for a dance?”

I looked at Anjana. She wasn’t sure but I gave her a nod. she wasn’t sure but went ahead with it. I saw them both dancing I noticed Anjana like never before. Where she was the sexiest woman on the planet. I had pangs of arousal in my pants. It was evident she wanted to dance with me.

I got her signal and went took over. Song after song played which was getting peppier and faster by the moment. We both weren’t natural dancers. But the wine and the dark cold night had us in a tizzy. I spun her around and caught her waist. She winked at me and unzipped my trousers.

She put her hands inside and got hold of my dick. I was stunned at this and quite frankly did not expect it. She pulled my skin back and was using her long nails to arouse me even further. I whispered to her, “Don’t kill me please let’s go to the room now.”

She said, “So soon? The party is at its peak and let me show you what an animal you have turned me into.” I was really smiling and couldn’t hide my arousal anymore. She let go of my dick and said, “That’s it for now,” and walked away. I took this moment to rezip my trousers.

I found a quiet corner and sipped a glass of water to cool myself down. The rest of the night progressed we had very light dinner. That’s when the DJ announced it was the last set and they had to wind up due to the 10 o clock guideline which was met by boos.

We didn’t care though it was a series of slow romantic numbers mashup. We danced hand in hand looking into each other’s eyes and an evident lust. She leaned to me and brought my face down to her. We kissed not caring about who was around and who watched.

We just chewed each other’s lips and she sucked my tongue and played with it using her tongue. I rubbed my crotch on her pussy. I was dripping with precum. We both looked at each other and I knew it was time to go. I took her hand and went to the room.

We couldn’t even wait for the door to open. We chewed each other’s lips again and kicked the door and just flung our boots. We were kissing each other like we hadn’t met for years. She was unbuttoning my shirt and I had done away with the belt.

I felt her fingers on my hairy chest. That’s when we stopped kissing and she told me, “You can’t cum inside me till the New Year,” and we still had an hour to go. I looked at her and said, “You bet.” I undressed her and was surprised to see she did not wear a bra.

I laid her down on the bed and said, “Close your eyes.” She did as said and I went to the small fridge and brought a couple of ice cubes. I took a huge ice cube and put it on her throat, moving it slowly around the nape of her neck and the shoulder. She was shuddering and moving around like crazy.

She was in a daze and did not know how to react to this. I moved the ice cube to her nipples. It became hard I now sucked her nipples like a small kid. I was really getting into the groove. I sucked her tits and made my way down to her navel which now got to melt the ice cube.

Wow, she was moaning like a dream. I was really turned on too. I did not expect her to be so wild on the dance floor. Now it was time to turn the tables. I could hear her heart beating fast. I sucked the water drops of the navel her lemony sexy skin glowing in the room.

I then went down to her leg and saw she had apparently waxed her whole arms and legs. I moved the ice cube on her thigh and keep giving her trails of kisses and some light sucks with my lips. She couldn’t hold it much more when she said, “I need you,” and pulled me up to her.

I was in no mood to stop this though and I said, “But we have just started.” She just looked at me and said, “Pound me now. We got a lot of time to do other things tomorrow.” That’s when I entered her and started giving her light strokes.

She was turned on and said, “Fuck it has been so fucking long lover I almost forgot how this feels.” I entered deeper and deeper and deeper till as far as my dick could go.“Please don’t stop. I want to turn this hotel upside down with my moans.” She caught my hand and pulled me close.

Our bodies met with my dick buried in her pussy. Although I had fucked it many times, every time it felt as new and even tighter than the last time. I kept kissing her face, her eyes, and her nose. We had found our rhythm. Both our bodies were moving in sync.

I was now starting to increase my speed. She caught hold of my ass and pulled me in deeper. She looked in my eyes with so much love I almost felt she was my wife and not a neighbor. She hardly spoke to anyone just when I moved into the block.

She was moaning and groaning at the same time almost in an animal’s rage. She was constantly closing and opening her eyes with her lips in an O. I was now in a frenzy too. Our fucking was on another level as we felt the bed move. My balls were slapping her ass.

She was really into the grove and that’s when we heard the countdown of the hotel. 10.. Stroke into her pussy, 9… stroke out and back in, 8…. Short stroke making her scream and scratch my back.

7… one more stroke making her throw her head back, 6… she pushing into me to meet my dick some more, 5… me pulling her waist and literally banging her shit out, 4… me biting her tits and nipples and she moaning and pulling my hair.

3…. She biting my finger and chewing it, 2… pulling my dick back and giving her a huge stroke and doing it fast, 1….. Feeling her hot lava of nectar on my dick. Her constant screams and moans and her looking into my eyes and fireworks. That’s when I came and came well inside her pussy.

I collapsed onto her and caught our breaths. That’s when I said, “Happy new year, Anjana.” She had her eyes closed and was smiling and said, “I love you, lover.”

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