Passionate Rough Sex In The Biology Lab

It was a rainy day, perfect for passionate rough sex. Riya lied at home that she had to submit a project and would be late from college. She got ready, put some make-up on, shaved down there, and wore some comfortable yet fashionable-looking clothes.

She left home with a folder filled with useless papers and her handbag and did not consist of a single book. After college was over, she sat in the library for about an hour, waiting for people to leave. It was 3:30 pm students along with most of the staff left for home.

Riya made a call and asked Rohan to meet her on the 6th-floor corridor. She went to the toilet, freshened herself, checked her make-up. She adjusted her push-up bra to reveal her cleavage.

As instructed, Rohan reached the 6th-floor corridor. Covered in borrowed perfume, he wore a black jacket with black pants and a white shirt. 6 foot 3 inches, revealing the top of his hairy muscular chest, he looked hot.

There was nobody on this floor. It gave Rohan a scary feeling. Yet, he patiently waited because the fruit he was getting was nothing compared to this fear. And within 2 minutes, he saw Riya in her blue jeans and long kurta with a scarf hanging from her shoulder to give Rohan a good look at her sexy cleavage.

With the duplicate key, he opened the biology lab. He made sure he hung the lock outside so that if a bypasser sees it, he would understand it was unlocked. After getting in, they carefully locked it from inside.

Standing in this empty biology lab where they could hear the swishing sounds of wind from the window. They looked at each other nervously, each one conscious about themselves. Riya’s heart was beating so fast she could feel the drumming on her chest.

This was all her plan, but as a girl, she can’t make the first move. She stood there waiting for Rohan to make a move. She was a wild child, a total badass, but now she was too shy to make a move. Rohan took a deep breath and extended his hands forward. The moment Riya held it, he took a deep breath.

He pulled her and locked his lips with her soft pink lips. He could feel the taste of mint in his mouth. The moment their lips locked, the animal Riya was hiding inside broke out. She went close enough that her tits touched Rohan’s chest.

His hands wrapped her around, one started fondling her boobs, and another one was pressing her fat round ass. She had a great body. Her bigger-than-average ass was perfectly round, and her boobs soft and smooth as butter. She was enjoying the kiss, and more than that, she was enjoying this.
Finally, they broke apart. The look in Riya’s deep eyes sent a clear message that all the shyness was gone. She wanted some action, and she wanted it now. She unbuttoned her pants and started striping. Riya took off her kurta, revealing her cute boobs under it and the neon-colored push-up bra holding it.

Rohan went hard, his cock making a huge tent in his jeans. Riya hated sucking a cock, nor she allowed to lick her pussy. In the neon bra and jeans below her knees, she opened her bag and pulled out some lubricant.

Rohan wondered what if her dad finds it casually lying in her bag. He resisted the feeling of bringing this question up. Riya was on her pills. There was no need for a condom.

After applying the lubricant, they were ready. Riya turned around, bent on one of the big tables of this lab, and tightly held the edges. With his throbbing cock, Rohan went forward and placed the head of his fat cock on Riya’s wet pussy entrance.

Their hearts were beating crazy they were so nervous they already started sweating. Riya could feel the hot cock touching her clean-shaven pussy. She has waited for this for so long. Her mind couldn’t think of anything but sex.

Right now, all she wanted was that thick hot cock touching her pussy to ram her like crazy. To make her moan and scream. She wanted all her wishes to come true – her dirty wishes.

With a push, the head of this fat cock was entered her pussy, ‘Aah!’ Riya sighed. Slowly it was going deeper and deeper. With her mouth wide open and her eyes closed, she was lost. Rohan’s hands were running all over her half-naked body. Her perfect ass, her boobs, were hiding behind that bra.

She pulled up her bra, and her round boobs jumped out. They were not massive. Instead, they were a little smaller as compared to the proportion of her ass. But there was still time for them to grow.

“Aaah!” Riya moaned as Rohan cock was slowly fucking her pussy. She wanted this for so long, and she wanted it so bad. Fondling with her boobs with one hand, Rohan held Riya’s shoulder tightly with another. He was slowly going in and pulling out.

He wanted to play with her bare body. He wanted nothing to come in between this session of passionate hot sex. Snatching the unhooked bra, Rohan threw it far away. Riya did the rest by taking her jeans off. Now that’s how he liked a woman naked with his cock inside her.

He started increasing his pace and speed. Slowly the fat cock was beating her hot, smooth pussy. Faster and faster they went. His cock was fucking her like crazy, his hands playing with her boobs and naked ass while she held the table with her hands and would eventually leave it to rub her pussy.

The moment he pinched her nipples, she let out a high-pitched moan, just like anime characters. This made him even harder and hornier. “Aaah! Aaa please! Aaah aah oh oh oh…” She went on and on with every jerk.

She opened her ass cheeks so that he can go even deeper inside her. But the sad part was this was all he had. It was thick and juicy and fast, but it was just average-sized. Smaller than she had before. But it wasn’t so bad.

Rohan just kept going from behind and not stopping at all. His hands were pressing her boobs and ass harder and harder. The clapping of skin and the slapping of the ass were louder than her moans. It was time. Rohan felt sudden energy. He went on with all his might.

The fat cock rubbing the inside of her pussy made her crazy. She wanted more and more, but his increased speed gave her the signal. She wanted his thick warm cum all over her face. But before she could instruct Rohan to do so, he pulled his fat cock out.

“Aaah!” She moaned in pain. It was too loud, and she grabbed her mouth not to let any more of her painful screams out. Before she could turn to face Rohan’s fat cock he lost control and came all over her back and ass. The load shot as far as she got some of it in her hairs.

Covered in sweat and cum she got up happy but wanting some more. She went to look for her bra and came back to find Rohan already in his jeans. No dialogues were shared between them. Quietly they wore clothes. They put everything back. They locked the lab from outside and went down for a smoke.

One drag, and now everything rushed to her mind. The cigarette gave her the rest of the pleasure. She wanted so much. Her body still covered in sweat and her hair smelling of cum she took a cab. Ping. She checked the message it was Rohan, “Next?”

“Saturday,” she typed and hit send.