Planned to surprise my GF but her mother surprised me!

Hi everyone, I am Akshay, a 26-year-old guy living in Bangalore, 5 ft 7 in tall, with an average build body. This incident happened recently. I have studied with my girlfriend for the last 3 years. Her name is Sandhya. She was raised by her mother and has a good build body and 32c size. Because of her mother, she dresses very conservatively.

My girlfriend’ birthday was on October 2nd. She liked surprises, loved my kisses, and also allowed me to press her boobs over the clothes. Since it was her birthday, I planned for something romantic with cake decor in my room. Her mom knew about our relationship and was not 100% okay with it.

One day before my gf’s birthday, I called her. She picked up the call. I told her –

Me: Hey, I have a surprise for you on your birthday. Please come to my room so that we can enjoy it.

At that time, her mother was also with her. She heard what I said to her (I came to know later).

The birthday came and in the evening, I gave her a call. She said she would be coming in an hour.

I switched off the room lights so that I could hug her from behind when she enter the door, and then kiss her from the back. The room was completely decorated. Her favorite cake butterscotch was also there. I was dreaming of putting the cake on my girlfriend’s nipples, suck them, etc.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and I came back to my senses. Since it was dark, I opened the door, and she entered the room. I quickly hugged her from the back. I felt my girlfriend’s boobs and instantly, I locked her lips with my lips. She was trying to push me! But I got a good grip and was pressing those boobs nicely over the dress. I felt it was a saree. Now I was in heaven. Suddenly, Sandhya pushed me hard and screamed!


The voice did not belong to her! I came to my senses and switched on the lights. To my surprise, it was my girlfriend’s mother. She was wearing a silver color saree with the same color blouse. I was shocked to see her.

She continued screaming: Is this your treat?! You are playing with my girl’s life!

I calmed her down by asking: Please be quiet. If neighbors will come here, it will be a big drama.

Then she drank the water, and clearly saw all the decorations.

She said: Good decoration, but you are a bad boy.

Now there was a bit of silence between both of us. I came out of the room and called my girlfriend. She said her mom wanted to talk to me and hence she only came to my room.

Then I said: Ok.

Then I came back to the room inside. I said sorry for what happened and said –

Me: It was by mistake, aunty.

She: What was the full plan for this birthday party?

Me: Cake cutting, some cuddling, basic romance, nothing deep, etc.

She: Is my daughter ok with kissing and romance?

Me: She loves it, aunty. But she hesitates to move ahead. So I planned this. I am also a good guy. I’ll take care of her like a princess.

She: Is it? My husband used to treat me like that. It has been 18 years since I lost him. I raised my daughter cautiously. You know how single women are treated in society.

Me: I can understand, aunty. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.

She (got to a good mood): Treat me like my daughter according to the plan. I will be your gf and cut the cake. If everything is ok tonight, I’ll give the green signal.

Me: Ok aunty, but me and your daughter had planned some different things for cake-cutting and other things. Are you ok with that?

She: I am open-minded. I don’t hesitate to do it. But no kissing or romance.

Me: Everything is supposed to be romantic, aunty. Every step included has romance in it. She would be enjoying that.

She: Ok, let me allow you to kiss, and the rest you can do over the clothes and not inside. I am serious about this.

Seeing the situation, I somehow deduced that my girlfriend’s mom was horny inside and somehow needed a dick inside her pussy.

Me: Ok aunty, but you have to co-operate without hesitation.

She: Ok, but you have to be in your limits.

I completely locked the door, took the crown, and went near her. She was breathing a bit faster. Her eyes were on my tent! I placed birthday crow on her forehead, and kissed my hand which was holding it. She was a bit confused.

She: Why did you kiss your hand? You could have kissed directly on the forehead.

Me: You only told na aunty me to be in my limits. So I did this.

She: Be romantic. Do what you want. Don’t touch my boobs or pussy parts.

I was in heaven. I placed a birthday girl tag on her body. I placed the cake on the middle of the table.

She asked: Where is the knife?

I was again excited by seeing her navel. Then I went near her, hugged her from behind, and held her in both hands. My penis was almost enlarged. I was trying to push my penis inside the ass part of my girlfriend’s mom’s saree. She understood and allowed me to place my cock in between the ass crack.

Then she asked: Shall I cut the cake?

I said: Ok, aunty.

Then she took my left hand and placed it on her navel. I was rubbing her ass now. Then she lit the candle, cut the cake, and said –

She: Come, take a cake piece.

Me: Not like this aunty, your daughter planned for something more romantic.

She: What is that?

Then I took out my 6-inches dick, showed it to her, and said –

Me: You have to put the cake on it and try a blowjob.

She: I’ll do it, don’t worry.

And my girlfriend’s mother winked at me. She then put the cake on my penis and started to take it inside her mouth! She was ok with that, thought she no expert.

She: How will you have the cake?

Me: I will place it on your boobs, navel, pussy, thighs, ass, etc and lick it from there.

She: No way!

But I directly pulled her toward me and placed a kiss on her lips. My right hand was inside and on my girlfriend’s mom’s big boobs. She started breathing heavily. We slowly moved toward the wall and kissed aggressively. After about 10 minutes of the liplock, I moved my hands to her pussy region. Her pussy was wet and dripping.

I slowly opened the blouse, pressed her right boob, and then the left boob. She was a goddess of sex with 34c big melons. Slowly, I pressed her both boobs, and then opened her bra. Her nipples were dark and a bit thick. I sucked them and played with them for 10 minutes.

Then I moved down and opened the petticoat. Her panty was black, and her pussy was hairy. I moved her pussy hair aside, placed some cake on her pussy, and started my tongue work. She started moaning ahh ahh. Then she tried to push me towards her pussy. I played with her pussy for 10 minutes. Then she released all the cum.

Then I made her open up her legs, and gently placed my 6-inch cock on the pussy point. After that, I tried to push it in. My gf’s mom’s pussy was a bit tight. I put all my strength and pushed my dick inside. She screamed ahhh at that time.

Slowly, I moved back and from then onward, I increased the pace. Her “AHHHHH” sounds and thap-thap sounds filled the room. I fucked my girlfriend’s mother for the next 10-15 minutes.

Now I was about to cum. She cummed again. I took back my penis, and she took it in her mouth. Soon, I released my cum in her mouth. After that, we changed to doggy. I saw she was a virgin in that hole. So I put some coconut oil on my penis and pushed hard in her ass. She screamed again. This time, I felt the pain as well. Then we fucked for another 10 minutes. I released my cum inside her ass.

Suddenly, she got a call from her daughter. We came back to our senses. My girlfriend’s mom went to the bathroom and put on her clothes. I wore my clothes too. Then she went back to her home.


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