Pleasure in Salem Cinema Theater

I am Sinbad (name changed). I love sex. I am not gay, but I like all forms of sex. I have enjoyed Gay sex and Bi sex, and I once had a threesome also. I am going to share my experience about

This is Gay sex, my first encounter in a movie theater. Those days in Salem, Tamil Nadu, you have some selected theaters you can watch English and Malayalam adult movies. Though it was not a fully adult movie, you can still have good nude and soft-core sex scenes.

Once in a while, I go to watch sex movies. The reason for going to a sex movie is to watch and have some pleasure. You will have a few gays who will stroke you and give your little boy some shaking. So I always love to go to watch sex movies.

About me, I am a Muslim, 6 ft tall, and I am not very heavy. I was in my twenties and had a good big little boy. Since I am a Muslim, I have a cut cock everyone loves when it becomes strong.

I used to masturbate regularly, so the size was good. I always shave and keep my area clean and no smell.

Once I went to a movie. The movie started, and I chose a corner seat. Theatre was only half filled. I was expecting something interesting. The movie started, and the lights were off. Suddenly I could see a hand playing around my trouser. He was checking whether I was enjoying it.

I just adjusted well so that he could reach my little boy. Slowly he touched my little boy. Already it is started getting high. He removed my zip, put his hands on my little boy, and started playing with it. I am already enjoying it.

The theater was dark, so he took my little boy out. It was strong and stronger. He played the tip, held it tight, and started playing with my balls. He bent and started sucking my cock slowly. There was no person next to me.

He started slowly sucking and playing with my balls. I am enjoying it, and he said I have a good cock, and he liked its size. There was a sudden movement, so he stopped sucking, and I put my little boy inside.

I tried to touch his little boy, but it was small. He was also not very tall. He did not force me to suck. He was very confident that I was enjoying it. He whispered in my ears to follow him.

I just obeyed, and he walked to the toilet. I followed him. He double-checked that there was nobody. Since the movie was on, nobody was in the toilet. We got the last one. Thank God it was clean.

Once we were in, he kissed me, opened my shirt and started sucking my nipples, which was very interesting. Then he opened my belt and put my trousers down. He took my little boy out.

He liked my size and started sucking passionately. He was very professional and didn’t want me to cum fast. He sucked and licked my tip. He was taking full cock in his mouth. He started sucking slowly and steadily. He also took time to put my balls in his mouth, carefully sucking.

He was taking my two balls and giving me great joy. He was going at a good pace. I could see he was enjoying and I was getting high. Surprisingly he asked me to turn around and bend. Then he started licking my ass. I was in heaven.

My ass had no hair, so he loved it and started licking the butt hole. He put his tongue and did magic. Wow! The first time I experienced that tongue licking in the ass can give me such great joy. I enjoyed it. His tongue was doing the magic, real magic.

Then he came back to my little boy and started sucking again. He kept sucking my nipple again and went back to my dick. Now I am on top of my joy and going to explode. All stars were ready, and I shot a huge load into his mouth.

He took it with passion and spat it out. It was a great fuck. I enjoyed it. He introduced himself as Nagesh and became a big friend. He is gay but a nice gentleman. He was from Kerala but little poor.

So we used to meet regularly in many places. He knows the best cheap lodges where we used to meet once a week. The rooms will cost only 200 per two hours. Little decent beds with fans and lights. There used to be a bathroom and toilet. Where you can wash and clean. You can even take a bath.

Those days I used to have at least two-time sex with him in one day. I had great stamina. He didn’t ask for more money, and whatever I gave a hundred or two hundred, he was happy. There were times he used to bring his friend, and we used to have threesomes.

There are good interesting stories that I will share later. Though I like having sex with women, those were the days you were afraid of the police and diseases. Also, getting a lady for sex is very costly. You don’t know whether they will cheat or give you good company. So I was having good sex with men.

All these sex feelings were learned in junior college. I used to have a few good friends we used to sleep together. We used to hug and kiss at night. We used to shake other’s cock and get pleasure.

But I never had the opportunity to suck or to get sucked. I had one relationship with a hostel cook. His name is also Nagesh which I will tell you later. I had a long relationship with him, and he even allowed to fuck his wife, which I will tell you about in my coming stories.

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