Priya and Sripriya – Part 2

I saw movement outside the window. Sripriya’s stepdaughter, Priya, was staring at us through the window. I panicked on seeing her. I knew she was not on good terms with her stepmom. She might take this to her advantage and reveal this to her dad.

I thought Priya would be mad seeing her stepmom and me in a compromising position. But I was relieved seeing her flushed face and her hand inside her pants. The pant was unhooked. Hell! She was masturbating, watching her stepmom getting her pussy eaten by me.

Priya’s right hand was inside her pants, and her left hand was pressing her breast. I didn’t say anything about Priya’s watching us to Sripriya. I didn’t want her to leave.

I got up from the chair and dropped my lungi down. My cock was still hard and out of my briefs. Holding my cock and waving it towards the window for Priya, I said, “I can understand, but you have to understand my position too. You got me hard, and you have to cool it now.”

Sripriya took my cock in her hand and said,” I will, Chetta. Is it ok if I suck you till you cum? We will do it freely tomorrow. I don’t want a ‘wham bam’ from you for the first time. I want to enjoy the first fuck with you to the full extent.”

Saying Sripriya kneeled on the floor, took my cock in her mouth and sucked my mushroom tenderly. I looked out the window and saw Priya staring at her stepmom, giving me a blowjob. I couldn’t make out her expressions as it was dark outside and inside, too.

I wanted the young girl to see my 8-inch cock being sucked by her horny stepmom. I knew she was around 20 years old and might have experienced the sex, too. I don’t know how long Priya was watching us. She might have watched her mom’s pussy eaten by me live.

Now, she was seeing her stepmom returning the favour. I pulled my cock from Sripriya’s mouth, and she looked at me confused. Holding my cock at the base, I waved it towards the window. I wanted Priya to see my cock in a fully enlarged position, and I hit Sripriya’s cheeks with my baton.

“Enna Chetta, why are you teasing me? If you are not interested in getting sucked, I will go and send Priya for tuition,” saying Sripriya got up. Her petticoat dropped down, covering her womanhood. She pulled her bra cups down, hiding her huge melons, and hooked up her blouse.

When she tried to take her saree from the floor, I stopped her. “Are you going to send your daughter to suck my cock?” I said, waving my cock at her.

Sripriya gave me a strange look and said, “What, am I not sufficient for you, Chetta? Priya is still a young girl. I will come to you whenever you ask me. Let me make you cum now. I am afraid you won’t hesitate to ask Priya for a blowjob.”

Saying she got down on her knees and took my cock back in her mouth. As it was too dark inside, Priya was not able to see her stepmom sucking my cock clearly. The switch was near the bed and close to the window. I moved towards the window.

Sripriya followed me, kneeling without taking her mouth off my cock. She was sucking my head and caressing my balls with her left hand. I switched on the light. Sripriya and I were seen clearly in the illuminated room. Priya moved behind the window, not wanting her presence to be noticed by her mom or me.

I laughed at her stupidity. I was already making plans in my mind on how to seduce this young girl when she came for tuition later. Sripriya was sucking my cock like a pro taking almost half of my cock inside her mouth. She had gripped my cock at the base and was sucking me till her lips touched her fingers.

She was taking care not to get gagged with my 8-inch cock. Clever woman, I thought. But her tongue was licking the underside of my cock as her mouth bobbed up and down my cock. Saliva was pouring out from the corners of her lips.

My cock was lubricated, ready for fuck, either Mom Sripriya or daughter Priya. I preferred buxom lady Sripriya. I knew she was sex-starved and could do whatever I wanted with her gorgeous body. But with Priya, I had to play safe as she was just 20 years old and had not much sex experience.

I saw Sripriya cupping my balls and playing with them to make me cum early. She had taken her hand from my cock, and her free hand was clutching my ass cheeks. A wicked idea came to my mind. Holding Sripriya’s head, I pushed my cock deep into her mouth until her lips were touching my pubic hairs.

Sripriya was startled and tried to pull her mouth off my cock. But I didn’t allow her and pressed her head on my cock. Her eyes were watery, and saliva was flowing freely from her mouth. She was hitting me on my thighs.

Seeing her struggling to breathe, I pulled my cock out from her mouth.  Sripriya coughed and was still hitting me. Taking a deep breath, Sripriya got up, holding my cock and tugging it hard.

She said, “If you want to show your manliness, show it when you fuck me down, not on my mouth, bastard. I thought you were a gentleman, but you are one horny fucker. You want to fuck, come on fuck me,” saying Sripriya took my cock close to her wet pussy and rubbed its head on her lips.

I knew fucking her in a standing position was a bit difficult as I couldn’t penetrate her fully. But what the hell, I just a release and maybe her pussy, if not her mouth. I definitely did not want to jerk off alone after she left. I pushed my hips, and my cockhead was hitting the wrong places.

Sripriya gave me a look and said, “Do you want to fuck me now, Chetta?”

“Yes, how can you leave me when you have aroused me,” I said, pushing my cock on her pussy.

“Ok, come, fuck me. But you have to finish soon as my husband may come and I can’t take chances. He is a suspicious guy.” Saying Sripriya got on the bed with her head towards the window. Her ass was at the edge of the bed, and her feet were touching the floor. I had to face the window to fuck her.

Priya could clearly see her stepmom getting fucked. I lifted Sripriya’s petticoat, placing it on her tummy and got between her legs. Sripriya spread her legs wide, her pussy lips opening up and holding my cock pulled me towards her.

She rubbed her pussy lips with my cockhead and, placing it near her hole, said, “Come take me, Chetta.” I pushed my cock inside her pussy, looking out the window. Priya’s eyes widened seeing her stepmom getting fucked, and the poor girl had not noticed that I was watching her.

She was still thinking that we were unaware of her presence. My cock penetrated Sripriya’s pussy easily as she had two orgasms and was fully lubricated. Sripriya had closed her eyes, and her hands were on my shoulders. She was sweating heavily as my cock filled up her pussy.

“Open your eyes, dear. Don’t you want to see how my cock moves in and out of your cunt?” I said, looking down at her.

Sripriya, opening her eyes, looked down at our union. Both our pelvic bones were touching each other, and pubic hairs were mashed up.

“My God, you have entered me fully. I can’t believe it. I thought I would struggle to take you inside me as yours is too thick and big too.” Sripriya exclaimed, touching the base of my cock, which was sticky with cum.

“Remove the blouse and show me your boobs, dear,” I said, pushing my cock in her. Sripriya winking at me, said, “Why Chetta, want to suck my breasts again. I don’t have milk in me, or I would have loved to feed you. Make me pregnant and give me a child. You can suck my milk as much you want, like my baby.”

She removed the bottom two hooks of her blouse and pushed the blouse and bra up, revealing her twin fleshy mounds. Seeing her breasts popping out from under the blouse, I cupped them, pressing her spongy boobs, pulled my cock out a bit and then rammed in her using all my strength.

My cock might have hit her bottom, and she screamed out loudly. “Oh my God, do it slowly, Chetta,” Sripriya shouted, placing her hand on my chest, trying to push me up.

“I thought you wanted rough sex. Do you want me to fuck you like a rabbit with short and small strokes? You should be a horny girl during your college days,” I said fucking her in slow strokes.

“Chee, go, Chetta. I was not a nun but not a slut. All were boys of my age, but I admit that you have more vigour than those boys. I can’t believe you are 52, my husband is also your age, and he hardly fucks me once a month. Come on fuck me, but make it quick. We can leisurely do it again tomorrow,” Sripriya said, lifting her ass off the bed and trying to fuck me back.

Gripping her breasts for support, tweaking the nipples with my thumb, I began to pound her mercilessly. My cock was moving in and out of her pussy effortlessly. She had her third orgasm, lubing my cock for easy penetration. Sripriya was shivering while I fucked her, and we both were drenched in sweat.

“Hmm, yes, Chetta. Push harder. I want to feel your Kunna hitting my cervix.” Sripriya was moaning loudly and screaming. I was afraid that our neighbours heard her screaming. But I was trying to drill her as hard and as fast as I could because Priya was watching us.

Sripriya’s big breasts were crushed by my rough, big palms, giving me cushion while I pumped her. “Chetta, enough, please finish off,” Sripriya looked at me and pleaded. Her hair was wet, her face fully sweaty, her lips shivering, and sweat buds were formed on her upper lips. I thought it was time to finish.

“Ok, dear, should I pull out or…” I asked, pumping her hard. “No problem, Chetta, you can come in me,” Sripriya said, looking at my cock moving in and out of her moist pussy. She had wet my bed, and her cum was flowing down her ass onto the sheets. I pushed my cock deep into her and got laid on her.

My cock throbbed and began to shoot in big spurts. I sensed my cum overflowing from her pussy. I knew the bedsheets would be spoiled. Sripriya embraced me tightly while I shot my cum load in her. She kissed me on my lips and thrust her tongue, which I sucked, and saliva was exchanged.

Her body stopped shivering. She was looking relaxed, and I knew she was having another orgasm. While kissing her, I looked out the window and to my surprise, Priya was not there. I thought of telling Sripriya that her stepdaughter was watching us, but didn’t.

I wanted both the ladies to handle this in their own way and didn’t want to be part of this. My cock shrunk down and popped out from her pussy, and I got off her body. Sripriya sat up and looked down at her pussy which was filled to the brim. The bedsheet below her ass was wet.

“You cum a lot, Chetta. I have never been filled up like this. Looks like your balls have a large storage capacity.” Sripriya laughing, wiped her pussy using her petticoat. After cleaning her pussy she got up, pulled her blouse and bra down to cover her breasts.

She went near the table and picked her panties and saree from the floor. She wore the saree in a hurry in a clumsy way and tried to wear her panties bending. I took her panties from her hand and said, “I will keep this as a souvenir if you don’t mind, dear.”

“Ok, are you going to take my panties every time I come here to get fucked,” She said, wiping the sweat from her face. Wiping my cock using the panties, I said, “Yes, every time so that I can have a count.”

“Then you have to buy lots of panties for me because I will be coming here more often,” Sripriya said and, coming close, pulled my face down and kissed me. I tried to hug her, but she quickly moved back.

She said, “Even though it was a quick fuck, I enjoyed it. I know you wanted to do more, but because of me, you finished off quickly. I will make it up the next time. You can pound me as long as you like. Ah, I forgot the main thing I came here for. I will send Priya now for tutions. Take a bath and get fresh, and I hope you won’t do any hanky panky with my daughter. Anyway, I am not afraid for today as I have drained you. If you need me, I am a call away, Chetta.”

Sripriya, giving a long speech and a long look, walked out of the door. I watched Sripriya walking out swinging her ass seductively. Taking her panties to my nose, inhaling her aroma, wondered at her guts. I was wondering how to tackle the young Priya as she had witnessed our mating.

Will she make the first move like her stepmom, or should I? I didn’t want any complications as I had her busty mom to satisfy me.

Continued in Part 3.

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