Punishment of son is Pleasure for Mom – Part 2

Hello friends, it’s me again. Let me refresh your memories regarding the previous part of my story. My Mom and I live alone in a govt quarter. My dad died in the line of duty.

It all started as a punishment for getting spanked. I used to get it from my dad when he was alive, which was scary as hell. I got drunk after a celebration party, and my Mom spanked me in the same way as my dad. But it actually turned me on, which my Mom saw through my erect dick.

Then she went on a spanking spree on me for the smallest and silliest of mistakes that I made. I actually didn’t complain. I was enjoying it and was looking forward to it, in a way. But luck changed in my favour, and my Mom made a severe mistake.

I had waited for an opportunity like that. When it came my way, I grabbed it with both hands. I started to dish out the same punishment to my Mom. Now, continuing from where I left earlier. When I said that I would stop talking to her for 1 month, she got really scared.

She knew that I was a very headstrong boy. If I decided on something, I would really stick to it no matter what. She immediately dreaded this resolve of mine. I knew she could not bear this punishment, which I suggested. She can’t stay away from me for even 1 day.

Mom – What? Why? For the whole month? Please, no, Uma. Please tell me what I should do to convince you not to go ahead with what you just told me.

Me – This punishment is of no use, Mom. Two three layers of clothing protect you. I am hitting you so hard. (a lie). Still, you are not feeling the level of pain that I feel when you spank me on my ass.

Mom – Why not? I am feeling a great deal of pain, Uma. Why is it so hard for you to believe me?

Me – That’s because when you hit me, I would be butt naked. But you are here protected by layers of clothing.

Mom – But we agreed on shedding only my sari, right?

Me – That is what you told me, but I said ‘whatever’, remember?

Mom – So what do you want me to do then? Get naked in front of you?

My heart skipped a beat. But playing it cool, I said to her.

Me – I know that is not going to happen, so it is better for the alternative punishment for you. Isn’t it? So there will be no talking to you for 1 month.

I started to leave the room with a sullen face. Mom was still lying on the bed, ass up, clad in the petticoat. My gait was kind of slow and deliberate so that Mom could call me back. I was praying hard from inside that she called me back. And it happened. She called me back and made me sit on the bed.

Mom – Why are you getting so upset, Uma? Please don’t torture me like this. You know I can’t live without talking to you, even for a day. Who else is there in our family with whom I can talk to? I only have you. So please take pity on me and suggest me any other way.

Me – I can’t think of any other punishment for you. So either it is the silence for a month punishment or the spanking one. But the spanking is not working up to my satisfaction so there remains only one way. So there is nothing to choose from.

Mom – so you want me to feel that pain like you feel when you get spanked, right? Okay then, I am willing to sacrifice my modesty to be able to talk to my son. Happy now?

These words from my Mom were like honey directly being poured into my ears. But still, I have to be really careful in choosing my next words. Because my next words will make or break me kind of deal. So, very cautiously, I said.

Me – Mom, if you are trying to invoke guilt by stating such things, then leave it. I can manage not talking to you. Anyway, at this juncture, I am the one who is getting more hurt. (with a really sad face)

Mom saw my face, and she felt pity for me.

Mom – No, don’t feel sad, please. I was asking. What do you want me to do? Tell me.

Me – I have already given my options to you. It is up to you to decide. I won’t say a word. Whatever you do, it will be your choice completely.

I sat on the bed. I was looking away from my Mom. But deliberately held the rubber paddle bat in my hand to give a hint to my Mom what I really wanted. She sat on the bed for a few minutes in some thought. Then she got up from the bed and started undressing further.

She loosened and dropped her petticoat on the floor and stood there facing me for approval. I was not facing her, but through the corner of my eye, I was admiring her beauty. Now she was in a beautiful lace panty, but her blouse was still there.

She stood there for a little while for my approval of her dress code. But as I didn’t react or look at her, she understood what I wanted. She then turned to the other side and slipped out of her panties. Her ass was so smooth that even the dew might slip on it.

Wow, what a sight to behold, I must say. Then she again slept on the bed with her fabulous ass facing upwards but her face facing the other side.

Mom – Come on, complete your punishment and let’s get through this once and for all. (with a tinge of irritation in her voice)

I was on cloud 9. I held the paddle bat firmly in my hand so that it would not slip and hurt my Mom. I started to spank my Mom’s ass slowly to acclimatise her to the spanking in the nude. With just 2 or 3 spanks, her beautiful ass cheeks started to get really pink. The colour was such a turn-on for me.

Then, I started to increase my force very slowly with every spank. I was looking for any cue to indicate that I had reached the satisfaction point of lust in Mom. Then, around 12 hits later, I could hear some slight moans. I also saw the clenching of the bed cover in her palm.

I needed that as I wasn’t able to see my Mom’s face as it was turned against me towards the other side. Anyways, after hearing the moans, I stopped increasing the force and started to dish out some steady blows to her ass. Her moans started getting a bit louder.

Her ass, by now, had become red like two well-ripe tomatoes. I had decided that I was not going to stop till she reached orgasm. With the amount of moans and flailing, I was pretty sure she would cum any moment now. So with that determination, I carried on with the onslaught on her ass.

After around 6 or 7 hits, her body shuddered, and the bed below her thunderous thighs became completely drenched with her cum. I was waiting for that to happen so that I could make my next move.

As she lay on the bed completely still and panting, I went to the refrigerator and brought back two ice packs.  The moment I put ice packs on her bare butt, she shrieked. She looked at me with curious eyes.

Me – I know, Mom, you are in a great deal of pain. Your ass is red now. Let me put some ice for a few minutes so that you will get some relief.

The moment I said this, her curious eyes turned into an affectionate stare. Little did she know what my true intentions were. I knew that the ice packs would drip water, and that would touch her most precious cunt. The ice-cold droplets will slowly turn her on more and more.

She will become restless to do something about it. With the ice packs on her butt cheeks, she was getting some relief from the pain and burning sensation. My plan worked. After around 15 minutes, I could see droplets trickling down from the ice packs to her deep ravines of ass cleavage and down to her pussy.

The moment the ice-cold water was touching her sensitive pussy, she let out a soft moan. As she had already cum once, her pussy was really sensitive to any external stimulant. Slowly, the number of droplets started to increase. A few more minutes later, it became a constant stream of ice-cold water.

At that point in time, she had started to wriggle softly. But she could not do much as I was holding the ice packs, and she was naked from the waist below. Still, she was showing signs of arousal. I took the opportunity, and I put a small handkerchief kind of towel on her pussy.

I started to clean the water that was trickling down and making her pussy wet. The moment my hand with the towel touched her forbidden place, she gave a jerk and looked at me. Her eyes told me that she wasn’t angry. Instead, I could sense a bit of sensual leer.

She was biting the corner of her lower lips. This scene was so sensual that it took all my inner strength not to jump on her just then and there. I started slowly but deliberately moving the towel. Pressing with a slight bit of force from her pussy upwards till I reached her ass hole.

This motion of cleansing her privates so intimately and thoroughly started to bear benefits. Her moans and writhing motions, as well as her facial expressions, told me that she was nearing her second climax. I was hoping that it would happen like a kind of world world-shattering one.

If that happens, then it would definitely open the gates to the forbidden world for me. I started to touch and, in lieu of cleaning thoroughly, started to rub her clitoris. With each gyrating motion over her clitoris, her ‘ahs and ohs’ increased substantially.

She was clenching the bedcover with full force and keeping her eyes closed. She sucked on her lower lips. Then I would slip the towel-clad finger slowly towards her pussy gate and give a slight push inside. She would make a slight sound like ‘mmm’.

Then, I would slowly move my finger towards her asshole. I also linger my finger a bit over her pink puckered entry and then give a slight push inwards. This was becoming too much for her to handle in a day. After around 5 or 6 times the whole ordeal, she climaxed again.

But this time, it was a bit loud, and she squirted her cum. She squirted because the amount of water that gushed out from her pussy was no less than a fountain. But it did not gush like a fountain as her cunt was facing down. Which, I terribly missed I must say.

Anyways, after she cum like a fountain, she remained still for a few minutes. Then I asked her, slowly bringing my mouth near her ears.

Me – Mom, how are you feeling now? Are you okay? Are you in any pain? I am sorry if I hurt you in any way.

Mom – no baby, it’s alright. I am very relaxed now. You did a great cleaning job. I am really happy. Thank you.

Me – It is so hot in here. Let me bring cold coffee for you here. Just remain like that and rest. You are really tired, Mom.

Mom – Yeah, Uma, go ahead and make cold coffee for both of us. I need some nice cold rehydration, I suppose.

I went to the kitchen, and God only knows the speed at which I made the cold coffee. I was dreading that my Mom would not get up and get dressed. I came back as soon as possible with two cups of cold coffee and a bottle of liquid chocolate syrup.

I breathed a sigh of relief, seeing my Mom had not changed position. She was lying on the bed as I had left her. I kept one jar of cold coffee on the bed stand for Mom. The other I was holding in my one hand. I was putting liquid chocolate syrup standing near her body in my coffee.

I intentionally squeezed the chocolate syrup bottle so hard that it squirted out and fell on her ass and inner thighs. The moment the chocolate syrup fell on her, she looked at me. Instantly, I apologised to her for my clumsiness. In the next part, read what happened after this debacle.

I hope you are enjoying it as much as I did when it happened. You can reach me at for comments and reviews.