Punishment of son is Pleasure for Mom

Hi everyone, I am new to writing a story here but not new to reading stories as such. I have a great story, which is part fiction and part true. So I leave it up to you to decide which is which. So, without further ado, I am jumping right into my memory lane and taking you all on a great journey of erotic treats.

I am Umesh, a 22-year-old chap from Odisha. My widowed mother and I stay in a govt allotted quarter. My father was a police special branch officer. He died on duty while busting a drug racket, which ended in a shootout. At the time of his death, I was studying in class 9.

Now, getting along with the story. This happened when I was in junior college (age -19). There was an inter-school competition for cricket. Me and my team won the competition. I was judged as the Man Of The Match for the final match.

So, for our victory celebrations, we ordered pizza, burgers, and chicken tikkas on the ground, and we danced like crazy. The only problem was that my teammates had spiked some of the soft drinks with booze. Initially, I did not take the spiked ones. But later, on a whim, I took a lot of the booze.

In the end, I was totally drunk. I knew if I returned to my home in that condition, my Mom would kill me. So I waited out for a few hours and hoped that I would return to normalcy soon. But that did not happen as per my plan. So, I had to return home, kind of in an inebriated state.

I tried to sneak in with my house key, but my Mom was waiting for me in the drawing room. When she saw me in that state, she had her fuse go off.

Yes, I know my friends. Let me describe my Mom first. Her name is Vaishali, and at that time, she was 39 years old. Generally, she was a happy-go-lucky person by nature. Well-liked by family and friends.

But she used to get more attention from male members. She has a beautiful figure of 38-32-40. This was accentuated by her quite milky complexion. So, friends, use your imagination and visualise.

Now, coming back to our story. The moment she saw me in that state made her really very angry. She was rarely angry with me because I was good at studies, quizzes as well, and sports. I have a heap of medals and shields on display at my home. But that day was something totally different.

She dragged me into my room and pushed me onto my bed’s belly side. She then stripped me of my t-shirt and tracks that I was wearing. Then, my underwear also met with the same fate. She tied my hands and legs, and then she tied the ropes to the bedposts.

I was too weak to protest or even resist. Through the corner of my eye, I could see that she brought my most dreaded weapon of punishment. It was my father’s official third-degree rubber paddle bat.

Now for those who are unfamiliar with the object, let me describe a bit for you. The object is made like a cricket bat with a body made out of thick rubber from a truck tyre with a wooden handle. It is generally used to torture unruly culprits for information, in simple terms – Police Third Degree.

She brought out that thing which had tormented me in the past. I was lying naked on my belly, embarrassed (some sense was returning to me slowly). Then it started raining slaps from that rubber paddle bat on my naked buttocks. It was like I was punished by my dad when he was alive.

Anyway, I was getting the smacking. Yet I was not feeling the pain in comparison to what I felt when Dad held that bat. You won’t be able to even sit on your buttocks for at least for couple of days, let alone sleep straight.

I was not feeling the same hellish pain. Instead, I was feeling exactly the right amount of pain to arouse me. I know my Mom could never accumulate the power and force my dad used to hit me with. But she was really trying. Yet, I don’t know, was it for the booze or my hormones?

I have no idea to date, but I was getting aroused with every smack on my naked butt. I was constantly shifting to adjust my hyper-aroused 7 inches dick. It was actually troubling me because of the friction with the bed as I was facing downward.

But my Mom thought that I was writhing in pain. So she took pity on me and stopped beating me. She started scolding me with some choicest words which she uses when extremely agitated. In between, I must have said sorry for the umpteenth time.

I could feel from her tone that she was crying. I was feeling really bad for her, yet I was getting aroused. After some time, she untied the rope, and I could roll over. I had returned to my senses 95%. When I rolled over, I saw that tears were rolling from my Mom’s eyes.

Yet the expressions in her eyes were of astonishment or being awestruck. She was constantly looking at my fully erect 7 inch and extremely thick dick. Her gaze on my pecker was there for about 3 minutes. She only broke her gaze after I called her 3 or 4 times.

She then opened my hands and legs and went away to the kitchen. I put on my night pyjama and t-shirt and came out into the dining room. Then Mom came with the food and sat down at the dining table. She was still upset. I went near her and apologised and promised never to repeat that mistake.

Me – Mom, I promise I will never repeat this mistake in my life. Please forgive me.

Mom – Okay, but on one condition, I will forgive you.

Me – Condition? Okay, what is that?

Mom – If you commit any major mistake from henceforth, you will be punished like today.

I could sense the reason for this condition for punishment was the full view of my dick. Till now I never had any ill intentions or fantasies revolving around my Mom. Yeah, I was more into voluptuous aunties than into my aged girls. But my Mom was never into the picture.

But things started to change since that day.

As you can understand, I accepted her condition right away. I started getting into more trouble, big or small. This started happening at the interval of likely 1 or 2 weeks. The moment the complaint reached my Mom, I would go and strip naked myself and lie down on my bed with my ass facing upwards.

I started keeping cushions under my stomach to give my dick some space. After the spanking, I used to roll over and show my gloryMom used to linger in my room collecting things, dropping things to prolong the viewing time of my dick. Later, I used to masturbate thinking of my Mom’s hands on my dick.

The spanking session’s intervals were diminishing. She started to give me punishment for small mistakes also, and I wasn’t complaining so as to say. This one-sided punishment continued for about 4 to 5 months. Then, the day came when my stars were in perfect alignment when my Mom made a huge mistake.

That day was a Sunday. She normally goes to a school friend who lives around 20 minutes by auto from our place. I was in the bathroom, and she was talking to her friend. She was coaxing her to come fast so that they wouldn’t miss the movie. She went, but on her way out, she locked the gate from outside.

Normally I leave earlier because I have cricket practice. But that day, the coach had some urgent work, so the practice was cancelled. When I came to know the situation I was in, it was too late. She had switched off her mobile as she must have reached the movie theatre.

I was trapped in my own home for around 4 hours. This time I was angry, and I decided to give similar punishment to my Mom. But I was in doubt if she would agree to it or not. She came back home without any knowledge of the happenings in between.

I was waiting for her in the drawing room like she was waiting for me that day. She knew she was in deep trouble the moment she saw me.  She immediately started apologising to me. But I was in no mood to leave my only chance in vain. So I gave her an impossible choice.

Me – If you want me to forgive you for this mistake, then you have 2 choices. You can choose either one of them.

Mom – Choices? Okay, I would do anything, but please forgive me.

Me – First, listen to your choices, Mom.

  1. Your first choice is that I won’t talk to you for 1 month. ( I was the only thing she had after Dad left us. So, I was confident that she would never agree to this condition.)
  2. Your second choice is you get the same treatment that you have been giving me for the last 4 to 5 months.

Initially I had thought she might reject this option if presented singularly. That is why I gave her a choice, which was impossible for her. Moreover, I wanted to see to what extent Mom is willing to cooperate. She remained in deep thought for about 5 minutes. Then, with a sullen face, she accepted the second option.

Mom – You are giving me an impossible choice. Okay, I choose the second option. What do you want to do?

Me – Just like you have been doing with me all these months, that’s all.

Mom – You want to spank me like I am doing? Will you hit your Mom? Is that what you want?

Me – Yes, I want you to feel how I feel when you do it. That’s it.

Mom again thought for a while and went inside her bedroom. She called me after taking a position on the bed but without changing anything. She was sleeping on the bed wearing the same sari and everything. I brought the rubber paddle bat and started smacking on her ass.

My action of smacking was fierce, yet I was using way too little force so that she wouldn’t feel anything. After about 2 minutes of mock spanking, I told my Mom.

Me – Mom, this isn’t working.

Mom – What do you mean by ‘this isn’t working?’

Me – You are wearing kind of 6 layers of protection. So they are absorbing all the energy and force, and you are feeling nothing. (With a very sad, droopy face)

Mom – (After seeing my sad, droopy face) Then what do you want me to do? Say.

Me – Obvious, shed some layers. (Directly, I can’t tell my Mom to get naked)

Mom – Okay, I will only shed my sari. Will that be okay with you?

In my heart, I knew that was huge. But still, with a sad face, I said, “Okay, whatever.”

Mom got up from the bed and started to undress in front of me there. She had never done that in front of me till I can remember. She strips her copper sulphate colour, heavy Kanjeevaram sari and puts it on the other side of the bed. Now, she was only in her petticoat and blouse.

Both the globes were desperately trying for their freedom from my Mom’s blouse, which was low cut. Her cleavage was like a deep ravine which might hold its ecosystem down there. I was mesmerised by the view. When she slept again on the bed, her ass protruded upwards like two peaks of the Himalayas.

In a way, I appreciated the mountain peaks. I started to spank them with just enough force that wouldn’t make her cry out in pain but feel a little aroused. I came to know that I had reached the point when I started hearing soft “aah”s and “ooh”s.

Her eyes were closed, yet she was clenching the bed cover. I observed slight flailing in progress as if she had started enjoying the arousal. After around smacking for about 5 minutes. When I was sure that she had started enjoying it to the fullest, I stopped. Immediately, Mom looked at me and said,

“Why did you stop?” Then she, accessing self-control, asked, “Oh, is the punishment over?”

Me – No, but what’s the use of this kind of punishment where you are protected from any pain?

Mom – What do you mean? I am feeling pain. You don’t believe me?

Me – I believe you, but I can see, Mom, that you are not getting the pain I get when you smack my ass. So leave it. I shouldn’t talk to you for 1 month. That way, you will feel the real pain.

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