Ragini bhabhi – Part 1 (Hot saree clad neighbour)

Life, it was something else during my Engineering. Love, Sex, Dhoka, and Sex again. Change of places and things weren’t going fine even after living with a gorgeous woman like Komal bhabhi. Things had taken a turn and I had to live in. I found myself in a popular residential area near my college.

My brother and sister-in-law were not thrilled about it. But the rent for a 1BHK apartment at INR 5750 was steep back then. Thankfully, my dad provided me with enough financial support.

The neighborhood was primarily for middle-class families, mostly married couples. But being a bachelor wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t known for making friends easily. So I decided to stay in this rental for a year, hoping things would work out. Ah, family problems.

The move was disappointing, both for me and my heavy bags. Kiran, my brother, dropped me off in the area, and we said our goodbyes. As I walked slowly toward a three-floor building, I couldn’t help but feel the curious eyes of the residents on me. It was quite an uncomfortable experience, to say the least.

Finally, I reached room number 102. I retrieved the key from a shoebox and stepped inside. The place was clean, in Bangalore style, and I instantly felt at ease. Since the space was empty, I had to purchase a bed for myself to sleep on the floor. After setting up my new space, I noticed it was already 2 pm and was hunger struck.

Then I ventured out to explore the nearby streets. A bustling street caught my attention, and I realized I had to rely on outside food now that I wouldn’t be getting my sister-in-law’s home-cooked meals. Then I chose the nearest eatery and ordered noodles. Little did I know that my day was about to take an unexpected turn.

A stunning woman in a vibrant red saree entered the restaurant, leaving a trail of mesmerized onlookers in her wake. She was fair, gorgeous, and draped in the saree. But her ample bosom couldn’t be contained by her blouse. Every man, young and old, couldn’t help but steal glances, and in my new neighborhood, there weren’t many young folks around.

I had to swallow my amazement, and I discreetly followed her. She was polite and collected her groceries without any fuss, all while the shopkeepers enjoyed the view. Her decency and grace melted my heart, and I went back to minding my own business.

After some time, I returned to my apartment, only to realize I had missed two calls from my parents inquiring about the room. Thanks to the noisy crowd outside. Then I stepped onto the balcony to call them, but it wasn’t well-maintained.

As I spoke on the phone, I noticed something exciting – the lady in the red saree was my neighbor! She had come out to retrieve her clothes, and to my delight, she lived right next door. My conversation with my parents suffered as I became entranced by her presence.

I couldn’t believe my luck. She was my next-door neighbor! It was a pleasant surprise to find some attractive people in this otherwise dreary environment, and this particular lady in red was quite captivating.

The days passed, and Independence day arrived. Everyone in our small colony gathered, and it was clear that most were middle-class workers. Then I spotted a couple of girls around my age. Also, I spotted some older men with protruding bellies and chatty aunties. My eyes, however, were fixated on the lady next door, and it wasn’t hard to find her.

She looked stunning, glowing in the morning sun with a beaming smile. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her until the applause for the flag hoisting brought me back to reality. Sweet distribution followed, organized by the guy next door, whose name I learned was Rudresh. He was a kind man, always wearing a warm smile. Then he handed me a sweet, and I thanked him. He noticed me and struck up a conversation in Kannada.

Rudresh: You live next door, right?

Sam: Yes sir, in 102.

Rudresh: I am Rudresh, been here for the past three years.

Sam: I am Sam, nice to meet you.

He called his charming wife to join the conversation, introducing her as well.

Rudresh: This is Ragini, my wife.

Sam: Namaste, Bhabhi.

She maintained her smile, and I wanted to gaze at her. But that would have been a breach of trust, so I resisted.

Rudresh: You should come over to our place sometime. My wife is a great cook.

Sam: Yeah sure, thanks.

I noticed a slight dip in her smile as he uttered those words. It was easy to understand why she reacted that way, and it wasn’t pleasing to see her being taken for granted.

Anyway, I went back to the room to get my football boots ready as I had drills to take care of. Football practice finished, and for the next couple of days, my mind was preoccupied with a lot of things: studies, football, the image of the captivating new girl I had seen in college, etc. But amidst the thoughts of all these, Ragini Bhabhi remained a lingering presence in my thoughts.

A lazy Sunday afternoon arrived, and as I returned to my apartment from an early morning run, I noticed Rudresh engaged in an animated conversation with someone outside the building. My curiosity got the better of me. I couldn’t resist eavesdropping on their discussion from a discreet distance.

A lot of stuff was about the money the person in 101 owed. Fun turned into threats and just when their conversation seemed to be reaching a peak, my heart skipped a beat as I caught sight of Ragini stepping outside her house. The warm sunlight accentuated her beauty, casting a soft glow around her. She looked even more enchanting than I had imagined.

She appeared by the balcony of her house, engrossed in hanging clothes to dry. The gentle breeze played with the loose strands of her hair. Her flawless figure was accentuated by the graceful way she moved. Mesmerized by the sight of her, I couldn’t take my eyes off her as I discreetly leaned against my door wall.

Ragini delicately hung each garment. Her movements exuded a magnetic charm that captivated my gaze. I couldn’t help but notice the deep curves of her waist, accentuated by the pleats of her saree. My heart raced with anticipation, hoping for a chance to catch a glimpse of her navel.

It was surprising for me, as Ragini’s actions outside hinted at a different side of her, one that seemed more conservative and reserved. The way she carried herself in public, covered up and dignified, did not indicate the easy-dressing woman, and the loosely tied saree was too much for me to handle.

As Ragini moved with unhurried grace, the pallu of her saree adorned with delicate embellishments, cascaded over her shoulders, revealing a hint of bare midriff, but not enough.

My breath caught in my throat as my eyes fixated on the sliver of exposed skin. It was as though time stood still, and in that moment, my desire to see more intensified. Unable to resist the allure, I discreetly moved closer, careful not to draw attention. I was hoping to witness her beauty in all its glory.

Ragini continued with her chore, completely unaware of my presence. A subtle, whisper-soft breeze seemed to lift the edge, revealing delicate hints of her navel, perfectly sculpted and beautifully captivating.

Minutes passed like hours, each second increasing the building tension within me. And then, just as luck would have it, a gust of wind picked up. It caused the drape of Ragini’s saree to shift slightly, revealing a tantalizing hint of her bare midriff.

As she leaned over to retrieve more clothes, the saree pulled back further, offering a brief, mesmerizing glimpse of her navel. It was an enchanting sight, a delicate indentation in her flawless skin that held an irresistible appeal.

I stood there, spellbound by the intoxicating sensuality of the moment, wanting to etch this image into my memory forever. However, the fear of being caught took hold, and as much as I yearned to continue watching, I reluctantly tore myself away.

My heartbeat echoed in my ears as I retreated to my room, the image of Ragini’s alluring navel etched vividly in my mind. It was tough for my brother down there as he was hard, and my fetish was too much for him. Given that I hadn’t fapped at all with the football tourney hanging around, things were hard. Little did I know that this encounter was just the beginning of a series of enticing and captivating moments that were about to unfold in my new neighborhood.