Rutu and Hari’s Wetness Guide – Part 5

Disclaimer: This is a semi-fictional story based on certain real-life incidents. Any similarity to anyone alive or dead is purely coincidental.

But besides the story, read through the lines. This is a guide to having good sexual pleasure with your partner/partners. I will explain how each sexual activity is done, and then you will be able to satisfy your partner with the same.

Walking out of the trial room was a difficult task for Hari, especially since his boner was still evident over his jeans. But to Rutu, it was as if she was free. Her nipples turned stiff, and her open skirt blew air towards the burning hot pussy. She loved the freedom her private parts felt.

After releasing his semen in Rutu’s mouth, Hari felt like his life was sucked out. To be frank, Rutu had sucked out even the last drop of his essence. She could still taste his thick milky flavor in her mouth. But her pussy was still wet and untouched.

Even though she craved to have him inside her, she wasn’t ready to fuck him yet. She had to know how good his tongue skills were before she spread her legs for him to penetrate his dick.

As soon as they reached the car in the parking lot, Rutu stopped Hari. “You need to clean the places you made me wet,” She said as she got into the back seat. She laid down on the seat as close as possible to the door at the other end of the seat.

Hari looked around. Parking lots usually had cameras. But their car was at the corner where fire and safety equipment were stored. There was only one scooter nearby, a few meters away from them.

Hari followed Rutu and got into the backside. He closed the door behind them. There wasn’t enough space for two people to lie down. But they had to make it work, or her pussy would be on fire soon.

Rutu grabbed the end of her dress and rolled it up to her upper thigh while Hari slithered between her legs.

“There yet? ” She asked.

“Not yet, but I can smell you,” He hissed. Hari moved slightly forward and placed his head right between her thigh. Grabbing the side rail on the car door, Rutu lifted her left leg and placed it on Hari’s shoulder. Then slid it down to relax in a resting position.

“Go on, start,” She said, looking at him while placing her left hand on his head and right on his shoulder.

Hari somehow pulled his hand close, lifted her skirt a few more inches, and looked at her pussy. Her wide labia lips were soaked.

He kissed there before spreading her skin. Rutu understood what he needed and spread her right leg by pressing it against the front passenger seat. She held his head and pushed down, squeezing him against her pussy.

Hari happily licked the edges of her labia and then used his fingers to spread her lips apart. He kissed the clit and licked around it, and Rutu let out sleek moans. She lifted her skirt up to her waist, exposing her entire half of the body, then slid the cloth down, covering Hari’s head.

Then with closed eyes, she rocked her waist to let Hari feast on her. His lips sucked her clit wildly, making her moan louder, and then he rolled his tongue around it. He felt her pussy drench and lubricate itself to have a man inside her.

Then he licked from her clit to her wet hole and placed his tongue on the entrance. But his hand was searching for something to hold onto while he ate her like a mad dog.

Rutu pulled his hand and placed it on either of her melons. “Now eat me,” She screamed at him. Then it formed a moan when he entered her with his tongue. Hari engulfed her cunt in her mouth and flicked his tongue inside her leaking hole.

“Oh god, don’t kill me,” She moaned, pressing against his head. He kept licking her repeatedly, cleaning any drop of her juice that oozed out. Her stiff nipples and the arched body were a slave to his majestic tongue.

He rubbed her clit again, then dug into her hole with his tongue in heavy vigor. Rutu moaned like a slut. She could no longer control the pleasure he was giving her. She grabbed his head and squeezed them.

Running her hand through his hair, she spread her legs even wider and forced his head over her wet hole. His fingers were tasting the heavenly fluid within her cunt, and neither was aware of the surroundings.

Meanwhile, the salesgirl stood there near the parked scooter with her mouth wide open, staring at the sexual act of Rutu and Hari. A few minutes back, she was packing her bag after her shift. She giggled again while packing, thinking about what might have happened in the trial room between the couple.

She was craving a good fuck and was rushing to her husband for that night’s drilling. She opened her bag to check the lingerie Rutu dropped in the trial room. She had fingered herself a hundred times, imagining someone would spread her legs apart in the trial room.

Walking back to her scooter at the parking lot, she didn’t expect the same couple to be there. That, too, they were in a compromising position. Her already wet pussy dripped when she saw her face of Rutu through the glass. Her eyes were rolled back, her lips wet and smudged.

Her moans were hardly audible outside the car and her most satisfied erotic expression. As the salesgirl watched Rutu opening her mouth wide, she knew what that upcoming moan went. Rutu was climaxing that too into Hari’s mouth.

Inside the car, Rutu moaned in a deep wild way. Her cunt squeezed his tongue before it relaxed. Then he felt her essence drip down through the walls of her pussy. Her grip was no longer tight on him and her legs closed back.

“Your tongue is amazing,” She moaned.

Hari still had lips within her pussy lips. He refused to withdraw till he licked her clean. Finally, she grabbed him and kissed him so deeply that he felt her tongue clean his mouth when he got up.

“Thank you for that,” She grinned.

Both Hari and Rutu shook when they heard knocks on the window. They turned around. Rutu still had her skirt lifted, and Hari was between her legs.

“You forgot these,” Said the Salesgirl knocking on the window.

She had the same lingerie in her hand.

To be continued

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